March 17, 2016

Preview: Suki-tte Ii na yo [Chapter 62]

In a bookstore, there are many magazines that have Rin on its covers. Looking at her Twitter, Rin’s friend comments that Rin gains new fans everyday and right now, the magazines have her on their covers every day. Embarrassed Rin admits that everyone is telling her to do it so she did it but then, she doesn’t really understand why it is necessary.. [<- probably refers to the Twitter account]

Her friend says that that it is okay for her not to do it but for her, isn’t it a kind of publicity. Rin looks clueless. Much to her friend’s dismay, Rin doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her because Rin is talking about her snack instead. In Paris, Megumi sees Rin’s tweet regarding finish eating breakfast and now eating a sweet in school..she’s so happy. Angelo wakes up and asks Megumi what’s up.

Megumi apologizes and says that she couldn’t sleep. He tells her that she has to wake up early tomorrow so sleep early. Megumi says okay. Megumi thinks that starting from spring, she has been living together with Angelo in his house. She is working at TEEN magazine introduced to her by Angelo.
Megumi reads on Rin’s Twitter that she will be on a certain ‘GARDEN’ magazine on June issue 6 page, thanks everyone. Megumi thinks that ‘GARDEN’ will be her [Megumi] target magazine [<- I think she wanted to be in that magazine] and honestly speaking, her current work isn’t her ideal work. In the morning, Angelo greets her a good morning and laughs over how messy her hair is. He says that he told her to sleep early.

Angelo tells her to go fix her hair quickly as he makes breakfast. Megumi just says yes. While brushing her hair, Megumi thinks but, if she is all by herself, no matter how she struggled, and she is still not quite good in speaking English, she basically has no way of quickly working on a good modeling job. Even if she is embarrassed that right now, she can only depend on Angelo yet she is very thankful to him. So, they go together to the photo shoot.

While Megumi poses and Angel takes pictures, Megumi hopes that one day she can really depend on herself to get a job. Since she has a lot of inadequacies, she can only tightly grab on connections she got her hands on, and move forward. For her who is utterly lacking, the things she attained in Paris are not quite useful.
Back in Japan, Yamato looks aghast. He thinks that this is bad for the ring..he recalled..he doesn’t have any recollection after he came back home last night.. He tries to think that after he went home, he probably called Mei and when he woke up, it is already morning..

...and the phone call with Mei has already been hanged up..he didn’t changed his clothes to sleep..and when he noticed it.. He looks at his hand. The ring is gone. He sighs out loud. Just then, Kenji arrives and greets him a good morning. He laughs at Yamato for being terrible last night. He shuts up upon seeing Yamato looking angry. Kenji asks what is it. Yamato blames him for bringing this tragedy upon him.

There is a scene of drunk Kenji telling Yamato not to be so serious. Yamato tells him about the ring which is gone this morning. Kenji says that as expected, that is Yamato’s. He explains that last night, he went to the toilet after Yamato got drunk. Then, he notices the ring by the sink. He doesn’t know whose is it so he brought it back. He asked if anyone owns it. Natsuki looks at sleeping Yamato who isn’t wearing his ring. End flashback.
Kenji says that he gave it to Natsuki who said that when Yamato wakes up, she’ll give it to him. So, because of that, Kenji gave the ring to her so didn’t Yamato get it yet. Yamato grabs Kenji’s head and asks why didn’t he give it to him himself for don’t they see each other every day.

Yamato has now somewhat recalled that he does seem to have washed his hands and put the ring on top of the sink. He thinks that he was quite careless and he hopes that it is still there. He mentally apologizes to Mei. At the roof, Natsuki is having a smoke. She looks at the ring. When she is about to put it on her finger, she is startled when Yamato calls out to her.

Relieved Yamato says that it turns out that she is here for he wondered whether she’ll be there or not because she can smoke there. She tells him not to say it as if she is a chain smoker and it is because it is prohibited to smoke inside the university. Yamato tells her that it is also prohibited to smoke here. Yamato hesitantly asks about the ring that she is holding on to. Natsuki gives him back the ring.
After relieved Yamato wears the ring, Natsuki comments that he got drunk just by drinking a bit. Yamato says but of course, since it is the first time he drank that much. She comments that Kenji seems to be okay and he must usually been drinking. Yamato says that he doesn’t know. Natsuki offers her cigarette to Yamato.

This puzzles him that she smiles and asks him to try it to get into the ranks of adults. She says that she thinks that he’ll look really cool when he smokes. Yamato declines. Then, her smoke goes to Yamato’s face. She apologizes and waves the smoke away. He says that it is okay. He comments that if she smokes a lot, her hair will have a smell. She asks if he minds having a girl like her at his side.

Yamato says can he say one in his family smokes. She tells him that originally, she doesn’t smoke but it started after she got dumped by her ex-boyfriend. From then on, she unwittingly always smokes until now and she always hates it for it seems that she always got into that guy’s influence. She actually really wants to quit.
To Yamato’s surprise, Natsuki asks if photography is interesting. He says ya. She asks if he already joined a club. He says no, not yet..but afterwards, he prepares to look around to practice.. She asks if she can follow [/tag along] him. After a bit of hesitation, he says ya..she can.. She says that she totally doesn’t know photography, so would it be okay. Yamato says that he also doesn’t completely know but it should be okay.

At Mei’s college, Asami shows a message from Aiko who wrote that she finally settled in the new house and their luggage are too heavy. Asami writes, but it’s great that they can live together. Aiko writes back that she hates it because after work, she still has to make meals and it’s so annoying even if they take turns.

Asami replies that it’s great that Masashi helps out and it seems amazing just from hearing that. Aiko still complains about the work doubles [in contrast to being alone]. Still, Asami and Mei are moved over the two’s conjugal love. Then, two girls and a guy call out to the two. Short haired girl says that they heard from the teacher that they are participating as volunteers in a childcare for experience.
Asami happily says yes, a friend’s younger sister’s kindergarten-type and they also work in some other place. The girl says is that so. She says that she likes kids so she is interested in childcare work and she wants to become someone whom children would like. The other girl says that right now, she still doesn’t know what she should study here.

The guy says that because he is male, he is quite tall so he doesn’t know if the kids will be scared of him. They start to discuss that it might have something to do with the children’s age, it is better to know what one will do but the children will take the initiative to get close to them. Mei says that she is afraid of strangers and has no way of being skill in conversation.

But even so, she can look in the same direction with kids and looking at their actions, she feels that she can learn something.. Afterwards, it is possible to go practice at a childcare center. Even if it is mostly Saturday but she thinks that it is really good to make volunteer work and child care experience as preparation [for school].
Mei says that if they want to go, she can go check the schedule. They tell her yes, they want to go. Just then, Hano arrives and says that she also wants to go. Asaumi exclaims that of course, she can also come. As Hano introduces herself to the new people, Mei thinks that everyone is the same. It is the first time they are alone in a brand new environment so they are uneasy but because of these words, something has changed.

During the childcare experience [work], based on what she sees and hears, she thought of it. At first look, the teachers seems to be working by themselves but actually, the surrounding teachers are keeping watch on the children and also closely looking at the other teachers’ actions. From today on, they [Mei and others] will also increase their cooperation and everyone can grow.

And it would be great if it will become that kind of relationship.. Mei’s phone rings. It is a message from Yamato wanting to eat out with her tonight if she’s free and he really wants to see her. Asami tells Mei that she’ll eat together with Hano so will she come too.
Mei apologizes for she’ll eat dinner with Yamato. Hano asks if it is her boyfriend. Asami exclaims that it is great for Mei is treasured and it seems that Kenji always goes out together with the people in his college and he totally doesn’t get in touch with her. He is obviously in the same college yet he is totally different from Yamato.

Mei nervously laugh and says that Kenji is always at the center of a crowd so perhaps, it is a lively mood and it seems that interpersonal relationship is very important so he definitely spends a lot of time paying attention to the surrounding. Asami exclaims that she knows that but she also likes that part about him which loves to socialize. The two girls are speechless.

While walking, Mei feels her heart is beating fast for they are separated in different places yet will meet like this and eat together afterwards.. Then, she sees Yamato waving at her. She sees his ring and smiles. At a café, Yamato apologizes for yesterday about the phone call for not answering her half-way. Mei says ya, she thought he is probably asleep so she hanged up so it’s okay.
Yamato tells her that it was hard yesterday for he went karaoke with Kenji and friends. Then, excited Kenji called for some alcohol- They poured him several drinks and afterwards, he doesn’t recall.. Then when he woke up in the morning, the ring.. While wiping her mouth, she asks, ring..? Yamato looks at Mei’s ring and somewhat look guilty.

When she asks him what happened to the ring, Yamato couldn’t say how he lost it so he just says that the ring was gone but in the end, it was on top of his house’s sink. This puzzles Mei but she tells him that he must properly pay attention. Yamato says yes, he’ll pay attention and he’s really sorry..

Mei tells him to also eat. He says ya. He asks, how her school is. She says that nothing much happened. Meanwhile, Rin is having a photo shoot. The photographer praises Rin’s work and her expression is really good. Rin giggles and thanks him. Just then, a girl calls out that it is so amazing for Rin got an amazing work invitation. Puzzled Rin asks what it is.

The girl says that Alexan Stephanie, a high class brand with a long established reputation, has directly sent a mail. They are inquiring whether or not they can invite Rin to become a model for their Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week that will be held on October. Surprised Rin reacts,
Comment: Someone will be so jealous later on. ^^; It can be infuriating that one has to work really hard and taking all the initiative to make it big in Paris yet Rin can easily land a lucrative offer just by working in Japan. Well, that is how it goes if one is up against a naturally talented model who has the looks that a certain famous designer would want her to be in the show.

It seems that Yamato is being lured to the ‘dark side’. So far, he is able to decline the ‘bad habits’ and I don’t think he’ll be drinking again anytime soon. I haven’t read the previous chapters but did Yamato have a girl before Mei? With Natsuki around, I feel like he is a sheep being lured away by a she-wolf. ^^; He seems so innocent when Natsuki does seem to have other intentions with him.

Regarding the ring, I guess it is understandable for Yamato to tell that story to Mei. He probably doesn’t want her to worry about a certain other girl but then, if Mei finds out from Kenji that might cause trouble. Strangely enough, they didn’t just put the ring back into sleeping Yamato’s finger. ^^;

Anyway, at least in terms of making new friends and maturing, things are going smoothly with Mei. Scans by 离境

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    1. Thanks for reading, Sabatini ^-^

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  4. Here we go..... another addition to Yamato's harem, past, present and future. Sorry but I don't really trust yamato. Not that he's intentionally a cheater, but he can easily be lured, not being able to say NO.... remember his " friendship" with Megumi ? And that girl he has sex with ? It seems Yamato 's way of comforting women is to have sex with them.. if he wasn't stopped when he was having free " dinnetr " at Megumi's house every night, and even lying about his whereabouts, and rationalizing he was just keeping Megumi company and comforting her in her loneliness ....... I can bet that the sun is up there it wouldn't yake long before he 'd leave Megumi's dining table to hang out on her bed. Pffft. Now, he's acting innocent again, as if he doesn't notice that smoking girl is wanting to get in his pants. Who wants to bet he's going to be in that situation again ?

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      Then came megumi.... she told Yamato she lived alone in her apartment and wanted Yamato to have dinner with her so that she wouldn't be alone. Again, Yamato obliged. Every night he'd go home with Megumi and have dinner with her at her house.. The worst part is, he'd tell lies to mei... that he was busy ..., that was his reason for going home very late at night. Mei would fall asleep waiting for his call. And he would continue lying if he wasn't seen by some classmates who told Mei about it. What's the probability that dinner would turn to sex soon ? Yamato knew it was wrong that's why he kept it a secret and lied and lied and lied. He was horrified when he found out that Mei knew it all along. he felt so guilty that all this time, Mei was in pain. How stupid can he be ? Who goes to a girl's house every night when he has a girlfriend ?

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      Lol..possible or maybe, he was drunk. =P I mean this series seems to tackle 'serious and realistic' issues.

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      Hm..wasn't it already obvious that he has a girlfriend so the ring is their couple's ring?

    7. It's a fixed couple, there's no doubt about it.

      I think the theme of this story is no matter what happens in a relationship. " true love will prevail."

      The trouble here is , it's totally one - sided. I don't doubt Yamato loves Mei, but he's the type who can compartmentalize his relationships , meaning, his potential relationship with another girl is independent and may not even affect his relationship with Mei. He loves Mei, but he can make love with other girls for different reasons other than love, and therefore , it will not affect his relationship with Mei. Hey, no problem.

      That is Yamato's character. It's up to Mei to accept that. In other words, she should be thankful that despite Yamato's tendencies, he will stay with her.

      The problem is, both have now become adults, and any other encounter will have that adult feeling that is more serious than when they were teenagers. We can excuse Yamato;s behavior as that of a teenager with raging hormone. But as an adult, we'd think that doing it ould entail some adult responsibility, and therefore, there's a possibility that he'd feel some kind of responsibility for the " other" girl As I said before, his " potential"" relationship with this other girl will not be a one-night stand. Mei is not ever-present anymore , unlike high school. Yamato can do stuff now without Mei knowing anything.

    8. I get it. It's that alibi that some guys used = they just have sex with someone but it doesn't mean that they love the other person. It's a guy thing, etc.

      If it's no problem with Mei, she is very, very understanding. it is twisted like that. She's the one who should be grateful. She really got the short end of the stick. Still, it is quite hard to have a say in the matter since Mei seems happy/okay with the arrangement.

      Ideally yes. But nowadays, age isn't exactly a deterrent on acting responsibly these days/act like adults. ^^; From that description, I can say that Yamato is a playboy type and he'll most likely get away with it.

      There's always that advantage for being good looking. I think to have that kind of partner, the girlfriend should be more 'strict and possessive' to always monitor the guy and drive away any potential threats. Troublesome yet well, you know, if one wants that guy. <- I'm thinking of handsome celebrity husbands ^^;

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    1. I'm no longer summarizing this one. I did write some short summaries of what's going on in the comments before when someone asked about it.


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    1. Yes. It came out on September 13, 2017 according to this site:

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