March 16, 2016

Free Talk: Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 120]

Free talk: Ah, the Ookami-heika no Hanayome 79 release turned out to be ‘for forum only’. After re-reading the rules again, it would seem that the public release is two weeks after the Chinese scanlation release. ^^; So, that is still delayed.

So my comments for this chapter:

That yes, for me, it is once again reinforced in this chapter that this series would be better if Suwon is a girl and the lead character. That look, that chemistry...Yona is the third wheel. =P much for thinking that Yona will be the one who’ll shoot that arrow ^^;;

Anyway, it is a nice teamwork by the two. That probably brought Yona to tears. Something like, ah yes, the two are ‘working together’ again just like how she wished it to be. Hehe, reminds me of the scenario in Naruto. Or, perhaps, it is because Lili is saved.

So, it turns out that Suwon will indeed take part of the credit here. I’m not sure how the reunion will turn out. Of course, they might probably beat up the enemy first. So, Yona and others might just quietly leave during that time. Or, we might have a returning hairpin scene. Or, they might fight each other after beating up the enemy. ^^;


  1. Kat I'm angry....why isn't yona taking big steps! She can't just be a wayward X-princess. And she is the protagonist of the story!
    Thnx for your good work!

  2. Oh my!!!������. I am waiting though for the ookami-heika no hanayome. But patience is virtue..hahahha.

    Me too.. im kinda dissapoint. I was not expecting sowon and hak tandem. Huhuhuhu.. what i want to see that yoona will take part so.that sowon and the generals would see what yoona has become. Huhuhuhu.. but its too early to conclude right since the fight is still begun. Im kinda confuse whose reiju?? The one that general mention? I hope the next chapter will turn to yoona side and the dragon too. Hehrhehe... hoping... thnx kat...

    1. Hi Diane. I think it's Raijuu, meaning Thunder Beast. This would mean that it was Hak who General Joo-Doh saw since Thunder Beast is Hak's nickname. 😊

    2. Ya, Diane.

      Yup. Still, even if it isn't concluded, there might not be any other instance for Yona to shine = get everyone's attention except for that very important saving Lili scene.

      Her foot is injured so she'll probably just end up shooting arrows..that is if there are any enemies to shoot at when the generals and dragons are finish with the enemy. Hm..maybe if she gets a crack at the enemy's king then that will be something.

      Regarding that, it is indeed as Queenie mentioned. Judo is staying put in case Haku comes and sends Suwon flying =P But then, I'm not sure if he is of match to Haku ^^;;

    3. Ahhhh thnx jane. Hehehehe.. meaning they are threaten by the presence of hak. Thnx again jane...😍😍😍

  3. Hi Kat. I love that you still keep on sharing your thoughts on these mangas despite that there are other sites providing summaries and translations. It's a great avenue for us as well to express out thoughts. Even though I don't comment here that much, know that I always visit your blog many times a day. Teehee ^^

    Will be awaiting for the Ookami-heika no Hanayome. Patience is a virtue. Keep it up *wink -.-

    1. Thanks for the comment and support, Quennie ^-^

      Yup...reading manga really needs a lot of that.

  4. The progress of this manga is too slow that I'm starting to get bored. I bet we have to wait until we reach chapter 200+ before we get an interesting plot of the story. And what the heck is happening? Suwon and Hak, tandem? Where is justice? Lol.

    1. Hehehe..200+ that would be 80 more chapters of wandering around?

      Well, it's a love-hate thing it seems...which can be common in shounen or any male rivalry thing especially if they are ex-friends.

      Justice..regarding Yona's father? I don't think it will happen from how things are being played out.

    2. What justice? Hasn't justice already been done? Yona's father killed his brother, so Soo-Won killing him has already brought that story to a close. Besides, why are you guys so hell-bent on Yona killing Soo-won in revenge, when you don't support what Soo-Won did for his revenge? Il was a terrible king, so his death saved their nation. But, if Yona acted as immature as you guys, and killed Soo-Won even though he is a brilliant ruler, she would be destroying the best chance at prosperity that Kouka has. And please, please don't say that Il did not kill Yoo-hong or that Soo-Won was mistaken. There is no evidence of that, however, the fact that Il did kill his brother has been repeatedly affirmed. Besides, the citizens, the officials as well as seasoned leaders such as Geun-Tea, Kan Soo-Jin, Han Joo-Doh, all of them hated King Il for being such a miserable ruler. Yona accepts it, too, that her father was not a good king and has acknowledged that Soo-Won is necessary for the kingdom. Despite that, she loves him because he was her father just as Kan Kyo-Ga and Kan Tae-Jun loved their father and wept at his death even though both regretted that he turned a traitor. However, being a good father does not excuse King Il being a terrible ruler.

    3. Unknown, that is only what Suwon said but is it the truth? Was it intentional? Honestly, it is so unbelievable that an amazing general like Suwon's father got killed by a chubby pacifist king. And as you mentioned, there is no evidence. That topic is just dropped..that's it, take Suwon's word for it.

      Justice doesn't exactly mean killing Suwon. Justice isn't all about just killing the other. It is can be punishment or something else like divine justice. Right now, I'm no longer entertaining thoughts of it coming from Yona. But as I mentioned above, I don't think it will happen anymore since everything is going smoothly with Suwon and even got his 'frenemy' helping him =P

      But now that you mentioned it, if that is also the mangaka's intention that it is case closed, then what is the story all about then? Shouldn't it be Akatsuki no Suwon? It is Suwon who is making Kouka prosperous. Most of the generals are happy with him. The story as it goes now is how ally Yona got some dragons and helps Suwon out in 'destroying' the other countries so that they won't mess with them again. And yes, Kouka is the most powerful country in the region again. So, perhaps, after that happens, Yona can finally put the 'dragon powers' to rest. ^^ The end.

      So, how come Haku and the Wind support Iru if he is such a terrible king? Nevertheless, if those generals all hated the king, how come they didn't do anything to oust him? What were they doing all this time for their people? Why do they have to wait until their people are very miserable and for someone else to do it for them? But then, that is basically Kouka's problem..they always wait for a 'savior' to help them out.

      Somehow, I feel that it wasn't shown enough/portrayed well that Yona loves her father. I got the impression that no matter what, Suwon and everyone else matters more than her father.

  5. Yona's father was a coward, not a pacifist. Pacifist would be someone like Yona or Soo-Won who would take measures to establish peace. Yona's father is undoubtedly a doting father who wished to keep his daughter safe at all costs, so he went to great lengths to make sure that a war never occured, most likely to ensure that Yona never got involved in any strife. For example, An Joon-Gi, the water tribe general is extremely similar to King Il. He, too, neglected his tribe deliberately, didn't take any action against rampant drug trade to avoid conflict against foreign powers because he felt that his daughter was more important than tribe. He seems like a pacifist, but he too is a coward. He expressly forbids his soldiers against taking any measures by invoking the calm nature of the water tribe, yet once Lili makes it clear to him that she wishes to help their tribe and will struggle no watter what, once he is assured of his daughter's determination, he becomes the most emphatic supporter of an invasion into southern Kai. Both King Il and An Joon-Gi are similar people. It's not that they loved their countrymen less, it's just that they love their family more.
    Now, let's get our facts in line. Yona's mother died before Il was crowned. After her death, King Il was especially paranoid about keeping Yona safe. So, it follows that he wanted to avoid any internal or external strife at all costs. He was worried that Yona, too, would become a victim if he opposed anyone. So, he probably decided to relinquish authority on internal matters to individual tribes and quietly bowed down to any external pressure. However, his brother Yoo-Hong who was a far more capable and respected leader than he was, vehemently led Kouka into expansion and was the veritable figurehead of Kouka's power. So, here's my theory; in desperation, the usually wimpy Il decided to kill his brother, so that the united will of Kouka's tribes, one that could potentially challenge his wish to evade conflict, would scatter and dissipate. He was clearly remorseful about what he did seeing as how adamant he was about protecting Soo-Won. He wouldn't let Yona marry him, likely because he wished to make sure that his only nephew, who he believed to be frail (well, practically everyone thought so) would not inherit such a dangerous position.

    1. Next, you say that we have nothing but Soo-Won's words as evidence of Yoo-Hong's murder. But, we don't have even a single canon clue yet that would indicate otherwise. The character introduction for Yoo-Hong at the beginning of a new volume says: "He is believed to have died in an accident, but, the truth is that Il killed him." Just as, everyone underestimated An Joon-gi, so may have been the case with Il. King Il didn't have to be anywhere near Yoo-hong's skill to have assassinated him. He may have easily caught him unguarded and unarmed, seeing as how no one could have guessed a clumsy and carefree man like Il would try something like this, especially not Yoo-Hong who dearly loved his little brother. Soo-Won loved his uncle, even now he respects his dream of a peaceful world even if he didn't approve of his policies, he doesn't have any reason to lie. Besides, Soo-Won is not the only one who is aware of the truth of his father's death. Senior leaders of the Sky Tribe, such as Joo-Doh who served under Yoo-Hong are aware of it, that is why they don't show any remorse at King Il's death.
      Also, it has been repeatedly stressed by Joo-Doh that Soo-Won rushed his coronation to earlier than planned. It is possible that the Sky Tribe had already been planning an eventual coup to overthrow Il and crown Soo-Won, the heir of their cherished leader, as king. But seeing as how several rebellions and invasions soon followed Soo-Won's coronation, we can safely assume that Soo-Won had anticipated them and realized that if Il remained on the throne, no amount of pacifism would be able to save Kouka once the militarily powerful Fire Tribe rebelled against the Sky Tribe and Kouka would ultimately fall to foreign powers. That is why he had to take such grave measures in urgency even though he might have sought out a more peaceful measure otherwise. My personal opinion was reinforced after chapter 72, where Yona herself realizes that her father's death was, probably, not due Soo-Won seeking revenge but his desire to strengthen Kouka. Even Yona, who is generally tries to talk sense into everyone, has willingly killed people when other more important things like her or her friends' safety are threatened and trying to work out a peaceful solution would be too late. And it seems that it is Lili's turn now to learn that sometimes one must commit distasteful acts for the sake of a greater and more important purpose. It's just that Soo-Won had already learnt this lesson while Yona and Hak had complacently passed their days within an illusion of peace.

      Just because the story has a protagonist with his/her name in the title doesn't mean that he/she is the only one who will do the right thing nor does it mean that the protagonist is the author's representative and whatever they say is the final truth in the story. In fact, most protagonists are such that they are the ones who know the least about the issue and will undergo the greatest development before they can understand the truth completely. Yona and Hak are that type of protagonists. They know very little about the situation in the country, they will gradually learn, however, as of yet their knowledge and beliefs are one of the most unreliable. Moreover, Kusanagi-sensei's mangas have often had three main characters. and they are always an OT3. And, another thing that I have seen very consistent across her various stories is the "allies turned rivals" plot where both sides have their own merit, just ones that end up in conflict. Also, I don't think AnY will have any final boss antagonist, each arc has it's own challenger, as good historical or war stories should.
      I think I have written a very good essay in Soo-Won's defence, already. Quite proud of myself. I hope it's not deleted, I'll save it in case I need it in the future. Well, it was nice speaking with you.

    2. Before anyone retorts back with something like, "King Il hid his wounds, based on that Hak says that he was not a coward.", I'd like to say that King Il was, most definitely, a coward. Yes, he feared for himself, but his daughter and wife were far more important to him than his own well being. Once his wife died, he became even more particular about his daughter's happiness and safety. The reason he grabbed the sword and hid his wounds was because he didn't want Hak and Tae-Jun to fight in front of Yona nor did he wish for her to worry over his injury. So, yes, King Il was a coward, but he feared more for Yona than he did for himself.
      Of a man like Il, I don't think he would've wished to be the king. He had no aptitude for it and he knew it well enough.
      I think he would have accepted unwillingly, simply to fulfill his father's wishes. The bigger question is: "Why would a conqueror like King Joo-Nam crown his weaker, younger son over the elder, more qualified and people's choice Yoo-Hong?" Here's my personal theory: Priests hadn't been completely deposed from the castle and the political sphere of influence until late in King Joo-Nam's reign. It is possible that a former priest had foreseen Hiryuu's rebirth as Yona, and asked the King to ensure that the reborn Hiryuu inherited the throne eventually. So, even if King Joo-Nam, aided by his son Yoo-Hong, would ultimately rid the court of priests' influence, he could've had such suspicions himself, once he saw his granddaughter's red hair. Also, Zeno recalls that he had seen a special star appear in the sky at Yona's birth indicating that Hiryuu had descended to Earth once again. By the way, Yona was born while her grandfather was still alive. And, Il being crowned king had been terribly sudden and unexpected. So, it is possible that King Joo-Nam altered his choice of successor upon seeing Yona's iconic appearance.

    3. In my first comment, an edit: "Yona's mother died before Il was crowned" may be replaced with "Yona's mother died very early into King Il's reign."
      Thank you.
      Deleting and reposting would've have disrupted the order of reading. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    4. “So, how come Haku and the Wind support Iru if he is such a terrible king? Nevertheless, if those generals all hated the king, how come they didn't do anything to oust him? What were they doing all this time for their people? Why do they have to wait until their people are very miserable and for someone else to do it for them? But then, that is basically Kouka's problem..they always wait for a 'savior' to help them out.”
      I’ll explain my answer to this separately because I’m afraid that you might’ve have overlooked the reasoning that follows from my previous comments.
      That the tribe generals do not care about their tribes is a very incorrect belief.
      The Sky tribe is the one that brought about the coup against King Il. The Fire Tribe’s rebellion had an overwhelming popular support among the soldiers because callous policy-making by King Il had disastrous effects across the Fire tribe and resentment against the ruling Sky Tribe had mounted. And, the Earth tribe would have eventually risen up in arms as insinuated by their general Geun-Tae. Even, General An Joon-Gi laments the weak administration of Il’s reign and hoped that Su-Won could help his tribe. And recently, the Wind Tribe general Tae-Woo had admitted that Kouka desperately needed Soo-Won or else it would have fallen already.
      Additionally, the tribes couldn’t have done much to help their situations in the face for poor management from the centre, no matter how hard they tried. Most tribes of Kouka are not self-sufficient and would have to depend on other tribes and foreign trade for resources. Under King Il, Kouka had abominable foreign policies that left the nation almost isolated and the borders desolate, the nation was fragmented, there was no co-operation among tribes and national policies could not be implemented because the power was delocalized and unstable. The King barely spoke in any tribe meetings. The only thing he remained adamant about was that weapons would be forbidden in Kouka, further weakening the strength and morale of the tribes, especially Fire and Earth who were more prone to invasions than others.

    5. The Fire, Earth and Water lands have very unfavourable geographical conditions. With either arid lands, proximity to warring neighbours or both, there was little they could do to provide for their citizens in the face of miserable economic policies and declining trade. And in King Il’s time, inter-tribe relations had deteriorated so badly that it was impossible for a tribe to help the other in time of need. In fact, Kouka had been perilously on the edge of a civil war. If a tribe faced military threat from surrounding nations, they were helpless to do anything but watch as the King repeatedly surrendered their lands and resources to foreign nations further depleting the tribe. That is why, the Fire Tribe being the biggest victim of this, had ultimately resorted to secret militiarization and forced recruitment in order to protect itself. The Earth Tribe would have probably joined them had the power at the centre not changed hands and transferred to Soo-Won, who, by the virtue of being Yoo-hong’s son received a much greater popular support and a much more unified acceptance from the tribes immediately after his coronation than King Il did in 10 years of his reign.
      The Wind tribe, on the other hand, is relatively much safer in its geographical location and has plentiful lands. They were able to provide for themselves and flourish independently, irrespective of inefficient central administration and souring relations among the tribes. The Wind Tribe is too spoiled by the Nature, so they could afford their naivety and even provide unconditional support to a failed ruler based only on principle. The Wind Tribe had no internal cause for dissatisfaction and didn’t care enough about other tribes to bother about what had been happening across the rest of the nation. When Yona visits Fuuga, Hak mentions that the Wind tribe is very self-sufficient and Hak is often just as surprised as Yona at the miserable living conditions such as crippling lawlessness, corruption, widespread poverty and disease in other tribes' land.

    6. But, I agree with you in that, Kouka relies too much on “a savior” to help them and has historically resorted to ineffectual, obsolete means such as messengers of heaven, God’s will and the like. The kingdom created by gods hasn’t realized yet that it consists of humans who must exist alongside other humans, and that they do not possess the decisively overwhelming power that a God would have over humans. That is why the reform during King Joo-Nam’s reign that freed the country from the monopoly of priests was a welcome one.
      Zeno recalls that, after Hiryuu’s death, he had become the first priest just so he could stay back in the castle and watch over the prince and the princess. During Hiryuu’s reign, Zeno had the power to “hear God’s voice” but with Hiryuu’s death, the heaven too had stopped talking to him and abandoned Kouka. However, even after that, in order to prevent unnecessary bloodshed, Zeno continued to lie that Heaven had spoken to him of its will for Kouka to not mobilize their army against enemies. Instead, Zeno would secretly go to frontlines himself and deal with the invading armies.

      Clearly, once Zeno left the castle, the position of “the priest” would have been made customary because the rulers and the citizens could not overcome their dependence on the “Gods”. As a result, this meant that eons of kings were suppressed by the “priests” who had deluded people into believing that they were ruling according to the guidance of heaven whereas in truth, the Heaven had long since forgotten about their kingdom once their dragon had returned. And, now, with Hiryuu’s rebirth as Yona, the “God” has once again resumed speaking to Ik-su, a priest, so that they can watch over her.
      Knowing this, it is really important that Soo-Won’s reign will reinstate their society’s independence and end their reliance on myths, so that the citizens and their rulers can decide for themselves, the best course of action for their country by learning from their mistakes instead of drifting eternally under the delusion of a higher power that will protect them.

    7. Vaishali, my definition of pacifist is a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable. Currently, at that situation, technically, they are at peace. I would disagree when you say that Suwon is taking measures to establish peace. He just used the Water tribe problem as an excuse to get their territories back. Luckily for them, Kai are divided and they managed to get them with zero casualties. The only casualties there are the people of Kai who were formerly people of Kouka. But now, they are probably back to Kouka. Well, that incident seems to be swept under the rug.

      So, if everyone thinks that way, how come the grandfather made Iru the king and not Suwon’s father the king? Iirc, it is already known that he is a pacifist before. And, I believe he was even before he had a family. Hmm, I don’t know that Yona’s mother died before he was crowned. Can you refer me to that chapter?

      I’m not going to go on to any theories anymore based on the unknown. I’m already tired of it and the series hasn’t revealed more about it to revise them. The Fire general rebellion happened because he made a mistake that Suwon is easier to deal with than Iru. I think he would succeed if he did it before because of Iru’s ‘pacifism’. I think those ‘problems’ were happening even during Iru’s time especially the drugs in Water. Yet, no one is doing anything about them. And when things are bad, blame everything to Iru.

      If the premise is Suwon is doing it for Kouka, yes, that’s true. But I don’t believe that. The reason why Iru was killed is for revenge. Suwon is doing all this for his father’s sake/dream, etc. I’m not taking into account whatever Yona thinks of Suwon because that is already biased ever since before.

      Given the kind of personality and person that was shown about Iru, I don’t believe that he deserves a cold blooded murder. And he is unarmed. If they have problems with his rule, they can just put him in court and judge him there. Imprison him whatever. That is if they actually have a justice system. ^^;

      Hehe..actually, if a character has his/her name in the story, that usually means, s/he is the most important person in the story and assumingly especially with this kind of title, they will do something epic for the country or whatever. What I meant with that alternate title is, Suwon seems to be that person and not Yona. Suwon is the one who is ‘uniting the country and making it great again’. Yona and others are like ‘allies’ just helping him accomplish it.

    8. I seriously doubt that Haku doesn’t know about the situation of the country. Unless, he is just a ‘general’ by name but in reality, just a ‘babysitter/bodyguard’, or being with Yona for so long has also made him stupid and naive. Nothing much is shown how this country works but apparently, intel is very bad and only Suwon has a monopoly of it.

      Ah, okay. If that was it was, I wished the mangaka didn’t bring up any false expectations about some major final boss antagonist. Haku and the dragons are a total waste. Actually, those powers aren’t exactly necessary since they are just up against ‘ordinary humans’. So, what’s up with that prophecy about the sword, shield and something dark..iirc? I’m wondering if the mangaka just wanted to prolong things due to popularity or make them ‘go around the world’ before going to that. Personally, I feel that things go downhill after she got all the dragons. She just doesn’t know what to do with them in some grand scale thing except wait for whatever Suwon is going to do.

      I’m not sure if there is actually a conflict anymore between them. Yona agrees with Suwon’s rule yet sometimes pretend to be angry at him with those glares. Haku is just sore about being betrayed. There’s no problem at all. The neighboring countries are so pathetic, right now. Iru got bad luck that they were ‘stronger’ before during his rule that they can bully them. Just as history show us, there are times when a certain country is up and when a country is down.

      Interesting theory and I like it. What a blunder it was. They were fooled by Yona’s iconic appearance that caused the country’s decline. Yes, red hair is indeed bad if that was the case.

      If Yona’s mother died early into his reign then, I did have a theory about that but as I said I’m already tired and I had already discussed it to death in previous comments.

    9. Which soldiers are we talking about? Fire tribe soldiers who are forced to leave their families to fight for the ambition of the Fire General? I doubt that it has an overwhelming popular support. I would assume that they are forced into it so they easily turned against him.

      I only browsed this part but someone told me that those kidnapped women in the Green dragon arc are part of Earth’s territory. So how come it has to be Yona and Suwon going to check things there and do something about it? What is he doing, bumming and raving about his wife’s tea.

      Jungi only laments and didn’t do anything. His own daughter has to show him how it is done without relying on someone else. And, I would think that is regardless who is the king.

      Wind is doing fine by its own due to Haku/gramps leadership. If getting other territories to improve their pathetic state is good for the country then I agree. He’s good for the country. I would really assume that Kouka was a conquering country whose economy is supported by invasions. If they don’t do that, they are no longer self-sufficient/independent. Which tribe depends on what tribe? Was it mentioned that the king barely spoke in any of the meetings? I didn’t know that.

    10. Anyway, I guess Iru brought his downfall to himself for being ‘blind’ and ‘stubborn’ that he didn’t know at all what is happening in his country. Haku and Wind tribe, which might know, didn’t even bother telling him in whatever meetings they are holding. Other than them, he doesn’t have any other allies in the palace.

      If there is a conspiracy wherein they would want to bring him down because they are against his foreign policy, I would assume that they deliberately withheld information about what’s happening in their respective tribes. So, when they overthrow him, it would be easier to blame everything on Iru.

      Anyway, it does seem that Iru is too busy using tax money pampering a spoiled daughter even if I don’t know what he is doing when he isn’t with her. He didn’t even bother educating her since she only seems to know how to dance and go gaga over Suwon. Lol, maybe he is just scratching his butt the whole day or lamenting over the loss of his wife.

      I don’t really buy that. Even in unfavorable geographical conditions, Wind has thrived. It is the leadership that is the problem and I mean local leadership. Wind also has a potentially troublesome neighboring country. Iirc, Suwon got them to guard the borders to prevent any attack from the south before. Even the bordering towns in Kai were thriving even if they are always caught in the middle of the war by two countries. I recall that the places in Kai that were shown are doing well even if their leaders are bad. So, I don’t find that as a good excuse.

      I didn’t get an impression that Wind is better off in terms of natural resources. You just cut off their water and they are already dead. How exactly are they self-sufficient? They seem to be dependent on trading and they are very isolated. It was hinted that they are surviving on some underhanded ways of Haku to get more money like some sly businessman, and working as a bodyguard seems to be part of it.

      I would even think that Sky is the most prosperous of all the tribes next to Water then probably Wind and Earth. Thinking about it, I would think Fire used to be well off too that the son would even dare to court the princess unless all that they have to brag about is their bloodline which is supposedly from Hiryuu. I think they used too much of their resources on the revolt at the expense of its tribe people.

      Hm..since you mentioned that, I is possible that all tribes don’t care about the other tribes. So, yes, in a way, Suwon manages to make them work together since they kind of ‘owe’ him/need him for helping them out especially Earth.

      I agree so that goes back to the question, what is Yona for in terms for the country, etc when Suwon is already going to do all that. Why was Hiryuu reincarnated? And, I thought it was because of some major antagonist to correct what’s wrong/invasion but from the looks of things, there is no such thing. So, it goes back to Zeno’s wish. She’ll probably just here to ‘free’ the dragons.

    11. I think you are purposely trying to overlook the facts that have been clearly stated in the manga just so that you can justify your dislike for Soo-Won. All the reasons that I have presented in my previous comments have solid proof in the manga itself. If you re-read the manga you will be able to find them for yourself. And whatever conjectures I have made, I have written them as being my personal opinions.

      You said that, " I’m not taking into account whatever Yona thinks of Suwon because that is already biased ever since before. " So, you will take whatever Yona says at face value when it suits your presumptions, but you will write it off as being biased when it goes against you. To you a naive Yona talking about her father's kindness is valid, but a much more informed and mature Yona's opinions after realizing the real reasons behind Soo-Won's betrayal is unreliable. Aren't you contradicting yourself now by talking in circles?

      And Hak is just as immature and oblivious as Yona. Geun-Tae has clearly stated that Hak has never been in any battles. He, too, had no real world knowledge. He grew strong under his grandfather's training, but that's all. He was also unaware of the pathetic state of their nation and believed that that the rest of the country was just peaceful as the peaceful environment in the castle, and so he believed King Il to be a good ruler. In Chapter 2, when Kye-Sook tells him of the ruin across Kouka, he shows no knowledge of it and is unable to believe it. Even when they are travelling, when he encounters the corruption in Awa or the variety of trouble in the Earth, Fire and Water lands he is genuinely shocked. He was raised in the peaceful Wind Tribe, and had no knowledge of the situation in the country and was a bodyguard first, and hardly served his duties as a General. Hak never attended any tribe meetings either (Chapter 3), spending all his time guarding Yona.

      The availability of water is the main issue. It has little to do with good administration. Also, in chapter 114-115 Mundok says that Wind tribe has always had relatively smaller land holdings and a smaller population. You can see that from Kouka's map too. So, a smaller but resource-rich land and a small population, it is no wonder they can administer their tribe easily without any external help. Wind tribe has two pivotal advantages over others in that;
      1) They have ample water unlike Fire or Earth. Good produce, hence good trade.
      2) Wind lands are located to the east beyond Hiryuu Castle. It doesn't share its border with the biggest threats like Kai to north that borders Fire and Earth or Sei to the South-West that borders Water lands.

    12. Perhaps, since I did browse through all that in Chinese and didn't bother reading that in detail. I would stand corrected over my opinions but there are others who agreed with me and reinforced it even more, so...

      Not really. It is only whatever Yona thinks of Suwon since as I mentioned, I believe that he is her top priority than everyone else, unconsciously or consciously. That is my impression. Even after everything, everything he does is for the good/ the end justifies the means. Did Yona talk about her father's kindness? I don't even recall that. I based that on her father's actions towards her during those flashbacks.

      I Haku is just a 'general' by name. I would assume he knows something about the world to assume that Suwon used the Water tribe trouble as a reason to invade Kai.

      Yet I would assume that Fire has other resources or else, how would they raise the money for the rebellion. Unless that is all funded by Kai. If they look hard enough, they can find that crop that grows in that soil or any other ways of living. Even if Suwon became king, it isn't like their land would magically become much better. Earth..they have wealth right below their noses and it takes someone else to point it to them.

      Wasn't Wind near that other country, Shin.

    13. Fire tribe had limited natural resources. It has been repeatedly stressed that the land of fire tribe is infertile and rain is scarce. That is why since the era of Joo-Nam, fire tribe has been most aggressive. The more land they had, the better there chances of acquiring resources. But the best lands that had originally belonged to Fire and Earth were surrendered to Kai during Il's reign. The tribe's holdings reduced with only poorer lands remaining, and they could not even trade with Kai because borders had been closed off by King Il when Kai and Sei presented threat. That is why illegal trade and piracy had flourished as a result of King Il's policies. All facts are thoroughly in confirmation with the canon storyline.

    14. "I Haku is just a 'general' by name. I would assume he knows something about the world to assume that Suwon used the Water tribe trouble as a reason to invade Kai. "

      Hak doesn't have to know about a situation to understand Soo-Won. He was able to guess correctly because he knows Soo-Won best. Had Il not been Yona's father, the father of the girl he loved, Hak would have stood by Soo-Won. But no matter what he says now, we can recall from chapter 3 that Hak himself disapproved of King Il as a ruler. But his love for Yona caused him to exaggerate one small act from Il (of hiding his own wounds) into an adequate qualification of a good ruler. Hak loved Soo-Won, still does, but he loves and cherishes Yona far more. So, even if he knows what Soo-Won did was right, no amount of being right will help Hak forgive Soo-Won for causing Yona grief.

    15. I see. So those territories that Suwon got from Kai will also be shared with Fire?

      Why would Yona and others try to find some seed that will grow there and not just help Suwon get back those needed lands? Why is the Fire general son even trying to farm when the land is already known to be infertile? Doesn't it boil down to someone actually trying to do something to be self-sufficient? Finding a way to do something about it?

      If it is impossible, why are they even staying there. Is it impossible to migrate in order to survive before they become too sick and weak for it?

      I assumed that Fire and Earth are doing good after Suwon passed through their lands. Getting the lands back from Kai are just a bonus thing. Can't they trade with the other tribes? Why does it have to be Kai? With whom does Wind tribe trade with? Shin?

    16. I think the reason you guys are unable to accept that Soo-Won was justified is because seeing Hak x Yona happen is your priority in reading this manga. It is just an assumption, maybe you are different but most people that I know who hate Soo-Won do so for the above reason.

      They think that if they accept that what Soo-Won did was correct and Yona may eventually reconcile with him, the logical conclusion would be Yona falling in love with him again. To those people I say, please rest your worries. No matter what happens, it will be Hak x Yona or no ship. After all the time that Yona will spend with Hak growing closer to him, she is already shown more aware of him than ever, I don't think it would make any sense if she were to suddenly forget all about him. The three of them may be able to go back to being best friends with Hak and Yona becoming lovers.

      As for myself, even though Soo-Won and Zeno are my favorite characters, I can see Hak and Yona as the only logical ship. Jae-ha and Yona would be next. Even Yona x Lili is more likely than Soo-Won x Yona is. =D I don't want Soo-Won to end up with anyone, that isn't likely to happen though.

    17. Ah..true but I would assume he had substantial knowledge about the world to make that assumption in contrast to Yona. And, I'm not sure about that 'Haku knows Suwon the best' because Suwon successfully fooled him. If he based it on that, Haku would be thinking of the worst about Suwon to make that kind of theory.

      Well, perhaps aside from grief, attempted to kill her. I think that aside from the king-daughter, I think it hurts more because he was personally betrayed.

      No, it isn't that. I no longer care about the pairings here.

      I'm actually fine with that. As things go, I can even imagine Yona's child and Suwon's child ending up together and both families having picnics together.'ll never know ^^

  6. "I agree so that goes back to the question, what is Yona for in terms for the country, etc when Suwon is already going to do all that."

    This can be conclusively answered only once the manga has been completed. At the moment, I can only speak about what Yona has meant for the country's politics up to chapter 120.
    Soo-Won is the king who harnesses the power of the people. Yona is the king who harnesses the power of Gods. There have been times where no mater how prepared or earnest Soo-Won was, he couldn't have managed as much success as he did without Yona and the dragons help. Such as the power of government at the centre cannot help each citizen and village individually no matter how brilliant the ruler is. The power of humans would be limited against other humans, it is there that the aid from dragons has been crucial in minimizing loss of lives and resources. That is where Yona has been especially succesful in delivering help to individual village. For the sake of greater good and the future, Soo-Won would have to sacrifice the well being of a few. But Yona and the dragons who would be able to do little for the nation as a unit are able to achieve what a nation-building force cannot.

    Soo-Won is restoring Kouka from outside moving towards the inside and Yona is doing the same in the opposite direction. Both forces are absolutely necessary since one will be incapable of fulfilling the other's role. For the first time, the Gods and the humans are working towards a common goal under their respective kings.

    1. True..'not as much as success' but he'll manage, right?

      Ah, the power at the center indeed cannot help each citizen and village but then, isn't that what the generals are ideally for? I see, Yona is working on the very lowest level like drug problems, farming, helping a lost kid, kidnapping..

    2. I am glad you finally understand my point. Friends, now? =D

    3. Actually, I do understand your point and I respect that but that doesn't necessarily mean that I totally agree with it.

  7. "I see. So those territories that Suwon got from Kai will also be shared with Fire?

    Why would Yona and others try to find some seed that will grow there and not just help Suwon get back those needed lands? Why is the Fire general son even trying to farm when the land is already known to be infertile? Doesn't it boil down to someone actually trying to do something to be self-sufficient? Finding a way to do something about it?

    If it is impossible, why are they even staying there. Is it impossible to migrate in order to survive before they become too sick and weak for it?

    I assumed that Fire and Earth are doing good after Suwon passed through their lands. Getting the lands back from Kai are just a bonus thing. Can't they trade with the other tribes? Why does it have to be Kai? With whom does Wind tribe trade with? Shin?"

    You are being too stubborn, now. Please organize a thought experiment with the situations in Kouka in mind. In the absence of any major economic activity for 10 years, it is no wonder that politics too had gradually deteriorated. Growing hopelessness and anger across his citizens made independence from Sky Tribe the priority for the Fire General and reaffirmed his delusion that Fire Tribe was descended from Hiryuu and were the only ones who could rule well. Under Joo-Nam's reign when even the Fire tribe had prospered, Kan Soo-Jin was completely loyal to Kouka as Geun-Tae recalls. It was the dissatisfaction at King Il's incompetence that led to the Fire rebellion. Tae-Jun was just like King Il and General Joon-Gi, he didn't bother about his people and lived wih himself as his only concern, until someone he loved more than himself showed him what she wanted. In order to fulfill her wishes he started taking action himself, but even if one man tried he can only do a little. It is a king's responsibility to make sure that such constructive actions on a small scale are coordinated across the country, resources and wealth are adequately distributed and opportunities for prosperity are created and encouraged in collaboration with other nations either through alliances or conquest as need be. And it is here that King Il failed miserably, so please just accept that King Il had failed as king and it is a blessing for Kouka that he was deposed. Yes, the individual tribe leaders may have been helpless at times and made mistakes at another, but King Il failed at every step of the way.

    1. If that was the case, why would he attempt a rebellion against Suwon and not give Suwon a chance regarding whatever Suwon had promised him that they worked together to oust Iru?

      Anyway, I still believe that they could have done more given the circumstances. But from what you mentioned, I think that each individual generals are failures if they don't have a great leader. So, if any of their respective tribes isn't doing well, it isn't just Iru's fault.

  8. Hi Kat, it's been a while. I see that this series is going to be released in English now through one of the North American publishers. That's good for its fans. From your summary above I can see that the plot still remains disappointing compared to the expectations I had for it evolving to an epic tale. I take it that Yona and her gang are still wondering around aimlessly without any set purpose. Such a pity. I thought by now a more solid plot for them would have taken shape.

    1. Hiyo, Taylor ^^

      I agree. Well, it is indeed still helping those who need their help when they chanced upon them/heard about them. It is just in different locations.

  9. Hello kat ,it's been a longggggggggggggggg time ^^ let's just say that some changes (good ones ^^) have happened and I had no time to drop by considering that when I do it end up in long rants/debates and I didn't have the time for that :) anyway I have alot to say but I will try to be quick about it

    About AnY I hate to tell you but I told you so ,if you are wondering about what I'm talking about ,I'm refering to the Yona's tearing up scene when seeing the team up when it happened I was like serioulsy T_T she had to arrive now of all time ,that moment was so sakura-ish that it almost made me puke it was their moment not hers what the hell leave her out of it .

    Speaking of which though I think that Suwon is very meh and that yona's love for him and all the blah blah is nothing but force fed teen drama of poor quality since no one hates anyone so be done with it .
    Anyway the moment with Hak and SW was really good their chemistry has to be the best in the series at least during that moment I have nothing to say except those two would make a great couple and Yona should find someone's else ,because when I see the chemistry and the intensity that those two have I'm thinking to myself yona doesn't fit in ,even with Hak she doesn't have that and let's not talk about Suwon the guy who she loved for being kind and knew nothing about him .But Hak and SW that's one hell of a pair

    and this scene made what Suwon did look even worse and Hak's rage more understandable .

    the wind tribe is amazing as usual ,those guys are funny ,cute and badass ^^

    couldn't care about yona or Lili ,if you wanna know why because have been so freaking dumb and I know they won't CHANGE ,yona and Lili if we see her after this will still be so reckless that it can be seen as plain stupidity so I don't care for girls who saw each others a couple of time and treat each other like they are best friends and are beyond stupid

    The Kija meeting Suwon was also pathetic because it's obvious that she is trying to show to everybody that SW is good and amazing that's lame really because when everybody thinks that way and only hak "hates" him that makes him look bad instead of SW .

    We had some nice fighting scenes I love it .

    The sei guys are so dumb it isn't even funny ,when you see such lame villains no wonder SW is seen as amazing he has no worthy rival or enemy to face .

    Now it's time for SPOILERS FOR THE NEW CHAPTER IT's out at Kira kira's blog SO SPOILERS ALERT

    You know I always knew that I shouldn't expect much from Yona's character but the hell did she say at the beginning of the chapter ??? How did we end up this way ?I don't know maybe when he killed your dad and was about to kill you and he stood up for you got framed for a murder he didn't commit had to leave his tribe behind ;get injured because of you while you were crying about your crush who happen to be your dad's killer ,who also harmed the tribe that showed you kindness when you were in need of support

    question :did all that flew by her head ?

    Because that comment pissed me off quite a lot ,you know what pissed me off even more was when she said she wanted to get to Hak quick and it would've been nice had she kept her mouth shut after that but she continued with Suwon being there I'm afraid Hak will...which implies she wants to look out for SW if Hak makes a move that's pathetic for Hak has proven to be a mature dude he worked with SW for her sake yet she still doubt the guy and of course that she worries about SW is even lamer

    1. yeah Tetora I never thought she was amazing the only female I sort of liked was the old lady .But yeah she became so annoying with her fangirlism but it annoyed me so much when she asked for suwon 's persmission to help lili it's like really since when is he your boss ?

      Anyway let's move to sky ,that dude everything is saying that he is up to no good .It's like go to hell dude ,you dare question Hak when he has every right to be angry yet is obviously helping and he is treating him like he was the villain ,the hell is up with these characters and at the end of chapter 121 he is even pushing Suwon to act against him ,He is quite a jerk and has alot of guts to act like that when he knows that he isn't wrong at all .Either way ,last time even the dragons stopped hak when he went crazy so now let's see if at least water has enough gratitude to stand up for Hak ,we know the wind will ,Earth he may have helped Hak but I don't see it going beyond that I don't think he will even question Suwon about it ,since being stupid and a sheep is a general trait in this manga .I also hope the dragons will stand by Hak's side since they all like suwon I can only hope .

      I did like how SW was ready to go in and save Hak .

      Yet again SW takes what he want ,the thing with sei we knew it will end up in his favor so no big shock here

      Another thing I dislike is the whole love drama with the dragons especially jeha he stand no chance no need to have him make all the sad faces ,when Yona would get with her dad's killer and not with him

    2. Now about SB you know about the whole saena 's drama I didn't feel one bit sorry for her .I imagined something really horrible like rape ,or beating or something cruel .But all what happened was the result of her being stupid and naive ,she even took the files home .All what happened was her fault ,the dad was a jerk for taking advantage of her but she is the idiot for letting him do so yet she still got so much help when she didn't deserve it .Her story wasn't sad at all just very annoying .

      About kyouko first thing first forgivness takes a lot of strength especially when you were wronged as badly as kyouko was .But I'm not happy at all with her choice of not giving up on saena .

      She tried enough to earn the love of woman who didn't deserve to have a child to begin with ,she has done enough and she still wanna go for another round and she still want to try and prove of being worthy of her love this is very sad ,when you have to prove to your mom that you are worthy of her love that's when you know that such a person should be kicked out of your life

      it's saena 's time to try not kyouko damn it .

      otherwise looking forward to the new role and more ren's moments .

    3. P.S there still more drama with the hairpin T_T

    4. It has indeed been a long time, sofia. ^^ Good to hear that things are turning out well with you ^^

      Ah indeed, I was thinking at first, why was she crying. Moved over Lili being saved then I recall your comment and her wish about those two..ah yes, it is most probably because of THAT.

      Yup, Yona is really like a third wheel which she is during the childhood days.

      Well yes, and it’s sad that there seems to be no improvement but then, I guess the mangaka is keeping them ‘in character’.

      That is one thing or it is basically saying that Suwon is not the enemy.

      True..Sei is totally pathetic.

      Ah..I’m going to wait for the Chinese scanlation but it seems that what happened is within our very low expectations of what will happen =(

      Yes, all of that is buried..under the water..for the sake of the country because they NEED him.

      True...why does Tetora need permission to do that?

      Hm..from that, it does seem like irony. ‘Sw ready to go in and save Hak’ while everyone thinks of Haku the worst and here, as you were mentioning, we’re unsure if even the dragons will help him. ^^;

      Ah..the last part..are you saying that Jeha is making sad faces because of a Yona x SW scene?

      Lol..the hairpin is still ‘important’ in the series?! Depending on how it happened, the hairpin might be still there until the very end.

    5. True...and I guess it wasn’t meant to feel sorry for her. It is indeed her fault and well, she was ‘in love’ so it is a failure on her judgment but that doesn’t exactly make her treatment towards Kyouko a bit better/right at all.

      I see. Well, I guess she still loves her mother no matter what.

      True, so maybe Saena will start ‘healing’ and will do make it up to her in the future. Actually, I’m not sure if that was the mangaka’s intention. It would be abrupt if Saena suddenly totally become the opposite. Since it took a very long time for her to become like that, it will also take a long time to change for the better.

      Yup ^^

    6. Yup and it got worse in chapter 121 ,a mix between inoue and sakura and that's no good .While I was reading I was like all for god's sake spare us the teen drama T_T I believe like me you will feel very sarcastic once you read yona's monologue in the beginning of chapter 121 .

      Yup ,I believe that the bond ,the chemistry and the understanding between those two is so strong that Yona has no room in their relationship .

      True ,so far only Hak did that when he got over his anger and helped Suwon despite bein super mad but he did for the greater good and that's character growth .

      Yes ,sadly he isn't but he could've been ,if the author handled her story a bit better anyway...

      yes the "villains" are getting lamer and lamer it isn't even funny T_T

      Okay ,it is honestly i was facepalming so hard ,at the massive hypocrisy of the generals especially Sky when I read what he told Suwon i was like "where do you get the nerve" Yona being same old Yona by worrying about suwon despite seeing that Hak isn't being hostile....etc

      True,this will be even more obvious will pretend as if nothing is wrong when seeing Hak and another will ask something to be done about Hak as if he is the bad guy ,it's like they know it's suwon who did it (kill the king) and they are still trying to get Hak ,I'm not sure if a face off happens next week ;and hak is accused of killing the king ,people except the wind tribe will defend him ,earth is suwon 's lap dog ,same for sky and water just look at tetora and yona except maybe glaring and act all mighty I don't think she will actually stand up to Suwon and say he is the one he killed my dad blah blah blah ,since the country "needs" him and she "loves" him same for the dragons kija couldn't attack him because of his "aura" or some like crap like that by the way the whole exchange was so freaking lame especially when blue said you can't help but look atsuwon i was like really now they are fanboys this was probably done for suwon's sake to stop hak if he attacks him because suwon has this kind of aura T_T so lammmmmmmmmmmme

      Go ask her her character has gone down the hill ,it's pathetic .Even when water (which I really hate) tried to shoot kija she didn't really help and it's like wow nice that's how you thank those who have always helped ,you prefer to be a groupie to the king .

      To me it' s a mix of irony and hypocrisy you will see once you read chapter 121

      Nope about Yona and Hak and it's like dude give it a rest she will get with her dad's killer before she gets together with you hell her dad's killer is her first love interest .

      Yes ,it is T_T i bet ya will get some more drama with Suwon giving back the hairpin ,it will be so lame I can already picture it .

      Damn it not only is there zero progress in the plot or character growth but almost everything makes zero sense damn it .

    7. Exactly her reason for be so harsh toward kyouko is petty to say the least .Calling her a cursed child and stuff like that ,you would think she was gang raped or something .But no because she was stupid she did all to her child and it took her over 10 years to have a tiny bit of regret about what she did ,I'm sorry but how can anyone have sympathy for her or like her ?

      I know and that's really what you call strength being able to forgive but my point is that she has done enough let saena do the rest .

      I know that ,and it would be weird if she start being all mushy with kyouko but she should've been the one to take the first step toward kyouko not the other way around .

    8. Okay.. that implies something about the two guys if Sakura is mentioned. =P But it an Ichigo-Ishida thing? Anyway, hope the Chinese is out soon so I can discuss it with you ^^


      I see..that's good self-control. you're saying that in the latest chapter, they became even lamer than how they currently are o_O

      Okay..that seem like what we don't want to happen ^^; And, if it goes there, will they sever ties with Haku + Wind tribe? I mean, is the conclusion of this arc be important for the whole series? Can we go back to the prophecy thing by creating a new antagonist if there will be one or perhaps, a time skip?

      Really?! Wow..that is quite low though I shouldn't be surprised given how most of the characters here are...well..

      I see.

      If the hairpin is returned and Yona accepted it. We might be in for another expression of the usual from Haku whenever the hairpin shows up.

      Sigh..that's too bad though I cannot say much since this arc is not quite good.

      True but oh well, there are people who are like that.

      Do you think Kyouko decided to keep on trying just because of her mother's sob story? I would assume that as I mentioned above, it is because she is still her mother.

      I get your point. Perhaps, it is also out of habit that Kyouko is doing that. Perhaps, she realizes that her mother isn't a lost cause? Well, no matter what, I guess, nothing can replace a mother's love so with Kyouko's perseverance, she hopes that things will change for the better.

      Of course, it might also because the mangaka want the readers to not give up on their parents..but if it is some jerk ex-lover, go ahead and sever him from your life. =P

      I agree but I don't think that it would happen immediately or even after this meeting/end of the meeting. The woman is very stubborn. Given what she just said to Kyouko and her impressions of Kyouko earlier, I don't think she'll suddenly change all of a sudden to the point of even taking the first step. ^^;

      In a way, Saena had assumed that Kyouko would react differently but she didn't. So, I think for Kyouko to do that can help Saena change how she views Kyouko. Maybe after reflecting on it afterwards, that is the time when Saena will try to make it up to Kyouko.

      In short, ideally, it would be nice that Saena takes the first step but given her personality, I doubt she will so it has to be Kyouko again but at least, Kyouko has somewhat moved on.

    9. No I mentioned Inoue because it gave me this super corny feeling ,You gotta read to understand .

      I hope so too ,it's kind of hard discussing without giving away spoilers ^^

      Yup ,I think he should be given alot of credits with how he managed the situation with SW

      Yes ,lame pathetic worthless dumb you can pick the word you like .You know I think it's they are so meh to make suwon and Yona look good ,because if they truly had to face someone smart tough and ruthless things wouldn't have been that easy for someone but everybody give him openings to take what he want you will see in chapter 121 .As for yona let's face it she would've been look dead ,if she was a character in Chang ge xing she would've suffered a horrible death .If she was chang ge she wouldn't be made an adviser but raped and then killed ,you can't tell me that's not true ,oh well you can but you know it's true ;)

      I don't know but honestly ,I wouldn't be shocked ,I would be pissed but I won't be shocked the author has been making sure everybody had no dark feelings toward suwon the only one that's left is Hak so it may hint at the fact that those guys will come me between the two to save Suwon ,I don't know if you get my point .

      You gotta read the chapter first but after I read it ,I wished for sky to die so badly for the massive hypocrisy and the nerve he showed .

      Suwon wouldn't want that ,I mean cut off ties with the wind ,but I have no doubt in my mind they will support Hak over Suwon any time of the day .I can't say the same for Yona and the dragons and that's a shame because he would throw away everything for them ,yet they wouldn't at least if Suwon is involved that's my feelings on the matter .

      True ,I know that Hak will see and yona will try to act all high and mighty ,all cool when she takes it back ,as if her and Suwon were romeo and julliet ,lovers in a tragedy .When she simply a childlish fangirl who doesn't know what passion or true love is .If you were locked for almost all your life and you knew only one nice dude ,around your age ,of course you would love him but that doesn't me you actually love him .

      Just compare her relationship to the one Hak and suwon had ,they can't even compare I think that only speak for it self ,she doesn't know the guy ,what does she love about him ,his kindness ? I hate the romance in this manga it's reallly realllllllly bad .

      I agree that this arc like all the author arcs was meh /bad ,I couldn't care less about Lili's character growth ,when she had none she is an even less dumber version of yona ,she even has the glare at times ....sigh ,she is as reckless ,and that's so bad .I mean when you see the two rushing into dangers without a plan or a thought about may happen you would think those two are some badasses that can get themselves out of any situation but nope they are so very weak ,not very bright that has been proven so when they are being reckless you just wish they could get themselves killed .

      I didn't care for the whole friendship thing between yona and Lili ,like I said they met each other a few times and now they are best friends ,the hell is that even in disney things aren't that fast .

      I couldn't care less about water ,or earth or sky (no I do hate him now) they are being led by the nose by a kid ,do I have any neeed to say more ?

      The so called villains ,no comment .

      The dragons fanboying over Suwon made me sick .

      Jeha acting like a love sick idiot is really lame .

      The hypocrisy of the characters mainly the generals made me sicker

      the drama with that damn hairpin makes me want to puke and the way Suwon found it was lame though how he give it back will be even lamer and yona's reaction will make sick

      best part :the wind tribe antics and their fighting scenes .

    10. I think the sob story helped make her see that saena is very human and that there is a reason why she is like that ,but the hell with that kind of reason !!!!!

      I think she tried because we know that what kyouko wants is to be loved and accepted and I think yeah that she would want that most from her mother .

      I know but still i was very frustrated that it's kyouko who had yet to work hard for a woman who deserves to die alone .

      Yes ,I agree it's seems like a burden has been taken from her shoulders and her heart .

    11. Hehe, okay.

      Anyway, it is already out in Chinese so a few more days and it will be out in public. ^^ I get to read a bit of it in baidu..the monologue. Yona seems to say that the two are amazing when working together so how come they are at that point. So I guess she is implying that they should be working together, right?

      Anyway, you can spoil away..I have seen the raws..doesn't seem to be that eventful = breakthrough for the plot. I can just guess that they helped out in defeating pathetic Sei then Haku and others went on their way. Sky is probably grumbling about letting Haku off.

      Well, we have already established that this series isn't as brutal as Chang Ge. The other series, Blue Glass that I'm summarizing is also more brutal and realistic. Of course, probably much more since women are treated really bad which is like that during those times. So, this series is more for 'general patronage'/PG. ^^ Hm..speaking of that, there are no attempted rape/rape scenes here, right?

      I do think that they will come in between to save Suwon. Since Yona believes that Suwon is necessary for the country, of course, it is important to save him. We cannot even say that Haku is necessary for the country since no one even thought of him as a possible replacement if something happens to Suwon.

      And, well, even if it is harsh, I think it is safe to say that Kouka is in safe hands with Suwon and I can imagine them sacrificing Haku for that. And, almost everyone in the series believe so. You know, it isn't Suwon per se, but rather, just equate Suwon with Kouka and Haku is already in the losing end. Unfair but well, it really seems that way. that so.

      I agree. I'm almost hoping that perhaps, Haku switch roles with Suwon and be the 'antagonist'. Lol..I guess that is partly due to frustrations to the current antagonists that we have. Unfortunately, I don't think this series will go into that since it isn't a 'deep' series.

      Thinking about it, some of the scenarios here seem familiar = as if they are from a Chinese book..not sure if it is art of war or three kingdoms. Before, it is the horses dressed as lions/tigers..that was familiar. The fort being empty is actually also a tactic I've read. The weak country to be invaded is all empty that caused the enemy think that it is a trap and they all left. That is thanks to a strategist. Anyway, if we want more of that, we better just read Chang ge. ^^

      Yup..but well, it might be 'true love' for her so I'm really wondering that if ever Suwon apologizes and says that he loves Yona. I cannot help but think that there is a high possibility that they'll be together. It is already quite obvious that Suwon > Haku for her. Of course, since this is shoujo and there are many Haku fans, Yona will most likely end up with him. ^^;

      Possible..but then, what does Yona like about Haku? Isn't it also his kindness, devotion, etc? Lol..obviously, I'm getting confused for how can she seemingly like/love Haku when she still has heavy attachment with Suwon. I smell VK here. =P

      True..Lili couldn't even muster up enough charisma to get those other people to help her out when she scolded them. ^^; Oh wait..this is Kouka people who tend to wait for someone else to save them so scratch that. Ya..they won't survive a more brutal and realistic series.

      Well, I've just assume that it was the first time for Lili/Yona to have a female acquaintance with seemingly similar family background so they hit it off and became best friends forever =P Lili is more inclined to do so since Yona always help her out.

      Lol..I'll get back to you on that when I read it. But thanks for the warning, I'll brace myself for the dialogue.

    12. True...the reason is..but then, we cannot really say that it wasn't realistic for there are people who are like that. In a way, it wasn't a total 'washing white' of Saena since if it is rape or anything like that, it would be very easy to understand why. So, in a way, it makes a bigger impact that Kyouko would still not give up on her.

      Yup. And perhaps, Kyouko believes that one day, it will happen based on their conversation.

      True, I understand that and it is unfair. Still, she is her mother. I think the mangaka is putting importance on that. I mean, I have read a different story wherein the mother abandoned him and later on apologize for everything, etc. They make amends and are okay with each other yet they totally severed ties.

    13. What pissed me off about the monologue ,well not pissed me off exactly but rather made me facepalm was when she was saying "how did we get to this point ?" I was like I don't know maybe when he killed your daddy and Hak stood up for you and got framed for it ,it's like she is implying that her dad being killed wasn't the reason for them going their seperate ways ,or his death isn't enough to justify this ??? I knew that compared to Suwon's existence her dad didn't matter ,but I didn't know it was to this extent ....

      Yup ,it isn't all that interesting ,Yup that bastard Sky is telling Suwon if he is really letting Hak leave and I so hope he gets beaten near death if he tries to pull something .It's like I said ,he knows that Hak's anger is justified yet he is trying to have something done to Hak ,the hell .Sure he tried to kill the whole lot of you but one gotta give him credits for that ,but now he is helping .So correct me if I'm wrong but Hak is supposed to forget that Suwon killed the king ,framed him ,harmed his tribe .Yet Suwon doesn't have to forget that Hak attacked him ?

      And this makes sense to all the characters ? The hell ?????? so many annoying stuff .

      Oh yes Blue glass looks pretty good ,it's on my list ,I will read it when I have time .Nope no threat at all to begin with ,so how can we expect rape ,I know that came out wrong but I think you get my point ^^

    14. True ,for Yona mainly suwon =Kouka + the love she has for him .So even if he would let's say stab or kill Hak ,I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be angry enough to kill the guy and still fool her self with he is the only one suited to be king blah blah blah and I want to understand him blah blah blah

      as for the dragons ,the author has been hinting that the dragons like Suwon or his aura or whatever the hell do they like about him so yeah kija couldn't attack him and Shinah want to look at him ,no one ever said this about Hak .

      Compared to Suwon ,I don't feel that Hak is a big existence to anyone except his tribe obviously .

      So if a fight break out ;I know that only the wind would stand with Hak and even if the others happen to stand by him they wouldn't seriously try to kill Suwon for Hak's sake .

      Quite sad seeing how Hak would butcher Suwon without a second thought to save yona or one of the dragons . Even though he will probably sad about it but he will do it .

      I agree ,forget about depth .It should have logic first then think about depth .

      Yup ,if we want strategy ,history and politics we have Chang ge xing ,for yona we have ....oh well you know what we got .

      I agree that even if he didn't apologize ,if Hak wasn't that popular ,it wouldn't be beneath yona to be happy with her dad's killer .

      You do have a point but look Suwon may care for Yona but let's not forget that he didn't just kill her dad ,he planned for it during years ,lied to her face ,even while knowing her feelings to me that made it even worse .

      Yeah Hak is kind ,but he expect nothing in return ,risked his life for her her each single time ,helped her get stronger ,supported her when no one did ,pushed her forward ,never told her to let suwon go to hell even though he had the right to her ,never put himself before her even when she is the one who depend on him .Left his family behind for her ?

      Now tell me except a necklace and break his heart what did she do for him ? and yeah put her dad's killer before him .

      True ,I can't take Yona's feelings seriously since she is so attached to Suwon .The whole love two people at a time ,or give what's left of your love to your second choice guy is a no no for me .

      Yup ,Yet just like yona she act reckless and dumb and still think she is tough. Also ,the way she worship yona makes me think please no we get the dragons and Hak that's enough worshippers .

      Yeah ,even the people loses to the ones in Chang ge xing sigh....

      You do have a point but this makes no sense at all ,and it feels so forced it's so naruto ish .I mean at least chang ge and her "wife" went through quite alot together and had to stick up together that's why it was sad when the "wife" died and chang ge had a breakdown

      two girls with cruel fates fighting to survive is far more better than two spoiled girls playing hero of justice even when they nothing of the world .

      Chang ge and her wife do know how the world is ,both had a bitter taste of it .

      Ya with AnY always brace yourself for the worst T_T


    15. I guess you are right ,but I so don't like Saena but it is indeed realistic .


      True ,she is probably saying thaat the bond between a mother and her child is very important but it pisses me off that their relationship is so one sided and kyouko is always on the losing end .I feel bad for the girl ,she didn't deserve any of her mother's bitterness .

      But long story short ,Kyouko did come out of this stronger .I just wish that she would show the same resolve with Ren and make her feelings more obvious but there is still the whole "I can't have anyone important to me " for Ren which I hope gets resolved in this arc .

      Kyouko as a ninja I'm all for it ^^ Maybe she will help me re -write my horrible memories of a blonde ninja ;)

    16. Speaking of Chang ge xing ,If you have time can you please tell me what's going on in this chapter ,you don't have to give me details but please tell me in general what's being said

      By the way are you caught up with the current chapters ? what do you think of the developpement ? Do you think chang ge 's lies will blow in her face ? How do you think the meeting with Sun will unfold ?Do you think the relationships with her family ,will go well cause I don't .

      P.s I mentioned it before but at least a hairpin that is relevant to the plot .

    17. Lol, so it was that part. I agree, it seems that she totally forgot the reason. Actually, for me, I'm not surprised it is up to that extent since I believe it is up to that extent or even more =P

      I agree but then, does Sky actually thought that they can pull it off? Wind is right there. If he wants to pull it off, it has to be done secretly. It is also bad timing since Haku just helped them and give credit to Suwon for saving Lili. Well, I would likely think that it won't sit well with Wind. As for the others, we already talked about it and most likely, it is no big deal for them to 'backstab' the one who helped them out.

      Perhaps, it is because Haku is a 'nobody/ex-general' and Suwon is the king is a big deal if you try to attack the king.

      I see ^^ Hehe, ya, I get your point.

      I agree. So, somehow, it makes me feel that Haku x Yona is somewhat forced/not realistic or a consolation prize for Haku. ^^;

      Yup..since it is like that Suwon vs any of the dragons won't happen especially if Suwon seems to have some whatever feelings towards Yona recently.

      Most likely yes.

      Lol..true, logic first before depth.


      Yup, but apparently all those stuff didn't matter to Yona. After some time already and she must probably some behind the scenes thinking, Yona still doesn't think badly of Suwon. Most likely, there is a reason for all of it = want to understand him. It is like how everyone in the series think, the end justifies the means. No matter if Suwon killed, plot it for so many years, lied and etc, it is okay since it is for Kouka. Case closed.

      Indeed, Haku sacrificed a lot so as I was saying, for him to end up with Yona is his consolation prize.

      Hm..what else did she do for him. It seems nothing much that she couldn't even comfort him or heal his heart..along those lines.

      Lol..actually, I think we will have more fans for Yona later on as long as the series hasn't ended. ^^;

      True..and well, the spoiled girls playing hero of justice had managed to pull it off with minor injuries. So, I don't think that will deter them from continuing being reckless. ^^; Actually, even if it did, I'm not sure they will change especially Yona. For example, the time with Zeno. If Zeno isn't immortal, they will be already dead and who knows what they'll do to Yona.

      Sigh..ya..and that hope for it improving is dimming...

    18. I agree. Anyway, let's see how the mangaka will deal with it later on. Maybe Saena will have a change of heart, etc and will try to make it up to Kyouko. It can be viewed that way but just think of it in a different way. Kyouko won't stoop to her mother's level and be a better person than she is. You know, stone thrown to you and you throw back bread. It isn't easy but it shows who is the better person.

      Hopefully so. I'm still not sure how heavy she considers that bet with Shou. I forgot if that is the only reason why she is keeping it from Ren. ^^; Anyway, hopefully something gets resolved in this arc. ^^

      Lol..blonde ninja? Who is that? I thought it is a pink haired one. ^^;

    19. I only browsed through it since I mentioned to you, I have problems with the names and well, the heavy political stuff which I rather read in English. In the latest chapter, it seems that they are preparing for war. From what I can understand, Chang is talking about what will happen to girls during a war..well, probably if they lose. I think she was talking about her 'wife' since she mentioned that she died.

      The last part is amusing though. Chang seems to be asking news from his uncle. He seems irritated about something and not convinced that Chang is worried about him or something. The amusing part is the uncle wants her to call him 'uncle' ^^

      I think the development is interesting. Iirc, you mentioned that the Uighur will win, right? I think Chang will have a hand in it. Hm..I only browsed through it but what lies are you mentioning? Is it about her background? I know she proved that she is the daughter and they seem to accept her..well, the uncle relunctantly. Though I assumed that she skipped the story about being from Han and recently, she was with the Turks.

      I'm not sure if they will meet in this battle. Is Sun's brother coming together with him to observe him? It seems that the GKhan wants Sun to behead the uncle as punishment so if he wasn't able to do that, it will be bad for Sun. So, it still depends on what Sun wrote to Chang. Maybe they can make it become the fault of Sun's brother or something?

      I think Chang's relationship is so far going well. If Chang pulls this off, I think they will really accept her. Of course, I'm not quite sure if she'll be stuck there for a long time.


    20. yup ,and I mean come on you can't tell me that that line doesn't make you feel sarcastic,neither am I but I can't help it ,each time something like that happens I get annoyed .

      I don't know about it;maybe they think or at least sky since he is the one who is proposing it ,that they pull the "this his majesty order ,if you don't step back this will be considered treason" but we know a spear will probably come flying if he does something no matter what ,because unlike yona ,Hak's grandpa may care deeply about Suwon but he will pick Hak anytime of the day

      perhaps but this feel like such a massive hypocrisy ,the whole "he did it for the country" excuse is okay to forgive his lies and his treachery
      Yet the whole "his most important friend murdered a nice man who happen t o be the father of the girl who loves him blah blha blah" doesn't work .

      Well for me yona and Suwon is unrealistic and doesn't make sense but for yonaxhak it's indeed forcced .

      Not only that he seems to have the same peacful and powerful aura as yona (the hell is that !!! ) so the dragons are also his fanboys

      True ,doesn't think badly of him ,in fact his position in her heart seems to be stronger than ever since he is such an amazing king

      True ,Let's say he does something awful like hurt hak or his tribe ;yona would find a way to turn away for that and see only what she wants to see

      for example she doesn't see that Suwon wants lands and is somehow working for it and not really trying to avoid war ,that while suwon is such an amazing king people are getting torn apart in his way .Anyway no matter what she will do anything to keep that image of Suwon in her mind even if it shattered long ago .

      I agree ,they will end together because Hak deserve it and not because of some kind love between the two ,he will always be yona number 2 and never as important as Suwon ,hell never more important than him ,god this is so Vk -ish

      True ,even if Lili died yona wouldn't actually use her brains ,if she has one ;excuse me for doubting ,she never did anything to prove me wrong but yeah she would still be reckless and just glare more and whine about being weak .

    21. True ,this can also be seen as kyouko being the better person and I also feel that way

      I'm pissed because I feel bad for kyouko and I just hate saena 's character ,her "trauma" was the result of her being dumb and naive ,she brought it upon herself and had the nerve to crush a child's heart because of it and even got help she so didn't deserve so yeah I hate her .

      I think that the bet with Shou is mainly an excuse and she is afraid to enter Ren's landmine and in her mind Ren could never be in love with her ,so yeah Ren also has a role to play with this issue .

      Well ,I was gonna say pink but then there was also dark and silver and of course blonde ,so I thought since blonde is the main one I would go with him

    22. Yup ,so do I even though I read it in english so I can imagine how difficult it would be in chinese .

      thanks , I kind of guessed that based on the image and it seem like the girl who has the crush on her ,was pretty upset by chang 's story and she seems to still be crushing on her ^^
      I also she was asking her something along the line of " so you really are a girl ???" with sparkling eyes XD

      But chang ge 's life has been so full of sadness ,really and she is like 1
      3 or 14 that chapter reminded me of that .

      Lol ,I knew that something funny was happening and it's a shame that if Chang ge showed her real skills they would make the dealiest uncle / niece pair .But she decided to play the innocent and dumb girl in front of the them and be the ruthless strategist behind the scenes .

      She is asking him about something and he think she isn't worried about him ,and then he tells her call me uncle Lol ,I love how she annoys him by pretending to be a fool ^^

      I think so too ,I loved the part where sun was writing a letter and he was being teased that so cute ^^

      I also think she will have a hand in it .Yeah that she is a princess from tang ,that she was with the turcs ,that she is using them and that her mother was the furthest thing from happy .

      I mean we aren't even sure she will survive the story so be happy ? that's far too easy considering what kind of series this is .

      I don't think he is coming along ;Well true the only way they could meet is if Chang ge gets the letter and she learns of the attack and try to meet sun before hand ,or if the camp gets attacked and he sees her but in both cases if her uncle sees that he may get even more suspicious of her and she may be chased out of uyghur ,

      because like you said ,she isn't gonna stay there ,she only came with a purpose and made it clear her family wasn't important in the end ,her goal is to defeat the turks once this is done ,she won't have any need to stay there ,and her uncle won't let her leave if only for his mother's sake
      so I'm thinking that she will either escape by someway like make it seem like she died during the attack or gets chased out if her uncle find out more of her lies .

      Yes it will be bad for him ,the only way it can end well ,is if like you said chang ge help out with one of her plans ,or sun decide to revolt to save himself .Or maybe he will die ,all bets were on chang ge dying but maybe the one who will ,is sun :(

      I'm so curious about the letter ^^ I don't think it's something romantic but I'm still very curious

      I agree and like I said it's going too well and to me that's no good I mean things are never going smoothly for chang ge at least from a personal standpoint so I still think something will go wrong ,even though she really deserves the love she didn't get as a child .

      By the way it was so funny when the old lady wa teaching chang ge how to do embroidery and chang ge who is so smart couldn't do it and even she was trying to do since women should learn and both her and her bodyguard hard dark looks ,i found it funny ^^
      those girls can kick ass but can't manage embroidery

    23. Hehe, I see. I guess I'm apathetic to it like, what else is new..given everything that had happened, I'm not surprised. ^^; I won't even be surprised if it is a turning point for them to all shake hands with Suwon and start working together from that day on. =P

      Indeed. I can consider it a tie between them Wind vs everyone else with Suwon but if the dragons side with Suwon, they might lose.

      Actually, it is for them. Everyone gets what they want, things are seemingly improving, they get to show the other countries who's boss regardless of the real intention so yes, everyone's happy so let's just sweep that issue under the rag. As we kept on saying like a broken record, the daughter isn't complaining so..

      They'll probably even thank Suwon. Thank you Suwon for killing Yona's dad so we get to meet with Hiryuu's reincarnation and get to have a fun-filled adventure around the country. Thank you Suwon, Yona now gets to know the true state of the country. Thank you Suwon for driving Yona out for you get to have a 'helping hand' in accomplishing your goals. From that, more people are saved, fed, learned to farm, found his way back home, etc. Thank you Suwon for making the generals more useful than they were originally were. I think you get the point. =P So, what Suwon did is for the best. The only one who got the short end of the stick is Iru. ^^;;

      Actually, for them, the 'nice man' deserves to be killed/murdered in cold blood who appears to be unarmed. Even if I don't buy it that he deserves that if it is only because of what he supposedly didn't do for the country, still..apparently, the people in the series think otherwise.

      In the shoujo world, I think it can be considered 'realistic' especially this kind of shoujo. Yona likes him since he is so nice, etc unlike a certain other guy who loves to tease her even if he has been risking his life for her for so many times..well, that is his job so.. Anyway, she already showed her appreciation by giving him a necklace so there.

      For Suwon, that is probably something like missing Yona when she is gone and realizing her feelings but then, he doesn't regret anything that he did. So, upon seeing that hairpin and Haku shows up...just imagine what Suwon is probably thinking regarding how Yona thinks of him. Tell her the 'nice to listen to' reasons why he did what he did. Yona will say, I understand. I want to know you more than Haku knows you so can I be at your side? Let's make this country a better one to live in. Just tell me where, when, how I can assist you in doing that.

      Yup, that makes the teamwork easier to happen if they are SW's fanboys.

      Yup..always look at the bright positive side. There is no such thing as 'bad negative stuff' in Suwon. In contrast, if it is some other antagonist, one can think of that person as badly as she want. seems like to be like that. So..Haku here is Zero and Suwon is Kaname, right?

      Ah yes. Too bad she didn't get to shine here like how I hoped it to be = being the one to save Lili. So, things might still be the same afterwards..

    24. Indeed..Kyouko didn't deserve that when it is Saena's own issues. Lucky for her, Kyouko is such a nice kid.

      Oh, I see.

      Lol..I get it. I thinking of the gender. ^^;;

    25. No problem ^^

      Yup, I think the girl mentioned that and she is amazed on 'how she really is', I think. ^^; Yup, the girl was upset over the story.

      I think she is around that age. Iirc, she just had her period, right? And, based on Blue Glass, that is usually the time when they consider girls as 'women'.

      Yup. It is better to be like that in order to fool/surprise others especially in someone else's territory.

      Yup, Chang is indeed doing that but the uncle cannot be really sure so he has to outwit her.

      Ya, that's quite cute. I wonder how the others will react when they see her as a 'girl'.

      Indeed. And, if she survive, will Sun survive it?

      True. I'm curious though how this is going to be pulled off without revealing that the two of them are not exactly 'enemies' and know each other.

      Ah..faking her death. That is possible. I was going to think kidnapped by Sun but that might be problematic since it will mean more skirmishes between the two clans. She might say later on that she isn't really the daughter or something?

      Indeed. So many possibilities.

      Yup..things can be unpredictable as life is. Nevertheless, even if it doesn't, Chang will find a way. And, she does have some luck to survive all that, right? From the time she left the palace.

      Ya..I think that is somewhat common. Though rather than embroidery, it is usually cooking. Hm..iirc, Akane from Ranma 1/2. In a way, it is common in real life like an amazing lawyer or profession but couldn't do mundane things like household chores. Still, it's cute that Chang still wants to learn it. Hm..can you imagine her as a housewife so she wants to learn it?

    26. lol ,that's true .Yeah when I see all the fanboyism Suwon gets from yona and the dragons I wish they would make it official ;but no each time you will have yona giving him the evil eye when on the inside she is full groupie mode

      same for the dragons at least Kija he may remain silent and give suwon the evil eye but on the inside he will be drooling over his "peaceful and powerful aura" this is so stupid

      yup if the dragons go with suwon they will lose and this isn't too far fetched but if by any chance they don't it's a victory for wind

      anyway I would really be pissed if let's say there is a face off and something like " son hak you are a criminal who is guilty for killing the king and abducting the princess who is obviously there ,so your fate will be left to his majesty" and suwon order him to be taken or he will say that since he is the former general of wind they should decide they would make me so mad if it happened ,if Suwon gets to decide hak's fate

      because yona wouldn't speak the truth about the killing ,since suwon is so great and the country may be divided so let hak get killed or humiliated who cares ,she just owe him everything including her life .

      Yes ,this is really like a freaking broken record ....sigh

      lol I actually do picture yona saying thank you to suwon for he allowed her to be "useful" and see the world .Iru and Hak in a way .

      True ,I still don't buy that he killed his brother and even if he did I'm pretty sure the brother (sw 's dad) did something horrible ,we saw the guy a few times and he looked evil at least very bloodthirsty and in an evil way
      Yup no one couldn't care less if the king is a liar and a killer as long as the job gets done and they gain something from it .

      I see future teamup like green fighting back to back with suwon or kija I can see it as clear as day .

      True ,it's like when she was acting all high and mighty with the fire dude's dad ,without trying to see that this guy was used by suwon and thrown away and he still used his death to win over his son and earth and blah blah blah that she doesn' t see
      exactly at least hak wouldn't have to look after yona's child with suwon .Unless they make one before the end of the series

      I thought green would come down flying and yona glaring but it didn't happen .

    27. Yup ,nice kid and strong enough to forgive .

    28. I thought so ;she looked shaken when chang was telling her story and i did feel bad for chang ge like i said for a kid she really went through a lot .

      yup ,usually once you have your period you are old enough to marry .

      True and I think she did it because she didn't want them to look too deep into her background ,because it would reveal that she was with the turks ,that she is a princess, that her family was killed ....etc and seeing that her uncle is a bit crazy and impulsive ,he may go see Li shimin but with an army of course

      and he would not trust chang ge not that he trust her completely now i think

      So she is asking about the fight with the turks ? while acting foolish and innocent ? and he is telling her that she doesn't worry about him and he finished by asking her to call him uncle lol ,I wonder what chang ge will answer to that .

      Well I'm mainly wondering about the blonde guy reaction ,sun's right hand man .

      Well ,if this go the same as in history ,sun will get defeated and we know that that bastard the great khan doesn't love or care for him so he will probably have him killed or chase him out from the turks .
      and he may plot against the turks so I think his death isn't too far fetched

      I don't know ,i think the uncle may notice ,and like I said either chase chang ge out calling her a liar or do something drastic but if he knows you can be sure that things will go sore between them at least with the unlce .

      Ah yes I was also thinking of the kindapping scenerio as long as no one notices otherwise more fighting ,but the last option I didn't think about she may do it but then this will not allow her to leave but get her killed instead because her uncle he can easily pull it off .

      Either way I don't see chang ge staying there being happy with her family ,i wish she would but she won't .

      If she intended to have a real bond with her new family she would've at least given her real name ,but she didn't so yeah she isn't staying with them and the end will be tragic or at least very very sad .

      Also chang ge's aim isn't happiness it's to defeat the turks and help tang ,everybody said that this path will lead to her demise .Her lies with her family when /if they get uncovered will get her to be despised and the poor girl will really have lost any kind of home .

      True ,I have faith in chang ge 's wits and luck but everything is hinting at a tragic end or at least a very sad one ,or worst an open ending I hate that kind the most .

      Yup ,that common nowdays .I agree and I think she mainly wants to learn because of the old lady .

      Lol if she marries sun they could get the blonde guy to do the chores ,sun the fighting and her she can hunt and manage the finances or something like that

      but her cooking and sewing I have a hard time picturing it XD

      Still ,I feel bad for her because this is her chance to be happy and have the family she never had and she is throwing everything away for the sake of her goal ,which is something worhty of praise but still very sad ,she is just a little girl .

    29. Yup...and thinking about it, after everything, the glare/evil eye is totally not about her father. Maybe it is because she was driven out of her luxurious life in the palace or because he 'dumped' her over his life's goal =P

      Lol..I can almost imagine the drooling part =P


      Well, aside from that, it might be for 'attempted murder' of Suwon. I'm sure that is a no-no during their times since Suwon is king. I think that will stick better than the other crime of murder and abduction. Still, given their 'relationship', I'm inclined to think that Suwon will not do anything of that sort.

      Most likely yes..if she sticks to that as her priority. Actually, even if they know about it, I would think that most of the people would still stick with the same thought that the country is in better hands with Suwon than Iru's.

      Oh, that's right. Also, Haku. Based on what you mentioned from the time we start talking about this series, even if we would want Haku to leave or get his own life, it is really very unlikely since his world revolves around Yona.

      Ya..and most of the time here, people in this series that has those looks usually match their character. Most likely, he did. Iru is suppose to be a coward, pacifist, weakling, etc yet how can he do that against his brother. It seems out of character but well, everyone seems to believe that he is capable of it. I can only think that it wasn't deliberate. But then, if it was accidental, the brother is suppose to be stronger and everything. Oh well, it's no use talking about this since the mangaka/anyone else in the series were never bothered about it..until now. ^^;

      Honestly, yes, people don't care if the king is a liar or killer as long as he gets the job done and as long as they are not the ones he's lying to or killing. It's like in my country, there was a dictator who caused the deaths of a lot of people who are against him and stole a lot of money but those who got 'protected' and whose lives got 'better' don't care at all and would think that he's the best president the country ever had. Still, as I'm going to mention again, the one whose father got killed and who got lied to doesn't seem to care know.. ^^;

      That's possible since green and white has a 'thing' for Suwon. Still not sure what Zeno thinks of Suwon based on the initial meeting. Don't tell me that it is the same with White. So, there's Blue..probably the same thing.


      Hehe..I didn't think that far but if their child is a son..I can almost imagine Haku teaching the kid some fighting skills. ^^; And if it is a girl, falling for Haku? It seems possible with this type of series. ^^;;

    30. Yup, regarding Kyouko, in a way, a good role model ^^

      ~ 0 ~ 0 ~


      True, and actually, it will complicate things. Since this is based on history, was there a time when Uighur went against Han? I would think that Han is stronger than the Turks so they were able to hold them at bay currently. With that, I would assume that Han would be too strong for Uighur to go against with. Uighur is some sort of vassal under Turks, right? If her uncle did, I think it would be too reckless.

      I would think that Chang is..iirc, she is asking for news and that's the current news right. In the chapter before that, I re-browsed it and it seems that Chang plans to drive back the Turks to..ugh, I forgot the place and something about fighting. Perhaps, she is going to help them while still acting innocent and everything..not make it seem like she is deliberately doing it, something like behind the scenes. It will be interesting if it is like that.

      True..what would be the reaction of the blonde guy. ^^

      Yup, so I'm thinking that perhaps Chang will come up with a back up plan so that it would seem that it wasn't totally Sun's fault or something. If not, then, Sun is in trouble. is better to handle things delicately with the uncle. I'm not sure Chang would want their relationship to sour, at least, the grandmother. Hm..I'm also still not sure about the killing off..they just learned about her and her mother is gone so.. It might be too harsh for the grandmother.

      Well, if she stays happy with her family, that should be the end, right? The journey is over. True..and somehow, I guess it might be like what Sun did. He helped out his real family but still went back to the 'real' family that they know throughout their lives. In Chang's case, that is being a Han.

      True but then, can Uighur be called 'home'? Iirc, she only wanted to learn more about her mother there.

      Well, indeed, it is that kind of series wherein things seem to lead to a tragedy but who knows.. And, hopefully, it isn't an open ending.

      That would be quite amusing and possible if they become a family ^^

      Ya..still in a way, it is what makes one a 'hero'. I mean won't it be a waste if she can do more things rather than just be stuck there? I don't think they will let her do any of the stuff that she was doing before. With the Turks or others, I assume that she got away with it because she pretended to be a boy. If it is a girl, people at those times would tend to belittle her and not take her seriously.

      I'm not sure about the uncle..but maybe later on..the family for now is only the grandmother. But, I get your point. It is something that she didn't have before.

    31. I agree that the evil gare is mainly because he broke heart and then dumped her ,but overall I think it's the author trying to make look fierce which is a major fail

      That's true but Hak could've done something really drastic yet he did not ,so what sky is trying to do I hope he gets at least a few more scars on his face

      Yes ,I have no doubt in my mind that all of the generals would stick with suwon no matter what ,excluding wind of course .Because sw showed proof of his skills and brought results ,while yona well yona is well you know and they know as well .So even if she glares and shoot arrows she is by no means queen material With her they would end up in political messes every day and with eveyone since she is so freaking reckless and does things with no plan in mind .

      Yes and that's his flaw ,everything about yona yet she would pick suwon over him anytime of the day

      True why bother about it but my opinion is that even if Iru did kill his brother ,it was with a good reason because Suwon dad looked so fishy and so evil .

      That's indeed the sad truth everywhere in the world ,the president may be a bastard but as long as he gets on the good side of the right people ,then who cares if he does harm to the rest of the people ,so yeah nothing to expect with suwon since he won over all the generals and the girl who should hate him most .

      Yup ,Green has shown to be openly friendly with suwon ,Kija is but because of Hak and yona lol he doesn't want to show it ,blue is silent but he likes the guy ,same for zeno i think ,

      Yeah ,I could see that I just hope it is his kid not suwon's that he will be rising ,others wise we should change the title of the series .

    32. Well no the uyghur will be in the future allies with Li Shimin .And yes they are weaker than Han .They are a nomadic tribe while tang is more of an empire ,I'm not sure if they are stronger than the turks though

      but the dude has an obvious sister complex and he has a very bad temper so by lying chang ge wanted to avoid that for the sake of her plans and her mother's side of the family .

      Yes she was talking about sun 's side drive them out of the northern region they are in and that they should fight ,yup that would be cool but she has to be super careful her uncle isn't an idiot though i believe she is far more intelligent .

      He may fall from his horse ^^

      I hope so because she may want to destroy the turks doesn't mean she wishes for him to die ,even if they are enemies now .

      Yup and i'm pretty sure in her own way she cares about them at least about her grandma .But I feel like her lies ,even if they were meant to harm them would blow in her face .

      True ,the grandma might die from the shock but i don't know in my mind it's quite hard to picture a happy ending .

      Yes ,no matter what the risks maybe for uyghurs ,chang still put han first so yeah that's another reason why I believe she would return to han .

      It isn't yet home but it can be in the future ,with people caring for her and protecting her ,people concerned with her well being ,that isn't something she had in her homeland ,except for shimin and her mother at some point .

      Yes ,everthing screams tragedy in this series and yeah if i were to pick one I would choose a tragedy over an open ending .
      True , in uyghur her skills would go to waste .Not only has she a sharp mind and is a badass strategist ,she is also a very good fighter ,let's not forget her skills in languages + she is good at accounting ....etc here she would learn how to sew ??? But again her aim to fight the turks and let shimin handle the rest so if the turks are defeated ,she could spend the rest of her life in peace .
      True ,if the turks knew she was a girl she would've died already but now sun and the blonde guy respect her so i think it's okay with those two ,they would still rely on her .

      Yes the uncle is still cold/suspicious of her ,though him asking her to call him uncle was kind of funny ,but i still can't see him doting on her

      the grandma yes she likes her and chang deserves kindness and love in her life she is just a little girl after all .

    33. Hehe..ya. Well, maybe that is because Sky is overprotective. Actually, if you think about it, how he is reacting is correct in a way because practically, they must get rid of those who know the truth and who can potentially go against them. But then, what Haku is currently doing and not really a threat..for now and probably in the future, it is better not to rock the boat especially since Wind is there.

      That's right. But in this kind of series, you'll never know because it is possible for them to think that Yona is queen material. I mean just look at the other neighboring countries' leaders. ^^; Thinking of VK, it is like how Yuuki suddenly knows how to handle everyone and suppose to lead everyone towards whatever goal they had. <- after Kaname had a nap.

      Indeed with the rest.

      Lol, that's right. The title should be changed if this keeps up.

    34. Ah okay. So, I guess if that will happen, it is better for Chang not to tell them about what happened to her mother but then, won't they know about it later on?

      I see.

      Hehe..maybe not off the horse..he has to see her up close ^^

      Ah..well, we'll just have to wait and see if Chang can pull it off or not.

      Hm...the bad ending you're it only Chang's possible death? Sun? Or both?

      True. you think this is the final decisive battle with the Turks? The current main problem seems to be the Great Khan and the other brother. In history, were the Turks really defeated by the Han? Iirc, some became buddies with Han.

      Lol..true. Whenever the uncle gets a popped vein, I'm amused for Chang got him around her little finger though she did slip up earlier about her mother.

      Indeed but in those times, is she still considered a 'little girl'? Isn't it because of her petite frame? ^^;

    35. Yes , that's the smart thing to do if they were trying to oppose them but they don't .He knows the history between Hak and SW so he know why he reacted that way .Yet he also know that Hak is a general that he won't do something that would harm the country or his tribe and he proved that he was very mature in this arc .So my wish is if he tries something he gets one hell of a pay back .
      True ,the leaders so far are a bunch of morons ,even yona would shine amongst them .
      Good point about yuuki I guess yona will get the same treatement .

    36. Yup ,I think it's dangerous move because her lies may blow out in her face but at the same it's a good move the less they know the better she can make use of them .
      Yup they may learn about it ,but maybe Chang would be somehow gone at that time .
      haha he will be shocked as well , sun was left speechless the first time he saw her true self ^^
      so many bad endings : yup if either were to die or both ,if chang gets thrown away by her family if her lies blow in her face ,if chang ends up alone with no family and no sun ,or if she reach her goal but sun dies at the end ....etc

      no matter where I see ,it's all just bad endings , and you do you see any hope ?

      I believe so because it seems like the author said ,that the series is reaching the end .The person who translate the series in English always add historical facts and she said that the turks will take a huge blow from their fight with uyghur and after doing some more shaddy stuff with khitan ,they will leave the turks and ally with tang ,after which tang will defeat the turks and yeah uyghur will also be one of tang's ally .Long story short the truks will fall and the new boss will be the han .

      Yup ,I enjoy their scenes together ,it's funny how she toys with him ,though yeah she did screw up that one time when he tricked her .

      Well ,I think since she got her period she is seen as a woman but I believe her age and her petite frame makes her a little girl .

      Btw the new chapter is out ,can you please tell me what's going in the 5 first pages between chang and her uncle ,it looked funny it seems like she is getting quite cheeky with him ,the rest of the chapter i will wait for the translations it seems like sun's bastard brother is being an even bigger bastard .I can't wait to see him and the fat khan die a slow and painful death ,they deserve it for the way they treat sun .

    37. Thinking of it, I don't think the mangaka will try to pull that off especially since she really wants to portray Suwon as the 'good guy' and what he did to Iru is justifiable. I mean, if Suwon gave the permission to do that, it will bring instant hate towards him since Haku has a lot of fans based on the polls. And, iirc, Suwon is quite low there.


    38. True..and that is how a strategist should be.

      I see..a tragic one.

      Cannot say..I think Chang has a possibility for it if she lay low and quit her goals though not too sure if it is likely. I mean something like 'disappear'. Sun is more difficult since he owes Great Khan and is 'tied' to the Turks. Of course, if one or both fake their deaths and live somewhere is possible. What do you think?

      Oh..this is ending. Sorry, the Khitans are Sun's original family? Or the merchants with the girl? Hehe, I forgot. Hm..if Han won, perhaps out of their connections, Chang can grant some amnesty to Sun from Shimin or something. And, Sun isn't technically a Turk.

      Well, for us, that age is young but I think during those times, it isn't. The lifespan is also short, right?

      Thanks for the info ^^

      Chang asks if he isn't suspicious of her. He tells her to come over. When he pinches her face, he asks if her father is born with an ugly face for her mother is their top beauty. Chang tells him to be content for his niece is considered good looking among the Han, uncle!

      Uncle asks how much land should be withdrawn from them [turks?] Chang says how can she know that kind of thing. He tells her to quit pretending, through the madam/old lady and the non-Han girl considering that story [<- the one Chang mentioned before about her 'wife' I presume] one will know that he and that non-Han girl will sooner or later fight at close quarters. [<- I'm not sure if the non-Han is that little girl or Chang since the exact word is 'non-Han male-female son' ^^;]

      Chang seems to say that it is his line of work. She asks if he is afraid of fighting that size and blood flowing/be beaten badly and before winning East Turk[?], all of those are Xie/Jie Khan. I'm really sorry but as I told you, I'm not good at translating this one because of the terms.

      Uncle asks after they win. Chang says that naturally, strong power gets a lot, little power gets fewer and weak power gets none. He tells her to call out the old man [Qin?] for he actually wants to listen to his way of ‘convincing’ the few tribes that won’t listen. She says okay.

      As she goes out, he says not bad for even if her looks aren’t something, her head is quite good. And that is because she inherited his clan’s intelligence and the Han’s cunning. This irks Chang.

      Basically, the uncle kept saying that Chang got their good traits..something like that. I guess he knows that she is from Han but perhaps, not from the royal family. Anyway, sorry about that level is not yet good enough for this kind of series ^^;;

    39. I agree about Suwon ,if the author wanna keep the whole good guy things that would be a bad move.

      Yeah ,well the best would be if they both fake their deaths and settle somewhere together .But yeah you are right ,sun didn't leave the truks even if they treat him like trash .the great khan couldn't care less about him ,he only cares for the wins he is bringing him .His brother is just a bastard who will kill him the first chance he get .If/When he loses and they turn on him ,maybe then we will see what he will do revolt ,disappear or die ?

      Well Khitan are sun' real family .Well if they win ,she may try to do something through uyghur not shimin since she is "dead" and if they know she is alive they may want to change that .

      True ,you have a point back in the day they died young so the age in which they are seen as adult is quite young .Sun went into battle at the age of 9 so yeah .

      thanks kat it's okay i get it ^^

      Hahaha what a jerk he is basically saying she is ugly and she probably got that from her dad hahaha and he think she got the intelligence from them hahaha sorry uncle the wits all come from her han family not from your side .

      so he knows that chang ge is no fool ,at least that's good that he would acknowledge that ,though he hasn't seen even a tiny bit of her wits .

      But seriously this guy is so rude ,at first I thought he was telling her that in a sense that she wasn't cute at all ,not in a sense that she was ugly .

      Lol in this chapter look like it's chang ge's turn to have her veins pop up ^^

    40. Hm..this seems bad for the messenger wasn't able to give the letter to Chang for he thought she is still in that place but she is already with the Uighur.

      About the latter one, bro tells Sun that the Khan is old and didn't Sun think of whom he'll rely on for protection. Sun says that it won't be him. Bro taunts him that the reason is he bullied him when they were young when he doesn't hold a grudge against him for the other things Sun did. He is giving Sun a way out.

      The last part is Sun feeling that he is a burden to the others. When he was young, he thought that it is only because he wasn't able to do his best but it turns out that there are many things that he cannot do even if he do his best. Something like that.

    41. What would be really bad is if ,he goes uyghur and they see she has ties to the turks .

      Again ,give sun a break and his brother should hurry up and die .

      Poor sun ;( if he lose things are gonna get so much worse .

      Look what I found a translation of the talk between chang and her uncle ,look like I wasn' t the only one who find it funny

    42. True..or perhaps, if the great khan dies, then he can revolt against his brother? Though faking his death here is a very good idea especially if they lost.

      Ah, but I assumed that no matter what Shimin has a soft spot for Chang but yes, you're right, he might but the others might not.

      You're welcome ^-^

      Yup, he is. Quite cheeky.

      That's right. ^^ you think that they'll somehow get along later on like Sun did?

    43. Well ,yeah if he loses he could fake his death then when the Khan dies ,he will fight the brother.

      because that fat khan has no problem having sun killed if he loses since being good at battlles is the only reason why that nasty old man is keeping him .

      Yup ,he does love her very much ,but he will have to kill her to keep the other people loyalty though everybody who knew chang ge during her princess days loved her for her sharp wits .

      I hope so ,but he is so rude to Chang ge ,she is very cute yet he called her ugly ,somehow that was ver childlish .

      I hope they will get to talk more and he start respecting her a bit more and maybe love her cause right now he feel no such things toward her .But man ,that guy is super cocky and very rude ,I liked chang ge 's answer though ^^ maybe he will start regarding in another light when he sees how tough she is with a sword and how sharp her mind really is .But then he may grow suspicious again ,what left she led to be that way .

    44. True.

      Indeed so most probably, she won't exactly return to Han, don't you think? There are people after her there.

      I think it stems from his complex with his sister. I mean, he couldn't believe the child didn't look like his beautiful sister. =P

      True...or he might think of her as an asset.

    45. I think deep down she knows she won't be returning anywhere because the han are chasing after her and she is lying to uyghur ,both indicate in my opinion that she won't be staying in either places

      I agree with that he does have a complex to say the least .But I thought it was funny yet so cheap when he called her ugly when she might not be a beauty but she is so adorable .

      Well her old family thought of her as an asset ,I hope this one won't at least show respect for her brains ,but the dude is really arrogant to think she got her wits from them XD

  10. By the way kat the next AnY title is "by your side" I'm telling you right now this is gonna be about yona feelings toward suwon and ughhhh its gonna be so corny so annoying I can see it from a far I have visions when it comes to yona ,vision of nightmares that is

    1. Hehe, you think so? Can't it be Haku and Yona since iirc, Haku is going to Yona and I'm likely to think that they are already leaving. Lili can thank them afterwards.

      Finally read the chapter, I think it is Haku and Yona since Yona mentioned about wanting to be at Haku's side and Green is going to bring Haku to her side.

      The fight is good with the trio. Earth isn't antagonistic at all and would even pretend that Haku is just some 'slave' just like what Gramps is doing. I think most will just pretend that there was no past and just swept it under a rug. And, just move on with their lives/goals..except for Sky.

      I'm inclined to think that he fears that Haku might really kill of Suwon and most probably someone else like Yona or etc would becoming queen/king. Then, he might not have it easy since he had a direct participation to what happened. And, everything he sacrificed/gave up to accomplish whatever goal he wants Suwon to do will go out in smoke. you think there might be a falling out between Suwon and Sky if Suwon spares Haku? I can understand what he is coming from because of all the others including Yona, Haku is the only one who has that intent to kill/grudge against Suwon. And, he has to keep Suwon alive for his goals. What do you think?

    2. Nope ,in my opinion it will either be from yona to SW considering she wanted to hurry to Hak's side because of SW ,fearing that Hak might do something to him which is annoying to say the least .Or it's from Suwon to Hak ,and Hak only which will make me laugh so much ,or the two lame options ,is that it's from Lili 's perspective or from sky to Suwon those two super lame ,Suwon to Hak alone good very good ,from Yona to Suwon T_T

      Yes ,I agree he won't be antagonistic to Hak but neither will he stand by him if a fight break between him and SW same for water ,and above all he won't demand answers from Suwon after seeing Hak .He didn't do it during the fire arc ,nor will he do it now .Water so freaking lame ,the lamest of the lame .

      I know but Hak proved him wrong ,that he may want to seperate suwon's head from the rest of his body but he can get over it ,if times call for it .Still that makes him a hypocrite and a bastard to try to get hak killed when his only fault is to be pissed at his besty for killing his love interest's dad .

      I don't think so ,this is the kind of series that even if there is an elephant in the room you pretend you don't see it ,or even if you see it ,you still don't talk about it .

    3. Honestly ,every time we think it will be a Hakx Yona moment ,Suwon has to come in between .If you re read the manga you will see that Suwon is always there so I'm not expecting anything .

      the way I understood the scene ,is she want to see him ASAP in case he goes super saiyan on suwon's ass again .

      No he isn't ,but if a fight break out he will side with Suwon and neither will he ask for answers from suwon about Hak and Yona living and kicking and being friendly since he "killed" her .

      It has a certain degree of logic but still Hak proved that he know how to sort his priority so he should give it a rest and it isn't like his rage is without any basis right ? I thought that last scene and what he was trying to do made sky look so bad ,such a hypocrite .

      I don't think so ,everytime I feel like a rift may create let's say between Hak and Yona regarding her tendency to bring SW every single time but it didn't happen . They know yona is alive and kicking and didn't and no one confronted suwon so no i don't think so .

      It is still so pathetic /sad that he is so willing to get rid of Hak .When he felt bad about yona as if Hak is the bad one here .

    4. Hehe, I see. That made me think of VK. Yuuki might be beside guy A or B but most of the time, she is thinking of the guy who isn't at her side =P

      Yes, that was also hinted. It would be amusing though if she got scared that Suwon would take Haku away from her too.

      Yes but Suwon isn't incline to do that - fight against Haku/Yona. From this chapter, it seems that only Sky is eager to engage them into a fight. What I meant is, yes, Earth will side with Suwon if there is a fight but Earth won't initiate it just like how Sky would.

      Yup. And perhaps, for Sky, he couldn't live it down that he failed at protecting Suwon if it weren't for some dragon who stopped Haku =P He did let his guard down since he can chit chat with Yona at the Water arc before + those two 'saving each other' so that illusion of 'everyone is okay with what happened' was shattered by Haku's action. I would assume that the guy got paranoid after that.

      Now that you mention it, it does seem unlikely. Like with Haku, Sky will probably just bear it since Suwon can fulfill whatever goal he has. As for Yona alive and kicking, I think no one will confront Suwon about it since they are happy with him.

      Hehe..well, he probably assumed that since Yona seems okay with it all the more should Haku..or something. Or, he feels that Suwon might allow himself to be killed by Haku as 'punishment' so better get rid of Haku. As a bodyguard, I would think along those lines.

    5. Yup and since this is very VK-ish my most obvious bet would be yona for suwon or suwon for hak since in this arc it seems to be more about their bond .If it's the second option fine by me if it's the first one then please spare us the puppy love drama thing .

      That would be funny no she just doesn't want her precious suwon getting any scars which he so deserves ,so does she but as the lead girl she won't get any so...

      Yes ,I agree it's only the sky who wants to fight them which may make sense to a certain extent but it's still very foolish .

      Yes ,he was foolish to think everybody was as foolish as yona is .I agree on the paranoid part

      Yes no one cares what he did ,they gained alot especially earth from suwon being king so who cares .

      Yeah as a bodyguard but he was also someone who knows their personal history that's I'm saying his actions deserves a proper beating .

    6. Hehe..sorry but it seems you had typed that one above twice ^^; Found the first post in the spam folder ^^;;

      Lol..but puppy love drama thing sells. I recall a Chinese reader recently comments that between country and Yona, Suwon chose country whereas Haku chose Yona so isn't it already obvious whom she should choose...well, aside from the killing of her father. But there is still that seemingly love triangle being forced into the story.

      Hehe..most likely so. Cannot quite imagine Suwon with scars though..unless it is hidden like Kija's. is foolish.

      I agree.

    7. Yup ,I did and once I checked I didn't find my comment so I had to re write the thing ^^

      That's true ,Yona isn't suwon's frist choice but he is her first choice as for her Hak she is everything to him and it's like the hell is that ? Most of the love triangles are bad but this one is really lame .

      And honestly all the drama is so not necessarry ,at least with SB we know that shou is just there to make ren be more active in his pursuit of kyouko and make her realize that the guy was never her first love that ren is .

      I wish they would at least cut off his hair I hate it .

      Long story short I'm not expecting anything ,just hope it doesn't end being too horrible .

    8. True..and they must be really 'in love' since usually, that is illogical.

      Indeed..usually, that is the role of the third wheel. Here, it seems to make us irritated at Yona or pity Haku. short? Like Yona's first haircut? =P

      True..but how horrible is horrible? Yona choosing Suwon?

    9. Yup that or their brains must be damaged .

      Yup ,calling Hak a third wheel is an understatement or yona and idiot for placing him first and deciding what she will do based on his actions .At least if yona and suwon were actually in love they would make things look a bit better but he doesn't think of her that way nor is she important in his plans yet look at her ,that's what pissses me off .

      Like that or he could go bald XD many things could go horribly wrong ,like really horrible one of them is the hairpin scene happening next chapter and yona getting all corny with Suwon just an exemple but yeah a lot of things could go wrong ,and so little could go well .

    10. By the way kat I found this ,it is a picture drawnn by the author of chang ge xing look at how beautiful it is
      you can see it here
      if it doesn't work check this one out

      this author has one of the best art I've ever seen .

    11. Lol..I can really feel how disappointed you are with the characters. <- putting it mildly.

      I actually referred to Suwon as the third know, the guy who makes the main couple's relationship progress but here...^^; True..and after everything, the mangaka is hinting on something about Suwon having feelings of some sort towards Yona.

      Lol..bald...go repent as a monk?


      That is nice and it seems that they are indeed preparing to battle. Here's hoping that they survive it ^^

      Chapter 54 is out in English so Chang is indeed keeping some stuff from the others. She slipped up and she's going to take responsibility for it. What Qin said is kind of sad because she'll always be alone as she has many secrets yet cannot confide it to anyone.

      Somehow, even if she lied about those stuff, they will be forgiving of her since they can understand the reasons why she cannot be truthful to them. She can even say that she didn't tell the truth about her mother for she is sparing them from the grief. And their rashness for revenge or whatever can cause more harm for the people. In short, ignorance is bliss.

      I really like that scene when Chang is commanding. Sigh..what Yona could have become but didn't =(

      I'm not sure if it is favoritism with GK or he just doesn't care if his 'sons' kill each other for whatever reason as long as they do what he wants. ^^;

    12. Yes ,I just don't see the point of all this drama ,it's like there is a build up but it leads to nowhere ,they are still at the same point .

      Here it hak ,not matter what he is always getting the short end of the stick ,he will always be the second choice and that's too much.

      Yup ,repent for not being a villain .

      Ya,its really pretty but also sad both main characters ,swords in hands looking in different directions ,it means those guys are meant to fight one another that's very sad .

      Chang ge looked majestic in that pic ^^

      Yes ,well since she is so awsome we tend to forget that she is a 13-14 years ago ,you can't blame her for being emotional after all she went through .

      True ,I felt so sad for her .she lied for tang's sake because her uncle has such a bad temper he could attack them like it's nothing .She lied for their sake because if the knew the truth ,it would crush them ;it was very sad when she described her mother and started crying ,and yeah she may have allies but she has no friends no one will be there to comfort her in times of sorrow ,she will have to swallow her tears because of all the lies ,cross fingers that it doesn't blow in her face .

      Honeslty ,I doubt it maybe the old lady since she is very motherly but the uncle no I don't see it since things at least from an emotional aspect have never been easy or simple for chang .

      True that was so badass her "we fight" at the end ,even the talk before hand how they were analyzing their current situation and what may happen in the future something which a certain series doesn't have ,a hint the lead girl has red hair T_T

      I think he couldn't care less about either of them as long as they bring him victory .Now that I think about it ,since the GK is going with sun ,it means the brother will be free to do as he please and I'm pretty sure he may stage his coup right now ,since he and his mother are plotting against the turks .

      And if the GK dies in battle sun will be screwed when he gets back and even if they get back I believe they are still screwed ,I just hope that sun will fight this time and kick his bastard brother's ass .

    13. Hehe..not really since Yona seems to have some sort of feelings for Haku than before and Suwon seems to have some sort of feelings for Yona that wasn't there before. ^^; The Suwon thing is somewhat sudden though..but more or less, still at the same point.


      Hehe..but villain is subjective. For Haku, he is. To some extend for Wind. But, for Yona and most of the people of

      Indeed..a possible tragic outcome? Should we prepare yourselves if both got killed?

      Yup ^^ a way, for survival, it is best not to trust anyone especially with secrets. Though, I would somewhat assume that she can trust the ones she is with but I guess what Qin meant is to have someone as her equal since he and the rest are 'servants'. will be harder with the uncle and currently, they don't seem to get along.

      Ya..things are bad for Sun. Maybe a little strategist could help him out ^^ But first things first, survive the upcoming battle.

    14. Still that love triangle is lame even with the standard of shoujo manga ,it is becoming so vk -ish it 's not even funny .

      I agree ,but I can't get over it about how they overlook all what suwon did ,yet when hak try to make him pay he is the bad one ,what kind of logic is that ?It's beyond hypocrisy

      I think we should ,or sun dies and Chang ge end up alone somewhere with no one by her side .

      Yes,it is being naive and trusting while being in chang ge 's situation isn't smart at all .I think he meant someone to there to listen ,a shoulder to cry on someone to share her joy and sorrow like the blonde guy with Sun .Qin and all the other servants are excellent allies especially Qin ,he give excellent advise and he is really a wise + badass grandpa .But it's not like he is there to listen to her sadness or regret .By lying and using her family she loses the chance to have something like that .

      Yup ,I'm afraid her arrogant uncle will be her undoing , I just can't picture him getting affectionate with her ,or accepting her .I mean he seems frustrated even with her looks , too bad she doesn't look like his sis ?

      I would love it ,if when sun arrive and they set their camp near their uyghur ,chang ge pay a night visit ,if only to see blonde guy's reaction XD or are they gonna just charge and kill them all ?

      I hope she will manage to find a way to help him out ,without ruining her plans .But I'm afraid that the sun meeting or the letter thing may end up blowing in her face .

      Just like I know AnY won't improve ,deep down I know a happy ending isn't an option in CGX.

    15. Okay I thought I would keep my mouth shut until you read the chinese scans but I can't the new chapter ,the new chapter of AnY is out here are the korean scans and the summary is out at pandaflavoredcookies anyway here I go SPOILERS ALERT

      - Sky loses his temper and it was unsightly to say the least .First things first ,he fear for suwon's life ,it makes sense because yes he witnessed for himself the intensity of hak's rage but that doesn't excuse his rage or his intent to kill hak because he knows that his anger is justified ,he knows that hak did nothing wrong .Yet he make it seem as if Hak is the biggest threat out there ,even though he is not because he showed that even he could swallow his rage for "the greater good"

      Still it was hilarious that he thought he could stand a chance against Hak ,I guess his brain got damaged after the beating Hak gave him
      long story short ,I hate it his outburst of rage because it's as if Hak was the bad guy in the story .All what came out of his mouth made me want to puke honestly

      Another thing I hated was earth (I never liked him since he became suwon's puppet but I continue to dislike him even more ) ,the way he told sky "I understand why you are coming from" really you do ? So does he think sky is right in wanting to kill hak ,and the "leave it for today" what the heck was that ,okay next time we will kill them ?

      I expected nothing from that dude whose loyalty was so easily bought but still the hypocrisy in this series is making me sick .again they are making it seem as if hak is the bad one

      and yeah the hell is up with water ,you would think since it's the guy who saved his daughter is about to be "killed" he would jump in ,but he acted as if this was no concern of his .

      Now least but not least ,yona who is supposed to be fierce about protecting Hak and blah blah blah ,she just stood there when threats were being made toward hak and please kat don't tell me because sky was also part of her past ,don't you recall in water arc when she met him ,she was glaring at him acting all "don't order me around I'm a big girl" and then she just stood there ,if it was hak he would've cut off his head on the spot .

    16. No matter how I slice it ,her behaviour was ughhh so ....I can't find a word to describe my feelings regarding that .

      Thank god ,we got the wind tribe and the dragons ,even yun ready to kill sky had he made a move and I really loved when sky was ranting and everybody looked shocked while hak was giving him a murderous look ,that's my boy ^^

      Now there is the talk with suwon and zeno ,again the dragons fanboyism honeslty I couldn't care less ,they like him end of the story so I wouldn't be shocked if it's revealed that he is part of the prophecy .

      Though zeno made a nice comment probably with no malice but still when he told sw "bonus kouka did get sei without any losses" that's exactly what we were talking about ,about how sw will manage to turn the situation with Lili in his favor .

      The other thing I couldn't care less about is the drama with green ,him getting all emo over yona as if she is the love of his life ? the hell man ,like I said she will get with her dad's killer before being with you .

      You know ,I told you that the drama in this series is pointless and this proves my point ,usually drama is nice to make the story progress but here there is all kind of build up and drama but it doesn't serve the plot nor doesn't result in anything another exemple would be how there were all these hints that hak would "die" yet nothing happened ,so I couldn't care less about the dream yona had in this chapter ,no matter the drama that comes it will lead to nowhere

      now the end ,I again don't care ,yona has shown no signs that allow to take her feelings seriously for hak ,so next time they may get all touchy and who know they may kiss with green stalking her from behind and hiding behind the bushes I still don't care .

      now ,the hairpin is probably with suwon ,so my guess is that he either gave it to Lili to pass it to yona or he will keep it and be the one to get all corny while looking at it .Either way I 'm not looking forward to seeing it ,that damn hairpin gives me headaches .

      So now where are they going ? A new random problem will appear or someone else may get kidnapped ?

      Still deep deep deep deeep down within the deepest depth and even deeper depth of my mind ,I wish that Suwon would lose at least once ,that him and his lackeys mainly sky get a proper beating or he could get a taste of his own medcine and have someone stage a coup against him .

    17. bottom line is yona won't stand for hak if it means standing against the country and that's unfortunate ,she was so passive when sky was being hostile so there is nothing to expect if suwon was the one doing it instead .

      It's also very pathetic how sky is willing to get rid of Hak when he knew the kid ....that's very sad .

    18. True.

      Hm..indeed. As we already observed..if someone isn't going to help them with their goals = bad guy. They overlooked Suwon since he is great for them. They won't overlook Haku since..he is an obstacle..well, in the case of potentially causing trouble to Suwon who'll fulfill their wishes =P

      o ~ o~ o ~

      I see..ugh..better prepare for it then.

      True..and the one who might be that person who'll do all those things was her 'wife', right?

      Ya..very shallow, right? Though perhaps, that is just to lighten up the mood of the series?

      Possible but very risky, don't you think? Still, they are going to war and I don't think that it is a very good idea to set up their camps so close to each other. It would be easier to 'destroy' the other camp that has supplies and other stuff if they are in such a close distance to each other. One camp might end up like AnY's Sei. ^^;; Too close to enemy territory and the big boss is there. Oh..from that, I just realized that Sei are really idiots or overly confident. ^^;;;

      True..that is possible. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see.

      I see.

    19. Thanks ^^ Hehe, so the title is indeed about Haku x Yona =P

      Suwon will now be Yona...keep on looking at that hairpin while in the palace. Fufu

      True but as we mentioned, Sky is paranoid. He doesn't care for Haku's reason why he wanted to attack Suwon. You're a you go. Maybe, some of Haku's berserk feelings got transferred to him so he had become irrational. ^^;

      Yup..brain not working for him since he is super emo here. if he can even defeat Haku one on one. Haku can already do that to him with bare hands..what if he got his weapon? Well, for him, Haku is the bad guy. =P is most like paranoid over the attempted murder.

      Should we like laugh that they totally 'didn't see' Yona? Small fry?

      Yes. Sky's motive and loyalty to Suwon is the same with Earth's. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that if there is a real threat from Haku, he will fight against him. But unlike Sky, Earth considers Haku's help for today as his free pass.

      Maybe Water is still thinking of what to do... Cannot really side with either. You know..slow to take action/make decision as he always does.

      Yup, Yona just stood there and watched. The dragons were at least in 'get ready to fight mode'. Maybe she is just too tired and exhausted after everything. Maybe.. Okay, should it really surprise you? After all the things that her father did to her, that is her gratitude. Well, she also just stood there and iirc, cry when Zeno got 'killed'. So..what's new? ^^;;

    20. Yup ^^ Hehe..well, Haku is probably also furious over how Sky wanted to kill him when he did his best to restrain himself and do what should be done..he is even letting them off but no..this idiot..

      You know what..Zeno missed an amazing opportunity to accidentally kill Suwon. How fast does his dragon powers turn off? Suwon could have been squashed to a pulp. It would be funny if Suwon tumbled off in a longer distance though =P

      True. By the way, since Kouka is expanding..will the dragon power's coverage also increase? Will they have a wider area to go and help people = travel around?

      Lol..true. But then, maybe..wishful thinking..because of that, he'll be antagonistic towards Suwon.

      Do you think the dream is about the future? Somehow, I wondered if it is just her helplessness earlier with Lili. She is in a dark forest, cannot move..they're coming. Could it be that for her to wake up or something more? When she was Hiryuu?

      Well..perhaps, it will only be taken seriously when she realizes it?

      I was thinking of the latter..but it is indeed possible that he'll pass it on to Lili. Better not rock the boat with Sky if he sees that around. is happy-happy dragon bonding time. =P Then, they might continue on to Wind to meet the last neighboring country.

      True..if it will happen..most likely at the very end. Perhaps, a twist like Iru is his father..Haku is really his father's son..while he is away, the adviser is already taking control of the country and spreading word that he is the one 'helping' the Kouka people while Suwon is busy acquiring more lands. =P

      Based on this chapter, yes. In a is because Sky knew him so he knows what he is capable of.

    21. it's pretty messed up logic and is overall a big hypocrisy but I guess it sort of make sense when you put it that way .
      Yup her wife and even sun could do but she is quite of trying to screw him over at the moment so that would be difficult

      I think so but that still made him look shallow ,cheap but still hilarious

      true but I'm just thinking about how they will meet .or sun will be taken as prisoner and they will see each other .

    22. Yes oh my god I'm so not looking forward to this ,or he may leave it to Lili and she will return it either way I'm tired of the damn hairpin at least in chang ge xing the hairpin was actually useful ,now except wanting yona to choke on it ,it does nothing .

      Paranoid yes an idiot yes delusional yesssssssssss .Paranoid because he saw it with his eyes that he was helping and wasn't hostile yet he went ahead to look for troubles which makes him and idiot ,I mean just like suwon said he is making the wind their enemey and there are dragons as well ,which is foolish and makes me think that all this crap is personal because unlike hak no matter what he does it will not put his tribe in danger or anything but that man is general if he does something it will have impact .Which makes me think this was personal ,that maybe he hates hak or he is just scared of him ,and he is dilusional for thinking he stood a chance against hak ,because the guy looked as if he thought he had a chance which is hilarious .

      Long story short ,I believe his outburst is personal even though he make it seems like it's for the greater good ,and man it was so unsightly ,even when he told suwon "you haven't cast off your feelings" i thought to myself he is so childlish because if he had been on guard ready to fight if he hak attacked fine but the way he was yelling "hak is the bastard here" made me grind my teeth ,because again it was such a lie and all his rage was just ugghhhh .At least Hak ,when he went super sayian he didn't say a word and you could see he was heartbroken in the end .

      This guy the way he acted was like what the hell man ???

      Lol that made me laugh but it also made sky's case worse showing no hostility to yona and not thinking twice about killing hak ,I know one is love sick and the other is powerful enough to be a national threat but still he knew all these kids so he knows of their bonds especially suwon and hak's yet he is acting like all of that doesn't exist and just see what he want to see

      Yes no doubt in my mind that earth would fight against hak should the need arise .

      Water isn't even worth getting angry over ,the dude is so passive so lame .....

      I know you do make a point but regarding hak she has all those speeches about protecting him yet if it comes down to it she just sit around ,when suwon was in "danger" in water she shoot his enemy and she was injured now nothing ,I know this isn't new but It still manages to piss me off

    23. I think so ,he was probably thinking that I allowed you to leave in one piece and you are still asking for more but I really loved the murderous face he had when sky was whining

      Lol that would've been ,and I still hope that suwon loses once because at the rate he is going ,he will have hegemony over all of their verse .

      yet no one notices that ,because zeno cleared said that with no malice and that's too bad . I also hate the buddy buddy relationship with Suwon it was all so very anti climatic .

      good point maybe ,not that I care though .No matter what yona's fiery glare or the plot will still save them .

      Lol that would be nice but won't happen he likes the guy ,remember everybody loves everybody in this manga .

      Maybe but I don't mind it too much ,like I said in this manga it's all build up and then nothing .

      You mean her feelings for Hak ? I will take them seriously once she realize them yes and once she get over her puppy love for suwon .

      Yup but no matter what happen he won't turn against suwon so all that drama is pointless now if were to stage a coup against him that would be nice but this isn't that kind of manga .

      Ah okay so here you go the same story line over and over again .

      I'm admitted that yona and suwon being sister and brother has crossed my mind as to why iru refused their marriage ,overall there might be more than meet the eyes but I wouldn't get my hopes up and I already seen being a winner till the end with all the fanboys increasing and increasing .

      You are somehow right but like I said you knew the kid ,you knew their bonds and you still act like he is the number one enemy and the way he was trying to drag the others with him to fight the guy made it even worse at least hak didn't ask the dragons to kill suwon with him and didn't even talk at all .

    24. Prisoner...that is still no good for Sun ^^;

      0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0

      Lol..that's a new one. Wanting Yona to choke on it.

      True. It is indeed that so he did think he had a chance =P And, he's complaining about Iru being a 'bad leader'

      Yup...honestly, that's not good. He should learn from Suwon because publicly declaring that immediately makes everyone know what he really thinks and wants. Wind will be more aware now not to trust these other guys. Hopefully more than usual.

      I agree. Thinking about it, it seems like Yona had become a 'regular character'. It is very evident in this arc..she was a damsel in distress and in the end, didn't do anything but watched. She is suppose to be different. What is the mangaka thinking? Inspired by Naruto? Yona could have shined her by at least doing something and show those guys how she changed after all this time even if she is injured, but...sigh sigh sigh.

      Hm...depends. If they keep on having idiots as their enemies, Suwon won't lose anytime soon.

      Yup..her feelings for Haku..once she realizes it and of course, get over Suwon.

      Ya..this isn't that kind of manga.

      Well, I'm going with that story because that's the only 'karma' that I can think of for Suwon. ^^; With these kind of enemies/antagonists, he won't lose anytime soon. It seems unlikely that Haku will really kill him unless third time is the charm.

      No one is going to rebel against him since he is good for the country and they all get what they want. So, if there is 'divine punishment', I would want that all of his plans were for naught or something..some scenario/major twist/irony..and 'that' is that scenario unless you can think of something better =P And, maybe this isn't that kind of story ^^;;

    25. By the way, have you read 7 sins?

      Ban and Meliodas combo is funny.

      King and Diane..a bit worrisome that King is showing off powerful attacks when they aren't into the main fight yet. Lol, I forgot how they defeated the last one. ^^; Diane beat that one up, right?

      Elaine is amazing. Elizabeth is Inoue.

      I would think that Escanor will win that one but then, either way, it seems bad for Growther might go back to becoming a commandment.

      At least, the humans are somehow having a plan of action though I'm not sure how effective it is. As we discussed, while Meliodas and everyone are concentrated on these two commandments..humans are being eaten and kingdoms had fallen.

      I guess Arthur is with them to become the sole survivor of Camelot.

    26. I know but I'm just thinking about how they could meet but if he is made prisoner and with the uncle 's temper it isn't gonna end well .And I'm sure the khan wouldn't bother saving him if he become a burden to him that's the kind of bastard he is .

      Yup ,I can't think of anything else to do with that damn hairpin .

      Yes ,during the whole time he was shouting I was hoping for him to get another beating so he could shut his big mouth .

      He says it's for the king but what he did was so very personal .He was acting out of his hatred and fear for Hak ,for me that's what it is .And like I said we understand why hak hates suwon but why the hell does judoh hate him as well ? Because he knows of their bond of their bond and what suwon did ,or did he expect for hak to be like yona ? Let bygones be bygones or pretend that nothing happen and excuse everything suwon does as long as it 's for the greater good ?

      Yes ,that's what made it so dumb .I agree from now on the wind will be on the lock out for sky and the rest of them . Just imagine Tae woo during the meeting of the tribe ,before he was being cold now I wonder how it will be (hahaha evil grin )

      Again ,I really loved the reaction of the tribe and their murderous look ,I couldn't expect anything like that from the dragons but at least they were ready to fight but the wind was ready to kill and to hell with the king being there ,if they touches hak it will be death .Their glares +hak's own glare were amazing honestly ,I loved it they looked so fierce and it does prove my point the wind have the strongest bond .Please don't say the dragons do as well ,among themselves and with yona .Those guys were born to love her and so was she .It's like when you buy a laptop and it has programms in it and you don't have to download them because no matter what it was there from the start ,not sure if this is the best example but I hope I made my point ,that's another reason why I get so tired with green love sick drama .

      I agree ,this is yet another proof that yona hasn't grown not only is she a damsel in distresse that needs saving every single time but even her mind hasn't grown ,she has no strategic mind and is so reckless that it goes beyond stupidity .

      Lol ,yeah just like naruto it's all talk but when push comes to shove she shows that she is still the same .

      Yeah ,she should've been the first one to react her being so passive was ugghhhhh I mean so far her words don't match her actions ,she say all type of stuff about how important hak is ,yet when it's time to act ,the best she can do is give a necklace ?

      If she was so attached to hak ,she would tell sky to shut his mouth and be ready to shoot him ,all is this for the sake of the country again ?

      I know idiot villains ,and no villain at all ,no plot ,no struggle just what's the point even in highschool type of manga there are school bullies and here we have no challenge or struggle or anything that can advance the plot so what' the point ?

      I could see that but her getting over suwon I don't see it happening any time soon .

      I agree and yeah won't kill him but I'm so sick of suwon's poker face I just want to see him beaten up once ,I want to see someone rip apart that smug face of his ,I just can't take it how everybody treat him like he is some messiah and hak is the one who is in the wrong ,for once let the guy suffer some kind of defeat or beating pleassssssssssssssssssssssse

      I know ,Yeah if something end up blowing in his face or at least face some kind of challenge and like I said no wonder suwon does shine ,his enemies are morons ,the generals +everybody else - wind tribe are his fanboys .

    27. I did

      it was funny ^^

      I don't recall ,their whole fight was so corny ,not that I expected much from king or diane but got their exchange is lame and this diane is even lamer than old diane .

      I agree and unlike elizabeth or diane she is very quite easy to like and I thought she was pretty cool in their fight ,even if her powers aren't impressive

      Elizabeth-.- yes she is ,her attitude is so mushy so corny and it 's sickening to watch

      I don't know if you noticed but after the fight mel told ban elizabeth is the woman who converted the entire demon army in the past ,I think it proves my point that short haired elizabeth was probably elizabeth 1.0 and the current one is 2.0 and that there was an original model so a love triangle with big mel isn't too far fetched .

      Another thing which isn't too far fetched is mel being a former human ,We have the first fairy king turned into a demon ,the founder of the giant tribe so why not mel being human ,what do you think ?

      Honestly ,I believe it's escanor win and I loved that we got to see his past and why he loves merlin ,but even if gowther wins i wouldn't mind ,I like how blunt he is ,it would be great if he woke his demon self .

      Yes ,at least they are taking some kind of actions and aren't just doing nothing .

      True ,this is all on mel with his knowledge of the demons he could be a big help but I guess since elizabeth isn't concerned he is just chilling .

      I was a bit shocked to see black haired meliodas chilling on arthur' s throne ,yup that seems to be the case and merlin+elizabeth's dad were hinting that arthur is special so maybe he lived to awaken his power ,because as of now he has no magical power ,so he can kick ass later .

    28. True..basically, I'm not sure if I want to see him as a prisoner. ^^; True, regarding GK.

      Most likely yes. Hehe..something like, it isn't your father who was killed and you're a general so you should also think of the country so set aside your hatred for our beloved country. You should even thank Suwon for 'giving' Yona to you so now, this is how you repay him. Isn't it easy to twist things? Of course, you definitely won't like that 'excuse' =P

      Yup..I mean, if Suwon wills it, they [other generals] will go after Haku. Can Wind still continue on being chummy-chummy with them? Though for politics and 'peace', you have to admit that hypocrisy is needed. amusing analogy. But no, I won't say that about Yona and the dragons. I agree with you. That one is 'built in' without a history behind them..unless you count the time between Hiryuu and his dragons. =P

      Lol..I would actually be lenient if she doesn't have a strategic mind since it wasn't shown at all in the series. It would really help if she at least shoot one decisive arrow or something. I mean, after all that training, she can't even use it when the time is need. Well, in this arc. It seems that she is regressing in terms of fighting.

      Apparently yes...necklace = token of gratitude?

      Maybe just like Suwon before, Yona is actually shocked that Sky will threaten to kill Haku? ^^; Too bad we don't know what's on her mind so we're guessing things again.

      True..but who knows..maybe it will lead there soon. As long as she doesn't start asking Haku and the dragons if they got her hairpin back from the fort. ^^;

      Yup. But on this one, I don't think that will happen to Suwon anytime soon.

    29. Yup ^^

      Ah yes...I vaguely recall that. He dropped the topic immediately, right? By the way, after these battles, will the winners fight against the commandments or still fight among themselves? I wonder if the mangaka will set Ban + Meliodas vs Elaine + Elizabeth.

      That's possible. Perhaps, there is no real 'demon' clan but rather, other clan species that has 'fallen'. What do you think?

      True..would the demon self be the same as current Gowther? Same look? Same powers? Will he have amnesia? <- forgot Meliodas and others.


      Most likely yes. And, perhaps with that, more on Merlin? Hm..after the current battle arena-type arc, do you think they will split up to 'save' Camelot? Somehow, I feel that it will saved for latter on. They'll help out the villagers first. I'm not really expecting a split up since they are all there just for these two commandments but then, Escanor 'defeated' two on his own. Anyway, we'll just have to see the outcome of this arc.

    30. ya ,that uncle might not be cruel but he almost killed Chang for a mole so if it's a prisoner !!!! things will get ugly for sure

      Haha just like the dragons likes Suwon for killing the king because they could meet yona XD

      True ,I think they would rebel if something were to happen to Hak and if he were to chase after Hak ,they will no longer help him out and be like a seperate tribe now if he gets killed it will be hell for suwon and his party .

      I do agree but this isn't that type of manga ,what we see with sky and most of the time with yona seeing only what she wants to see ,with the suwon and his lackeys .Isn't hypcrisy for the sake of politics or anything like that ,it's just bad writing .

      Now in Chang ge Xing there is alot of hypocrisy and manipulation mainly from our heroine but that does serves a purpose ,that fit well with her goals and the society in which she live in

      can you feel it's the same with yona ?

      yup the first dragons got the feelings from the actual dragons and those feelings are passed on they would love yona no matter what they have no say in the matter ,no matter how much green say he is his own person and his feelings are his own they are not .So all his drama with yona honestly it isn't needed and it's so freaking annoying
      I find his behavior so stupid ,he is behaving like a love sick teenage girl in a shoujo
      Lili would've a better chance with her than him .

      Yes ,honestly if she were intelligent ,I might tolerate her character a bit more .But not only is she reckless and always needs saving ,she acts like she is badass+ everybody act like she is really badass which is the reason why I can't stand her .

      The way she acts like a boss when somone need to save her ass ,the way she always rush to danger without any second though even though she is so weak all of that makes her ugggghhh

      True ,this one time where you thought she would use that over used "fierce" glare of hers she sat there like a fool ,let alone shoot an arrow it would've been really amazing had she shoot sky and threatened up but instead of that we get looking like an idiot that doesn't know to act when she needs to ,oh well all hail to the wind for their death glares not giving a damn about whether suwon is there or not .

      Lol so necklace = taking arrows for you ,leaving family behind for you ,get framed because of you ....etc that's the kind of logic you only see here .

      She didn't look shocked or anything ,and honeslty this was a bigggg failure on her part ,everybody got on their feet ready to kill Judoh at least the wind did and after all her big words she does nothing ,I guess it isn't suwon that's why .

      hahaha if she ask them that ,it will be bad even for yona .

      I agree things will continue being smooth for suwon and this will make this already boring and annoying +illogical plot be even more boring annoying and illogical ooops we don't even have a plot to begin with .

    31. Yup though the mole thing is a sensitive thing = sister complex =P

      That's right. Poor Iru.

      Hm..if it is this situation, yes. But if Haku gets killed later on, I'm not sure Wind can win against all the other tribes.

      Nope..and honestly, Chang is way out of Yona's league =P Yona is more of Vk Yuki. Can I even say like DoA's Nakaba? So much potential but in the end..

      Lol. But would you say Green is out of character? Wasn't Kija somewhat like that too? Iirc, when Yona was with Haku? The other two dragons don't seem to think of Yona that way.

      Yup ^^ So disappointing. Indeed. Sky is really stupid to pull that off with Wind there. It had possibly dented in a big way whatever goodwill/good impression Suwon is trying to make on Wind.

      Hehe..and Haku is happy with that. And, I thought that necklace has some importance in this arc. ^^;

      Ya. By the way, I was thinking that no wonder Suwon always get the credit. It is because he is the one who'll clean up the mess afterwards. I mean, after Yona and others helped, they are always gone with the wind and move on to the next 'trouble'. Whereas Suwon stays, do this and that so of course, he gets the credit when most people didn't know who helped in between.

      I won't be surprised if the people would think that red haired girl and her band are Suwon's people. =P And, perhaps, there is that main plot on how Yona and her group are formed. The rest are 'episodic arcs' on how they help Suwon become the 'greatest king' ever =P What do you think?

    32. Yup this meliodas we are talking about ,we can't expect anything serious about him .The only time we see his serious side is when his damsel in distresse is in distresse

      I think they will probably fight amongst themselves and the last standing will fight the demons ,That would be funny but at the same it would so corny ban and elaine are nice together but elizabeth and mel oh no pleasse spare me that boring and annoying couple they are so mushy that it became disgusting .

      I agree with the fairy king being a demon and the giant founder being a demon as well this doesn't seem far fecthed at all .

      I don't know but I do hope we get to see him ,I love gowther ,he is so blunt that's nice ^^

      I feel like Merlin's past will be left last ,even more than mel her character is very mysterious .My guess is that she is much older than she looks probably lived 3000 years ago ,I'm pretty sure she has done alot of shady stuff and probably will do more ,I just can't trust her and I love that ^^

      maybe they will return once arthur power up or when they return he will power up ,no clue either way I do the focus will shift towardn the demons ,mainly black haired mel and big mel .

    33. Haha yeah I mean he is pissed that she doesn't look like his sis that alone speak volume about his sister complex ,though so far I don't hate the guy but I think he is very cocky .
      Yup ,except for Hak and his gramps no one mourned the guy not even his own daughter ,I mean everytime she recalls the past it's just suwon ,never her dad that's so pathetic .

      Well yeah no matter what ,the wind on it's own will never win against the rest of the tribes who are 100% suwon's lackeys .But after this I expect a cold behavior from wind ,I hope we get to see tae woo in a meeting and how he behave with them .What sky did ,will not make the tribe rebel but they will probably be distant with them and that's so nice for once someone with a logical reaction and not a suwon's worhsipper .

      Hahaha I know she isn' t even out of her league ,they aren't from the same world .Yup it's good comparaison with Nakaba

      Whatever ,his feelings for yona are so dumb oh my god it's like get over yourself dude most of your feelings aren't your own so get over it .

      Yup ,It was more foolish than any word could expresse it ,the way he started whining cause that's what it was , had me thinking please someone anyone just smack the guy and make him shut up .
      I may like hak but the guy has no dignity at all ,I thought so too but with this manga the build up never lead to anything so better not expect .

      True ,he arrive at the end of the crisis and fix the problem and get the credits .

      I think that description fit perfectly ,yona and co are indeed helping suwon ' reign that's pretty obvious they are already on his team .

    34. True. Otherwise, as they say, it is poker face/don't care..they'll manage.

      Hehe..actually, I meant whether Ban and Meliodas will actually fight Elaine and Elizabeth if they are paired up in the vs battle. Kind of like Growther vs Escanor. Will they fight or pretend to fight?

      Is that so. For me, there is something about Gowther that makes me not quite like him. Not sure if it is the character design or something ^^;

      Yup. And, we still didn't know if she is still petrified or not. Merlin will probably have a major twist later on in the series. After all, she knows too much and even, iirc possibly Growther's true identity?

      Speaking of Big Mel..he isn't making any move yet, right? I think Camelot will be left perhaps second to the last major battle..assuming Big Mel is the last battle.

    35. True.

      Yup...better watch their backs, too while Wind is at it.

      Ya..and that's usually the problem of 'reincarnation'. Is it one's own feeling or of one's past self? But then, they have no 'past romance' and the one whom Hiryuu seems to be close with is Zeno, right? I can only think that it is because this is a harem so it is like that. ^^; Yona has her harem and so does, Suwon =P

      Ya. Sigh..and that isn't exactly the reason why I started reading this ^^;

    36. Yup I got that ,that's why I told you it would be funny but still corny because it will be I can't hurt you blah blah blah

      I agree that he is very creepy but I love how blunt he is .

      I think she is still petreified ,I agree she probably knows about Mel 's past as well like what happened 3000 years ago ,since she probably was there .Honeslty if she is revealed evil ,I won't be too shocked because she does have that about her .

      Yup he isn't ,Iagree that one will be the last since he proabably has ties to elizabeth and sighhhh I'm so not looking forward to that .

    37. Yup ,I wouldn't put it past suwon to do something dirty to the wind again to have them obey ,just like I wouldn't past yona to excuse that since it's for the country sake .

      Actually the author did draw a picture about how each of the dragons had a crush on hiryuu so if here a woman they would proabably be in love .

      You know ,about yona it 's impossible for her to be like chang even if it's just the slightest trait ,for exemple take the last chapter when she told old man I've been too hasty so if the relationship with my family is ruined it will be my fault .

      Have you ever seen yona admit her mistake and try to do better next time ?For exemple what happened here in this arc ,it's yet again her being reckless and short sighted ,thanks to that they made a big mess and you know even if lili had died I doubt yona would change her ways which is beyond dumb .

    38. Indeed.

      Really...okay... ^^; the start..there was a possibility, right? The first chapter...sigh.. have really given up on her. But then, you do have a point..will she say that in the end, Lili's death is a 'good sacrifice' for Suwon to take over the Sei country whose ruler/s are oppressive? Just like her father's death, Yona can justify it. Or, is that different? I would hope it will be different since Lili isn't exactly 'bad for the country' like her father was.

      So, out of curiosity, why do you think Yona won't change her ways even if Lili or let's stretch it out a bit..Haku or the dragons died due to her reckless ways? Whose death probably except for Suwon can make her change her ways? =P

    39. Lol, ah okay. I got it. I thought you were talking about which pairing is better ^^;

      Hehe..but if she is evil, Escanor might go with her. Wouldn't it be bad for the others? Evil will win since they'll have too many strong allies.

      Hehe..well, hopefully, it won't be that sappy/corny =P

    40. yes there was but it vanished so quickly....sigh

      Honestly,I will not put it past her to find some way to justify her death if it happened by either saying suwon is the right king we should help him so things like that do not happen ,or by blaming someone else other than suwon ,and she will go on and on about how weak she is but let me tell you what she would never do no matter who kicks the bucket ,she would never ever doubt that suwon is the right king for the kingdom or try to take him down ,even though he maybe be at fault and above all she would never doubt her ways ,that she is reckless and dumb in every move she makes despite not being able to handle herself ,now I would excuse her being that way if she could kick ass but she can't so it's like except glaring and talk big what the hell can you do ?

      Again chang ge with all her intelligence and skills ,she always kept a low profile when she goes on a mission ,but yona when she was taken to sei she was bossing around ,when chang ge was taken by sun she was like fine I will be your dog and she turn things around until he trusted her and she even raised her position ,so much that she was like his third in command after blonde guy .Now tell me you think yona can pull something like that ? It's like yona still think she is a princess which is not , and that's why she has such a big attitude .When in reality it's just attitude she has nothing to back her big words with ,she should realize that it's only thanks to her harem that she still live .Chang ge has to thank her wits for still being alive + having amazing allies .I mean Qin is one badass grandpa .

      Like I said above she is too stubborn for that .The day she let go of this image she has of suwon in her mind that he is their messiah ,the one and true king .And that the guy simply want land and power and that what happened to Lili ,is just something that happened at the right time to serve his purpose that he may not be evil ,but he doesn't care for justice and happiness of the people .Then we will talk about her changing her ways .

      The day she start to act accordingly to her strength and not overestimate herself just so others will get injured in her place and fight her battles then we will talk about her possible growth

      last but not least the day she stops taking Hak for granted then we talk .I mean when she had that sakura moment about how did suwon and hak end up that way .

      She could've realized that hak gave up everything for her ,yet she repaid him with a necklace .He gave up his position ,and with suwon he would've done amazing thing and be a general famous across all the lands ,he gave up his family and we have seen how strong the bonds in the wind are ,he gave his bond with suwon which is stronger that anything she ever had with anyone .

      on the other hand ,what did yona give up for Hak ? family she doesn't have that ? a yes she had but she doesn't care ? friend suwon ,the one who lied to her all these years ,the one whom she barely knows ,the one whose real friend is hak ? Future ,the futre of being spoiled until she dies ?

      So yeah you can get my point on yona .

    41. well I was also talking about that ,and yeah I would pick elaine and ban anytime .

      Yes he may but he also seems to have this knight attitude fight against the evil thing ,so he might not follow her either .Either way I'm looking forward to this .

      But that love triangle I'm not looking forward to it ,because elizabeth and mel gotta be the corniest couple besides king and diane so yeah ,that's a big no to me .

    42. Is that so. Well, she did shoot some decisive arrows and save a few lives like Lili and Tetora, iirc. =P

      I guess it is all because we put a very high standard on Yona especially compared to Chang. As I mentioned before, in other stories, Yona can be considered 'strong and cool' if the lead girl is a crybaby and weak person. Of course, in this arc, Yona had really regressed. ^^; It will be problematic if she stays that way or even regressed further.

      Your last question, if she still unconsciously considers herself as 'the princess' then, there is most likely that self-entitlement that Haku does all that for her. In a way, it is now taken for granted since Haku is ever loyal and everything. And, they are all pampering her.

      Talking about her not changing, I guess that woman merchant tricking them won't be a lesson either. ^^;

    43. I see.

      Spoilers for the new chapter...

      That was amazing. Just when I thought Escanor failed but the last scene. Nice. They only have to bring him to the others and he'll finish them off in no time as long as it is just strength battles and not using brains/strategy.

      People are saying that he'll be paired against adult Mel. So, the black haired will be Meliodas' opponent? Maybe that love triangle thing won't happen...well, in a way one might imagine wherein all three are there. =P

      Of course, hopefully, what Growther did to Escanor isn't too damaging. Just imagine he'll become like Diane. ^^;;

      So much for imagining the guys vs girls ^^;; The mangaka ended this asap so we can go to the next commandments...if those two will stay down permanently =P Which is good too since it is slightly dragging.

    44. When exactly did she shoot a decisive arrow ,I’m sorry but she never saved Lili or Tetora with her arrows ,she did try to fight back to save them when they faced Hiyou but I would hardly call that decisive .
      Yup a high standard and I started reading with high expectations but they were betrayed so quickly I’m still salty about it .And again at least with yuki ,they all saw her as this person with no special skills or charisma for a pureblood vampire but they still loved her my problem with Yona is how others see her ,and how she herself is pretty cocky not to mention reckless .I mean when she in sei she was talking big to the guard and giving orders when she couldn’t kill one of them ,just how do you describe this ,if not by cocky stupid and reckless .
      Yes ,I would give her that she doesn’t cry in each chapter but deep down she is the typical shoujo girl except that this one has a big attitude and tries to act tough only to fail .
      I think it will either stay this way or get worse because each time she act in a reckless way and gets saved by her harem and her glare yet the only think she wish for is to be strong ,now if she was a well drawn character she would change her ways and even if she doesn’t become a master strategist like Chang ,she could be more witty and at least think before acting .
      Yup and each time hak calls himself her servant she doesn’t bother telling him no you are not ,so many hints that she still has this princess idea in her head ,with chang ge I really don’t get this feeling.Yup that’s why she takes them all for granted and act as their boss when she is the one who is the most useless .
      No it won’t -_-
      p.s if you have time can you tell me what’s being said ,just the general idea ^^
      Yup that was sooooo badasssss and mind you he wasn’t at full power he forced himself to turn it was still night and that was terrific thumbs for the most badass sin ^^
      Ah that would be good ,I don’t think Mel will take them on both .Now if the love triangle turn out to be true and Elizabeth end up fighting big Mel or joining the fight you wouldn’t see the end of my ranting .
      Oh my god ,even night time escanor is still better than old and current diane so if he become likes her that ‘s not gonna do the lion sin any good but at least I’m sure it won’t influence his arrogant form ,I loved when he jumped in the sky and called his spear to come to him .

      Look like the festival is over ,but I gotta hand it to Mel the guy maybe lame but in this chapter he was the furthest thing from lame ,all what he did was badass from start to the end amazing ,the last page looked terrific
      I’m looking forward to some amazing stuff next chapter as for them not being dead not too suprising since Escanor wasn’t at his full power but still even with a bit of his power he wrecked those guys so at full power nothing will be left of them .

    45. Sorry, that was suppose to be two scenes. Decisive arrow = kill bad guy in GD's arc. Save Tetora from scar dude. And, save Lili in this arc and that one at the bar..iirc, Yona showing her dancing skills. = Yona does have a use in some way.

      I agree. Honestly, it is very stupid to do that. Luckily, the enemies are very lenient and more stupid than she/others are. I do question why Sei have to be so dramatic and everything over two girl slaves causing ruckus/rebelling. Just kill them and get more obedient ones. Just when they want to teach them a lesson, it is already too late.

      Ya..yet, she has some amazing luck to survive until now.

      Ah..but don't you think she'll change when we get to the prophecy again? That sword-shield thing and against some darkness..was it?

      Lol..but most of the time, that is how it is in this kind of series. Of course, unlike the others, Yona got potential but failed to deliver. The others well, they are just 'ordinary'. Honestly, don't you even wonder what's the big deal with Yona/Hiryuu when they are suppose to be just 'ordinary humans'?

      I'll open up a new comment so that this won't be thread won't be too long.

    46. Ah okay ,lol same use that is .Can you please tell me when time when she saved herself or someone on her own without her fiery glare or the help of others
      when facing scar dude ,blue came in and saved her .
      In the bar the guys end up saving her after her failed kick
      in green arc the guys saved her
      at least give me an exemple where she saved the day or at least showed some level of wits to defeat someone or trick someone ?Cause I don't recall any moment like that
      Yes ,the only reason why yona's stupid and reckless actions haven't caused her death yet is because the foes she faced so far are even more stupid than she is .Yup all the fuss for Lili was so dumb and it was yet again that's what allowed suwon to get another easy victory .
      Yup the plot armor around yona is probably made with Haki .
      You know ,when she learned that she was hiryuu 2.0 I had hoped she would think about her purpose and maybe decide to do something bigger and more precise like end the dragons' suffering and make sure they are no longer reborn just so they could die young ,give peace to the dragons who died in a miserable way waiting for her to be born .But none of it she didn't even mind or think about it ,and then it hit me once again that if it isn't suwon related it isn't worth thinking about it or she simply can't think outside of suwon this and that .
      Tell me about it !!! on one hand he is supposed to be an ordinary human on the other hand they act like hiryuu/Yona has this majestic aura and blah blah blah but I think it's part of the dragon's package like what comes with it pyschotic level of fanboysim ,blind devotion ,super corny admiration and stalker level of level .

    47. Wasn't it the time when she went into the ship as a slave? She killed the villain there. The first and only kill? The rest, iirc, were mostly not that disastrous due to her recklessness because the others were there.

      Yup. Sigh..such a waste.

      Lol..when you put it that way..perhaps, it is charisma =P

    48. Yeah but even there she still needed saving .

      oops I meant stalker level of love .

    49. Hehe..I see.

      Just browse through this Korean manhwa..curious about the ending even if I don't read the series. It was a love triangle and the lead girl became fodder = killed off. It made me think, what if Yona dies in the end and that caused the two guys to live happily ever after. Lol.

    50. Haha that would be terrifc ,if Suwon and Hak end up together I will take back all my ranting ^^

  11. The brother and the woman are talking about GK joining the battle. Everything is prepared and they seems to be just waiting for the go signal. It seems that the two are waiting for an opportunity to take over the clan.

    From what I can understand, they are waiting for the decisive moment when GK is injured or tired from the battle against the Uighur. The woman is telling him to be patient. Brother says that of course he is patient since they have been plotting this for so many years. It seems that when he becomes Khan, he is going south to help some people there. There is a note there, probably about some historical figures.

    The woman cries and thanks him for she is very happy. He tells her about spring's willow trees, summer's fireflies, autumn leaves and winter snow + lanterns? The central plains of China's hustling and bustling. She told him all about it and she'll be able to see it soon so why is she crying.

    The woman said the princess told her to teach him Han lessons and etiquette. She says that even if they are not teacher-student, they are like one. It seems that she is telling him how he already surpassed her from what he learned from her..playing an instrument? Then, reminiscing the time they met.

    She asks if he remembers when he replace GK in giving orders. I don't understand the rest but it seems to be about that envoy to Khitan. Sun has seen that envoy who went to Khitan asking for tributes. She tells the surprised brother that she'll go prepare a gift tomorrow.

    Little girl picking mushrooms and proudly show it to Chang. She tells the girl about the non-Han military coming and they have a camp at around 10k meters. She asks the girl if she wants to come with them to see the soldiers. The girl refuses for she hates it when her father wears an armor and sword.

    The kids ask if the girl is going, are they going to war, will they win, will they stop giving tributes to the Turks, the girl and her clan will live there, and there will be many people then. Chang says yes, this time, they'll win and in the future, everyone can live there at peace.

    1. Thanks alot ,kat ^^ the person who makes the summaries seems to be busy but I couldn't wait ^^
      Well ,I will tell you in case you don't recall but the princess they are talking about is the sui princess ,we have seen her a few times she is always dressed in white and she is the mother of the brother ,what they are trying to do is taking over the turks and go face Li shimin because ,chang ge 's family is the one who took over after her family (i think there was a coup or something like that ) anyway the sui princess wants to take down Li shimin and re take the throne .
      Now that makes me laugh because chang ge and Qin have seen through her schemes and they may be able to take down the great khan and sun but no oneway will they be able to take down shimin because the guy has shown to have many capable allies and himself isn't a fool or a weakling and I so can't wait for them to be destroyed just to pay for all what they put sun through
      But I see that they are quite delusional seeing as they talk as if they have already won .
      Okay ,so we may see her uncle in armor next week ,I don't know but seeing how arrogant he is ,I imagine his armor to be super flashy .Anyway I'm expecting greatness in the next chapters ^^

      thanks again

    2. No problem ^^

      Thanks^^ I've guessed the princess is the mother but I forgot about that other stuff. I'm not sure if they'll succeed over the turks but they definitely will fail against Shimin.

      Yup..and this is Han's golden age. Well, as a villain, one has to be 'delusional' = oozing with self-confidence or else, they won't dare to do such grand schemes ^^

      Lol..that might be possible for a shounen = Jump-type of series. In a realistic battle, better not to be too flashy for that is like an advertisement/sign where the boss is =P

      Ya..the fight is about to start soon ^^

    3. Yup ,they may succeed because the great khan isn't that intelligent and the brother has more men so he can take out sun but that's it
      against Shimin even without the historical facts ,no way in hell can they win .They are a nomadic tribe with a bunch of people who think too highly of themselves and overestimate their strength .

      Shimin on the other hand he stand upon an empire he has many generals ,scholars ,strategists and he himself isn't scrub and there is a possiblity that if sun get beaten other tribes take this chance to finish off the brother and I doubt he can manage all the tribes .

      Above all the Qin /chang ge duo they have since ages ago understood what the princess was trying to do and ,they are no match to this deadly pair They may have more ressources but in term of intelligence they can't compare .

      Yeah but those guys are really far gone in their delusions ,they are already thinking shimin is as good as beaten .
      still I can't wait to see them get crushed by shimin because if it goes the same as history sun will get beaten by the uncle but it's shimin who will finish off the turks .I can't wait because they deserve it after all the nasty stuff they put sun through .

      still i wouldn't put past him ,I mean that's the guy who is always seen giving himself a manicure so why not XD

      I can't wait just hoping they see each other .and the fight end up being epic .

    4. Ah, you're so hyped up ^^ Well, at least we can be sure that this manga will deliver ^^

      Hm..since you put it that way, where in the world do they got that confidence? Perhaps, unite the tribes and go attack? Or at least, bit by bit? Though it will be hard to manage the tribes due to the tributes that they are forced to give. It would be easier if they have someone from the inside or there is domestic problems.

      Anyway, since we basically know that will happen...we can just anticipate the how ^^

    5. Yup and that's why I'm so hyped up and you know I feel like this battle will decide chang and sun's fate .Especially for sun who may lose everything even his life in this battle as for chang ge if she loses well she see her dream crumble and may have her lies blow in her face .

      So yeah I'm looking forward to it .

      Honeslty ,the servant seems not so sane to me ,I recall in past chapters she got so emo that it left me wondering if she wasn't a bit crazy .I think both her and the princess ,want to go back to the han so much that they became quite delusional .I mean it isn't something to brag about ,being able to fool the great khan as far as I can tell that dude isn't that bright .But it's another thinking they can take on shimin and all of tang dynasty .still I think they are a smart party but still can't compare to Qin and chang and her other allies and at the end of the day they are giving themselves too much credit .

      Yes ,because if it does the same way as did in reality and they win this may inspire other tribes to revolt and that's really cocky to think they can manage a revolt from the tribes and attack shimin .Either way they may get the upper hand for a moment but it won't last .

      yup and so far based on the history notes the person who translate give at the end of her summaries ,it's going according to actual facts so yeah we can only wait to see how and what will happen to chang and sun .

    6. True. And, there is still that thing about her health.

      Yup...unless they have a trump of some sort. Surely, unlike some red haired princess, they have thought of a plan rather than just rushing towards Shimin to fight them. =P

      I get the impression that weaker tribes would unlikely revolt. Ah, I'm not too sure if they [bro] are anticipating Uighur to lose. I mean if Uighur wins, it will be harder for them to get all the tribes under them and yes, there will be revolts. The weaker tribes might align themselves with the slightly stronger ones like Uighur.

      Whether or not they can keep on getting the upper hand depends on their plans. Will they offer the other tribes something that they couldn't refuse or use their brute strength like GK was doing? Since they planned it for years, surely, they should more or less know what they'll do like plan A, then plan B, etc.

      Somehow, I don't think it is a good idea to be hostile to Sun. He is an asset especially since they are suppose to fight against Shimin. So far, Sun is still loyal with the Turks. I guess they just cannot stand each other and backstabbing is a very high possibility that the brother isn't going to take that risk.

      I see ^^

    7. Yup so even if everything goes well and nothing blow up in her face she may still die ,that's just sad I also feel bad for her grandmother .

      Hahaha I think they did but just like the red haired princess they got cocky .

      I think that's what my happen ,they will go fight with uyghur but either way with the uyhur win it will mean trouble for the bro and his mother's plans .

      They probably do ,but look everybody hates the turk and are they aren't obeying these guys out of loyalty but just plain fear so once the boss is gone and the whole thing start to crumble ,time for revolt .

      Yes ,he is an asset and the bro has always been paranoid about sun ,like he is a threat and blah blah blah ,that's why he is always nasty with him and tried many times to get rid of him ,I mean chang's wife was spying for him and his mother .all that when sun had no interest in fighting the bro ,so yeah once the khan is dead ,I think he will get rid of him but I do hope that since the object of sun's loyalty is no more he would fight back and give hell to that smug bastard .

    8. Ya..

      Lol, is that so.

      Indeed..that is the most possible scenario. So, I'm thinking that they should have something more to offer to these tribes or else, bye-bye.

      Ya...if Sun survives this battle. Do you think that there might be some accidental death? Like, Chang indirectly causing Sun's death?

    9. Ya either way I believe they are still screwed because one they will never win against shimin two the uncle if he wins against sun and the GK ,nothing is stopping him from crushing the brother especially if he gets more allies .

      By the way don't you feel like the brother is just a puppet in his mother's hands and the servant because it feels like he is doing it for them not like he want to do it .That makes him look even worse like he is a puppet yet act so tough and like he is such a smartass !!!!

      more than accidental ,I fear it will be very tragic like die to save chang ge or something and we will have chang get sick because of it and die .I could see a romeo and julliette ending for these two so many things could go wrong and so little could go right .

    10. That's right. But at that time, they didn't know they'll lose against the uncle. Hehe, I guess you'll see the payback very soon. ^^ can say that. I would assume that he is a mama's boy and he is kind of 'in love' with the servant. Since he is the 'favorite son', I think it is inevitable for him to be smartass and oozing with confidence. Hm..suddenly makes me wonder if it is the same with Yona being the only child ^^;

      I see. Well, Uighur are supposed to be the winning side so I don't see the possibility of Sun saving Chang. If it is that kind of tragic ending, Chang might read the letter when he is already dead. ^^;;

    11. Yup and the fact that they are so confident will make things even better whent they lose ^^

      I agree he seems to be a spoiled brat + a mama boy ,I get that mainly from the way he behave with sun ,it shows that he is so spoiled .As for the woman ,you also thought he had a crush on her ??? so that isn't just me ^^ he is kind of pathetic it's like he has no mind of his own he is willing to lead his tribe to their death for a bunch of women who are so obviously making use of him to get what they want ...I mean he has never seen Han so for him to go that far for those two is pathetic .For exemple sun feels indebted to the turks and consider himself a turk because he has always been with them .Same for chang she sees herself as a han and she put tang above uyghur which makes sense but the brother ....

      Probably maybe if she had siblings she would be a bit less spoiled .

      I'm just saying if the unlce find out about her lies and decide to do something to her ,he may come in to save the day ?

      Oh that could be the way things end it would fit perfectly with the tragic vibes of the story ,I'm so curious to see what's in the letter ^^

    12. True. Of course, losing here might mean losing their lives if they're unlucky.

      Yup. It is as you mentioned and it seems like he is giving too many favors to her. Something like want to please her. know, it's love and so, it seems to be 'I'll do everything for you to make you happy'-type.


      Ah, okay. That one. Perhaps, if he has the opportunity to do so. you think it is a love letter? Farewell letter?

    13. and since this is a realistic story and quite tragic as well it isn't too far fetched to think it may happen .

      Yup and that's foolish because not only will he lose his life but the life of his tribe as well because if he were thinking straight he would know that no matter how they much they plan this coup it's still madness

      Well ,it maybe a bit of both ^^

      By the way the new chapter is out and just what happened ??? little strategist chang is back and the uncle is indeed very flashy XD please if you have time tell what's going on it's a nine page chapter

    14. Yup ^^

      You are right. The uncle is into flashy things. ^^; The uncle is complaining that he told her to wear her best attire [/Sunday best] so what doesn't she understand about that. Irked Chang asks if they are going to converge with the soldiers or are they welcoming the soldiers. I think she just told her uncle to restrain his laughable vanity a bit.

      The uncle complains that she doesn't have the looks and luckily, they'll still know that she is a girl. Chang says isn't he finished [talking about that]. He drops the topic and says that it isn't a big difference if she came.

      The uncle starts telling her how many soldiers they have from this and that person/tribes. With his personal 5k soldiers, they can defeat 20k Turks. Chang says that he really has confidence and presumably the other party also knows that. She smiles and says that she heard that Xieli Khan <- GK? likes to take an unfair advantage [/benefit at other's expense]. The uncle says that it is such a coincidence that he also heard of that.

      Blondie is telling Sun that due to Khan high interest, etc the people are becoming resentful of the chief and there are a lot in the inner circle all the more little khan is eyeing covetously [/glare like a tiger watching his prey] The swords that he can use isn't many. [<- I don't know if the he is Khan or the brother] He says that Sun is the most favorable/advantagous one so don't think too much. He then says that it must be strange to advise him not to think too much. ^^;

      Sun grabs the jug and says he'll offer wine to his father. Blonde offers to go with him. He says that Sun drank a lot. Sun says that it is just a wine offering and don't talk. Sun suddenly stops walking that Blondie asks what he saw. Sun says it is that fatso who went to Khitan for tributes. He [merchant] is going in his father's carriage.

      Uncle tells merchant that he'll use himself as bait to lure Xieli. Merchant asks if he trust him that much. Uncle says no, that is why his niece's 'uncle' is going to substitute for him in supervising the army. Qin panics over leaving such an important task to him. Merchant acknowledges Qin's ability to coordinate things.

      I don't quite understand this part. It seems that Qin is good at talking then there is something about killing the other party's whole family or vice-versa. I would assume that it is a veiled threat to do good so Qin says yes, yes. Merchant comments about the caravan he worked hard to build will become his [uncle] relative. Uncle asks if he has a bit of face. <- to ask that?

      By the way, the Uncle calls Chang as Lili. Was that the name of her 'wife'? I would assume that Chang didn't tell them her real name. Uncle tells her to go back. Chang asks why. Uncle asks why she is asking that, the idea[?/snack] is out, the military intelligence is discussed, so she can leave.

      Chang quote a saying from Han, put away the bow once the birds are gone [/kick somebody out after his services are no longer required]. They have not yet hit the bird and he's already putting away the bow. The uncle asks if she is the door's bow. If she doesn't go back, the grandmother is going to punish him [/peel off his skin]. If she likes to hear stories he'll put up a special relay horse soldier to send her a letter everyday. Chang sighs and says okay.

      That's it.

    15. Lol ,I kind of laughed when I saw him ,I mean his blonde hair is already flashy when most of them are black haired but then his armor made it look even more flashy and I even began to doubt if he was going to some sort of festival and not to war XD but at the end of the day it does fit his personality .

      Haha is he some sort of self centered lady ,I can't believe that first it's her looks now it's her clothes XD

      Lol ,so she is telling him that he is quite cocky ^^ I didn't get that part about the khan ?

      So is blondie telling sun that everybody hates the khan and it isn't only the brother who is eyeing his throne but alot more people and since he is loyal to the khan he has nothing to worry about ?

      So the fat dude is gonna meet with sun's dad that's bad news ,Don't tell me sun is gonna have problems even before the fight begins that's some awful luck he has ,and the khan is old and fat he knows he need sun to win the fight he can't send him away so either way sun is screwed ? If the khan survive ,he will turn on him because of that fat tribute guy or he may try to harm sun by harming his family (khitan ) and if the khan dies than the jerk brother will also act openly against sun .

      So is chang's uncle gonna use himself as a bait to lure sun's dad (that shouldn't be too hard considering how flashy he is dressed ^^) or is the black haired man gonna be used as a bait ? That's a good move leaving that task to Qin ,though it's funny when he tries to act like a useless old man ,him and chang are quite capable actors

      So they threaten Qin that if he fail them ,he is done for ? Or is it someone's else being threatened ?

      I didn't get that part about the caravan as well ,is black haired man saying it will belong to chang's uncle ?

      Yup ,she didn't tell them her name ,Well her name was mimi so maybe she got the idea of the name from her ?

      So is chang saying she is their trump card or something ? lol ,look like he still not taking her seriously

      well ,since he is no longer putting swords at her neck ,I guess that's a huge improvement ^-^

    16. P.s I can't seem to say the uncle ,I mean he is so vain and his comments are so cheap it became hilarious ^^

    17. Indeed. From your description, it suddenly reminded me of a character in Fate/Stay Night. ^^; In a way, if he is the bait, that's a good idea =P

      I think it meant that the Khan has a tendency to do underhanded things so that he'll be at an advantage. Probably a hint after the uncle mentioned of how many his troops are.

      I think he only meant the brother is eyeing the throne but it will be easier to overthrow since a lot of people are dissatisfied. Perhaps, Sun is in a good situation because technically, he isn't a turk? Sorry, I don't quite understand that part. ^^;; Basically, Blondie is trying to reassure Sun that things are still okay for them.

      Indeed..and it depends if he'll rat on him or not. Well, he might if he's drunk. In the end, if we are to see Sun alive, he has to get out of the Turks or as you mentioned, destroy Turks badly so they don't have time to go after Sun or Khitan since survival will be the priority.

      The bait is the uncle. The black haired guy will stay behind with Qin. Yup, and the real brains is actually that little girl. =P I just noticed that Chang is looking at a map while eating.

      Sorry, after re-reading, it seems that they are saying that Qin is very good in talking/persuading that after meeting some time, he can easily kill a whole family in a pinch. Something like that so, he better do well. Ah..just check the other translation for it ^^;

      Yes..that is what I think he said so I assumed that the black guy's daughter will be married off to them hence, become Sun's relative. ^^;

      I it sounds like Mimi. ^^;;

      She seems to be implying that or she is just expressing disappointment that he'll shoo her away when he's done with her. I don't think she is saying that she is the trump card since she is hiding that fact.

      Ya..I guess that is to lighten up the mood a bit ^^

    18. let me it's Gilgmaesh right ? because those two have a massive ego ,like to dress in a fashy way and were so very arrogant . I liked Gilgamesh by the way .

      Ah okay ,honeslty that khan is a dumbass because he doesn't even realize that the biggest threat is the lesser khan (the brother) yet he is treating sun like trash while trusting the brother!!!!

      if he were smart he would look out for sun ,reward him for his loyalty not treat him like trash ,but I guess he knows sun won't betray him so he is being a jerk anyway ...But that man is no threat to the uncle ,old fat and useless ,sun and blondie on the other hand will be a threat .

      Okay thanks so basically he is trying to cheer him up after that jerk paid him a visit .

      Yeah but either way sun is an a very bad spot right now more than chang .

      Okay so that's why the black haird man told the uncle if he trusted him that much ,but uncle said no that's why he is leaving Qin as an assurance .

      Sun's relative ? how come they will marry the girl who has a crush to their enemies since they are against the turks now.

      Hahaha it does work in my opinion especially when you see how irrated chang is .

    19. Yup. And, he hates ugly things, iirc. Ya, he is a fun character even if he is like that.

      That's right...well, I guess he didn't realize it because he is of blood. Actually, I'm not too sure if the Turks are used to that because for Hans/Chinese, it is more prevalent so they should be more aware of that.

      Yup, it's basically that I guess, trying to cheer Sun up.

      Sorry, typo. I meant the uncle's relative. ^^;; 'assumed that the black guy's daughter will be married off to them hence, become uncle's relative.' I think that during this time, all property and inheritance of the girl will be given to the groom.

      Indeed ^^

    20. Yup ,I did love Giglmaesh quite a lot ,unlike the male lead which made me want to strangle him each time he appeared .

      Yup ,and that shows that he is a lowlife and a dumbass ,lowlife for not showing a bit of gratitude for all sun's effort and not even having a bit of affection for the kid he adpoted Dumbass for not noticing that the one who is trying to screw him over ,is the one who is trust .


      Ah okay that makes more sense ,lol imagine if they try to marry her to the uncle that would be so funny XD .Yes that's should be the case .

    21. Lol..the younger version, right?

      Yup. I'm a bit hesitant to say that it will be his daughter. ^^;; Of course, during those times, I guess that is the norm. Uncle will just have to wait a few more years. =P Ah..they can have many wives too, right?

    22. Yes ,I'm talking about shirou ,he was kind of cool when he became archer .

      Poor girl ,he would always look down on her and call her ugly ,I feel bad for any woman who would marry him she would always be inferior to his sister .

      Yes ,they have wives and concubines .

    23. True.

      Indeed ^^

      Ya, thought so.

  12. Yup ^^ And if he was, he would have probably totally finished those two.

    From the looks of things, ya..Mel probably won't take on them at the same time. Lol..kind of like how Inoue and Chad are still in Bleach..for the final battle? =P

    Yup. You know, I think he'll be in top 5 or 1 if there is a new character poll out.

    Indeed. It is great that he delivers. Though he did mention that he cannot take both of them at the same time powerful are the rest of the commandments? And, does he actually need all seven sins to defeat them? At least here, they were a distraction for the commandments to not see it coming =P

    It seems that Escanor is still his old self so that is a relief. I mean Growther didn't do anything. Hopefully there is a reason to keep Diane having amnesia after this arc or it can be somewhat 'unproductive' of her to remain like that. So, I guess those two are wiped out in the next chapter.

    1. Yup there would be nothing left of them as far as we know that's what happened to Mera when she ate his soul .
      Yup or like how sakura was in the last battle and you are like what's the point ? Except making the fights more corny and lamer I don't see any point .
      Yup ,I think so I mean if i could vote ,I vote for escanor he is seriously becoming my favorite character him ,merlin and ban my least favorite one is diane because king and mel maybe lame corny and emo but they can deliver and be quite badass if times call for it ,diane is meh all the time ,i mean do you recall when king first appeared and he pierced through his spear while he was sleeping on it I thought that was so cool .
      diane on the other hand -_- well i don't need to elaborate here .
      Anyway ,I told you that what annoys me about yona is how she talks big and act tough all of that while she can't handle herself and back up her words with actions which in the end of the day makes her cocky ,stupid and reckless
      now let's talk about escanor in his prideful form ,the guy is so arrogant it isn't even funny but all his arrogant words and his big attitude is what makes him so badass because he talks the talk and can walk the walk to say the least ,every time he say something really arrogant he does something so epic it leave you speechless ,as for yona she just let you facepalm everytime she tries to act tough .
      I kind of liked that because mel may be powerful and badass but he isn't overpowered and that's nice ,it will allow other characters to shine ,i wouldn't love it if he could one shot all the demons that would be too much .I think big mel is the most powerful and then little mel after that it would be ass demon girl and moustache demon .Demon gowther is proabably up there as well .

      Yup ,honestly diane with or without memories is still so very meh so i don't care .At least we were spared from her dance .

    2. True..perhaps, it is because they are suppose to be the part of the main cast so they have to be there..even if they aren't doing anything much..perhaps, at most, heal someone.

      Ya..being overly lovesick/too emo doesn't help in the coolness factor. Hehe..and I thought it will be Elizabeth =P

      True. And, I can be even be lenient if it happens a few times with Yona because maybe she didn't know her limitations but it keeps going on and on. <- as you mentioned she doesn't learn.

      Ya..and based on that, do we need Diane? I'm not too sure about King and Ban either. But then, Ban might power up when he gets his weapon back. We haven't seen the extent of Merlin's powers. Does she have a weapon, as well as Gowther?

      If that giant commandment is in a lower level, I would expect Diane or somehow, the others can be equal in fighting him but it was Mel who is doing all that with some help from Escanor. So..the weaker sins will just be fodder? What do you think?

      Lol..true but there has to be a purpose for it, right? What will it be used for then when the other commandments are suppose to be more powerful? Distraction?

    3. yeah I also believe that it's because they are part of the main cast and about elizabeth even if she does manage to heal the sins ,you know that her real purpose to cause more drama and that's it .Especially if the love triangle thing end up being true .

      Yup ,I think mel's powers are cool and he can be a real badass ,he proved it in this chapter but I'm sorry I just don't like his character ,I think his personality 99% of the time is lame .Same goes for king .Diane all the time and even in term of combat she isn't impressive at all .

      I agree if it happened a few times where she messed up and got over her head then fine okay but at this point 122+ chapters it is no longer acceptable .Her character is just bad .

      True as far as we can tell only mel ,escanor and I guess merlin can put on a real fight .King had to use all his strength to defeat a servant of the demons that had just a bit of the demonic fairy king power so I don't think he can win against one of them .Diane same thing +with her personality that ain't gonna help .There maybe a bit of hope for ban if he get his weapon ,I mean if it weren't for Mera he would've had a chance at beating Garan ,Gowther most probably yes if he regain his powers .

      Yeah maye she can a less badass move than esacnor and be the bait or something to help mel strike down one of the demons .

    4. Ya..

      Hehe..honestly speaking, when I first saw Diane in the anime. I wasn't impressed with her. ^^; I waited for her to get her weapon but still... ^^;;


      Indeed so what are the rest of the sins going to do? Just watch/fodder? Another power up/training soon?

      Ya...but the more powerful the enemies, the bait thing isn't that effective. <- they usually won't fall for that or else, they'll be lame.

      Lol..when you talk about bait, it makes me wonder if Lili was 'bait' that caused the downfall of Sei. Suwon already know that Sei is building a fort. He isn't doing anything because he knows a certain goody-two-shoes cannot wait and will rush to help <- have to do something even without a plan. So, he'll just have to wait for the opportunity to become the king who is concerned about the tribe leader's daughter, make himself look good by saving the girl, and get Sei to become a vassal, too ^^ And luck is on his side since a certain ex-general is also there along with some back-ups.

    5. Well at first I liked her but now I think about it now it wasn't impressive at all and honeslty no matter how she strong she was supposed to be or may become ,I just don't care her personality is so bad ,strength can't make up for that .

      I don't know but out of the weakest sins meaning diane ,king and ban ,I hope ban gets his time to shine again .Gowther he will probably be one of the strongest when he goes demonic again .

      I know and I agree but I'm just trying to find a purpose for the fodders except stay on the background whine cry and yell .

      Yes ,that summmary fit perfectly for the sei arc .Everybody ,including the dragons ,every single person is helping suwon even without them being aware of it ,even their misery is helping him make his easy victory even easier and make look his idiotic enemies look even more stupid .

    6. True.

      Well, about Gowther becoming demonic..somehow, I wonder if it will become corny later on. You know, he'll definitely change back to sin so they might say some sappy stuff like you actually have a heart, it's there all along, blah blah. =P

      Lol..that isn't a fodder..that's a bystander =P


    7. Ah yes I'm just not trying to think about it ,but it will certainly happen since let's face it even if seven sins is pretty good it has some very corny moments but at least it has an epic aspect to it .

      What the difference ^^

    8. Hehe..true.

      Well, fodders are people/objects you use to be sacrificed for the greater good/strategy like soldiers/pawns in a chess game. So, they have a bit of use. Those I'll handle this small fry, you go ahead and defeat the big boss.

      Bystanders are people who just those people in superhero movies/those people in Naruto in the final battle. They just watch the fights. =P The kidnapped Kouka people in Sei arc. ^^;;

    9. Well most of the time you gotta be fodder to end up as bystander .Look at sakura in the last fight she didn't have the strength (fodder) and as a result she was just there in the background (bystander)

    10. Hehe..true. That way, it is interchangeable. ^^ Depending on what the character decides to do. =P

    11. Yup for exemple Diane who is weak is a fodder but with her even lamer personality she is also a bystander and at the end of the day she just sucks .

      Mel can't be a fodder because he is op but he can be a bystander because of his pathetic personality .


      you know before getting into the chapter I gotta complain about something

      I get that probably the demons aren't equal in power and yes Mel was so badass but the fight was won so easily that's not every pleasing those guys are supposed to be elite demons who under the demon king yet they got defeated so easily and not only that you got the first fairy king + the founder of the giant clan who got even more yet they went down rather quickly

      I just wish that with the remaining demons things would be harder but still mel was really cool in this chapter .

      Now let's move to the interesting part ,the fairy and giant kings decided to join the demon king on their own after losing something important .Okay so that makes me think that either A: all the current demons were not demons by birth and after something really happened to them they joined the demon king and maybe at first they were all against him but at some point they joined him and only Mel didn't want to .

      Which makes me think that maybe something happened to orginal elizabeth that's why mel and maybe the other grown mel became demons

      or B : it's just those two that are not demons since birth and joined mel who has rebelled against the demon king but end up leaving mel and joining the demon clan

      what do you think ?

      I've a feeling grown mel will go to where ban and co are since they are back to the kingdom ,I don't know I feel like it's time for the long lost lovers to meet ,Oh god it's gonna be corny T_T

    12. Lol.

      True. you think that they are really dead? Someone in MS mentioned that we didn't know of their 'curse' yet. Unless the mangaka decided, what the hell..just like with this tournament, let's just get it over with and move on to the next one.

      Yup, it's seemingly easy and Mel was cool. It might be an emphasis on how strong Mel is. So, what are the other 'weaker' Sins for? I mean didn't Mel bragged that the Sins will help him defeat them? Unless he meant a few of the sins.

      I would think that the commandments are not originally demons. The demons are those ugly fat things from the start wherein you drink their blood, it gives you powers. Perhaps, it is the same for the commandments and their boost is thanks to the demon king's blood, perhaps? Or, they're originally just strong.

      Perhaps, they were 'caught' and made into 'slaves' through drinking blood but except for Mel, he decided that it wasn't his thing even if it did help him boost his powers = black thing on his body. Or, perhaps, something did happen to Mel and brothers..they are already at the 'dark side' but somehow, Mel managed to pull away and 'betray' them. The others didn't so that could be what Mel meant as they crossed the line so they're now enemies.

      That would explain that perhaps, there is a 'curse' among the commandments because of something that hurt/traumatized them. For example, Garan must have been lied to so he doesn't want others to lie to him. Lol, I forgot the other girl's commandment but from her example about person becoming blind over doing something bad, I would assume that had happened to her so that is her 'curse/commandment'.

      Now, the question is, how about Gowther? What is he originally and how come he is missing his heart? Or, he just assumed that it is missing. A demon won't be looking for that so perhaps, he used to be a non-demon, then became a commandment then perhaps amnesia or something so somehow, he knows that he is missing a heart. Something like that?

      Lol..actually, I hoped they would teleport to Camelot. ^^;; That would be interesting. Ah..Mel and Elizabeth? Hm..can he also teleport?

    13. as much as I would love to see the demons live upto their reputation and put up a real fight ,I'm not a fan of the dead coming back but oh well maybe in this one it will be done in a nice way .

      Like I said the only sins who seems to be capable of defeating the demons are Mel and Escanor mayb Merlin so for the remaining sins maybe if they team up they could take down one of the demons ?

      But the think that would make me really mad is if the sins with all their experience and skills can't take down on demon and elizabeth with some random power up will be able to do it ,just NO NO NO and NOOOOOOOOOOOO

      But deep down I know elizabeth will have a power up and that's T_T

      Yeah maybe they are just ten of the very strong warriors of their era the strongest of their kind and for some kind of reason each joined the demon king except Mel .

      Or yeah maybe they were caught by the demon king and were forced into this .

      Ah yes maybe what hurt them in their previous life became a source of power in their life as demons .

      It would explain why they actually have "feelings" ,i mean they aren't just brutes like the ugly ones those ones seems to have strong feelings ,granted those are mostly hateful ones but still feelings are feelings and I think little mel is so angry with current mel because they were pretty close ,even the fairy king asked mel why he betrayed them and he he seems serious about it ,I don't know if i'm making any sense but those are my thoughts .

      I don't know maybe Gowther was hurt so bad that he tossed aside his heart and now he want it back or perhaps he was a demon but he experienced love and then he lost his heart ,because demons and love don't go well together ?

      Either way there is more to those demons than meet the eyes .

      ah that would also be interesting but I feel like they will meet with grown mel because he seems to be relevant when it comes to elizabeth .

      I was talking about Elizabeth and grown mel ,I feel like there was a love triangle and she choose mel in the end ,what do you think ? and next chapter is called darkness descend so maybe that means they meet up with grown mel .

    14. might be like think s/he's dead but they aren't..and they have a secret power to defeat them =P

      You know, thinking about it, is there a grand goal in all of this? I mean what's the main plot of the series/7 sins' goal. I thought it is already achieved when it was shown that they aren't really the bad guys. For now, it seems like Bleach..we defeat the enemies and that's it. The story also revolves around Mel and his past. The other stuff are like side stories. What do you think?

      Hm..that's a good idea. A team work would be nice.

      Hehe, why would you think so? Isn't Elizabeth's power about healing? She can keep on healing the good guys which can be quite effective if she doesn't get tired from it. Unless you mean, goddess power which obviously makes the demons weak against it..something like that. Then, they go..ah ah..the light.. well, you know =P But that is useful in old horror movies.

      Ya..the thing is, why would the goddess hate Mel? I would assume that he had somehow joined and did some bad stuff but I would assume that it wasn't voluntary/brainwashed temporarily.

      Ya..and they probably made the cause that hurt them as a 'commandment of thou shall not *blank*' It seems like a self-defense mechanism. Ya..though fairy king has other reasons than Mel's betrayal. I would assume little Mel's commandment might has something to do with betrayal.

      That's possible. Perhaps after turning into a demon,he tossed away his heart but after becoming a sin, he feels something is missing so he is looking for a heart. I'm not too sure if it is because demons and love. Heart can also be attachment? Trying to forgot someone who hurt him? But that would make the love into hate. ^^;; Anyway, let's discuss that when we know more. ^^

      Ah..okay. I thought it is that Mel ^^; Hehe, of course, she'll choose Mel. I mean she doesn't even protest over the sexual harassment among other things =P Now, if she were brainwashed or something...

      Maybe..I'll be surprised if it was. I would assume the mangaka would make meeting up with grown mel in the end then, there is all sorts of flashbacks/back story. And, the final battle. Grown Mel doesn't seem like Mel who'll do a peek-a-boo on them and leave. Ah, it also depends if grown Mel actually knows Elizabeth. What if it is only Elizabeth going...ah, he's in my dream.. And he is totally clueless =P

    15. Oh my god the way it was done in bleach and naruto was so bad it was reallllllllllllly forced ,so if it happens here I just hope it won't be as bad .

      I agree for exemple in one piece we know each character's goal ,and we know that when they reach the final island it will be the end .

      Here like you said there is no real goal ,yeah defeat the demons then that's it and if you recall this fight was forshadowed since the start so we can consider that 7sins will be done once the demons are defeated ,mel passed revealed maybe we will get to see the demons king and that's it ,and it's fine if it isn't a long manga .I mean naruto should've never been that long ,so if there is no more material I hope that it ends while it is good and not make up random enemies and forced story lines .Or they could make the godess clan as the second big bad of the story and continue with the story after the demons are done ;I either way I believe seven sins shouldn't be a long manga it willl lose it's charm ,it isn't an amazing manga but it's pretty good so they should make it short and sweet ^^

      I agree ,at the end of the day it's all about mel and mel is all about elizabeth and it's so meh .If you look at one piece what makes it great is that each character has his own story and goal ,and this story seems all about mel ,if only he was a great character but I guess at least he is badass .

      Yup ,I'm pretty sure she will be painted out to be the light in the darkness and blah blah blah ,she is kind and warm and blah blah blah and puke T_T I so don't like characters like that ,makes me feel very tired and bored and above all annoyed .

      I agree that's why I think that the goddess clan aren't that good .

      Yup ,maybe little mel's curse came to be after mel's betrayal and is directly tied to it .

      Okay ,gowther is still a mystery

      I could see grown mel brainwash her with her magic and she would go with him and mel will get her back with some really corny speech about his soul mate ......i can already picture and it is giving me gossbumps

      It could happen that way or maybe they will meet know and elizabeth's memories of her former life will be triggered .I do look forward to see the brothers in actions but honeslty if there is indeed gonna be some teen drama with elizabeth and the two brothers ,then i'm not .I hate elizabeth and mel ,they are already a pretty corny pair no need to make things even more sickening .I find their romance to be very meh to say the least .

      Yeah I do believe that he is the strongest and the most ruthless out of the demons ,so yeah it won't be just a hello there if he decide to show up

    16. Ya, hopefully so.

      True..I think I told you before that I actually thought Bleach will finish first before Naruto after the 'final arc' is mentioned. Even if Bleach has some cool fights, etc..the longer it is now..the more I would think that Naruto is better than Bleach. ^^;

      Even if the last enemy is corny and it should have been Madara, least the fights didn't drag over long like the end of season 1 of Naruto vs Sasuke. ^^; Actually, Naruto would have been good if there is character growth and go more for how Naruto convincingly becomes a Hokage = not just because of his power, appeal and anything not quite related to being a hokage. ^^;;

      Hm..there is also the other characters but then, they seem to revolve around a 'crush'. Ban is for Elaine. King is for Diane. Diane is for Mel. Escanor is for Merlin. Gowther is for heart. Merlin is for knowledge?

      Lol..possible with brainwash but isn't that already 'done' with in some form with Diane?

      We'll just have to wait and see on that one. =P

      Yup ^^

    17. Hmmm I think they are both equally bad .Bleach has an advantage ,it has much more cooler characters and nice fighting moves than naruto does .

      Yes ,if naruto actually grew and deserved to be hokage but it didn't happen ,my problem with naruto is that it's not just corny it makes no sense at all .It's like how in part one it was you will improve your fate if you work hard and in part II naruto is able to do this and that because he is this person reincarnation and he is this person 's son and it's like really ???

      Yeah ,I agree that in reality seven sins is lacking in many aspects but I don't face palm in each chapter and I think over all it's pretty good .

      Right since he will be like meliodas sama it's okay no need for brainwash she will just follow him ,to know more about mel T_T oh god this is really gonna be sickening

    18. True but then, story-wise, I think that Naruto is better. I guess it also depends..Bleach is for older readers..some of that are quite disgusting to look at.

      Ah..kind of like a certain red haired princess? True, season 1 is suppose to be like that. It doesn't help that in season 2, he is too fixated on Sasuke. ^^;;

      True, hopefully, it won't come to that..though I think you are already doing that occasionally whenever Diane/Elizabeth is around =P

      Hehe..unless, she only likes the chibi version.

    19. If you are talking about part I naruto yes I agree but if you are talking about part II naruto then I would've to disagree ,cause the second part was horrible to say the least ,and I'm saying this regarding all the aspects of the story.

      Even some of the good guys design were too nasty to look at ,I'm saying this about yoroichi her fighting was just No ,the only worthy female kubo got in the story has been reduced to a cat that came out of a hentai manga ,she was supposed to be badass but no that fanservice just no

      yup ,you got that right XD .Yes I mean part II could easily be put in the boy love category .

      Yup ,and it doesn't help that they are main characters at least

      Lol ,that would be funny ,I would think she would prefer someone bigger and more manly ^^

    20. Well, the first arcs of Bleach was good until Aizen temporarily 'got defeated'. I guess I'm talking about is Bleach's last arc vs Naruto's last arc. Do you think Bleach is better? I would prefer Naruto's even if Bleach isn't finished yet.

      Lol..true. What's with that.


      Is that so ^^

    21. yup things got really bad with the fullbring arc ,in a way yes it is better .

      about 7sins mel was really doing a great job and even though the two demons were taking a beating I guess against all of them it is impossible even for mel

      it 's seems like his black haired bro really hates him and is angry with him i guess they were really close back in the day that's why he is so sore about Mel's betrayal .But the big mel seems rather cool about the whole thing he didn't even attack mel and I'm still thinking that the love triangle really did happen .

      Anyway the demonic fairy and giant said that the three of them ,mel included were fighting against the demon king so i'm thinkig that those demons aren't a united that existed since the beginning of the war 3000 years ago maybe first mel was with the demons then betrayed them ,he became allies with the fairy and giant but in the end even those two joined with the demon king because of their personal reason .

      Next chapter I'm awaiting for something realllllllllllly cornnnnnnnnnnnny realllllllllllllllllllllly lame ,because of the title to my beloved mel ,I'm telling you it's gonna be about elizabeth and mel great love story ,I'm already feeling sick .
      Now the only way Mel can get out of this is either elizabeth does something ,the power of love thing ,which i'm sure will happen ,or merlin does something it's been a while since we have seen her or call me crazy but what if gilthunder's dad appears ,because when the dead were revived he is the only one who didn't appear .

    22. True, Mel would be lucky if he survives it.

      Really..though if he's cool and everything, doesn't it mean that big Mel is the 'lead guy' of the love triangle? He isn't acting angry/jealous or anything.

      Possible..though why would the mortal enemy of the demons, the goddesses, iirc, also hate Mel?

      Most possible. It is definitely Elizabeth saying that.

      True, we haven't seen Merlin so maybe she can teleport Mel to safety then some lovey-dovey with Elizabeth =P It is for sure that Truth demon is dead. That other female demon is still alive.

      Has she mentioned her 'weakness' aside from making others' eyes burn or something when they are betrayed? I'm thinking that none of the demons will be killed as long as we do not know their weakness which can be used again them. Just like Garan..hehe, just remembered his name. ^^; It would be interesting if they do that instead of winning using pure brute strength.

    23. I think he is the second guy in the love triangle maybe he is being cool about the whole thing because he looks down on mel ,or he is simply cocky or maybe he will start getting emo once elizabeth enter the stage ?

      I don't know ,that's one of the reason that makes me think that the goddess clan aren't that nice ,or mel is a big shot demon like the demon king' s son and so they want him dead no matter what .

      Yeah ,I thought so the next chapter we will have the power of feelings crap thing ,I mean even if elizabeth doesn't teleport there she will teleport her feelings that's for sure .

      Yup ,I believe that elizabeth's feelings and their crappy romance will play a huge role but I could merlin doing something .

      You are saying that their power should be used against them ,like how garan said he will never back down from the fight with escanor but lied and he was screwed by his own ability ? if that's it yes I believe it will smart and much more interesting if they use it against them to defeat them but I doubt it will be that way except maybe for merlin who is sly enough to think along those lines .

      And you know this whole mess that mel got himself into is the result of him being dumb and reckless .

      Do you remember when mel went and made his speech to the demons then left ?And we were saying how it is a dumb move and this chapter proved it .

      Just think about it ,if he had waited for the other sins to power up and she knows the demons so he should know if the sins are up to fight or not ? so he has no excuse on this one ,he should've waited for that and instead of chilling after those guys were seperated he should've divided the sins and the other guys into teams to take them out right away but no he got cocky and now he is screwed but guess what the power of love will save the day next chapter ...sigh

    24. Lol..couldn't imagine big Mel being emo. It will be minus the cool silent type factor. Still, it is amazing that Mel is totally expressionless even if he is losing/cannot get away. It is a good attitude.

      As well as most of the commandments. I wonder if it is also because they've seen a lot before so they are really unfazed by it all..except for the ones watching it from the crystal ball.

      Ya..maybe that will be left for later on.

      Hehe..teleportation of feelings. That will be something new. I know of teleportation of powers in DBZ.

      Yes, that's what I mean. It will also be definitively permanent = death since physical injuries take a long time. True, Merlin can pull it off..that is, if she knows the weakness. Again, it would be good if Mel told them..that is if he knows.

      Hm..well, he was confident that he can defeat the two...apparently not since it is taking a long time and got all the others to go there. ^^; Strange..didn't he sense them coming unless they can hide their presence or it was too fast. ended up with Mel against all of them instead of with the 7 sins. ^^;; So, he is in a pinch and all the other demons have powered up from the yummy defenseless humans.

      Hehe..yes, there's no greater power than the power of love =P

    25. me too and unlike mel ,he really has this cool aura about him but i'm just saying just look at mel how he becomes when elizabeth is involved .

      I agree usually i'm really bothered by how easy going he is ,and just loses his temper when elizabeth is involved but in this type of situation even when he is screwed he still keeps his cool ,that's very nice this is a trait that almost no shouen hero has .

      Yup ,I think they lived in an era where they had to fight much stronger enemies ,and they probably know mel's strength so they are unfazed by it ,unlike those watching who even king who is like the oldest among the sins didn't live during the war
      3000 years old .

      I bet it's coming in seven sins ,i'm praying it will not but it will probably happen ,it's a shame because it has been a cool fight ,i would rather mel be saved in some logical way (merlin does something) instead of that lovey dovey nonsense .
      Yes ,it seems like they can survive massive injuries example would be the girl who escanor burned .So if they could use their commandement against them they will be done for good .

      I agree ,we talked about how it was stupid to just provoke the commandements and then go on a stroll around the country and here it came and bit him in the ass .If he had waited for the others to power up and told them all what he knows (he knows about their powers it was obvious with the truth and it makes no sense that they know about his powers but he doesn't know about theirs ) then they could've come up with a plan ,form teams and fight them at least it would make more sense and if it failed at least there was a plan and not just a cocky and reckless provocation .
      It felt like he was holding back since they were his friends and mel is a softie
      I think they came in too fast .
      Yup and this could be avoided ,if he acted in a more intelligent way .

      That's just sad...T_T

    26. Hehe..true. Hm..I guess we'll know when he sees Elizebeth =P

      Yup...and well, being really 'old' should be factored in. I guess being old is thrown away when it comes to love =P Thinking about it, I think there are characters who are like that. ^^;; Say..Sanji is all cool and everything until a beautiful girl passes by.

      Thinking about it, perhaps, Mel is the type who doesn't care about himself except for Elizabeth so he is like that.

      Good point. They weren't there at that time.

      We'll know for sure in a day or so ^^ I seem to recall a title in the same vein with Ban and Elaine.


      Indeed. Actually, it felt a bit abrupt, don't you think? Just when we think that things will drag out with the tournament, suddenly, Mel is beating up those two. Suddenly, the 9 commandments are there and beating him up. ^^;

    27. Yup that makes sense since he is old and he has been through all types of battles ,but yeah it doesn't always apply ,sanji is an example of that and so is zeno .

      Yup ,I think that's summarize the thing perfectly well .It's all about elizabeth .

      I don't mind ,I think it's better than dragging the fight .


      I didn't see that one coming ,it wasn't from elizabeth but from big mel to mel .That was quite a pleasant turn of events ,I would take brotherly love over that nonsense romance he has with elizabeth any time of the day .

      Honeslty ,I thought little mel was the one who was the most enraged by mel's betrayal but it seems like it's big mel .

      Now here is what I think please tell me your opinion about it ,3000 years maybe the three brothers were humans but turned demons for some kind of traumatic reason or they were demons by birth and were really close ,because it seems like those demons aren't cold blooded at least among themselves an exemple would be how moustache is always looking out for the ass demon girl even shielding her from the flying rocks .So yeah I think they were really close ,but mel met the orginal liz and fell for her so he turned against the demons since she taught him to love humans or some crap like that .

      And the brothers are really sore about it because they shared a very strong so mel 's betrayal turned their love into hatred ,because as we know hate isn't the opposit of love ,the opposite of love is indifference .

      Also the brothers don't seem to take any joy in killing mel ,even the brother said it ? I don't think he was being sarcastic .

      But ,I still that elizabeth is somehow gonna teleport her love and save mel and I still believe that the love triangle will happen or at least did happen and that I'm not looking forward to .

      It seems like next chapter we will have some reveal about mel's past ,wonder why no one commented on little mel and elizabeth didn't even react to big mel ???

      Also ,the wizard who teleported them ,it seems he has ties to gilthunder ,his daddy's secret son ? Mel may have been defeated ,and this was the result of his limited thinking ,still it was cool that he never gave up and didn't lose his cool .

    28. Or..Kaname =P

      True..still, it feels abrupt like, hell, forget this tournament thing before the sales plummet, let's get to the climax of the arc. =P

      Yup..though I suddenly thought that Mel is the one being caught in the middle of two loves: Big Mel and Elizabeth/previous selves. =P In short, a love triangle but not the usual type..the one you'll puke over.

      Well, you know the more love the more hate when betrayed.

      Yup, most likely, it is something like that = your theory on the past. Somewhat of a Romeo and Juliet thing.

      Teleporting love is a bit too abstract, how about teleporting her voice like, Mel, pull yourself together, I love you, etc..and Mel powers up. =P Actually, teleporting her is a good idea because she can heal him instantly..I presume. about teleporting her healing powers to him? Anyway, for now, teleportation seems limited to objects.

      Why would they comment on lil mel..calling him brother? Elizabeth's reaction might be for the next chapter or so. I think it will be distracting if we get her reaction then big Mel 'killing' Mel for the cliffhanger.

      Secret son..I actually thought he's Gil's papa of some sort. ^^; How about his father's disciple?


    29. Lol the thousand or million years old vampire who acted like a love sick teen T_T how could I forget .

      Yeah ,maybe this or maybe the author doesn't plan for 7 sins to be a long series so he isn't dragging things .

      I did get the feeling but ,about big mel ,liz when she died she said don't be said we will see each others again and I assume that the first liz said the same ,something like a promise to be reborn and be together again .So I feel like big was the third wheel ,look at current elizabeth she has eyes for no one but mel ,so I'm thinking that big mel is the third wheel .

      I just hope that the bound between brothers will come first before the nonsense romance ,that big mel just like little mel is angry because he helped in sealing them and not because he got the girl .

      True ,it makes me think of Hak and how deeply he hates suwon now ,compared to yona who is okay with him ,at the end of the day ,it tells me that the sw x hak was way deeper than the yona x sw bond .

      Yup ,I think mel and elizabeth are star crossed lovers ,somehow each time liz is meant to day and be reborn to be with mel again .

      Yes ,I could see the voice thing happen and he will power up .Teleport ,it will be too much if mel failed and she manages to hold her own against the demons that would make me puke more than the love triangle would .

      No my bet is still on merlin or maybe the druids or like you said her voice will power up mel and the power of love will heal him .

      Because they were still talking about whether he was a demon or not so if he is a brother of one of the ten commandements that would make for a clear answer right ?I still wanna see it ,it 's rare that I have the slightest of interest in elizabeth but I wanna see .

      Father's disciple that may be the case or secret's son ,his dad himself I don't think so .

    30. True..yet there is still the goddess part of the story.

      Ya..we still don't know if that 'love' is mutual between Mel and Big Mel =P Or, perhaps, it is as you said..

      I would think Mel X Elizabeth/previous versions bonds are stronger.

      Lol..but it's girl power =P Of course, you might puke if she starts doing some talk no jutsu..and it works..

      Is there no possibility of it being Drefysus..sorry, forgot the spelling. But most likely, I think they'll just get Mel teleported out of there then re-group again. Merlin can do that. Druids..possible.

      Ya..but Ban said, he's the enemy of the commandments so case close, he's with us.

      Well..the father is supposedly still alive, right? Maybe he drunk some youth potion. Hehe..

    31. True ,so maybe like I said those guys are the real villains ,and the ten commandements aren't so the fighting won't be dragged with them .

      Like I said mel clearly played a huge role in defeating the demons ,lil mel even said that if it weren't for mel they wouldn't have lost the war .Yet they want him dead ? That makes me question the true nature of the goddess clan .Anyway ,I support the demon clan .

      True ,when mel first went face to face with the demons and made his cocky declaration he only talked to lil mel and he never mentioned big mel ,so i'm thinking that maybe it's on big mel's part .

      I agree ,this current elizabeth ,and her relationship with mel is just no for me ,it's like it's something out of a very bad shoujo .The short haired elizabeth was better ,as a character and her pairing with mel as well .

      Now I guess the first one is the best ,but my point is that with this one especially it's like they are forced to be together because she is elizabeth and nothing more .No build up nothing ,not only does it feel forced but it 's also very bad writing .

      It seems like drefyus isn't strong enough to fight his demon ,But yeah he is gonna get saved .

      True ,and I guess after all this time ,they trust him with all their heart so no questions asked and honeslty it 's better that way if they are gonna be like king .

      Either way I really believe that he has ties to gilthunder .

      Anyway ,like I said before I think 3000 years ago mel used to be on the demon 's side ,because those guys are calling him a traitor ,and you can't betray someone if you weren't ally to begin with ? Met orginal liz turned against them and learned to love humans or some crap like that ,met with the fairy and giant that are now part of the demon clan ,fought against the demons but at some point those two went to the demon side living mel alone ,and the fight ended with them being sealed .

      Now the reason as to why the goddess want mel die ,is either because they are evil so they don't care that he is good now .Or mel is some big shot demon ,like the demon king's son or something and he is a threat no matter what .

      And at the end of the day ,when I see what kind of forced and corny romance he has with elizabeth ,I'm thinking his romance witht the first elizabeth better be something epic at least enough to justify what he has become or i'm gonna hate even more on mel 's character .

    32. Hm..if that is the case, do you mean Mel and the commandments will be buddy-buddy soon? Or, Mel and others will somehow defeat the commandments then the goddesses.

      Ah..I thought they lost the war because of Mel. ^^;

      I affection?

      Your comment made me think that Elizabeth's powers increase is in disproportion to her personality. I mean, maybe in this reincarnation, since Liz is 'weak', she powered up but her personality went down. That is if we go by reincarnation is like evolution = improvement in what was problematic in the past life.

      Or maybe, Mel as a demon before did something to the goddesses and they are holding a grudge.

      Hehe...well, at least, it isn't like Bleach in terms of fighting, the 'weak but main characters' are going to fight the big boss while the 'strong' characters are dealing with the underlings. And yes, I know you hate it but, Inoue is useful =P Wonder what happened to Chad..even if I don't care but the mangaka doesn't like him huh...^^;

    33. I don't think it will be that much ,but maybe if the goddess clan is indeed evil we may see a team up with mel and his former allies .

      And since this is a shounen we may see mel make peace with at least his brothers before they die or get sealed again .

      Yup ,they did ,it has been implied that his role in defeating them was massive and it's because of him they lost the war ,but I don't think he could've done it by himself .

      Something like that since mel didn't pay any attention to him .

      Maybe but more than that ,I believe that it's related to mel ,like her bond with mel her love with mel ...etc

      like if she was now with mel ,I'm pretty sure she would unleash some powerful talk no justsu +some amazing power .

      You know ,I believe that because this like elizabeth number 3 or number 3000 who knows ,how many elizabeth ,mel had met .I think it is some kind of routine mel loves her because she is elizabeth and for elizabeth it's because it's mel .Simply put it's a recycled romance .What made it worse is their respective personalities which are so very bad .

      The pairing elizabeth and mel is one of the things I hate the most about nanatsu no taizai .

      yup they either hate mel ,because he did the most damage to their clan 3000 years ago or because he is a big shot demon and they want him dead anyway .

      Well ,she is to a certain extent but it isn't as if her being there will have an effect on the outcome .Well at least she isn't crying yet or screaming kurosaki kun x 3000000000000

    34. So, it will be like Bleach..Ichigo and allies 'defeating' the shinigami then team up with them against quincy?

      Shounen huh...most likely though I excepted this series to be targetted to much older readers than the ones in Jump.

      Good point so who helped him? Druids? The others clans don't seem to be that strong..right now. ^^; Of course, it is possible that they slacked off while the commandments are training like crazy. =P

      Lol..Mel usually don't pay much attention to those he don't care/stoic expression except for you know who.

      Ya..but it can be romantic in a way since it is always 'tragic' in the most so hopefully this current one, they will be it. I mean the concept. Of course, that is not minding their personalities and that is the sole reason of attraction =P

      I think it does since iirc Inoue is healing him and surprise..the shield finally works at some extent. If she wasn't there, I think it would have been over already ^^; Were you excited to see the fathers? Even if I was...I'm thinking that they'll end up like the others. ^^;

    35. sofia, for the next new 7 sins chapter, create a new thread below ^^ You might not see it if I make a new one below. ^^;


      It wasn't her but him who helped out. That is a pleasant surprise. Can you explain that power again? Is it to find something?

      Can we call it foolish? At least another one is totally down. ^^

      At least, we are somewhat right about the goddesses ^^ He could be the next... And, they obviously have a grudge.

  13. I maybe wrong but I saw a comment about Hak and Yona getting his consolation prize because of how Yona feels about SuWon.

    But looking at Yona relationship with SuWon, it felt like a mother/child relationship and I think Yona confused her loving SuWon for his kidness after her mother's death to being in love with him.

    I think since she's been kicmed out the castle and traveling with Hak and the other's, she's finay getting a chancd to fall in love and that person happens to be Hak.

    So because of that I think their relationship is more than just a consolation prize for him keeping her safe.

    Also the way the story is going it seems as if it's setting it up for Yona to rule the kingdom and chances are her husband would just stand by her side and support her. So that's probably why no one is thinking of Hak as a possibility to be king, I think it's because Yona is suppose to have the title or responsibility of the king.

    1. Well, that comment stems from Suwon being the most important person in her life that her future/what will do is depended on him..based on her talk with Lili.

      Also, Haku gave up everything for her. He gave up his family, tribe, title, etc just to go with her and add to the fact that they were accusing him of being the 'bad guy' regarding Iru's incident. So, what is his reward/consolation prize, it is Yona.

      Yup, as you mentioned, it would most likely lead to that. Hopefully, it will lead to that. ^^; For now, I'm not too convinced and the scenes between them seems a bit forced.. So, it seemingly like a consolation prize...a token for a 'good job' like that necklace.

      That is what I wanted it to be but now, I'm not convinced that she'll do a better job than Suwon. In this latest arc, she has been too reckless and emotional. For me, that isn't good. She also failed to shine in it when it can easily be done. So really, what was the mangaka thinking..

      Like her talk with Lili, I think if ever she steps up to be a ruler, that will only IF Suwon is gone or did something bad. So far..that isn't likely to happen.

      By the way, that 'no one' it referring to readers or the people in the series?