April 12, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 61 - She’s All That]

While they continue to hug each other, Junko says that it is really unexpected that he really loves to be pampered. Thinking that this side of him is really cute, Junko tells him that in the past, it is also a pampered way when they also hugged like this. “Not knowing what we should say that we don’t want to let go. Ah, I don’t mean to tease you but it is better to say..”

Holding her shoulders, Takane says that it is because of this that he feels she is careless. Junko is surprised when he pushes her down on the floor. Takane tells her that right now, he is suppressing his rationality as if his life depended on it. “That violently surging up sexual desire! Right now, I also want to greedily kiss your lips!! Unexpectedly, you’ll calmly say something about being pampered.”

Looking at him, Junko says that it is also okay to kiss. Takane says that he cannot do it right now since he is still in training and tonight is just a requested leave of absence, that’s all. Takane scowls as he is currently enduring it.
Pushing her away, he asks her to please stay further away from him for a bit and for her to be like this, he really cannot meditate. He insists that he is still in training. Junko says no, he was the one who came to her and won’t let her go.

Looking away, Takane says that he really doesn’t want to part from her, so how come she doesn’t understand this. “I’m obviously still in training. Finally, to be able to meet together but at this time, it is really not allowed to have an intimate relationship with a woman..” To his surprise, Junko holds his face to her. Before she can kiss him, Takane uses his hand to block her lips.

He says that it is not allowed to KISS. “I’m still in training and I’m still angry. By the way, how come you are at the temple? Why did you move out from the apartment into the dorm.. And afterwards, YOU--” He looks surprised when Junko had kissed and licked his hand. He asks her what she is doing. He tells her not to such an indecent thing.
Junko says that she is just kissing [and licking] his finger..and like this, she is only disturbing his training that’s all and he didn’t do anything wrong. “Yes, so, you just go and restrain yourself and I’ll also do that. Okay.” After blushing red, Takane holds up her hands and says that she is arousing him like that.

Holding up her wrists behind her head, he says, let him say, if he is a man who can endure her, then there’s no need for him to go into training. He hugs her and says that if she can endure, then can she try to endure it. Wincing in pain since he’s quite strong, Junko tells him to let her go. Using one hand to hold her down, Takane says no, he won’t let her go and he is already angry. They won’t kiss until she promises [to endure]. She tells him to wait a moment, he looks quite scary.

Takane denies it. Junko says wait, didn’t he say a while ago that he is still in training that he can’t.. Takane claims that she aroused him using her body figure wrapped in a kimono. Groping her chest, Takane says that she’s really cruel that she’ll do that indecent thing yet she wants him to endure. Junko is aroused for it was a long time since that kind of thing is done [to her].
Takane says that he noticed that in wearing the kimono, she properly didn’t wear underwear and who helped her dress, is it is mother? As he pinches her nipple, she tells him no, not there. Takane urges her to answer him. He pinches her hard and asks why she is in the dorm. Junko groans.

Takane says that even if right now, everyone is doing evening devotions but they’ll soon come back. “Even if we are in the remote area [of the house] but grandfather’s room is just at the opposite room. Don’t let your cute voice be heard by grandfather.” Takane starts to grope her chest again. Junko says that that after all, there is that Amane incident and she already feels that she already can no longer stay at his side anymore but she didn’t do it with that person.

Takane says that he knows. Junko is surprised when he pulls down the sleeve to expose her chest. She says that if he were to strip her like that, she won’t be able to properly wear it. He assures her that he is good in helping someone wear a kimono. He tells her that doesn’t it feel very comfortable when the cloth is rubbed together.
He kisses her nape and says look, the change of wrist [position?] is very good. [/her body is rubbing on him according to another translator] Turned on, Junko tells him to please..in a while.. He says no, he couldn’t. To his shock, Junko apologizes. He asks why she is easily giving up and does she really want him to play with her nipple although indeed, her breasts are big and sensitive.

Junko says, geez, enough of that kind of talk, and that isn’t want she meant when she was apologizing. Hugging him, she says that it is because there is a strange relationship between her and Amane that it led to disturbing his training and as a result, the temple is also.. “I’m sorry, Hoshikawa-san. *teary-eyed* it is my fault that the temple is also.. You won’t be able to succeed the temple.. But, but, once again, I have caused you trouble..”

To her surprise, Takane hugs him to her and chuckles. Puzzled, she calls out his name. She tries to say something but he kisses her forehead then her nose. Hugging her again, he says that for her to miss him and unexpectedly cry like this, it is worthwhile even if he won’t succeed as the young abbot.
Junko asks how can he easily.. He says that there’s no such thing because for him, life is like that. “Or rather, I’ll say you and the temple are equal [/equally important] and if that is the price for me to have you then that is inevitable.” He pulls down her kimono further. Junko says that unexpectedly, he wants to continue.. She groans that he says her voice.

Junko says that she wants it. He kisses her and says then, he’ll go start to enjoy it. After some French kisses, he starts to grope in between Junko’s legs. They were interrupted by Tokiko who calls out to Takane from outside the room. She informs him that the devotions had ended well and dinner will be ready at 19:30. She tells him to greet the abbot and his grandmother before going down [for dinner].

While Takane reaches out to a small drawer, he calls out okay. After Tokiko left, Takane says that because Junko is here, his mother made him come here first, and he is very happy that it has undone that kind of despicable misunderstanding. [<- thinking that his mother has also abandoned him]
Junko says that she is really ashamed for making his mother..and also the temple..and it wasn’t easy for his mother to help her wear it properly. Holding a condom, Takane starts to loosen up his clothes. He says but the more she feels ashamed, the more it feels FRESH THERE. “Such a cute person.” He pokes her inside that she groans. She tells him not to be like that saying that kind of words.

Tearing open the condom, he says that he can no longer endure it. Junko says that it is alright, to be like this. Blushing, she says that he can keep it as is. [<- from the other translator, this part meant that it is her safe period using rhythm method; no need to use a condom] Takane hugs her tightly.

Soon, they have sex while sitting up. He tells her to bite his shoulder because of the sound.. Soon, they are doing in on the floor. Later on, Takane is resting his head on Junko’s lap. While patting his head, Junko asks if he still remembers what she told him when they first met today as to the reason why she meets with his mother and why she wore a kimono.
Takane apologizes and says that he was so stunned to see her so he wasn’t able to hear it through. She says that if she were able to attain pardon, she wants to ask them to let her formally stay here to train. “I have decided to formally face this thing of becoming the temple’s head mistress. Until now, I don’t thoroughly understand this kind of things and from the start, I only wanted to run away...

...But right now, I don’t think that way. The same with work. I want to give up all-out effort in these two things. If you cannot become this temple’s abbot, perhaps, these things are also not necessary for me. Not only that, perhaps it is because I will concentrated on my work too much so it will caused you to become angry. ..but, even if it is like that, I still want to be together with you. *Takane calls out her name* And you? Would you also make a sacrifice like this in order to be together with me?”

Junko waits for Takane’s response. Takane smiles and says that his miniscule boast of saying something like it is okay if that is what the abbot had decided-type of thing. “Words of wanting to be cool by pretending to give up, I already won’t say that again. It is fine whether I have to bow my head to the abbot or even Amane. I’ll become an abbot here who can match up to you.”
Comment: Well, I guess it is to be expected that they are going to do that after a long separation. Takane tries to resist but in the end, he gave in though a little ‘punishment’ for Junko for tempting him. ^^; I’m wondering though if the mother knew what they are doing inside so she didn’t disturb them by going inside =P

It seems that they are putting aside the Amane incident and still believe in each other’s love. They are now looking ahead for them to stay together even if it will be hard. Junko will have to bear the overbearing grandmother as she’ll train for him. Takane will swallow his pride to succeed the temple. In the end, that incident and separation made them closer and help progress their relationship. ^^ Scans by 月球坑组

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