March 3, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 66]

While Kingo is quietly watching, Nogiku smiles and says, “Okay..I understand. I’ll stay here tonight.” Distraught Kasane thanks her. Kingo grumbles that Kasane really makes one fell ashamed for her and who was the one who said at first, ‘it is simply what I'm been looking for’. This irks Kasane.

Kingo tells Kasane that he had roughly guessed that it will become like this. “Most likely, what happened to Fuchi Sugeyo while acting as Lady Macbeth is also the same thing that had happened to you.” Kasane mutters, “just like mother..” Nogiku just becomes quiet. Kingo asks Nogiku to please go out for a while. Nogiku says okay.
After Nogiku left, Kingo tells Kasane that didn’t she say that she’ll ‘surpass her mother’-something and right now, is the most crucial moment. “Actually, this can be said to be a good sign because you are already in the same realm of a legendary actress.” Kaede protest that didn’t he say that her mother started to become strange during the Macbeth practice..

“After the last performance, she didn’t go on stage again.. Are you saying that I’ll also be like that!?” Sitting down, Kingo says that at the very least, right now it is like that. “During Sugeyo-san’s practice..because of some other thing that’s in terrible situation, I only get to see her once at the set is, that time.”
Flashback: Kingo had just came into the dressing room when Izana told him to go disappear.. Kingo asked if she is talking to him. Nervous Izana exclaims, “No! There..something..behind you..don’t come over!” End flashback. Kingo says that afterwards, she’ll yell out the name of someone who is already dead.. Recalling Nina, Kasane mutters, “..someone..already dead..”

Kingo asks if it is very similar for he had asked Yoshio about the situation at that time. “Persecuted by guilt and pressure, Lady Macbeth had seen the blood illusion. You’ll think that she had seen darkness. Even if it is like that, she cannot help but look straight at her own crime so she became like that. But that is because you and Sugeyo-san are very far superior from an ordinary actress.”
Kasane asks him how big is the crime that her mother committed..? Kingo says that it isn’t necessary for the current her to know that. “In short, it is also useless to worry about it. There’s no need to practice tomorrow so you properly think it over. What is the most important? Acting is your life, right?” Kasane looks tense.

The next day, at the living room, Kasane is trying to paint her nails but messes it up. Nogiku comes in and asks if she is painting her nails. “Painting the nails of your dominant hand.. let me help you paint them.” Soon, Nogiku is painting Kasane’s nails. Thinking that Nogiku manages to paint them easily, Kasane asks if she usually paint nails.
After a pause, Nogiku says that she used to before but it is the first time she painted someone else’s nails. Then, Nogiku says that she’s finished. Looking at her nails, Kasane thanks Nogiku and says that she did it beautifully. Nogiku didn’t reply. Looking somewhat sad, Nogiku says about that, she had properly thought it over and if it is convenient, she can also live here together with her.

Kasane asks what? Nogiku says that like this, the morning ‘switch’ would be guaranteed. Kasane asks if she doesn’t mind. Nogiku says yes, and besides, Kingo wasn’t able to immediately go over to her yesterday and if the time of the switch had lapsed.. “Your true identity will be known by others. That’s too dangerous. *worried look* So.. is better to make the ‘switch’ twice a day. *darkly glances at surprised Kasane* And we can also properly determine the time.” After a pause, Kasane asks if she won’t be very troubled by that.. 

Nogiku tells her not to worry about that. “This is a crucial time. I hope that I can help save you from unnecessary worries and even if it is me .. *wide eyed yet smiling* I also anticipate your most marvelous performance.”

With blank eyes, Nogiku slightly smiles. Moved Kasane thanks her. “ my current situation, I don’t know whether I can act out my most marvelous performance.. I also said it yesterday. Right now, as long as I’m all alone, I’ll be so afraid that I cannot bear it..
...Always feel that I’ll see bad things. So, if you want to agree in staying together with me then that is already a huge help..” Nogiku says is that so. Looking at Kasane’s red nails, Nogiku thinks that it is simply like blood. “Father.. would say that..about ‘Macbeth’..”

Flashback: Atae hit Nogiku and shouted that she is an unpromising thing!! “Are you mute? Or you cannot even remember a single line!!” Nogiku is crying as she is kneeling on the floor. Beside her is a script of Macbeth. Atae grabbed her collar and glared at her. He let her go and told scared Nogiku to forget it. “After all, ‘Lady Macbeth’ is a role that also gave Fuchi Sugeyo endless headache...
...But even if it is that way, Sugeyo (that person) also.. What’s wrong is we made the play a huge success. I’ve said this to the distressed her.. *grabbed Nogiku and whispered* There’s nothing to be afraid of.. Besides..” End flashback. Nogiku looks tense and aghast. She thinks that if what is distressing Kasane is the same with Sugeyo..

Nogiku hesitantly repeats what her father told her, “..Kasane..Even if the past and sin won’t disappear, you also should be able to walk on. Because I will accompany you in that hell, and we’ll walk in it together!”

Calling out Nogiku’s name, Kasane is moved that she becomes teary-eyed. Holding Kasane’s hands, Nogiku assures her that she isn’t all alone and she will become her support. Kasane thanks her.
Later on, while walking under a bridge, Nogiku suddenly stops. She repeatedly hits the wall with her fist. Kneeling on the ground, she mutters that for her to merely say the words that her father said made her feel that her throat has gone rotten.

Holding her throat, crying Nogiku says that it really makes her disgusted. Looking determined, she says, but even if it is like this, right now too, she must put hold up Kasane to the highest place..!!

In her room, Kasane feels ghost Nina appearing at her side. It is a full moon. Ghost Nina is approaching. Holding up her hand to the full moon, Kasane thinks, “If it is for my light (life)-- Even if my sin is barring the path that I walk. *looks straight at ghost Nina* I will also definitely can surpass it.. Definitely as long as Nogiku is around.”
Comment: Nogiku is now using this opportunity to firmly secure herself and win Kasane’s trust. And when the time is ripe, she’ll probably pull the rug under Kasane. After all, Nogiku seems to plan to crush Kasane’s spirit to the point wherein she couldn’t stand up again. That is probably the reason why she has to put Kasane in a very high pedestal so that when she falls, it will be very hard to recover.

There are two important points that is probably part of her plan. One, she will live together to Kasane which will enable her to pull whatever she planned. And, two, they have to switch twice in a day. Well, Nogiku also had a hard time pulling that in this chapter because she has to repeat the words her father told her before. After everything that he did to her, I can understand why she would feel utterly disgusted.

I still wonder why Kingo is very secretive with what really happened to Sugeyo. I would assume that it will harm Kasane rather than help her in fulfilling their goals so he always kept mum about it. So having Nogiku with her and her desire for ‘light’, Kasane is going to face ghost Nina. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
Facing your demons and staring them straight on is something you must do to progress in life. If you don't deal with them, they will eventually overwhelm you. ~ William E Lewis Jr

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