April 21, 2016

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 108]

Narration: “In the previous first high school summer vacation, when I recall those memories, all of them are Kazehaya-kun. Whether it is winter vacation or even summer vacation, if I unexpectedly weren’t able to see him, no matter what I also cannot stop myself from thinking of the person I like..”

Sawako recalls smiling Ayane saying that thinking of Pin’s idiotic face made her decide to go out for some air. Sawako thinks that smile of Ayane is very cute. Her mother asks if she isn’t going to eat. Sawako says that she is already full.

Her mother asks her husband who says that it is because they ate so early that his stomach is already full and it was really delicious. Sawako excuses herself to go to her room. Her mother tells her good luck with her studies. In her room, Sawako looks at her cellphone and she really wants to listen to Shouta’s voice.
And, the phone rings. She answers it and it is Shouta. He calls out to her then shouts that it is so hot. This freaks Sawako out that she asks if he is alright and did he get a burn. Shouta apologizes for he just got some oil splashed on him. He explains that he is cooking.

Touta asks his brother if the food isn’t ready yet when he’s already hungry. Shouta tells him to wait a moment and it will be done soon. Sawako asks if it is Shouta’s turn to cook. He says yes, since his mother got hospitalized. This surprises Sawako. Soon, Shouta and Touta meet with Sawako outside of the hourse. Shouta thanks her.

Holding a bag to them, Sawako says that even if it is just some leftover food but she’ll be glad if it is okay. Touta says that it is great that he doesn’t have to eat fried rice that has been burnt black. Shouta calls out to him. Sawako greets Touta. Touta tells Sawako to come in. The two are shock for Touta is calling Sawako directly by name. [<- rude]
Pinching Touta’s face, Shouta says that it is sister Sawako. This made Sawako blush and can she really be called that. Sawako asks if she isn’t giving them trouble since it is dinner time. Shouta shouts that it is totally no trouble at all. “..Come in. It is rare for us to see each other!!”

Sawako says then, she’ll be intruding. Touta asks, “Are you going to lovey-dovey? *the two are shock and embarrassed* I know it more or less that coming into the house means you guys are definitely going to lovey-dovey!! Right!!” Shouta shouts what nonsense he is talking about. Touta asks what, no lovey-dovey? Sawako says no..they won’t..?

Shouta shouts for him to quickly finish up the leftover fried rice. Touta runs off and laughs that he is recklessly venting his anger. Shouta denies that he is doing that. Then, he apologizes to Sawako who says that it is alright. Then, they smile at each other.
Going in the house, Sawako asks how is his mother. Shouta says that it is her chronic illness and he should say that it is because the weather is so hot that she got a bit tired so it’s alright. Sawako asks if that is true. He assures her that it is. She thinks that he must be very worried.

Shouta says that he’ll go to the hospital tomorrow and would she want to go with him. She asks if it is okay. He says that it is okay for her [mother] vigor had improved a lot. Putting the food on the table, Sawako says that she put the food on the bento box so they can just directly take it out and eat.

Shouta says that is quite sumptuous so how about he gets some plates to divide it. Sawako says that she thinks that they need a bit bigger plate and bowls. Holding the dinnerware, he asks if these are okay. She says yes, that’s perfect. After observing the two, Touta asks, “..Are you guys newlyweds..?”
The two blushes and almost drops the plate and bowls. They were surprised when Shouta’s father say, “Newlyweds..huh..? Unexpectedly taking advantage of the time when mother isn’t around to bring a girl here to fool around with..” Shouta mutters if he is already finished with work. Sawako apologizes.

Touta asks his father if that is what a newlywed couple is like. Shouta shouts that they are not. Sawako mutters that they aren’t. Shouta tells his father that Sawako came to bring them food. The father shouts in disbelief that Shouta made Sawako bring over food and he is really taking it easy.

While Sawako tries to say that it is just some leftover food, Shouta shouts what he is talking about. “I’ve made food!! Look here!!” The father is speechless upon seeing Shouta’s burned fried rice and Sawako’s sparkling delicious looking food.
Sitting down, the father apologizes to Sawako and says he is indebted to her. Sawako tells him that it is okay and how can he be [indebted to her]. He asks if she arranged the bento. She says yes. He says that it is beautifully done. Shouta is shocked that his father apologized and what about his fried rice.

To Shouta’s shock, his father asks where the miso soup is, didn’t he make some. [<- the Chinese word is stewed vegetable but based on the picture, it is miso soup so I’ll go with the picture. ^^;] Shouta shouts that it is fine if he didn’t make the soup. The father asks what foolishness he is talking about.

Sawako volunteers to do it if it is okay with them but then, she doesn’t know if it will suit their taste or not. Shouta tells her to forget it and just sit. “I’ll go and do it!” Sawako asks if she is being meddlesome. Shouta says no, it is totally not that, actually, he is very happy but if he doesn’t do it, his father absolutely won’t be satisfied.
The father looks at the burned fried rice and the food that Sawako brought. To their surprise, the father says that he’ll leave it up to Sawako. Sawako says okay. Shouta exclaims huh, why!? After cooking, Sawako brings out the soup. The father asks if Sawako’s mother made this, it is really delicious.

Sawako says yes, and she only made the picked radish. The father tastes the pickles a bit. Then, he looks at the miso soup that Sawako made. Shouta thanks her and says that it is really delicious. Sawako asks is that so because actually she is very nervous. The father says that it doesn’t taste the same as his wife’s.

This made Sawako nervous that she says that’s right, she’s sorry. The father says but of course, he hasn’t eaten it before so the taste isn’t the same. “..this is also very delicious.” Shouta exclaims if it is delicious [for him]!! The father asks if she isn’t eating. Sawako says that she already ate before coming over. Standing up, the father asks, what!?
This shocks Shouta that he quickly goes in front of Sawako and says if he dares do something to Sawako, he won’t let him off!! Sawako is amazed for Shouta is like a hero in a television drama. Shouta is puzzled when his father walks away. He returns with an ice cream flower roll for Sawako. He says that this is dessert so eat it.

Sawako says that this is his favorite. He tells her not to mind that and quickly eat. Sawako says, itadakimasu. Shouta thinks that Sawako is amazing for she unexpectedly got his father’s favor that way. Recalling the time when she says that she wants to be good friends with everyone, Shouta thinks that scene doesn’t seem real..in the end, she didn’t notice it.

The father says that it is very delicious. Sawako confirms that it is cold, sweet and very delicious. For Touta, he looks at Shouta = husband, Sawako = wife, his father = the husband’s father. “This is newlywed!!” After dinner, the two tidy up the table. Shouta thanks Sawako for dinner is really delicious.
Sawako says that’s great and can she help wash the dishes. She assures him that she’ll pay attention not to break them. Just when Shouta says that they wash it together, his father tells him to come over and help him finish up the work at this side.

This made Shouta flustered but he just tells Sawako to wait for him since he’ll bring her home. She says okay, thanks. Touta calls out to Sawako to come over since he is going to play Taiko no Tatsujin [rhythm games wherein players simulate playing a Taiko drum in time with music Source: wiki].

The father shouts for him to quickly do his summer vacation homework. Touta whines. His father says that in a while, he’ll check his work. Touta whines some more. The father tells Shouta to quickly come over. Shouta apologizes to Sawako and says that he’ll come back. She says okay, good luck. Then, she looks at pouting Touta opening his books.
Sawako tells Touta that they do the homework together for she ought to quickly finish wash the dishes. She tells him when they finish the homework, they can play the drums. Sparkling Touta asks if she’ll play with him. While washing the dishes, Sawako is talking about playing drums even if she never played before that he asks if she is misunderstanding something.

While fixing the merchandise at the store, the father asks him if he still thinking of not leaving the family in order to succeed the store. Shouta says that he is and because he is thinking of it so he is doing this right now. His father tells him that he is using the family as an excuse. “Do you plan on always depending on your parents to live on?”

Shouta wants to answer back but he clenches his fist and tells himself no, if he were to answer back right now, it will be just like before. Remembering what happened with Sawako, Shouta decides to listen to what he’ll say until the end.
The father says that even if his wife has fallen ill, even if there is no Shouta, there is still him. “At best, you can make some burned stir-fried food. As a result, didn’t you depend on Sawako for everything today? Obviously you are in a situation of leaving it unfinished [/giving up halfway] yet you still want others to approve of you?...

...You don’t know what you want to do yet you plan on pushing all of that responsibility to someone else. Relying on someone to indulge you and you just go with the flow? I still don’t plan on retiring. The store doesn’t need two people!!” Shouta tells his father to turn around. His father didn’t. Shouta stands up and says that he wants to get approval.

“I want to strive for vindication. No matter what I do, you won’t look at it nor approve of it. When I start thinking of ‘succeeding the store’, it is like what you said. I really only just think of that but right now, it isn’t the same anymore...
...It isn’t at all due to your restriction [/ties] that I’m saying this! *his father looks at him* I want to go to college to study sports [/physical education] specializing as a trainer [/sports coach]. The father shouts that he is saying that he’ll succeed the store yet he is saying something contradictory..

Shouta shouts for him to listen until he has finished talking! “You and I have this bad habit of not properly listening to what other people is saying! I want to succeed the store and also become a trainer..!” Flashback: At the counselor room, Pin asked Shouta if he isn’t going to play baseball again. Shouta said that didn’t he played this morning.

Pin said that he can say that and he is thinking if Shouta has been away from baseball for a while, doesn’t he think of playing. Slightly flustered, Shouta admitted that at times he does when he looks at Ryu and the others. “..at that time, I also want to play together [with them], but I have already decided to help out with my family.”
Pin said that is why he going to get in a local college. Pointing to a book, Pin suggested that Shouta go study here. It is sports education for a trainer-type of thing. Shouta asked, concretely saying, what a trainer does.

Pin said about that, it is sports medicine-type of thing..there is also knowledge about mastering and thinking over the training menu. There is also specialization in consultation, massages, rectifying bones-type of thing.. Shouta asked if he can get in touch [/has access] with high school students playing in a club.

Pin said yes, he can. “Actually, our school also wants to recommend [/get] one. Look, Intense [<- ?; nickname of Shouta’s father] also came to our school to unload sports goods before. At that time, he’ll occasionally show his face during the club activity...
...That uncle understands this side of things really well that he even noticed the things that I have overlooked. Even if I’m really frustrated but in this kind of rural area, there is also a lack of talented people.” Shouta exclaimed that that he wants to do that. “I want to take a test in that school!” End flashback.

Shouta tells his father that whether it is the store or as a trainer, he won’t just go with the flow. “When I was thinking of what I wanted to do, I’ve found out that you were there. Because I’m quite grown up so I wanted to do these things. Whether wanting to stay here or worried about mother, all of this is my feelings. I want to succeed this store...

...I want to become a trainer. I want to stay here. These are all the things that I want to do! If you say that I’m relying on everyone to indulge me, perhaps, it is like that. *bows to his father* ..I beg of you, let me rely [/lean on] for a while! Please let me go to college!”
After a while, his father just turns around and walks away. Hearing the door close, Shouta clenches his fist. Later on, Shouta goes in the living room to see Sawako and Touta playing Taiko. Shouta apologizes that he has finished late and he’ll walk her home.

Touta tells Sawako that they play again next time and he’ll lend it to her. Sawako thanks him. Shouta smiles over that. While walking, Shouta thanks Sawako for today and it is really delicious. Sawako says that it is fine and it is good that it suits his taste. “Kuronuma, I have told my dad what I wanted to do...

...Even if I didn’t get an answer ..but until now, I wasn’t able to get his approval on anything. Because it is embarrassing and I didn’t say it out, the things that I want to say yet always wasn’t able to say. It is thanks to you, I was able to say everything out.”
Comment: This is a nice chapter. The first part is amusing thanks to Touta. I also like how Sawako easily wins her future father-in-law’s heart. Yup, it is always through the stomach =P As for the lil bro, playing games is always the way to go ^^

Shouta does seem to be overly protective over what his father might do to Sawako. It didn’t occur to him that perhaps, his father is just overly rigid and strict with him but not with the others. Thanks to their previous quarrel, Shouta realize his mistake on jumping into conclusion and not listening to the other until the end.

In the end, it does show how Sawako had influenced him. I think it will take some time for the father to accept Shouta’s decision. And, he should be proud for Shouta is pretty much following his footsteps. In a way, it is amusing for this couple will be ‘teachers’. =P

Quote of the day:
If speaking is silver, then listening is gold. ~ Turkish Proverb


  1. Thank you Kat for the translation. Sawako has won Shouta's father's heart. Yay!Sawako has influenced Shouta a lot. That's why he has managed to face his father with what he wants to do in the future.

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    It's pretty cool that shiina did not focus on sawako's problem at dealing with people but gives us a good glimpse into the lives and troubles of those around him. Rather than finding it tedious i look forward to the way she develops her characters. I totally plan to read all her works ;)

    The burnt rice though was so pitiful :( Living in all all-boys house must be quite tough. I can totally see sawako giving a helping hand again. Although i appreciate the dad's teachings about learning to be responsible, i find him too hard on kazehaya. That punch he got before, especially at school :(

    1. You're welcome, Crimson sky ^-^

      Hehe... Well, I don't really think he has this cool boy image, more like a popular boy image = the nice friendly kid who helps everyone. ^^



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      I do think that it is a glimpse of 'married life' with the Kazehaya-s.

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