April 18, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 42]

Narration: “In the dense autumn of November, the totally new Ryuhoku basketball club is ready and waiting.” At the gym, Shou waves his hand up and says, “..So, from today on, I’ll serve as the captain. Yoroshiku [/I’m under your care]. Hatori shouts that is totally unreasonable.

Another one shouts, if the captain can stretch his hand a bit!? [<- probably hoping that it isn’t Shou or he cannot see properly since he is sitting behind Hatori] Clapping his hands, Noda shouts, wow..so amazing and it’s so incredible!! “I’ll follow you, Captain Naruse!”

While the coach is smiling, Abe says that Noda’s respect for Shou is a bit too much and is that alright. He fears that after some time, Noda will also get his ears pierced. Himiko is back to her stuttering self as she tells everyone to ten [then], they are going to quickly start, everyone dine..no..line up..

Someone shouts that Himiko is also in a flurry and is it really alright!? “Will Ryuhoku Basketball Club be alright?! Just like this, if someone like Naruse from the first year were to join the club, it will lead to a huge chaos. Peeffff <- whistle. And, Naruse just watches them.
Narration: “Yes, it is already November.” In a meeting with a teacher regarding her aspiration inquiry, Yuki was told that yes, but if she were to maintain the current situation, and if she were to always strive her hard, it is very hopefuly that she can actualize her first aspiration.

“After entering the second term, your situation had also become very good. Is there still any area that you feel uneasy about?” Yuki says no, she’s fine. Narration: “It has already been two days since I’ve retired from the club. I have formally entered ‘preparing for exam’ mode. Looking at a paper, she thinks that from today on, she must concentrate her energy for the dash.

“In short, I’ll first go to the library to borrow some materials..” Then, she hears someone shouting that she wants raw yatsuhashi [Japanese confectionary]. Clinging on a guy, the girl shouts for a souvenir, he has to definitely bring back raw yatsuhashi, definitely.

The guy says that she’s noisy to death and he knows already for she kept on saying those words for a hundred times today. The girl whines that she also wants to go to the school trip.
Looking at the happy couple, Yuki remembers that it is already the school trip around this time so Shou will go on a two day trip to Kyoto on the day after tomorrow. “That is inevitable since right now, I’m already retired from the club, and we are not in the same grade level...

If we do not agree on seeing each other, then it will be difficult to see each other.. In these two days, I wasn’t even able to meet with Naruse. But, he recently become the captain so he is definitely in a flurry and I also must properly study. It isn’t the time for the two of us to go flirting around.. but-- how should I say it.. Like this.. Actually, there is no..”

Lying his head on the table, Shou says, “There is no feeling that we’re going steady.” While studying in the library, Yuki darkly glances at Shou beside her and thinks that he just helped her said it. “The words that I think that one must absolutely not say out.. Using that kind of ‘ruined raw egg’ disposition of saying it..” [<- perhaps like crying over spilled milk?]

Yuki says what about it and by the way, how is club activity. Shou says that it started from 4:30 and there is still 30 minutes. “By the way, we totally haven’t been doing any things that lovers should do lately.”
Yuki says that it is because she is already retired so it is inevitable that the times when they meet have decreased. Raising up his head, Shou says not that, they are obviously going steady but when eating lunch or going home, they are still doing it by their own so isn’t that strange?

Yuki says that it will be strange for the retired manager and new captain to be going home together and people will start to gossip. Shou asks how about meeting the parent. Holding up her hand, Yuki refuses by saying that it is too early for that kind of thing and it will be okay until they have gone steady for at least half a year.

“~~~no, it isn’t that. “Honestly speaking, right now, there is no time for that.. During preparation for exams, I also have to use up my utmost consideration for other things like the future, friends, basketball club, Hakamada..” Shou asks, Hakamada? Yuki immediately goes quiet. Shou asks, “Shizuka? Did something happen between the two of you again?”

Thinking that it is no good, Yuki nervously says that no, there is nothing, it isn’t a huge issue..she is still going to study.. Shou grabs her arm before she can leave with some books. [<- probably going to return the books]
He leans to her and says, “Hey, are the two of us going steady..?” She asks, wha..what.. And they kiss once and twice.. Yuki drops her book and holds on his back.  After thinking for a while, Shou suddenly extends his tongue to her mouth. This shocks Yuki. Bam.

At Misuzu gym, Shizuka asks, ha? Kira says that regarding next month’s Winter Cup official games, it is a rare opportunity to bluntly ask Yuki to come to cheer for them. Shizuka says to forget about it, it would be very strange for him to ask her to come besides.. Kira playfully asks what happened.

Shizuka stiffens. He recalls telling Yuki that perhaps, he always like that kind of expression of hers. Shizuka feels that what he did is actually quite awful. “No..after the competition, I got careless that hot blood rushed into my head. Seeing that person having that kind of expression, I couldn’t help..”

He nervous asks Kira if there was a time when he has seen someone’s crying expression or perhaps, sad expression..how can he say it, on contrary, he becomes perfectly satisfied...” Kira asks what’s going on, one constantly has that..[kind of feeling]
Looking at him in disbelief, Shizuka asks if one constantly have that and what’s up with him.. Kira says but, today, Shizuka totally doesn’t have a perfectly satisfied expression. Shizuka asks what is his expression.. Kira says that is is an expression wherein he got excessively excited that he carelessly kabedon a girl/sister. [kabedon is forcing a woman against the wall usually to confess, etc =P]

Narration: “--At that time, the first time I saw that person crying in front of me, it seems like seeing the scene of what’s behind the impenetrable defense. -But, I always felt that there is something not right.” With a facial mask, Shou’s sister [I presume] in the bathroom calls out to Shou and says that he’ll be going to Kyoto on the day after tomorrow.

She tells him to buy some raw yatsuhashi back since she’ll share with her colleagues at work [in the company]. Rubbing his head, Shou says that if he remembers. She asks what happened, did he hit his head. She is puzzled when Shou says that he got punched. At her bedroom, Yuki is looking very nervous and at a loss.
She wonders if she should apologize or not. “..a while ago, that mishap happened so abruptly that it startled me so I carelessly use a ‘want to break your head’ strength to viciously hit him. Ob..obviously I’m the girlfriend but I came out with that kind of reaction.. that is too...

...*recalls Shou saying that there is no ‘going steady’ feeling, pauses, quickly picks up her books to concentrate on them* If I have time to sulk over this kind of thing, then it would be better to learn more words [for vocabulary]. In short, right now, I should first concentrate on preparing for the exam..*pause and looks at the Ryuhoku number 3 uniform*...

..wrong, *recalls Shou saying that he’ll strive hard and she also strive hard* I cannot just engross myself in studies. I’ve already decided to strive hard. ..strive hard in balancing love and studies!!” Sitting on the bench outside of the street near Ryuhoku gym, Yuki is flipping through her notes for vocabulary.

She thinks that it is already 6 o’clock. “The club activity is almost over and it will be time for them to come out.. When there is no one at Naruse’s side, I’ll quickly grab him. He’ll be going to a two day school trip tomorrow.. so at least, for today, I can go home together with him. No, we should go home together. In any case, I can study here.”
Then, someone calls out to her. Yuki looks shocked. It is Shizuka. Shizuka asks what is she doing in this kind of place. Immediately backing away from him, Yuki says no..why did he come here.. Thinking that she is in fighting pose, Shizuka says, “..I about that..I want to apologize..to you about that thing before..”

Recalling the time when he cornered her to the wall, Yuki nervously asks if that refers to that ‘seeing her twisted expression, he’ll feel refreshed’ thing.. Shizuka says that he didn’t say it like that. Yuki says but..but..she..thought that she is hated by him..

Recalling Kira saying that right now, he totally doesn’t have a perfectly satisfied expression, Shizuka says, “..I don’t hate you at all. Not at all. It isn’t like that. I only..” After saying hi, Shou kicks Shizuka’s butt with his knee. Yuki is startled when Shizuka shouts that it hurts.

Angrily facing Shou, Shizuka asks what is he doing. Shou says that is his line. “Unexpectedly dare to flirt with someone’s girlfriend. Quickly get lost, little virgin bastard.” Shizuka replies, “Ha, what, getting angry, are you already afraid? Afraid that not only will you lose to me in the competition but also lose to me in love.”
Shou pinches Shizuka’s cheek. Shizuka pinches Shou’s cheek. As they try to out-pinch each other, Yuki asks if they are kids. Noticing that some girls are getting curious over the ruckus at their side, Yuki tells the two that’s enough and quickly stop it.. Shizuka asks her if she is going steady with this guy.

Feeling a sharp pain, Yuki wonders why she wasn’t able to deceive her way out of this. Yuki mutters, “We..are indeed..going steady.” Shou looks surprised while Shizuka just looks at her. The guys are speechless when Yuki darkly apologizes for obviously he advised her so many times..but indeed, she finds it very hard to believe that she’ll do something reckless and impulsive..

Holding her hand, Shou says that is enough and so, that thing is like that. Yuki shouts for him not to pull her. Shizuka calls out to Yuki and asks her to please watch December’s Winter Cup. “I’ll definitely make you regret choosing that guy.”

After looking surprised, she says okay. This make Shou go !? And it causes him to have an indifferent reaction. Yuki asks up to when he is going to sulk. He asks does she have to say ‘okay’ in that kind of situation.
Yuki says so she’s saying that she had explained it to him so many times that ‘okay’ is an answer directed at ‘please watch the competition’ [/not watch Shizuka]. Shou says okay, forget it, anything is good, after all, it is the first time she told someone else that ‘we are going steady’.

Blushing a bit Yuki thinks how she can say this, it seems to be really like that and it is because she always felt that she cannot lie to Shizuka. Shou comments that school trip-something has become boring since she isn’t there again. She tells him that it isn’t easy to be able to go so properly enjoy it or else it’s wasteful.

Shou says then, give him something to use for the lonely night/s, something that is her double. Yuki says that there is no such thing and she is already home so like this.. Shou says that he’ll watch her go in the house because that jerk Shizuka might perhaps come out again from somewhere. She tells him that she is already in her house.

Wanting to get in the house before her sisters come out, Yuki says then take care tomorrow. He says ya. She suddenly stops and goes back to him. She whispers for him to quickly hold his hand out quickly. He did as told.
Yuki snaps a hair elastic band on his wrist. He says that hurts. “What is this?” She says that it is a hair elastic band. He says no, he obviously can see that. She says, “Even if this is totally not my double, even if it is totally not..*blush* ...that..use..use during lonely times...” To her shock, Shou suddenly hugs her tightly.

She mutters how..how troubling..hey..my family will come out..” Shou says, “Yuki-senpai, ..can I say something troublesome again? *Yuki worriedly wonders if he’ll say it right now* About that..aspiration-whatever, exam-whatever, right now, for you, it is a totally important time and I know this very clearly...

...In the past, it is your nature to immerse yourself in studying day after day like an idiot. I also know that very clearly...But, can I fill the gap in your heart..?” Yuki wonders what is this guy saying about gap-something when earlier on, that gap-whatever isn’t there anymore.

Realizing that he is leaning to her, she closes her eyes. Shou kisses her forehead. They were interrupted by a loud shout. “Ah- my potato chips are gone! Who took it? It’s you, right!” “No, it isn’t me, monkey!” “Then, how come there is seaweed in your lip, how do you explain that!” [<- it must be seaweed flavor potato chips]
Immediately going towards her house, blushing Yuki says then, see you tomorrow, no, see you after three days..! He calls out to her. She angrily asks what, his voice is too loud.

Shou says, “Later on, you’ll find a place to study again like today, right..After the club activity, I’ll go look for you. ..but I probably won’t be able to do so everyday. Simply, from here on, let’s go home together. I want to go home together with you.”

Blushing Yuki says, “..understood." Then, she goes inside to be welcome by her sisters who ask where Shou is. After a pause, Shou starts to walk away and wonders what’s going on for she looks blushingly cute with flowers all around when she said that <- in his own view.

Narration: “Such a negligible agreement yet it seems like a response to an incomparably important promise. In the end, up to what degree will we mature?” Shou writes a message to her to say that even if he’ll call her tomorrow but what kind of souvenir will be okay. She blushes and recalls him asking about letting him fill the gap in her heart.

Narration: “Gap-whatever. It is no longer there earlier on. This feeling is already on the verge of overflowing from my body.” Yuki replies, “Raw yatsuhashi.” He writes, “So ordinary.” She answers, “What.” He writes, “By the way, after I come back, let me properly kiss you.” No reply from Yuki.
Comment: Well, things are indeed progressing a bit slowly yet surly for our couple. Yuki tries to stop her bad habit of evading the problem by studying too much and she even took the initiative to spend some time with Shou.

Most of the time, Shou is doing his best to restrain himself if he can help it =P He knows of her current priorities yet it seems that he feels that he isn’t really that secured in her heart. Well, he’ll also be busy with the club especially since almost all of the members don’t have confidence in him as a captain and they got Himiko as their manager.

Apparently, Shizuka’s role in the story isn’t over yet. It is amusing that he has that kind of senpai to guide him. The pinching cheek...that is one of my favorite scenes in Slam Dunk ^^ I guess asking Yuki to watch it is his last hurrah as the rival? Maybe it will fire up Ryuhoku for next year?

Anyway, at the end, Yuki shows some affection and it really turns Shou on. Actually, he’ll probably lap it up since those are quite rare from Yuki. So, at least from here on, they will make an effort to spend more time as a couple while balancing the other things that they have to do. ^^ Scans by 红莲汉

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