April 23, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 80]

At the harem, Yuulin says, “So I’m saying, Your Majesty, I’ve told you so many times already that during ordinary times, speak a bit normally.” Reishou replies, “Ah ah, isn’t this very normal, my beloved princess?...

...*leaning down to Yuulin as she tries to stop him with a book* But I feel that you need to have more self-awareness regarding your own level of cuteness.” Yuulin says, “Let me say this clearly, Your Majesty. The one who’ll say that kind of words is only you and no one else!”

Reishou smiles and says, “..what are you saying. My beloved princess is the whole world’s cu•te•st.” Yuulin pukes blood for it is the wolf!! Yuulin blushes as she falls on the floor due to her knees weakening. Puppy Reishou is very doki-doki over Yuulin’s current expression.
Narration: “After the secretly testing the countermeasure against affairs of Tei Yuulin, the Wolf king’s princess consort, had been exposed and had annoyed His Majesty, ah, then after this *Shuon sparkling* and that *hugging Reishou from behind*, is it considered resolved?..

...But because I’ve talked with some other man, it caused him to feverishly burn with jealousy ..the situation has become like that feeling of going back to being newlyweds.”

While hugging blushing Yuulin, Reishou says that sure enough, he’s so worried since she’s so cute that it’s quite troublesome. Clenching her fist, Yuulin wonders what’s up with this person! “Is he really no longer angry over that ‘countermeasure against affair’? Ah--that's enough!!”
As counterattack, Yuulin pushes Reishou away and shouts, “Let’s not talk about me first! I’m more concerned about the things that you and Princess Shuon talked about! Weren’t you chatting very∙hap∙pily!?”

Holding his chin, Reishou says, “Huh--? It is because I want to find out the internal situation of Enha so we had a somewhat long conversation. ..in the end, I got a peculiar request.” This puzzles Yuulin. Narration: “-that ‘peculiar request’ is for goodwill exchange and it led to an unforeseen situation.”

At the courtyard, Yuulin watches the soldiers crossing swords. Shuon goes to Reishou and says that today, she want to first thank him for agreeing to listen to her bold request! Reishou says that she didn’t think that she’ll say about wanting to see the soldiers doing a work out.
Shuon laughs and says that actually, she is a person who really hopes that he, who has a famous reputation regarding his military exploits, to come and guide her swordsmanship. “Too bad that I wasn’t able to get your consent.”

Looking surprised, Yuulin thinks that based on Shuon’s status, that is indeed very peculiar.. “She is really a very lively princess!” Then, Yuulin notices Shuon looking at her. Shuon smirks at her. Yuulin just smiles and thinks that Shuon is also filled with hostility [towards her].

Reishou[?] says that afterwards, Enha’s soldier bodyguards will also join and they’ll conduct a simple competition. Shuon exclaims that’s right, her country’s soldiers also considerably anticipate this! Yuulin watches Shuon pointing at something and happily talking with Reishou.
Yuulin wonders if this hostility towards her show that Shuon has fallen in love with Reishou? “But, from the start I feel that the princess didn’t plan on including me in the ‘goodwill exchange’. –Hm, I’m not at all worried about him having an affair...

...Sigh— as a ‘princess consort’, what is the best thing that I should do.. *confused* I cannot put in all my effort... since it might have an effect on the goodwill exchange...” Then, Kagou is showing his skills in fighting with a sword. Reishou says that is Shuon’s bodyguard. “His movements are very nimble.”

Shuon says that’s right, Kagou is the best among the youngsters in her country. Sparkling Shuon thinks that Kagou is doing well and he just has to continue on maintaining that in order to properly supply her with a topic [to talk about with Reishou]!! “You’re not allowed to lose!”
Kagou continues to fight but he is scowling and frowning. Shuon recalls Haru telling her that the Wolf king’s vigilance is very strong. “First, you must create an opportunity to naturally have a chat with him and for him to understand you. Doing a surprise attack won’t do at all.” End flashback.

Shuon thinks that even if it is annoying that it’s slow but it is this kind of feeling, Son-san!! “Ku ku, this is a step by step luring of the prey. I’ll wait until the moment that I’m very close then I’ll seal off all the exits. *imagines winning over Reishou* A common topic increases the chances for the two of us to be all alone *looks at the Reishou* Captured!!”

Reishou gloomily glances at Yuulin and wonders about this sort of chill [in the air]. Yuulin wonders if he is alright. Shuon thinks that like this, everything will definitely go very smoothly..!” Everyone is excited as they watch Kagou fighting with another soldier. Just then, a female servant [from Shuon’s country based on her outfit] tells Shoun that there is a letter for her.
Shuon asks what, at this kind of time-- She reads the letter and becomes shocked. After a while, she calls out to Reishou to apologize for she seems to feel a bit hot that she cannot tolerate it. “Can I leave for a while to rest?” Hiroku says that he’ll go with her. 

Shuon says no, they just watch and enjoy Kagou’s heroic demeanor. “I’ll immediately come back.” Yuulin quietly watches her. Holding the letter, Shuon thinks that it is in that building.. She tells the female servant that she can leave and let her be alone. 

Running in the building, Shuon asks, “Are you the one who called out to me? Saying that [royal older] sister’s secret agent had come with a very urgent report. What is this all about!? Could it be that something happened to sister and the others..”

The hooded person immediately swings his/her sword at Shuon. Shuon immediately evades it but bumps her head on the wall. As she falls on the ground and holds her head, she asks, wha..
The hooded person says, “Princess, there is no report. I would want to ask you to disappear here right now.” Shuon asks what’s going on.. The hooded person says, “Don’t you understand? Your actions up to now had also made someone disapprove of it.” 

Just then, Cat ninja calls out to Shoun. He jumps down with his claws ready to attack. The hooded person was surprised by that. Totally furious, the cat ninja asks who is s/he. “Whose pawn are you?”

The hooded person immediately escapes. Cat ninja is about to go after him but he notices the princess looking aghast while sitting on the floor. Cat ninja asks if she is injured. He keeps calling out to her but Shuon isn’t answering. Walking to where Shuon went, Yuulin wonders if this degree of conversation ought to be okay.
Together with Jun, Yuulin calls out if Shuon is in there. “If you have calmed down, we have prepared a room where you can rest. Please go this way-- Princess?” Cat ninja suddenly goes in front of Shuon. Yuulin says isn’t he the one before.  

Upon seeing Shuon, Yuulin calls out to her and asks what happened to her. Cat ninja shouts for Yuulin not to come over! Surprised Yuulin thinks that this child is protecting the princess.

Cat ninja wonders, “Who would think that the princess is a hindrance? Who has given that order!? Who is the enemy!? *recalls Shuon telling him, ‘The princess consort is the enemy! Go gather intelligence for me and see what kind of woman is she!’* The ‘princess consort’ is the princess’ enemy.” Jun tells Yuulin to please draw back for it is very dangerous.
To his surprise, Yuulin goes in front of Jun and shouts, “It is alright! *holds out arms* I absolutely won’t bully the weak!! Come over here!” Cat ninja looks surprised and recalls the time when Yuulin took care of him when he was sick. He looks at Yuulin’s outstretched hand.  

Later on, at some other room, Reishou asks afterwards, the princess’ situation? Holding his head, Jun says that while evading the assassin’s attack, she hit her head but at present, she has already calmed down.

“As for this time’s assassination plot, she herself said that she doesn’t want others to be confused [/bring about disorder to others] so we are only going to tell the diplomats that she isn’t feeling well and she had fainted.” Reishou sighs and says is that so. “..Li Jun, what do you see this?” 

Jun shakes his head and says that suddenly during a competition between military trainees ..when the bodyguard will just have to leave the princess for a moment... While everyone is paying attention to the competition’s climax, the princess is called away. Not only that, the contents of the letter is an urgent matter that the princess cannot help but take the bait.”
Reishou says that no matter how he thinks of it, it is someone who really understands the princess that s/he was able to carry out this assassination plot. Yuuli looks worried.

Jun says that in reality, upon knowing that the news of the princess suddenly coming to visit this time around, that person must have also done some investigation on this [their] side. “At present, it seems that she and this diplomatic group who travelled together here have not obtained the unanimous approval within Enha...

...There exists a very high possibility that the traitor incident is related to someone within the diplomatic group. Right now, it is somewhat dangerous to make her go back. I also mentioned this to the person herself and it seems that she can comprehend it.”
This surprises and saddens Yuulin for coming together with Shuon here, someone who is her country’s compatriot.. Yuulin worriedly looks at Reishou. He sadly smiles and says, “Sure enough, no matter which country, there is a troublesome issue.”

Jun sighs and says anyway, how they are going to correspond with this. After looking flustered, Yuulin holds Reishou’s sleeve and says, “—Your Majesty, about that.. There is something that I want to ask of you.” Narration: “A princess who came from far away..” 

In the room, Shuon glares at Yuulin and asks if something is the matter. Holding a tray of food, Yuulin asks if she isn’t going to eat. Shuon scowls. In a bad mood, Shuo asks, “Huh? How come the princess consort will carry that kind of thing over here. Make the court lady do that.”
Thinking that Shuon is now showing her true colors, Yuulin says no, it is because she said, ‘[she] won’t bully someone’. “Before you regain your vigor, I’ll be in charge of properly taking care of you.”

While Cat ninja comes out from behind her, scowling dark Shuon thinks that Reishou also permitted this. Chibi Reishou says that it is quite troublesome since Yuulin used that kind of expression to ask this of him..

Shuon angrily says, “-Mana [guesswork from 瑪那], what have you done? Are you selling me out!?” [<- Ah, I’m not too sure if that is his name or it is just an expression. I’ll just revise later on.] Surprised Mana apologizes to her but about that.. “That..food, delicious..eat up.”
Holding the tray to Shuon, Yuulin says that’s right, the food is very delicious and she should eat up in order to regain her energy! While she is advancing slowly, Yuulin assures her that it is properly tested for poison. This made Shuon totally aghast.

Shuon shouts, “What’s up with you people, quit calling out like that as if you’re sympathizing and giving to charity! How infuriating-!!” The two sweatdrops. Yuulin says, ah ah, she’s really energetic! Narration: “This time, what the Wolf king’s princess consort has retrieved [/picked up] is the neighboring princess.”
Comment: In the first part, it seems Reishou is trying to remind Yuulin how cute she is so she has to be aware of that. But, what Yuulin said is true. Throughout the series, I don’t recall anyone else besides Reishou saying that she is cute. So, that’s the lovey-dovey for this chapter.

Reishou has slightly leveled up his praises that Yuulin blushing to death. It is inevitable for no one has ever praised her that way. As expected, Reishou is trying to probe things out with Shuon so he is talking with her. Apparently, Shuon is betting on a common topic of ‘fighting skills’ to win Reishou.

Even if Reishou obliged with the competition, he is drawing the line on personally teaching Shuon. Shuon is overly confident that she can easily win Reishou that way. Luckily for Shuon, Yuulin is nice enough not to stoop down to her level. Yuulin also has to be the gracious host towards the hostile visitor.

Apparently, it wasn’t wolf mode Reishou who sober Shuon up but unexpectedly, it is an assassination attempt. There is someone who doesn’t like what she is doing and she is obviously trying to use Reishou/Kouka to get involve in their domestic dispute. Luckily, Mana is there to protect her. I don’t think the assassin is an expert in fighting since s/he immediately backs off upon seeing Mana.

What Yuulin did is a bit reckless since it was shown that Shuon ‘brainwashed’ him into thinking that Yuulin is the enemy. I guess Yuulin bet on Mana being good at heart or think that she isn’t a threat after how she nursed him back to health. Now, these two will really ‘annoy’ Shuon. Hehe, this would be fun especially since Yuulin can be very persistent and nice. I guess she is also trying to win Shuon through her stomach =P Well, it worked with Mana ^^

Now, the culprit might be part of Shuon’s diplomatic group. I wonder if it is one of the three Shuon is with. If that is true, then that will be a blow for her since they have been together for a long time. Well, it is already a blow that someone in her group tried to kill her.

Based on Reishou’s smile, I guess he knows what that feels like. After all, his half-brother tried to kill him, iirc, a lot of times. And his stepmother tried to oust him recently ^^; Perhaps, with this, we’ll get to see a few more flashbacks regarding Reishou. Hmm, Yuulin also has her share of assassination attempts ^^;; Anyway, I guess in the end, they’ll team up to catch the culprit. Scans by 水月梅漢化

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    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Good point. Most of the security are probably at the competition area. True..or perhaps, part of the group. I'm curious if the female servant is part of the plot. Since there is a female servant, I would presume that her group are more than just diplomats.

      Hiroku is also with the princess. He asked to go with her but she declined and told him/them to keep on watching. Still, it is possible that it might be an alibi in order not to raise suspicions.

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    2. A small sample would be how he reacted to suigetsu in chapter 24. Though, it is bound to be worse now since, as Jun says, their being close to the point of silliness.

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