May 21, 2016

Review: Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapters 27-30]

Chapter 27: After the ‘kiss’, it was revealed that it was only on the cheek. Yuuma just warns her to be on her guard because if she’s too near, he’ll have ‘that kind of thinking’. This irks Tsubasa that she says who cares about him and left.

Going out of the storage room, Yuuma learns from Yoshinari that Aki was about to go inside to return the ball. At the train station, Tsubasa meets up with Aki. Aki asks why she is alone. She is puzzled but realizes that he is referring to Yuuma. She says that she changed her mind [about going with Yuuma].
Tsubasa asks him if he’s hungry so she gives him a candy of mango flavor which she thinks is the most delicious flavor. He thanks her. He starts rambling about ‘right now I still don’t quite know’ so he is always thinking over it but finally, he understands.

Aki looks at her and is about to say something. Since he is always looking at her, Tsubasa blushes. Her heart beats so loud that she couldn’t hear anything. And, Yuuma arrives and asks what they are talking about.
Yuuma asks why Tsubasa didn’t say that she’ll be going ahead. He wanted to bring up that topic earlier so Tsubasa immediately tries to shut him up by saying that it is erased from her memory and they just treat it as if nothing had happened.

Tsubasa asks if he put ice on his hand. Yuuma says no because didn’t she left first. So, she decides to buy some ice and tells Aki to leave ahead if the train arrives. Aki asks if he can also wait for her. She blushes and says okay, she’ll quickly come back.
Yuuma asks if he isn’t going ahead and isn’t he hungry. Aki says no. Yuuma says that he seems to be in a bad mood and did he go in the storage room earlier when he and Tsubasa are inside. Aki admits that he did.

Yuuma starts to say that it is strange that he’ll [Aki] be jittery when it has nothing to do with him whatever happens between him [Yuuma] and Tsubasa. Or, is he saying that right now, he thinks that Tsubasa still likes him. Aki says that he didn’t think of that, it is simply because he likes Tsubasa. This surprises Yuuma.
Chapter 28: Yuuma says that Aki finally admitted it and they are love rivals. He also likes Tsubasa so if he [Aki] can quietly back off then that will make him happy. Aki says that he knows that right now it is already too late but if Yuuma makes Tsubasa feel troubled then he won’t back off.

Tsubasa returns and finds the two guys in a dark mood. Tsubasa feels uneasy sitting between the two guys in the train. Yuuma is about to get off the train when he asks Tsubasa to come fetch him again tomorrow. Tsubasa tries to decline for he seems fine and didn’t she say that she doesn’t care about him.
Yuuma says that even if she said that, but she’ll still come right? And, he thanks her for the ice. This surprises Tsubasa and makes her gloomy for she felt that she lost. Aki asks about Tsubasa fetching Yuuma every morning. She says that it is only while he is still injured and since it is his right hand, it must be quite inconvenient. Aki says that Yuuma looks fine.

Tsubasa says that’s right, he looks.. Then, she thinks that in the end, he was injured because of her. Soon, they reach her station. Aki tells her that when Yuuma’s injury get well, can she accompany him for morning practice, even if Yuuma won’t be happy.. He says that he feels lonely without her. Blushing, she shouts that she’ll definitely go, promise! He holds out his pinky finger.
After the train left, Tsubasa also holds out her pinky finger. Then, she becomes puzzled over why Yuuma will be unhappy. Tsubasa arrives home. Her mother mentions about Hayabusa eating first and he’s already sleeping for he’ll be entering the next school year. Tsubasa goes in to her younger brother’s room. She leaves a note of encouragement and some candies.

At school, Yuri talks with Tsubasa about the need to recruit new members for their club. Then, they got Aki, Yuuma and Yoshinari to help them out. While some [junior high] people are checking if they passed in the high school, club members are trying to invite the new students to their club. Tsubasa is worried about her young brother if he already knows the result.
Some girls want to join the basketball club because of Yuuma but Yuuma tells them to join the female basketball team. Yoshinari scolds Yuuma for being cold. Yuri thinks that even if Yuuma is good in getting attraction but it has an opposite effect with women.

So, Yuuma suggests this.. He holds hand with Tsubasa and says that it will deter the girls if they think he is going steady with the manager. Tsubasa tells him to let go but he claims that his right hand won’t move as he wish.

Tsubasa exclaims that with such strength, it is definitely well already. She is all nervous until Aki separates them. Yuuma asks what he can do for him. Tsubasa notices that there is something wrong between the two. Aki suggests to Tsubasa that they go to the other side.
Tsubasa tries to explain that Yuuma is just joking and it doesn’t have any special meaning. Aki apologizes if he did something unnecessary. She says not at all, and she is in a difficult position when he couldn’t let go. He offers his arm for her to try to pull. She did with all her strength but she couldn’t do it.

Aki suddenly pulls her to him and says that her strength is too weak. This made her drop the flyers. Hachiya found his name in the list. A white-haired guy was given a flyer. While Aki helps Tsubasa pick up the flyers, a girl finds the basketball manager position interesting.
Chapter 29: On the new school year, Tsubasa and her younger brother goes to school. Hachiya leaves his sister to go to his class. Tsubasa and others are nervous about being separated. They meet up with the other guys. Tsubasa hopes to be in the same class with Aki. Yoshinari is in the same class 1 with Aki, so is Yuri and Yonehara.

Everyone is in section 1 but Tsubasa couldn’t find her name. Aki comforts her by saying that they can see each other during club activity. And to her shock, Tsubasa learns that she’ll be in the same class as Yuuma in section 6. He is about to reach for her hand but she quickly backs off. Yuuma says that she learns well and it is good to be vigilant.
Tsubasa thinks that Yuuma’s injury is already well so she won’t let him pull her by the nose again. And, she is stunned that he is her seatmate. Yuuma keeps on smiling over this and says that they’ll be together in class and during club activity.

To Yuuma’s irritation, Ran is also in their class. Ran wants to be good buddies with them since they don’t know a lot of the other students. Tsubasa agrees but Yuuma doesn’t want to.

Soon, everyone goes to the gym. Hayabusa joins the club along with his friend, the white haired guy. WH says that the siblings look alike. While the other greets Hayabusa, the girl who picked up the flyer arrives and says that she wants to become the manager.
They introduce themselves and why they want to join. White haired guy is Tendou Ayumu [guesswork from 天道歩]. Girl is Souma Hina [guesswork from 相馬陽菜] who is influenced by her brother in playing basketball. Her brother is the one from some other school whom they played against in the Winter Cup [I think].

And rather than cheering for her brother whom she thinks is a clueless narcissist idiot, she wants to help Tsubasa’s school in defeating her brother. Tsubasa lets Hina be in charge of the timer. Soon, Hina is watching the game. When Tsubasa comes to check on her, Hina starts saying her somewhat negative assessment of the players.
This made Tsubasa reprimand her for being rude [to her senpai] even if analyzing is a good thing. She also defends Aki. Hina apologizes and starts to say that she likes Tsubasa. She starts being friendly with Tsubasa by wanting to call her by her first name.

The coach arrives and they are going to have a competition to check their skill level. During the game, Hina is watching Aki. After the game, Tsubasa is quite pleased with Aki’s scores. Hina immediately goes to Aki. She asks for his full name then starts raving over how amazing he is and he can definitely defeat her brother. This made Aki smile and thank her. While they keep on talking, Tsubas starts to feel a bit uneasy.
Chapter 30: Yuri suggests that they hold a training camp inside the school and they’ll stay at the school’s dorm. Also, there will be a welcome party for the newcomers. This is the usual practice every year wherein at night, they’ll have a fun activity. Tsubasa asks Aki about this since she didn’t join the club until later on.

Aki had just realized that it is so. He comments that it feels that she was with them from the start. Yoshinari comments that speaking of last year, Tsubasa is known as a stalker of a second year student. Hina talks about this stalker thing and says that it is normal for if one likes someone. If one isn’t proactive about it, then nothing will happen.

She says that she is the type who’ll go in an all-out offensive. With that, Hina asks if Aki is also that kind of type. He seems like a herbivore but during the game, he is a carnivore, and that is a compliment. Tsubasa feels uneasy over Hina’s praises to Aki.
Yuuma comments to Tsubasa that it really makes one uneasy, right. He says that there’s nothing to worry because Aki is at his wits’s end towards a rampaging girl who won’t take into consideration of the other party’s reaction. But, speaking of that, it seems that it is only with a rampaging girl whom Aki can become intimate with. In the end, he is a person who’ll wait for others to make the move.

Yuuma says that perhaps those two suits each other. Blocking what Yuuma said from her mind, Tsubasa just exclaims that it is a good thing for the members to become in good terms with each other! She tells herself that there’s nothing to worry about, this is good, and training camp is going to be fun!! Soon, everyone goes to their dorm and Tsubasa tells them to go to training after they leave the luggage in their rooms.

Soon, the guys are jogging in the forest. During the 10 minute rest, Hina gives some water to everyone. Hina is being overly familiar with everyone by calling their first names. Yuri comments that the first years really strive hard but aren’t the second years a bit jaded.
The two second years say that they just don’t treat it as the real thing. Hina asks is that so then when would they treat it for real. If they do not treat it for real during training could it be that they can do it during the competition. Hina suddenly feels the mood becoming bad. Tsubasa immediately diffuses it by telling Hina that they are going back to the gym.

After training, the guys are taking a bath. The other guys are complaining over Hina. Yuuma comments that girl’s personality can antagonize people. Aki just keeps quiet. In their room, Hina talks with Tsubasa over what she puts on her hair to make it soft. Tsubasa shows her the hair essence she uses and suggests that Hina tries it out.

Yuri tells them that it is time to go to the dining hall. When Tsubasa goes out of the room, she is surprised to see Aki who asks if it is already time to eat. She tells him that the managers are still going to prepare dinner. He smiles and says that this is the first time when they get to talk with each other. She says yes for they are quite busy.
Hina comes out and says that the hair essence is really fragrant. Tsubasa says that’s great. Tsubasa is surprised when Aki tells Hina to come over to him after dinner. Hina says okay and what’s up. He says that he’ll tell her later on. Hina asks Tsubasa what is it. Tsubasa just repeats what she said.

While eating Yuuma says that he’ll share half of his food to Aki. Yoshinari says that Yuuma really eats quite little. Yuuma says that it is Aki’s appetite that is unusual. Tsubasa eats absentmindedly. She is very curious over the reason why Aki would call out Hina. She thinks that it is because she [Tsubasa] is being complacent.

They only meet during club activity and there were no other girls whom Aki had a good relationship with. She was depending on her manager status to create a special bond with Aki but right now, it is already--... Soon, everyone meets up. Aki and Hina are not there but they arrive soon enough.

Yoshinari says that they are going to have a test of courage game as the welcome party. While Tsubasa is freaking out, Yoshinari starts telling them about the story some ten years ago, the basketball club manager has died in the gym’s storage room. It is because after the club activity, she stayed at school looking for her whistle.
Unfortunately, while looking for it, she died because of an accident. So until now, she’ll appear at night. With blood all over, she would ask, “Have you seen my whistle.. The one who hid my whistle is you, right..? The one who snatched away my whistle..IS YOU!!!”

With Tsubasa and a few others getting scared, Yoshinari says that they are now going to draw lots to form groups of two to offer up a whistle. Ayumu asks Hayabusa and Tsubasa if they are afraid. Trembling, the two denies it and say that it is just very dangerous at night. Hina asks where Yuri and the other third year students are. Yoshinari says that they are probably sleeping.

And since Tsubasa didn’t join it last year, she has to play with them as the first year. The pairing is a second year and a first year student. Tsubasa becomes excited because she’ll have an opportunity to be with Aki. She is curious what he and Hina had talked about. Aki got number one. Just when Tsubasa is about to get her stick, Hina says that she is also number one.

Tsubasa is in shock. Hina thanks Aki about that thing a while ago. Tsubasa gets one of the sticks. Yoshinari says that it is number 2. Who is number two? Why, of course, it is super lucky this year, smiling Yuuma-kun. “I’ll be under your care, Sonokawa♥” Tsubasa is aghast and surprised.
Comment: And, we have a four sided love polygon. Honestly, it isn’t quite fun to read how Hina is able to ‘outplay’ Tsubasa. Still, even if I know Yuuma doesn’t have a chance but he is getting a lot of ‘lucky scenes and breaks’ so I’ve decided to briefly summarize this again.

After the confrontation between the guys, Aki is still not that proactive. Now, a new character is here and it is leading to some misunderstanding and uneasiness on Tsubasa’s part. I think Aki just talked with Hina about being too outspoken that rubs others the wrong way. Anyway, from the looks of things, those two won’t be getting together yet and if they do, it is most likely, the end of the series. Scans by allwink

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  1. Thanks for this.
    Yeahh, Tsubasa is too stupid (sorry for the word), I was kind of angry that she believed Hina like that. At least, Hina showed some regrets, I'm now waiting for her to tell the truth to Tsubasa and apologize (because Tsubasa will probably never talk about it to Aki!)

    1. You're welcome, Hellayne ^-^

      True..but then, most shoujo female leads are like that. ^^;

  2. ohh four sided love polygon aha..its getting interesting~>< but well,i dont really like if the rival/new chara appeared..hehe but the story wont go well if the rival not appear right? honestly, i love to see Tsubasa with Yuuma but why that girl always be there..ive forgot her name, i thinj it is midzuki Ran? im not so sure..:c Somewhere i would think in the end of this story, Yuuma end up dating her.. but i want him with Tsubasa~~ --

    1. Hm..AhnDaniA, let's just say that it will be a stalemate since Aki isn't really proactive.

      I rather have Yuuma be single rather than with that other girl. Ending up with Tsubasa..the possibility is low since I'm sure that no matter what, Aki is 'the one'.

  3. Please stop giving me hope Yuumaaaa.. You have no chance :(
    But I like you soo much for Tsubasa.

    1. Ya...Jean.

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    4. So far I'm rooting for the Yuuma...on the cover it shows a blonde holding an umbrella for the girl so who knows, the blonde might be the lucky guy

      Like Fruit Baskets, mc ended up with the cat instead of Yuki

    5. Maybe but usually, if a couple had already went steady, the chances are very very low.

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  4. I've started to like Yuuma for Tsubasa early on. Aki is so lame. And Yuuma is right... Aki is the type who will become alive with someone like Hina.... Aki will never o anything on his own.

    I'm really hoping Tsubasa ends up with Yuuma. I'm feeling this second guy syndrome again.

    1. Ya, megaworthit.

      Hm..even if I'm hoping for that, I'm not keeping my expectations high. I tend to have that with this mangaka. ^^;;

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