March 4, 2016

Preview: Suki-tte Ii na yo [Chapter 61]

[Free talk: This is the start of the college arc. This is somewhat interesting so I’ll start summarizing this for a while to see where it will go. I only know the general plot and skipped a lot of parts so I’m not too sure about some stuff regarding the past. ^^;]
After the graduation ceremony, Yamato gives Mei small box. She blushes. Yamato says that it is what they’ve chose during that day on her? birthday and were made into rings. He tells her that after they were made, he went to pick them up. He kisses a ring on his finger and says that from today on, they can wear them openly. “Mei, you’ll also properly wear it right?”

In her bedroom, Mei looks at the ring on her finger. She recalls that from today on, they’ll be in each other’s care [/yoroshiku]. She thinks that so far, she had received so many important things. No one knows that it isn’t a finished product but it belongs only to the two of them.. [<- referring to the rings?]

Mei kisses her ring. She thinks that it is alright even if from today on, they cannot pass through the same time. There is a scene of Mei meeting with Asami and they took classes about childcare. Honestly speaking, in a wink, spring vacation has already passed. Exam, new training and also different had already started a week ago.

All dressed up, Mei tells her mother that she’s going. Her mother happily tells her to make lots of friends and don’t be too gloomy. Mei just sheepishly smiles.
And on this sunny day, there is the opening ceremony. At a huge hall, Asami is excited for they borrowed a huge convention for the opening ceremony. She asks Mei if everyone here are new students, are they all in the [social] welfare course and are everyone very nice. Mei just says ya.

Mei feels very nervous but then, she thinks that everyone here also has that kind of feeling. Everyone looks quite enthusiastic. But for her, at the very start, once she stepped through the school’s gate, she seems to have returned to her past self who just entered high school but then, it seems that she isn’t the only one.

Flashback: Sitting Mei is very quiet with another girl. Asami asked what is it and does she feel unwell. The two girls said no. Asami happily said is that so, then, let’s be friends. She offered her hand to the other girl. End flashback. So, it is thanks to Asami. The girl asks Mei if Asami is always like that. Mei says ya..her mood is always high.. Mei thinks that she got a friend? called Hano [guesswork from 羽野] and is this alright?
After high school graduation, she always felt that everything is progressing disorderly. She wonders how Yamato is doing. She messages Yamato that the opening ceremony has ended and she is going home. Yamato thinks that it has been three days since they saw each other. He replies, is that so, and right now, he is on his way to college so after it ended, can they meet each other and eat out? “I want to see you.” Mei apologizes for she is going to eat with Asami and a friend whom she got to know at the school.

This made Yamato depressed as he writes, is that so. Then, Kenji calls out to him. Kenji is surrounded by girls and a few guys. Kenji tells Yamato that he was talking to them at the side just now and everyone are new students like them. The girls are all gaga over Kenji’s handsome friend.

Yamato looks uneasy. He mutters to Kenji that he is still like that. Kenji says that it is his forte to be able to have a good relationship with people he met for the first time. Yamato is surprised when Kenji told him to karaoke with them after the ceremony and this is to establish good relationships. And one of the girls is blushing at Yamato.
Mei thinks that with different surroundings, the things that she doesn’t know increases. At a fast food restaurant, while eating a hamburger, Hano comments that it has been a long time since she ate meat. This puzzles the two. They ask why and is she a vegetarian. Hano says no, it is because the one she is with only eats vegetables and she’ll also only eat vegetables.

Hano tells them that it is also good for the body so it is also okay to be like that. Mei asks if she is co-living with someone. Asami asks if it is a boyfriend. Hano laughs and asks how is it possible for it is just her pet lizard and it’s so cute. The two girls’ smile froze. Hano says that it is actually as cute as Ariana Grande.

Asami asks if she is talking about a desert lizard. Hano says that child looks like an alien from afar and it’s so cute~~~ The two are speechless. Hano tells them that when she was young, she likes reptiles and even if she had someone she likes, there are many people who cannot accept it so indeed, it is inevitable.
Actually, her friends also feel very disgusted so when she started having a pet lizard, she doesn’t have friends coming over to her house. But kids really like insects and lizards so she usually can immediately get close with them. Since she is usually in contact with kids, she thought that having this kind of work is not bad at all so she chose the welfare course. “I like kids but I couldn’t get along with adults and people with the same age as I.”

Mei thinks that even if the reason isn’t the same with hers, but Hano is also searching for her own place, avoiding the things that one isn’t good at, naïve and without guilt, clinging on to one’s very small persistence. Mei tells Hano that she would want to see her lizard next time and even if she cannot touch insects but if it is touching a lizard then perhaps, something will change.

Mei thinks that it is a pleasure to see Nano like that. Nano blushes and says okay. Asami says that she will too..if it doesn’t bite.. While they happily eat together, Mei thinks that their goal is the same and if they can acknowledge the other, then they can strive hard together.
Meanwhile, Kenji is happily singing karaoke with his new friends. One of the girls is watching Yamato. Then, Yamato excuses himself to go to the toilet. Just when Yamato is returning to the room, he finds the girl about to light up a cigarette. Yamato apologizes for seeing that. The girl asks why he is apologizing when she is already past 21 years old, she is 22 this year. Yamato asks is that so.

The girl says yes, she wanted to come out for some air. She asks him if they can chat for a while. After a pause, Yamato says okay. She introduces herself as Sasaki Natsuki [guesswork from 佐佐木奈月]. She asks his name. After he tells her, she laughs for his name is interesting[/meaningful] and it is very rare. She asks if he has a girlfriend. This surprises him that he says, ah. She says that is really boring yet she thinks that he is very handsome.

Natsuki asks if his girlfriend didn’t go to the same college. He says that it is because their goal isn’t the same. She wants to become a childcare worker. And lately, he likes photography so he thinks that one day, he can use photography as a profession even if it isn’t the same with her [Mei] reality.
Natsuki asks isn’t this very good and it is very important to take advantage of that kind of thinking now. “Are you a recent graduate? You’re still so young.” Yamato says that isn’t she also very young. Natsuki says that by age, she is older but she still..until now, she still haven’t found anything. Whether it is something she likes or something she wants to do, she always couldn’t find it. Still beintg like that, she arrived here now [at this time].

During high school, she had no purpose and was confused that she quit school during the first year. Every day, her brain would think of an idle freedom. Starting from that year of doing nothing, she suddenly realized that she is always free and the people around are not free. Everyone had already decided their own future and basically, didn’t pay attention to her. It’s too cunning. So, together with other confused and purposeless people, they became good kids and smoothly graduate high school.

But..she really doesn’t have anything at all..she wanted to at least have a high school graduation certificate so she went to school as a four year part-time student. She got in college with thoughts that anyway, she’ll simply graduate college then become highly successful. It would be okay if she had thought of what she wanted to do while in college.
Even if she cannot deny that, she just walked ahead here based on her emotions. Compared to not doing anything, it is somewhat of an action and it would be good if she’ll succeed. So, it is very amazing for Yamato to simply have a clear-cut goal.  Natsuki says that she had a lot of photo stickers. Yamato says that is taking a picture of herself.

Natsuki laughs and says that’s true. She asks if he brought some pictures. He says that he didn’t bring them. Natsuki smiles and tells him to let her see some pictures next time. Yamato slightly smiles and says okay. At Mei’s room, her cellphone rings. It is a message from lizard’s Ha. She is puzzled then Hano writes that it is her. She greets Mei a good evening and thanks her for today. With a picture of a lizard, Hano says that this lizard is called Dede [guesswork from 泥泥]. For some reason, Mei thinks of Emperor Pedro[?]

Mei asks why Dede. Hano says that it is because it is mud color [泥巴] and it is pitiful to call it ‘mud’ so she called it Dede..and speaking of that. Hano puts up a picture of Dede kissing a cat. Hano says that it is in such a good relationship with her cat. After looking shocked by it, Mei says that it is amazing and she even has a pet cat. Mei thinks that in the end, she still likes cats.
Afterwards, Yamato messages her that he’s back home. Mei welcomes him back. She apologizes for today and where did he go today. He asks if he can call her. She says okay. Mei answers her ringing phone. She is puzzled when Yamato says, “Ah~~ It’s Mei’s voice~~~ I’m back..I’m back home.” It is already 10:25pm. Mei asks him what the matter is for it feels like he is very strange.

Lying on the bed, Yamato says that it is nothing..and what’s..strange~~.. Mei asks if he is drunk. Yamato says yes, a bit. He already said that he doesn’t want..and even if he said that, but~~ Kenji..he..ah..his head hurts.. Mei asks if he is alright. Yamato mutters, ya.. He asks if her opening ceremony is also today. She says yes. He asks if it is okay. She says yes. He asks if she is happy during dinner. She says yes. Mei asks him if college is fun. Yamato says yes, it is super fun!

Feeling something is wrong, Mei wonders what’s going on. Mei says is that so, then that’s great. He says ya. She wonders if he is properly listening to what she’s saying and obviously they are totally talking like the usual. Yamato says, “But, in the end, I still hate it that I cannot see your face, Mei. I like you.” Mei blushes yet she wonders if he is okay.
Comment: And, it seems that Mei’s woman instinct that something is wrong, is ringing but she doesn’t know yet why. The rival is the opposite of Mei for she is very vocal and mature. As a character, Natsuki is interesting and somehow realistic for there are indeed people who doesn’t know what to do with their lives even when they are already in college. 

Of course, the problem here is, she’ll probably know it after meeting Yamato. And it might be Yamato whom she wants. Mei’s new friend is somewhat reclusive. It will indeed be hard to find people to understand and like her for having a ‘strange’ pet. She’ll easily fit in Mei’s group. So, let’s see how these two will influence the two’s lives. And, it does seem that Yamato terribly misses Mei. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
College life is that part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe. ~ Author Unknown


  1. I just want to you know about this Kat.
    the girl with Yamato is annoying to me hahahah lol
    if you want to pick up this series again, I want to drop it XD
    because it's dragging too much for me.


    1. Hehe, is that so, Ai.

      Well, I think it has a lot of potential conflicts since the problems in high school isn't the same with college like drinking, long distance relationships, etc...or perhaps, unplanned pregnancy due to a one night stand? =P

      And, I did drop summarizing it because of the twins and nothing much happening on their third year. ^^;

  2. Thank you KAt. They are lovely to be together

  3. Kattt, oh my.. thank you kat for translating this manga again.

  4. i personally love this manga and am really happy you've started up this manga again.
    Thanks Kat!!!!

  5. Um...did Megumi and Angelo ever get together? Manga Panda released the 52nd chapter and the last thing I saw was Angelo asking Megumi out for dinner.

    1. I think so, Michelle. They are living together and iirc, I think she said that she is her boyfriend to the others. I don't quite remember. ^^;

  6. Hey! Will you be translating the next chapters after this? What is the latest chapter? It fucking annoys me that he still sleeps with other women even when he has a girlfriend but I love this manga either way.

    1. Unfortunately, no, Narcisco. I lost interest in it again ^^;

      The one in Chinese is chapter 68. I'm not sure about the current Japanese one.


  7. Also! Did you do chapters 53-current chapters? If not where could I find something to tell me about what happened. I can't speak Japanese so I can't read them.... Please help!! I really want to read what happens...

    1. Nope, Narciso. Only 61-62.

      What happened to the main couple? Well, Yamato still continue to help Natsuki and went out to buy camera, iirc, on the day when Mei couldn't go out with him. I think it was Aiko who saw those two together which broke Mei's heart.

      After lots of crying and consoling with friends, Mei calls Yamato when Natsuki tries to interrupt which comes out like don't bother with your gf. So, that is the only time when Yamato finally told Natsuki off that he is only helping her as a club member but not Natsuki herself. So, Natsuki immediately disappear from the club and the series. Then, the two make up, made love and continue on pursuing their respective careers.

      The other chapters are mostly about Megumi. I think she caught Angelo two-timing her so they break up. Then, she starts to 'fade' as a model and end up doing odd jobs in Paris. She is jealous of Rin who is the 'hot item' in Paris. The last part is, she saw a piece of paper inside the doll keychain that Kai gave her.

      For Asami, there is a bit of problem with her relationship with Kenji who is always with girls in college but they immediately patch things up.

      Aiko is currently pregnant and seems to be planning to get married. That led to a bit of 'wanting to be family'-type of thinking from the main couple.

      Basically, that's it.

      For the Chinese scans, go here:

      Hope that helps ^^

    2. Omg!! Thank you so much!! This really made my day! I've been searching all night and now I can finally rest XD

      So basically, Yamato still hasn't learned his lesson about hanging out with other girls? I also heard he gets drunk and makes out with some old lady? What's that about? Anyway.... Thanks for telling me they're wanting to "be a family" guess now it makes sense for the author to write the ending in volume 18th (this coming summer). Thanks again! Also I can't read Chinese ;-;

    3. You're welcome, Narcisco ^^ Glad to hear that ^^

      Yup. Unfortunately, I had skipped chapters ^^; I started checking this out again during the college arc. The only time he was drunk was during the first year meeting and he 'lost' his ring. ^^; So, if it happened, that might be while they were in high school?

      Yup. Everyone is pretty much 'okay' except for Megumi.