May 17, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 81]

At Han residence, Kouju worriedly calls out to her brother and asks if it is true. “Princess Shuon is really currently staying in the palace..!” Holding a tea tray, Suigetsu explains that the princess suddenly feel unwell while watching the sword competition.

“So, for some time, Kouju, your trips to pay a visit to Lady princess consort is also somewhat restricted.” Aghast Kouju says, “How can that be, that princess has unexpectedly sneaked into the palace like this.. The love triangle with His Majesty in the center is immediately going to become white-hot [/passionate]..!?

...*images behind Reishou is haha proud Shuon and worried Yuulin* Love’s trial has arrived! *teary eyed* Ah, I, Han Kouju, really want to become a soul in order to quickly go to Lady princess consort’s side to support her..!!
...*imagines herself as a soul with a brush and paper to take notes while watching Shuon and Yuulin in fighting poses* I really want to thoroughly observe *slamming table* and record everything in detail from the front line-!!!” Suigetsu muses that his younger sister is becoming more and more serious [about this]...

At the harem. Drip drip. In the bath, scowling Shuon asks why she must take a bath together with her. Pouting Yuulin says that it is because possibly, Shuon is scared to be alone.. She assures Shuon that it is alright and anyway, it’s big enough [for them]. Shuon goes hmph and goes to the other side.

Yuulin thinks that Shuon’s mental state [/nerves] is still edgy. Narration: “My name is Tei Yuulin. Yesterday, I picked up the princess who was attacked by an assassin. [= picked up, like picking up a stray cat to be taken care of] Together with this kid -> Mana...
...There is a very high possibility that within the diplomatic group, there is an accomplice leaking secrets who has an assassination plot. Thus, from the looks of it.. she has received quite a huge shock. The whole day, she’ll just quietly contemplate.. The assassin has already run away...

...The maid who delivered the letter has also concealed her whereabouts. There is no clue at all. *pondering* Li Jun-san and others feel that there should still be other accomplices hiding inside who are helping out.. *looks at depressed quiet Shuon* But, no matter what is said, for the princess, someone from her home country will unexpectedly..

...she definitely feels bad [about it], right. It is good if I can somewhat make her liven up [/restore her vigor] a bit..” Later on, a gloomy displeased Reishou asks, “ come my princess consort is taking a bath together with the Enha princess.”
This somewhat surprises Yuulin. Frantic rabbit Yuulin excitedly gestures and exclaims, “!? What are you saying!! We’re both women!? Your Majesty, you.. Really-- Just for a little bit, the princess’ heart is going to open and isn’t this very good!

...*Wolf Reishou is fuming.* By the way, right now, she is properly eating so there’s no problem! But yesterday, it seems that she totally didn’t sleep that made Mana, that child, to also become very worried. So, I suggested to the princess, ‘Today, let’s go sleep together, how about it’ but she has already refused..”

↑ chibi Shuon angrily said, “Ha!?” <- veto expression of really loathing it!! Reishous says, “Ah.. my bride shouldn’t be excessively taking care of someone..!! Yuulin, this time, it is Enha’s own problem. Do not get too deeply involved in it already.”

Yuulin says, “..yes, but, about that, seeing that strong-willed princess sink in such deep low thoughts.. I cannot help..” Reishou sighs and asks if she couldn’t let it be.. Yuulin apologizes for saying willful things..
After a pause, he hugs her tight and says, “..not so, that is being you. It is just that, this kind of situation also won’t stay like this for such a long time. One must have some countermeasure in dealing with it.” Yuulin looks worried-surprised. Later that night, Mana peeks in to see gloomy Shuon quietly sitting in front of a table. He just quietly watches her.

The next day, angry Hiroku insists that they at least let them see the princess’ face. “What is the current condition of Her Highness?” Smiling Jun says that regarding the health situation, he can be at ease for the princess has stabilized and she has been steadily recuperating.

 “It is just that Princess Shuon and the Princess consort seems to be kindred spirits so they want to properly chat for Hakuyou and Enha’s goodwill exchange. Undoubtedly, this is a very good phenomenon, isn’t it so?”

Later on, at their room, Kagou complains over what’s going on. “That princess! How is it possible that she’ll faint upon watching a sword competition? And also, what’s up with that kindred spirits with the princess consort...
...*frowning Hiroku looking really gloomy* Even if the youkai princess consort had used sorcery but this is also very strange, right!” Haru agrees. “But, as long as the princess is still in the hands of the other party, we also cannot do anything..” Hiroku angrily says, “..Hakuyou scoundrels..where’s the good will exchange [in that]..!”

In a room with Jun watching over, Reishou talks with Shuon. Reishou says, “Princess Shuon, first and foremost, it is the duty of my country as an ally to make the princess return back into her country safe and sound. ..regarding this assassination plot, if you have thought of any clues then I hope that you’ll definitely inform us about it.”

Shuon says that she is still confused. “There is actually not one bit of clue that can be made common knowledge to you.” Reishou replies, “..then, let me change the question. Princess, what is the ‘real’ reason for your journey with the diplomatic mission this time around?
 ...*Shuon looks surprised and coldly trembles since Reishou goes into wolf mode* And the king’s eldest princess [/princess royal].. Is it directly related to the commotion in Enha’s internal court?” As her heart beat fast, trembling Shuon denies it by asking what he is saying, what commotion in her country..  

Slightly smiling, Reishou asks, “..You cannot let the ‘Wolf King’ know of your home country’s weakpoint, huh? I can also understand that. But, even if you’re not so alert [/vigilant], I also currently just wholeheartedly hope to maintain good relations towards Enha...

...besides, my princess consort also said that she’s very worried over the girl in front of her eyes who had lost her fighting spirit. *Shuon looks surprised* Even if you do not trust me, ..I hope that you can trust her sincerity [/good faith].” Later on, breathing hard from climbing up a tree, Yuulin says that Shuon really loves to climb up high.
On top of the tree, Shuon scowls and shouts, “Ah ah darn it. What is this!! How come the princess consort can climb up a tree!!” Surprised Yuulin says that it is only that part that Shuon has no right to tell her off! Standing below the tree, Mana is looking nervous. He was the one who told Yuulin where Shuon is.  

Sparkling Yuulin suggests that Shuon come down and eat some snacks. “Today’s snack has fruits added on the baked dessert. It’s very delicious! How about it!” After scowling for a while, Shuon face-palms and shakes her head. She says, “Ah, really, it’s enough already. This is already silly to death. No matter how I refuse this princess consort, she’ll always stick around!”

Yuulin tells her wait a minute, it is because she is responsible for her. Shuon shouts, “Let me say this clearly first! I do not like such high places! Rather, ever since before I like watching my country’s territory from up high so I’ve formed this little habit!” Yuulin says, “Ah, that is also saying that you really love Enha.”
Shuon admits that it is so and she wants to protect her country. “For that, I even specially run all the way to this kind of place. *aghast*...In the end however, it is like that..someone from within the country wanted my life. I’m really like an idiot.”

Yuulin looks sad for her. She asks, “You said want to protect..what is going on? Ah, if it is classified information, I won’t tell it to anyone.” Shuon sighs and says that it is alright. “Even if I want to hide it from the ‘Wolf King’, it seems like he, more or less, knew about it. Right now, my country’s court is considerably unstable...

...My father the king had collapsed. After that, the originally submissive [/respectful] minister started to display arrogance. At the same time, a nearby small tribe is also starting to cause disorder. And in all of this, there are also a rumor spreading that the neighboring country’s ‘Wolf King’, who has saved up its nation’s power, is preparing to attack my country...
..father king is determined to strengthen the alliance with Hakuyou. Thus, I thought to just simply offer my hand in marriage to the ‘Wolf King’ and it will be good that Enha will be protected from outside. Everything is for the method that I have thought of...

..pressured down to the side like this by the opposing clamor--” Yuulin thinks that Shuon, all by herself, in order to protect her country. “Obviously, she is a girl who is of the same age as I. But to carry such a huge responsibility..”

Shuon says, “..but, this plan is already no good. *grinds teeth and Yuulin looks surprised* I didn’t think that unexpectedly, [they] will dare assassinate me.. Someone from Seki’s royal family. A delusional scoundrel who’ll dare do this still exists in Enha...

...How can I not go back and properly tighten up their skins. Finally, my brain has already calmed down. First, I’ll use these hands to slaughter that [undiscovered] traitor within the diplomatic group.”
Yuulin nervously asks if she already more or less know [/guess who it is]. After a pause, Shuon looks at her hands and says, “Kagou, Hiroku and Son Haru. *looking dark* No matter how I think of it, it is only those three who can grab that opportunity and predict my actions.”

Yuulin goes into shock for weren’t those three the ones whom Shuon particularly trust that she even purposely drew them out [from the group] to introduce them..! “Because there are so many people in the diplomatic mission, wanting to say it should be someone else saying it!” [<- /I thought it ought to be someone else. Sorry, I’m not quite sure about the last line.]

Looking deranged in anger, Shuon declares, “No matter who it is, I absolutely won’t be lenient. Dare betray me then I’ll make him his life a living hell [/wish he was dead].” Yuulin looks aghast and says, ah—
Narration: “-Princess Shuon, other than suffering a shock because of the assassination plot, it is better to say.. *Mana is having a cold sweat from Shuon’s declaration* she is so angry that she already blew her top [/driven mad..]”

At Han resident, Kouju stops writing and thinks that she doesn’t know what’s happening right now in the palace.. Teary eyed, she says, “In the harem, there is a  conflict between women unfolding. It should be good that Lady princess consort is somewhat barely passing the sorrowful days.. Because of love, doubt.. misunderstanding...

...are born. It is because of a despicable hoodlum that caused His Majesty to get caught in a dreadful trap.. *imagines Reishou being tied up by thorny vines and Yuulin tearfully calls out to him* The plot easily captured the two.. played around by fate.. But, only this, I know really clearly and that is, the two’s love will also prevail over anything..!...
...*sparkling while holding a long scroll* Lady princess consort..! I’ll be here praying for the victory of your and His Majesty’s love...! No train of thought is gushing out quite tremendously that, if I’m not careful, I’ll finish writing a book..”

Narration: “—the situation at the harem has a really huge disparity with Kouju’s imagination.” Reishou looks really gloomy. The waiting ladies nervously say, “ we’re saying that right now, because the clothes got all dirty from climbing up the tree so the two..”

Drip Drip. In the bath, Shuon says that in short, she had honestly say it out openly so it can be considered that the favor of she and Mana receiving Yuulin’s care is already cleared up.
Holding a snack, Yuulin says ah, she’s talking about that, so that’s how it is. Eating a snack, Shuon says that she also concedes that the food here is very delicious as well as the snack! Yuulin says yes, it is because she’s hungry so she had become weak!

She thinks that this is very good for Shuon is already eating a lot. Yuulin is quite satisfied. Narration: “The princess who was picked up had become a bit lively and she’s actively preparing for a fight.”

And gloomy Reishou returns back to work. With his hands on his head, he complains, “So I’m saying, how come my princess consort is taking a bath with someone else..! Obviously, she’s [newly] married!” Jun tells him to calm down for this is for goodwill exchange.
Comment: Hehe, and it is indeed different from what Kouji is imagining. It is Yuulin who was ‘taken away’ by the ‘hoodlum’. ^^; I’m trying to read between the lines over what Reishou is complaining about. Is it because he wants to be the one taking a bath with Yuulin? =P

He doesn’t want someone else to be taking his precious time with Yuulin. And, he was shock that Yuulin offered to sleep with Shuon. Basically, he probably wants to do whatever Yuulin is doing with Shuon. =P And, because of this, Reishou would most likely help as much as he can to send Shuon back to her country. =P

I guess that is partly the reason why Reishou went on wolf mode on Shuon. =P Aside from the fact that, Shuon is getting Yuulin involved with Enha’s internal dispute. It is understandable that he’ll be worried for it was an assassin who will most likely harm Yuulin to get his/her way.

It turns out that the three are the possible suspects. Which one could it be? And it seems that Shuon doesn’t take threats to her life lightly though I’m not sure if she’ll actually do it as she said. I think Reishou is the same if it weren’t for Yuulin around him.

I guess Reishou and Yuulin do make a good combo. Reishou handles things upfront while Yuulin does the back channel diplomacy/anything behind the scenes in resolving the other things. It is like what happened with the Dark Merchant before.

So, Yuulin won Shuon with her kindness and perseverance with the help of some delicious food ^^ Anyway, they’ll do a counterattack soon. I wonder how they’ll lure the traitor out. ^^ And, I think the other party will also have to do something since they’ll be in deep trouble over that failed assassination attempt. Scans by 水月梅漢化

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