March 19, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 14]

While a woman is sleeping on the bed, Machanyuta is eating a fruit. He wonders out loud if this time around, they’re able to meet. Fixing his bow, Suria asks who. Machanyuta says that guy’s fated person. “It will be good if that guy Jamalta hurriedly marries that girl who showed up.” Suria sighs and says that anyway, doesn’t he just want to see that kind of excitement.

Machanyuta says not really, and it will immediately have a result, right. Holding the seed[/stalk] of the fruit he finished eating, Machanyuta says that he doesn’t want to see that guy’s preoccupation on being stinky virtuous.

Wondering if something is already wrong with Machanyuta’s head, Suira says that what Jamalta is doing right now is already quite good yet what else is he thinking of. Machanyuta says that it is simply on the outside that Jamalta’s in a bad mood, right? “Ah, that guy didn’t mention it to you too?”
Suria says that indeed, he didn’t hear Jamalta say it with his own ears yet unexpectedly, he recalled that there was this one time. “When group leader had just come back with him, he and I were using the same tent. At that time, he lay in bed for several days and he is always murmuring to himself.”

Flashback: Young Suria woke up and thought that ill Jamalta is so noisy. Jamalta is muttering, “I’m sorry.. sorry, Rim [] I made a mistake.. Brother made a mistake.. Rim.. do not leave..” End flashback. While testing his bow, Suria says that perhaps that guy doesn’t hate women.

Machanyuta says that perhaps, he is simply intentionally avoiding, that’s all. Machanyuta laughs and says, “It’s so-called guilt..” Then, it is shown that there are actually two women on the bed. ^^;;
Meanwhile, outside a small hut, Jamalta is talking with Foxy and the man with him. The man says that Jamalta had secretly took two people out from the palace and even asked them not to ask. “You didn’t even consult with us first.” Foxy asks if Jamalta have thought about what will happen if Machanyuta knows about this.

Jamalta says that perhaps, he’ll kill him. Foxy and the man look at each other. They start to grin. Suppressing his laughter, Foxy says that Machanyuta won’t kill him, his darling [/treasure]~ The man agrees for Machanyuta fairly loves him and it’s jealousy, right? This irks Jamalta. The man tells him not to be so engrossed.

Waving goodbye, the man says that looking at Jamalta, it seems that he has awareness of his responsibility so he’ll pass it on when he gets back. While leading the horse, Foxy points at Jamalta not to run away or else, he’ll really be put to death and he’ll [Machanyuta] always look for him.
After they left, Jamalta wonders, responsibility..who’ll run away.. “I charged into this disaster by myself so I can only fix it up by myself. Tsk *heads back into the hut* Wanting to hold on to the princess’ secret has been somewhat aborted.” [<- he probably didn’t want to tell them about it]

Inside the hut, Saga exclaims why he is angry! “We can only just escape out! Or else, brother will kill you! If you die, I can go crazy because of grief. Like that, will you be satisfied? How come you don’t understand! Didn’t you already know!” Mino says that it isn’t that. Saga asks what.

Mino turns to her and says that she doesn’t know anything at all about the world and it is very dangerous outside the palace. “Days will be difficult from day after day.” Saga exclaims that any place is better than that place! “In that place, I would even encounter that kind of thing!” Mino asks what kind of thing.
Saga recalls the masked man saying that they do some fun things so come, princess. Saga trembles and clenches her skirt. Saga just says that it is because..she won’t be able to go and see him again. “If you come to look for me, you’ll be whipped. Those wounds..” Mino looks puzzled.

Saga looks at his wounded back then looks away. She bites her lips. She starts to go out and exclaims, “In short, I won’t go back in the palace. I absolutely won’t! There is a place where we can go so there’s no need for you to worry!” Then, Saga meets with Jamalta who just entered the tent. Giving the medicine to Jamalta, Saga asks him to please put some medicine on that guy. Then, she heads out.

Jamalta thinks that it seems that she is ordering someone and as expected, she is a princess.. As Jamalta enters the room, Mino is staring at him. Recalling the first time he met the two, Jamalta thinks that in short, he saved these two. Jamalta tells Mino that he owes him and he’ll just pay him again next time. This made Mino scowl and bite his lip.
Outside, Saga thinks that those wounds.. “I really want to help put the medicine on him but I already cannot face him just like before. Mino, that big idiot.. why didn’t he tell me.. *recalls Mino telling her that she doesn’t know anything about the [outside] world* Of course I don’t know anything for I’ve always just stayed in the house..

...I’ll start knowing about it from now on so it will be okay. I always dreamt of going into the outside world and now I can. One a time.. Huh? *notices a boy looking at her* Is it a child from a neighboring village? *waves at the boy but he quickly leaves* Ah, he already left when I still want to chat. Okay! *smiles* I’ll do it bit by bit!”

Dressing up in Han clothes [I presume], Jamalta asks, “Want to go to the town?” Saga exclaims yes, since she’s thinking of surviving outside, shouldn’t she know how people lives. She says that it is better to see it and someone directly telling her about it!
Jamalta says about that, actually, he can bring her along to get medicine.. Saga excitedly asks him to please bring her along and she’ll cover up her face. She says that doesn’t he need to go on a mountain road and it is a village that very hard to come into.

Jamalta thinks that anyway, he’ll go to town to buy something to eat..and this girl is unexpectedly quite excited as if she is going to play, but bringing her along can be very dangerous.. Then, he notices that she kept on looking at him. Saga says, “It’s blue..” Thinking that she unexpectedly found out about it now, Jamalta quickly looks away.

To his surprise, Saga holds his face and made him look at her. She happily says, “It’s a blue eye! It’s so beautiful! *Jamalta thinks, ..what?* It’s the color of the sky! It’s more beautiful than any gem that I have seen! *gazing steadily* How come I always didn’t notice it? How magical! Is it your real eye? Is it originally like that? How is it? Is the world you see blue?”
Jamalta remembers Rim saying, “Brother, is the world you see blue? Do I look blue just like the sky?” Saga is surprised when Jamalta says that it totally isn’t like that because it is simply the color of the pupil. “Let go of me.” Saga quickly pulls her hands away and apologizes. She looks uneasy.

He sighs and says that he only wants to ask something. “What if I’m not trustworthy person, what should happen to you again? *This surprises Saga* Do you know that you are doing a lot of careless things? This isn’t in the palace so please, always keep on guard if you don’t want to return back to the palace.”

As he walks away and leave Saga surprised, Jamalta thinks, “Beautiful? What the hell..anyway, sooner or later, it has to be said.” Soon, in the town, wearing a scarf to cover her hair and a mask to cover her face, Saga is looking around left and right. Carrying a sack, Jamalta sweatdrops. Apparently, in the end, he agreed to bring her along since she is wearing that.
Jamalta tells Saga to quit looking around like that for it will get the people’s attention. Saga apologizes. He warns her to be careful and do not let anyone see her face. He tells her to properly watch over how he buys things. She says okay, okay. Saga notices a boy and thinks that it was the one she saw earlier.

Jamalta tells her to hurry so she catches up to him. The boy watches them. Soon, Jamalta shows her the grains they bought and tells her that this much will last for half a month. He gets irritated when Saga is pointing to a stall that sells frogs and other snacks. Jamalta thinks that they still need to buy drug ingredients and a knife.

Saga is having a hard time carrying the sack of grain. Jamalta goes to ask someone where the drug store is. The man says that it is a bit far from here. Saga puts down her sack when some kids are playing around her. A boy falls down.
While Jamalta is busy listening to the man’s directions, Saga asks the boy [who was following them] if he is alright. The boy suddenly grabs her scarf and pulls it down. It is caught with the mask so her face is revealed. The boy says that he is okay and quickly runs off.

Panicking Saga immediately puts the scarf back on. The man asks Jamalta what’s up with his eye. Pulling up his fringes, Jamalta asks what, does it look good? The man exclaims that it is bad luck. Jamalta sighs and thinks that is the normal person’s reaction.. He turns around to see Saga putting the her mask back on. He asks what she is doing.

Flustered Saga says that it is nothing. He tells her that they’ll quickly leave because if they waste time, it will be sunset soon. She says okay. A freckled man with bandana is watching them. He laughs and tells the boy that this time around, it is a big discovery, brat. The boy says that there are only the two of them.
The man says that from her appearance, he knows that she is definitely an ojousama who secretly ran away. “She’s young and beautiful so she’s definitely valuable. You little brat have finally did something good.” Jamalta asks what’s up with Saga. Saga finally admits that the sack is too heavy.

The boy asks if they are going to tell the leader. The man says ya, there’s no need for he’ll first go [probably with a few others] and give their greetings. “This time around, you [/we] can get your mother to see the doctor. “I really anticipate for night to come.” Carrying two bags, Jamalta complains geez, she couldn’t even carry this much things. Saga apologizes.

Soon, it is dark. At the hut, Mino asks where they are going. Saga looks surprised. Mino says that didn’t she say that there is a place where they can go. “Is that place safe?” Saga says yes, don’t worry and when he is a bit better, they can leave. Mino asks where is it and who told her. Saga says that..
She recalls Cheongye saying that she knows where they can go. [<- Sorry, I made a mistake in the last chapter. I was debating whether it was Jamalta or Cheongye but settled for Jamalta. It turns out to be Cheongye who said that ^^;;] Saga puts her hand on his head and says, wait a moment, does he still have a fever. Mino tells her that she is fine.

Saga exclaims how can that be, when he is perspiring all over. “Quickly lie down!” Watching them, Jamalta thinks that it seems that Mino [/they] can really talk. Jamalta says that if the wound gets infected, the blood [<- not my typo; I assume in the past they think that way] temperature raises so quickly drink the medicine. “Before the pursuers come and find us, *polishing the knife* we must quickly leave..”

Jamalta stops and looks towards the door. Saga asks what is it. He quickly gestures for them to be quiet. Jamalta nervously wonders if they have already been catch up to. “I clearly covered up all the traces. How can it be?” There seems to be a light outside the hut.
Comment: And, Saga did leave with them. And, Cheongye didn’t. So, Cheongye decided to stay for her revenge. Well, if that is her priority, she really cannot go with them since she won’t be able to get close to the Third Prince again. I would expect that the place where she is going to lead them isn’t some sort of trap because Mino is with them.

For now, Jamalta would have to babysit two people. One who has zero knowledge of the dangers in the outside world and another who is still recovering from his wounds. Saga does seem to trust Jamalta too much yet Mino is suspicious of him. Of course, that is inevitable. I do wonder what Mino will think when he finds out what Cheongye did and had stayed behind.

Anyway, there seems to be some cracks between Saga and Mino as they keep secrets from each other in the hopes that it won’t cause the other to worry. Apparently, Saga doesn’t remember Jamalta anymore but I’m sure she made an impact on him for saying that his blue eye is beautiful just like his younger sister.

I’m not sure how to view that though. Will Jamalta think of her as a ‘younger sister’ later on? Is she the reincarnation of Rim? It will definitely make him unable to refuse her and he’ll most likely keep on doing things for Saga probably as a way to atone for whatever happened before with Rim.

For being always serious and straight among the Malgals, Jamalta tends to easily become someone they love to tease. ^^; Those two obviously know of the special treatment that Machanyuta bestows on Jamalta. Machanyuta seems to wish for his happiness too. Okay perhaps, he just wants Jamalta to know the love of a woman or being in bed with one. ^^;; I’m not sure if he did it with two women or one of those women is Suria’s ^^;;;

Hopefully, if ever Jamalta cannot go back to the Malgal after bringing the two to that certain place, Machanyuta won’t think that he deliberately ran away. If that happens, well, those three will really be going on a long journey together. Honestly, I think it is better if they have more allies so I prefer that Machanyuta won’t become an antagonist. Scans by 水神汉化组

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    1. Indeed, spears. seems that there's no break from 'problems' for them ^^;

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    1. Nope, aster, she went with them ^^ I think she really couldn't resist for it is her dream.

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