April 14, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 70 - Dagger]

[Free talk: I’ll be going to my sister’s place tomorrow until Sunday Tuesday and I don't think I can find time to summarize so most likely, there won’t be any summaries during that time. I’m mentioning this since I’m expecting Namaikizakari to come out around this time. As of this writing, it isn’t out yet in the Chinese scanlation forum.

Edit: It turned out that my brother-in-law is going on a short trip abroad on Sunday so I'm helping out my pregnant sister for a while longer. Hopefully by tomorrow, I can somehow finish the Namaikizakari summary.]

Yoshio is sitting in one of the seats in the theater. A man calls out to him and asks what’s up when the play is going to start soon. Yoshio says that he knows. Standing up, Yoshio says that even if this isn’t the first time anymore but he is still very afraid of leaving here.

The man says that a big shot like him would also be afraid during the official opening [of the play]. Yoshio says of course, he’ll be afraid. “Just from the start, it is already something that cannot be intervened by directing. What I’m afraid is I had personally built up that embodiment of performance [wherein everyone gave it their all].” At the department store, there is a huge billboard about Macbeth.

During the play, with bloodied hands, Macbeth exclaims, “What hands are here? Ah! Even if it is the waters of the boundless ocean, it cannot wash off the blood from these hands? ..No, but rather, these hands will stain the turbulent seas red. Will make that dark blue into scarlet.” Lady Macbeth appears and her hands are also blood stained. She says, “My hands are also of the same scarlet. But I absolutely won’t make my filthy heart become filled with dejection like yours.”
Watching the play with Nogiku, Kingo nervously thinks that the white color is of key importance in the monochrome costumes and background for it made the blood seems like black as ink. The Macbeth couple intertwined their hands when there is a loud knock. Lady Macbeth says that she heard someone knocking at the southern entry. “Let us return to our chamber.”

Kingo muses that with a background that consist mostly of black and white colors, and with just Lady Macbeth’s feelings being distinctly expressed and quite realistic, these two’s remarkable acting became more outstanding. “Sure enough, Fujihara is a person who can bring out each performer’s talent to the limit. *Macbeth is talking with the three witches*...

...Not only that, the other actors also really understood the things that Fujihara wanted to be expressed. This is Fujihara’s capability. That ojisan [uncle] really still refuse to grow old [/give in to old age].” Narration: “And like this, from the first day, waves of the whole audience standing up to cheer started to upsurge. *scene of everyone doing a standing ovation during the curtain call* The Macbeth play has already started--”
In a car with Kasane, Kingo tells her that even if yesterday is just the first performance but it seems that the expectation has become greater. “The assessment will also go up. Basically, with merely just a little bit of tickets left to be sold out and delivering a more urgent correspondence with the audience, it will also raise up the industry’s attention.”

Kasane smiles then says that even if she wasn’t able to grasp the reason why Yoshio didn’t use his connections to publicize the dress rehearsal but it seems that yesterday, there are some public figures related to the stage industry or perhaps, the movie industry. Kingo asks if she know who are the other guests who will be coming from today on. Puzzled Kasane says no.

He informs her that on the last performance, the people who’ll come are movie director, Suzuhiro Riyuuji as well as European’s important figure in the acting industry, Quibass Cuevas Garcia. [<- the first name is guesswork from 奇貝斯/qibeisi in Chinese or Kebesu/ケベス in Japanese. I’ve assume that it is a full Spanish name instead of it being Kebesu Garcia ^^; Edit: Thanks for the help, Pomelote ^^]
“These big shots will not only come to check out the stage effect and the story. All the more, they will conduct an assessment of the performers that were chosen by Fujihara especially you and Uno Nobuhiko. It can also be said, regarding your fate from now on, this final performance is of utmost importance. *Kasane looks tense*...

...Whether it is the industry or even the ordinary masses, everyone’s gaze will gather on you at that time. This is the unprecedented challenge. *Kasane is silent* What’s up? Are you afraid?” Kasane smiles and says no. Holding her hand to her face, she says that her blood is boiling up. “I knew early on that Fujihara-san’s play will attract a lot of people’s attention.

...And, right now, I’m unexpectedly standing at such a high place. *teary eyed* I’m so happy.. Of course, I still don’t feel satisfied just because of this.” Kingo says yes, she can still go to a higher place. “Do not be negligent. Go perform with your utmost ability.” Wiping her tear, Kasane says, of course. After a pause, Kingo says, “By the way, Saki, regarding something, do you want to make a bet with me?” Kasane asks, a bet?
Later on, Nogiku is waiting at the storage area of the theater. She looks at her watch when Kasane as Lady Macbeth enters. They greet each other ‘good work’ [/otsukaresama]. Nogiku says that there is nothing that she did for her to greet her ‘good work’. Putting her purse on the stand, Kasane says that each day Nogiku will come and wait for her in this kind of damp and gloomy place.

Putting on the lipstick, Kasane says that she has to perform twice a day 12 noon and 7pm. “If you’re not around, I won’t be able to keep on performing. Just like this, before the start of the second performance, we’ll first do the ‘switch’. *puts the lipstick back into the purse and kisses Nogiku* And I can concentrate on acting without any apprehensions.”

Nogiku thinks that Kasane trust her completely that she didn’t even hide where she’ll put the lipstick. “It is fine for you to just always trust me like this.” After the kiss, Nogiku wishes her good luck for today’s performance and when she is acting, it also encourages her. This made Kasane slightly smile.

Going out of the storage room, Nogiku sees Kingo outside. She thinks that not only Kasane, after that incident with Youji, this man’s attitude has also changed. Kingo greets her and apologizes to her until now [for all the trouble, etc]. Nogiku says that it is nothing. Narration: “I’ve already finished the preparations. Because Fujihara’s play time is accurate to the second, the time from the start to finish of the play is almost the same.”
While everyone is doing a standing ovation, Nogiku looks at her watch and thinks that until now after 12 performances, the time between the curtain opening and closing is almost the same. “In this kind of ultimate chase [/choice] and intensity, the drama as a whole is in its totality and following the drama, Lady Macbeth’s acting is also increasingly more proficient...

...*The performers hold hands and bow* Hearing Kingo particularly mention that in the last performance, the whole industry’s gaze will be focused on Saki. But, if.. the gathered attention during the curtain call is.. *imagines Saki standing up again after the bow, her face become Kasane’s and everyone looks shock* If making ‘Saki’ become that ‘Saki’s...

...The lipstick’s magic is undone. *claps with the audience* There are still five days before the last day. *smiles* The prerequisites are already ready and I’ll just have to wait for the moment to implement it. Condition one: ‘The interval of from the start of the play to the curtain call is almost the same. *Smiling Yoshio watching the people cheering*...

...Condition two: ‘Because there are two performances in one day, Saki must have a second switch’ *Kasane looks happy over the audience’s response* Lastly.. perhaps is this thing *holds which seems to be a lipstick tube with a chain* which can become my dagger.”
Comment: It turns out that Nogiku’s revenge is indeed exposing Kasane’s true face in front of everyone. I wasn’t able to guess how she’ll do it before but it seems that she’ll use a fake lipstick to pull it off. There would be no problem at all if someone isn’t still suspicious of her.

The hint is Kingo wanting to have a bet with Kasane. Does Kasane really trust Nogiku that much to show her where she put the lipstick? The two women’s fate depends on the success of the plot. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Kyaa thanks for the summary ! Your summaries are always great, you really put your all into making them :). I am very happy that you translated Kasane chapter because the story is getting interesting. Sadly, I think that because Kasane is the main character, the author will make her have her way..you know, Kasane will achieve anything easily as always(even if Nina got killed, she got a new face and will probably get Nobuhiko too... quite Mary Sue :'D). So in conclusion, I think that Nogiku will fail...Though I really want her not to because maybe Kasane will learn to accept who she actually is, and will be better than her mother(well she could still become good...even if she has killed and used Nina heartlessly)

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

      Actually, that is not how I think of it. I would think that Nogiku will fail because there are still so many things that hasn't been revealed yet regarding the past. It cannot end this way.

      And, honestly, I don't think Kasane will always get her way. I feel that this series will be a tragedy and I'm bracing for that in the end.

      I'm not sure how Kasane can do that. She loves acting but with her face like that, she will only be destined for 'ugly people roles' that is if they don't actually detest/can bear her looks. Kasane will most probably be back to her old self before she got the lipstick. Of course, that is unless she got herself a very good plastic surgeon =P

  2. Awww, I don't think that's a very fair interpretation of Kasane. But I suppose that's one of the interesting things about this series; every reader can see her actions in a different light! (^-^ )

    Thanks for a great recap, Kat! I think the Spanish name might be Cuevas Garcia, or maybe Cuervos Garcia! I'm not sure, though.

    1. True, Pomelote. Kasane is both protagonist and antagonist. ^^

      Thanks for reading. ^-^ And, thanks for the help..I'll go with Cuevas. Thanks~~