March 5, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 67]

Yuuto returns home. He sees Nogiku sitting by the living room while holding her cellphone. He says that it is really strange that she unexpectedly came back home earlier than him. He notices her bruised right hand that she quickly hides it from him. Yuuto ignores it and asks if she already ate dinner.

Nogiku says that she didn’t. Loosening his tie, Yuuto says that he also hasn’t eaten so they can go out and buy something. “But then, right now we can only buy from the convenient store.” After a pause, Nogiku says okay. She stands up and says, let’s go.
Soon, they came out of the convenient store. While walking, Yuuto says that it’s really not easy. Nogiku asks what. Yuuto says that she couldn’t expose her face at night..and in the daytime, she still has to use that ugly one to show to people. Nogiku says that it is totally better than using her own face for when she goes out to relieve her boredom, no one will go talk with her.

Yuuto asks if she usually goes out to pass the time when bored. Nogiku tells him that she’ll first walk around nearby the place where the practice is held..and afterwards, she’ll go to a library to research about some information because there are too many things that she doesn’t know.. Yuuto asks if she had gone to an art gallery nearby. She says no.
Yuuto says that he remembered that there is a zoo that one can visit for free. Excited Nogiku exclaims, really!? Then, she says,’s nothing.. Yuuto says that that if there are things that she doesn’t understand or perhaps, know..she can come and ask him anyway, his job is to teach people. After a pause, Nogiku seems to have decided on something. She stops walking and calls out to him.

Looking away, Nogiku says that she wants to move out of his place. Yuuto asks, what..? She says that even if she is very moved that he willingly wanted to offer her shelter again..but there is no longer a physical contact relationship between them and she also cannot give him anything. “This cannot be called a mutual help-type of relationship.”
Yuuto says that it isn’t like that and he is simply very satisfied that she can come back. Nogiku says that she cannot comprehend that and for this to go on, she’ll owe him more and more things. Yuuto replies that he doesn’t feel like she has to ‘owe’ him anything..

Nogiku says that if it isn’t ‘owe’ then, it is ‘affection’ and she didn’t ask him to come and stick with her like this since it is very awkward[/difficult] for her. “‘Vengeance’ is also almost attained and I can reach that stage by myself. I no longer need you. I’ll leave at daybreak..I’ll be going to sister’s (Kasane) house.” Looking sad, Yuuto that so.. That night, Nogiku hears the dripping faucet. She closes her eyes to sleep.
Wide-awake Yuuto thinks that things are very simple. “‘Even if the feelings in my heart for this person has changed but this person’s heart has not changed’. –that is what I thought at that time but I..” Soon, Nogiku is already wearing her shoes. She looks up. Looks somewhat sad, she touches the floor and looks behind.

Carrying her luggage, Nogiku stands up and walks out. The floor creaks as usual. And, she’s gone. Awake Yuuto thinks, “I..didn’t notice that this person’s heart has also changed a bit. –compared to before, she is more capable of lying-- *door locks and Yuuto sits up* At that time, I didn’t ask her to stay. Not long afterwards, all the more I start to regret it.”
At the stage, the doctor asks, “What is she doing?” The gentlewoman says that it is the same as usual for it is simply like she is washing her hands. Lady Macbeth rubs her hands roughly. She shouts, “Quickly disappear.. you damned spot! I said, quickly disappear!” Yoshio says that it makes one unconsciously cannot bear to watch it again.

“It’s really an extraordinary result. *turns around* You still can really always find this kind of actress, Habuta-san.” Kingo says not really, even if people always say that. One of the cast comments that person seems to be Saki’s manager and he seems to be very familiar with Yoshio. The other cast member says that is Habuta Kingo and it seems that they knew each other a long time ago.
Then, Kingo says that it is almost time for him to leave so he’ll go ahead. Yoshio says that it isn’t easy for him to come over so won’t he watch it until the end. Turning to leave, Kingo says ya, but it is for the best that he’ll wait for the official opening performance to once again enjoy it. “And besides, it appears that there’s no need to worry about Saki anymore.”

Afterwards, Saki goes backstage. Exhausted, she bends down on the floor. Nobuhiko offers up his hand and asks if she is alright. “You acted really well, Lady Macbeth.” As she reaches out with [imaginary] bloodied hand, Kasane thinks, “Thank you, Nina. *looks at her bloodied hand* Thank to you guys, I was able to enter Lady Macbeth’s heart.”
Nobuhiko asks what is the matter? Saki says that it is nothing. She holds his hand and thanks him. As Saki leaves, Nobuhiko glances back at her again. Kasane thinks, “Right now, even if I merely look back at the sin that I’ve committed against you people, I also don’t have any fear..!!!”

Outside, Kingo thinks that it is really astonishing because after Kasane broke away from the shadow, the more she became like a monster. He smiles and muses out loud, “Then, how will it be..[with] the other monster (Nogiku)”
Comment: How Kasane faced her sin has been skipped. Maybe, that is saved later on as to why she now is filled with confidence that she is no longer afraid. I’m not sure if it goes crumbling down once Nogiku betrays her. Well, Nogiku has decided to sever ties with Yuuto. She doesn’t seem at ease if she kept on ‘taking’ in a relationship and doesn’t ‘give’ anything.

It goes to show that she doesn’t know what love is. She tends to expect everything has a price and she cannot reconcile ‘kindness’ for she was never treated that way. Perhaps, except for her mother. Actually, Nogiku most probably cannot think that way with males. It is interesting that Nogiku can still get excited over going to a zoo.

There are indeed so many things that she can still do but her vengeance regarding what happened to her mother and probably herself is her priority. She seems willing to risk everything including her life for it. Perhaps, she believes that there is nothing more to her life. So, Yuuto let her go and would regret it later on. Will he still be part of her life or this series, time will tell. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Hi! I love your summaries and your insights at the end of each one! I was a silent follower but I felt that it is my duty to appreciate your work and also I was wondering when will you update Ookmai heika no hanayome? The last chapter ended on an interesting note and I've been dying to read the next chapter

    1. Thank you reading them, Unknown ^-^

      I'll update it when the Chinese scanlation for it is out. That has been deliberately delayed due to some reason.

  2. Hello :D !! Thanks for the summary!!! You know I really wonder what would happen if Nobuhiko met Nogiku.. Would it all be over or he would just be extremely confused..?

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I think he'll be extremely confused. Hm..why would you think it will be over? Nogiku telling him what Kasane really look like?