March 1, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 40]

Flashback: Player 10 called Shizuka an idiot for he is always staring at the direction of the [ball] pass and does he know what is a feint. Player 5 exclaimed that they’ll lose and it will be Shizuka’s fault that they’ll lose in tomorrow’s game—

Shizuka shouted, what, as long as he properly practice, he’ll definitely can.. Shou called out to Shizuka and told him that they go home. While walking, Shou asked why Shizuka play basketball. Shizuka asked, ‘why’? Shou said that it is because he’s rot..he doesn’t play really well.

Shizuka angrily shouted that just now, he wanted to say, ‘rotten to the core’ and even if he changed the way he said it, the meaning still hasn’t changed. “Is there even a need to say the reason. It is because I want to get in the Interhigh. From today on, I’ll definitely become a guy who’ll continuously grow!!”
Picking up a twig, Shou muttered, “..Interhigh? Ah- you said that before.” Shizuka said that even if Shou took the initiative to ask him please do not be impatient! “Speaking of that, Shou, how come you play basketball!” Shou said, “Me? I...I’m not too sure.” End flashback.

Back in the court, Shou shoots the ball in the basket. The audience screams that is quite amazing for Ryuhoku continues to score and the difference is now 8 points. Misuzu has 66 points vs Ryuhoku’s 58 points.

Excited Abe says that it feels like after they entered the latter half time, they finally were able to beat out the Ryuhoku’s style. Abe looks at Yuki and exclaims, “It is definitely the effect of Manager Machida’s hitting their butts!!” Yuki darkly says that it isn’t butts, it is backs.
She thinks that it is now the third quarter after the halftime with a difference of 8 points. “The tempo is certainly seized by Ryuhoku-- With this kind of momentum and we are not hindered, then we can definitely overtake them--” Amamiya and Shouji are all fired up for they don’t want to let it stop here.

Shou also doesn’t want to lose here after recalling Shizuka saying that for that person, it is only Shou whom he doesn’t want to lose to. And it is now the fourth quarter with only three minutes left with three point difference. Misuzu is leading with 89 points. During the time out, Kira comments that it will be bad if Ryuhoku catches up.

Other player curses for after they got in the half-time, their footwork unexpectedly became quicker. Recalling Yuki hitting Shou’s back, Shizuka mutters that it is that person’s fault. The others are puzzled. Shizuka thinks, “Machida-san, the thing that I can do for you is only to continuously defeat Shou.”
Back in the game, Shizuka is about to shoot the ball but it was tapped away by Shou. Everyone is excited as the ball got passed to Yashiro. Yashiro manages to shoot in the ball. The score is now 89 vs 88 with Misuzu still leading. Abe and others scream that only one point left.

Yuki watches in anticipation. Mizusu player manages to hit away the ball from Tonomura. The ball is about to go out of bounds but Shou dives to catch it. Thinking that there is still time, everyone is surprised when Yuki shouts, “Naruse, keep it up-!!” Pumped up, Shou shoots the ball while kneeling down. It is in.

The audience go wild for Ryuhoku manages to reverse the situation as they now lead with 90 vs 89. Yuki is praying hard for she still wants to.. There are people are cheering for Misuzu. There are people cheering for Ryuhoku to go on offensive.
There is still 10 seconds left. And everyone is stunned when Shizuka is posing to shoot the ball. “Could it be..! From that far away place-- It is a 3-point shoot..!” The ball flies. Everyone watches with abated breath. And, it is in. Just when Ryuhoku is holding the ball... Pfft- Game over. The game result is 92-90 with Misuzu winning. Ryuhoku’s side is stunned.

Shizuka’s teammates praise Shizuka. Yuki thinks, “We lost--..?” While the others are downcast, they notice that Shouji is bent down with his face covered. He is most likely crying. Abe and Himiko are teary-eyed. Shou pulls Shouji up and says that they have to line up. Shouji just mutters something. Then, they line up and thank each other for the game.

So, Ryuhoku High was defeated at second round of the competition. At the dressing room, Abe is crying that he doesn’t want this retirement-whatever..they can no longer play basketball with them-senpai-s
Nishiyama correct him by saying, no because on the day after tomorrow, they still have one last practice. Amamiya curses over the defeat. Shouji exclaims that he didn’t think that at the very last of the last, Misuzu made him cry~~!! “That long-faced actor stinky brat--!!!” [<- Misuzu]

Noticing that Yuki is going out, Himiko calls out to her and asks where she is going. Yuki says that it seems that she left her pen at the gym so she’ll go find it. Himiko offers to go with her but Shou calls out to her and asks where is the new bandage.

Startled Himiko says okay..ah, it should be at this side..huh..please wait a moment..Shou just looks sad-serious. While walking at the hallway, gloomy Yuki mutters that they’ve lost.. “During the baffling situation, we lost.. I didn’t think that we’ll be hindered unexpectedly in the last five seconds...
...From today on, we have to strengthen more the outer defense.. *holds pen tightly*, what is ‘from today on’. My mission is already thoroughly over. –today, everything is over.. *becomes teary-eyed* Ah..what am I to do. In short, I have to go someplace first to calm down.” Just then, someone calls out to her. She turns around and is surprised to see Shizuka.

She immediately faces the wall and thinks that she was seen. She thinks that this is really bad for her current expression is very awful and obviously, she can usually quickly suppress her tears, why..! Shizuka asks if she is crying. Yuki says is..

After a pause, Shizuka says that it is because he got separated from Shou ever since they’re young. “So I always wholeheartedly do not want to lose to him. In order to prevail over that guy, I continuously practice but unwittingly, I’ve changed...
...*scene of Yuki saying that she hopes that he can always become that guy’s rival* Before, I simply always did it for myself. In order to give you a helping hand, I did it in such a way as if my life depended on it but.. (I was mistaken) ..right now, I finally understand...

...*corners Yuki by the wall* Perhaps, I always wanted to see that expression of yours. *Yuki looks surprised* ..In the end, I.. *grabs Yuki’s wrist* will continuously defeat your Ryuhoku and Shou.” Yuki recalls everyone playing. She immediately gives Shizuka a headbutt on the stomach. Holding his stomach, Shizuka couldn’t say a word in pain.

Fired up, Yuki tells him to go ahead and try doing that for those guys won’t easily lose to others. “They can still become stronger.. (yes) They will continuously increase their strength. They will directly become an advancing power. (I really clear know) Because that is future Ryuhoku.” There is a scene of shadowed Shizuka. [<- cannot see his expression]
Later on, Himiko and Miyoshi ask where Yuki went off to. Miyoshi goes into shock for her expression is very terrifying. “You’re thinking, ‘this person is late for such an important game, so quickly go die already’, right!?” Emitting murderous intent, Yuki darkly says that even if she wasn’t thinking that but please, pay more attention afterwards.

Hatori complains that the senpai-s won’t be around starting in the next competition. Noda says that he really doesn’t feel confident about it. Amamiya laughs and tells him not to worry for in the final practice, they will undergo them in a thorough training- “Right, Manager Machida.” Still emitting murderous intent, Yuki darkly says yes, she will make them undergo a vicious special training.

Yuki thinks that from today on, they will still continue to advance because this is, not at all, the end. Then, Yuki notices Shou staring at her. Startled Yuki asks what is it. Shou says that he feels that she’s short. Everyone shouts, “It’s you who’s too tall!” Next chapter is Yuki’s final club activity day. It will come out on March 19 in Japan.
Comment: In this chapter, life is fair for Shizuka. =P After all the belittling and being ridiculed by others, Shizuka manages to be at the top of his game. It really helps since he has a goal/s ever since he was young and had been practicing a lot that he can already catch up with someone like Shou who has the talent. So, in this chapter, even if Shou got the girl, Shizuka won the game.

In the end, it still boils down to the two having that same main motivation, and that is Yuki. Shizuka wants to continuously defeat him for Yuki and Shou would want to win for her. I think that Shizuka said that partly to somehow cheer her up in his own way without making it seem that he still like her or something.

I don’t know if it is permanent but it seems that because of that experience of being in a love triangle, naïve wannabe stalker Shizuka became Black Shizuka with a bit sadistic tendencies. ^^;And with characters like that, it is either one will hate or find him cool =P 

For me, I actually find it interesting if Black Shizuka was Shou’s love rival especially if this is a full blown love triangle series. Of course, the mood and tone of the series would be totally different =P I’m not sure if Shou will be happy if he finds out that it is because of Shizuka that Yuki is all fired up. 

Nevertheless, this will really push their rival for basketball that they will want to improve their games until the end. Of course, I think it will be more intense if it is an individual sports like tennis, swimming, etc rather than a team sports because basketball is a team effort. If the other players aren’t that par, it will be obviously who’ll win the future games. 

As for the outcome of the game and how it played, I kind of expected it so there were no major surprises there. Anyway, hopefully, we’ll get some amazing lovey-dovey on the last day of practice ^^ How about some public display of affection or at least, an announcement that they’re going steady after the practice? ^^ I’m sure Yuki will make them go through a hellish training =P Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. hi kat, prang sa Slamdunk lang nun laban sa Kainan.I agree with your comment, yuki being fired up, hopefully lovey-dovey on next chapter and even the Word of the day, it very nice.Thanks for your summary! I'll always check your blog :)

    1. Yup, roseb. It is like that game in SD.

      Yup. ^^

      Thanks for reading and the support ^-^

  2. Thanks Kat! Public kiss maybe for the next chapter.... hmmmm...just thinking about it makes me excited... ������ ~G~

  3. Thanks for the summary, Kat!

    Aww, yeah the outcome was to be expected but I was still hoping. Anyways, Naruse sure knows Yuki especially when he knows she feels like she's going to cry and needs to be alone. But I wonder what he meant by that she looks short? I don't think he meant that in a literal sense. Ah, well I can't wait for the next chapter! <3

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^


      Indeed. Hm..maybe he just wanted her to remember his existence again since she is so fired up over the club =P

  4. Pls update kurosaki kun's 25th chap 😭😭

    1. Sorry, Rijiwa but the Chinese scanlation for that chapter is not yet out so I cannot work on it.

  5. Will the next chapter be the last one ?!? I was hoping that miyuki would continue the series focusing more on romance and school!! Anyway thanks for the summary Kat ~Shanny

    1. No, it isn't, Shanny. There is no announcement that it is the last chapter. Anyway, I think the mangaka will make them meet each other's family =P

      Most likely.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  6. I loooove this manga .. i'm so sad it's close to the end ( I hope not ^^) ad thanks for the summary ♥♥

    1. Hm..maybe 2-3 more arcs.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  7. Well, I didn't actually like this time around. Don't know if it's because I felt the ending of the match to be too much far fetched, though to be expected, or 'cause I hated Shizuka's kuro transformation into ars***ness like almost every love rival in every romance I've read so far or 'cause I'm slmply bitter today, lol.

    The lack of Sho's perspective may have contributed to it, though the general pov is Yuki's...Speaking of which, I did love the headbutt.

    Changing the subject without any subtly, I don't know any of those mangas you said that make you mad, guess that's for the best, I mean, if even you find hard to read, with my high intolerance of love rivals and love triangles and w/e I'd want to die, though I have my own series that try hard into making me want to kill myself, lol.

    1. What part is far fetched, Fê? you hate jerk guys huh. =P I'm amused though for that type does turn on some readers ^^

      Yup..headbutts by lead girl are rare..okay, this might be the first. The ones I already saw are flying kicks.

      Well, aside from the love is the characters' personalities. By the way, out of curiosity, what are those series for you?

    2. The super Sho's stretchness, then, only ten secs remaining, Shizuka shoots - I assume from mid to bottom court and it takes all that time for the ball to reach the basket - it's dramatic and all, but like I said, too far fetched in a bitter day... and yea, I don't like jerks, having too much around in rl that I don't need 'em in my fiction romance, plus, beeing one myself while trying hard not to only makes worse, lol.

      Yea, flying kicks is awesome too, but headbutts... Headbutts only the ones like Yuki are able/capable to, I mean, she is hard headed, obviously forced pun, but I had to to do it. T_T

      Now that I stopped for while to think, that are a lot, lol. I'll mention only the worst ones, Aka Akatoretachi - not shoujo - Koi To Uso, Nisekoi Doumei, Hoshigami-kun wa Douka Shiteru, Watashitachi wa Kabe ga Aru... There's more, but either I have dropped for good, or don't think I'd be resuming any time soon.

    3. Hehe..I see. I had assumed that they are all spread out and just passed the ball around to Shizuka while Ryuhoku are still in euphoria that they had caught up. ^^; that so.

      Hehe. Actually, I believe that really hurt for Shizuka since she has been banging her head around hard surfaces and seems to be fine =P

      I only briefly read Watashitachi...I stopped when the love triangle is forming and I couldn't get into the characters + plot ^^; The others, I haven't read them ^^;

    4. A headbutt to the stomach must hurt, from Yuki ten times more I'd say, lol. Don't waste time on the series I mentioned, I myself don't know why I didn't drop it yet, I know why I first started, but why I'm keeping... God knows, specially Watashitachi - though it seems the worst has gone - and Hoshigami. God, why?

      Nisekoi Doumei is pretty bad, but since I usually only read when it pops out in front of the monitor I won't say anymore, lol.

    5. Yup ^^


      Well, your curiosity level is high ^^ It is the same with me too at times...oh, it's out again..should I read it..shouldn't I read it..but I want to know how it turns bad can it go...surely, things will be better..and, soon, I cannot believe that I just read that again. ^^;

    6. It is, can't deny that. But, truth be told, I'm actually ok with not knowing. Those series I mentioned I really don't know why I didn't drop yet even when I myself don't find them really interesting, while I did drop a bunch of others that were bad, but had something interesting in it, yet...

      I don't know how to explain, lol.

      There are some series that I quite like and don't read it once every new chapter, others I deliberately let accumulate and those that I can only enjoy when marathoning, lol. And I don't know how I have the face to say that Simple Man is my song, though I'm quite simple, really, lol.

    7. Hehe..I see. Well, if it is hard to must be an 'emotional attachment' =P

      Nice lyrics ^^ Haven't heard of it so I googled it.

      Hehe..I tend not to be good with 'marathoning' since it usually gives me a headache. I had already gotten used to 'small morsels' at a time. Lol, thinking about it..I tend to be like that in everything.

    8. Nice song, isn't? Well, talk about beeing oldschool, lol.

      I don't find myself having and emotional attachment to those series, really. I do have for some others, like Bleach, One Piece, Naruto etc, but those I mentioned before are indeed a mystery to me. I don't have the urge to see what's coming next, and if it's weekly, like Doumei or Koi To Uso, if I don't read it for months I don't miss a thing, really. Just when it pops up when I'm browsing some manga site and I see it that I read it - and then have that kind of reaction to it, lol.

      Well, with marathoning I meant more or less ten chaps in a row, more than that I ask for death, even more so if each chap has at least 30 pages lol.

    9. Hehe..I see. But those series were good at first? I mean, something like unconsciously expecting for something? That still kept on not happening? Perhaps, just for the heck of it? I meant emotional attachment since well, emotions usually defy logic =P

      Oh, I see..I thought you meant like 20-30 chapters.

    10. You might have hit the mark with expecting something, though it was not unconsciously. Like in Hoshigami, the heroine starts off like some kind of calculating girl that only do and say things for her own benefit, in order to get through without problemas - in other words, kinda manipulating cynic - which is a far cry from the actually character and we see that in what? Two our three chapters... So, I don't know why I keep reading since nor her nor other chars. have any kind of development in 20 chaps, perhaps the 'main' male character and one side, and that's it. Watashitachi I was completely fooled by the summary, here I was expecting to see how the mc's would work to grow out of the wall named childhood friends and their gimmicks, which is true on the first chapters, but later, oh god, the horror... And the heroine actually has a good background for her to grow as a character and for the mangaka to work her in a decent non overcliched way, but, like I said, the horror...

      Thus, I don't remember the name of neither heroines for how much they were out of my expectations or even out of the summary try them to be and become so generalized that I don't care anymore. The mystery is, why I keep it? Other series I dropped in a blink of a eye when I didn't match my expectations.

      Heeeeeeell! Did I write so much, huh? And even ended up spoiling the series themselves... If you find the need to erase this post, please do so, I went way out of the topic here, lol.

      Yea, I can't read that much chapters in a row, unless, they're like Tomo-chan (1 page=1 chapt) or Umaru, a funny and heartwarming series with no more than 10 pages, lol.

    11. I see...

      Hm..isn't 2-3 chapters too fast to not follow up your expectation ^^;

      Mm..that is a mystery. Oh well, no use wasting brain power thinking of it. =P

      No, don't mind. What you wrote is 'general' and not really specific to be a spoiler. Well, in my opinion.

      Lol. But usually, those type don't have a story, right? It is like comic strips. Well, the ones I saw that has 1 page or 10 pages.

    12. Thanks for not minding, lol. These days I've been put under a lot of stress, so I tend to let it all when writing about something I like or find interesting, or, in this case, only having a simple conversation - right now I'm almost stuck at home and clinics, so it's rare to have an opportunity to talk about anime and stuff, which regularly I don't often 'cause I'm the only one in my rl circle of friends that like/watch/read anime/manga, so... Here I am writing one helluva text again, lol.

      I think that 2-3 is good enough for me to know if I'm going to like or not - if I found interesting enough to read by the summary - I mean, if the manga has 30 or so pages per chapter, if not, then 10 chapters is my rule. Though I kinda broke the rule with One Piece and HxH 'cause stupids bets, lol.

      Yeah, Umaru is a 4-koma manga and Tomo-chan is like a strip indeed, but has so much more content than some series that sometimes I wonder how in the world is that possible, lol.

    13. No problem ^^ Well, we all need an outlet ^^ that so. Hope you get well soon ^^

      I see..for me, I guess it is random. Read first few chapters. Then, if don't like so much, just skip read has been a few updates, let's see what happened. Hm..nothing much it seems. And a couple times of that...dropped. Actually, that is more for anime.

      Actually, it is hard to judge in a few chapters in manga. There are series that I came to find interesting after so many chapters. Then, there are those that know..was good then...such a is a train wreck yet I cannot get off. ^^;;

      Really. How indeed. Must be very good writers. Usually, those are comedies, right? I read a few but usually, couldn't get into them. ^^;

    14. True, specially under heavy stress, may I add. My issues are not that bad, but at the same time, it prevents me from doing almost anything any normal person would/could do without strain. T_T And thanks! ^^

      I can see that, I myself do that, sometimes don't even finish the episode, lol. Same thing with movies and tv shows.

      I kinda don't think like I'm judging per se, it's more like a taste or something. If I don't like it at first, I don't find/have the reason to keep going, nor the will to it. With the excpetions I mentioned earlier which are only due to bets and losing, lol. I dropped many series that I just got tired of too, despite having read a lot of chapters. Guess I'm just weird, lol.

      Yea, the ones I meantioned are, I mean, if you're into that kinda stuff. And there's another 4-koma that I find to be top tier, Yandere Kanojo, there's one helluva good plot, subtle hints at every corner implying some serious stuff, good laughs, and I mean really loud ones, and then, the feels. When the train feels comes, it takes you rather you wanting or not, damn, there were tears I shed with some chapters. I reccomend those three, Tomo more for lol's, Umaru for the comfy, Yandere for the wild feels and lol's.

    15. Well..don't push yourself too much. And, hope you're not in too much pain. you go out of the theater or sit through it? It has been a long time since I watched a bad movie but I'll most likely sit throughout it ^^;;

      Perhaps, it is wrong should be hard to decide whether you like it or not. Of course, if it is anime, it is easy to know that it isn't one's type. =P For me, if I did read a lot of chapters, I would tend to read it through if it is still bearable. Lol..just kind of speed read it though. For example, in Naruto, when they are explaining the powers, I just keep on 'turning the page' =P

      Yandere Kanojo..after a couple of pages, the plot is good but I'm really weak against episodic stuff like that..and the drawing..sigh, my picky side. Will there be an anime for it? ^^

    16. Haha, I might sound like a whining champ - actually, I think I do sound like one - but almost anything I do I push myself, a lot. Thank you for the best wishes.

      Nah, I meant movies/films that I watch at home, don't go to the movies/theaters myself, too much expensive in my country, but I actually have slelpt through an entire session of the movie once, it costed me a girlfriend, lol.

      Yea, that's a good thing to do if you still have some remaining interest in the series, I myself can't bring me to do it, though.

      Don't know, Yandere Kanojo is finished in Japan, but haven't heard of an anime adaption of it yet. But, there's one of Umaru - and it's not good, they pushed too much into ecchimoe and forgot the original feeling of the manga, that have nothing to do with it.

    17. Lol..really? What was the movie if you still recall it? Love story?

      Hehe, well, it depends on the series. There are those that I just quit cold turkey style.

      Oh..too bad. I guess it is one think for a series to be animated and another thing for it to be animated well. ^^;

    18. Well, it's beem sometime so I don't really remember, guess it was something like lose a guy in ten days, a love comedy I think.

      I realize I do that more often then I thought when we started this topic, lol.

      Totally, they did the same with Jitsu Wa, which is a trope of harem series focused much more on the comedy/bizarre/absurd of it all than a moe/ecchi selfinsert type os story. Haven't really watched a good anime adapation in quite some time, and now that I'm stuck at home I've been trying hard to watch stuff and catch up on some series. I guess the last adaptation, if my memory don't fail my, was Ore Monogatari.

    19. I see.

      Well, I guess it really depends on the studio and perhaps, how they perceive the series? I think it is somewhat the same with Western movies in regards with adaptations.

      But I do think that if a series has a good story but not so nice art, it can be totally amazing in anime especially with a big budget. I think One Punch Man was done really well. ^^

    20. I did watch One Punch Man and liked a lot, but I don't read the manga, so I couldn't say if it was/is a good adaption, there's stuff like Shingeki that surpasses that original midia, though I myself find the manga better still, there ara a lot of people who'd disagree, specially 'cause the anime gave the boost and fame it has now - and the troubles the author seems to be facing with what to do with some characters, lol.

    21. Lol, I also didn't read it. I just look at a few pictures and well, the art greatly improves in the anime ^^ Of course, action looks better and cooler in anime ^^

      Is that so. Since I'm picky on the art, I like the anime better though there are some fillers = make them look stupid. And, the soundtrack is pretty good. For the manga, I sometimes have a hard time knowing who's who like..was that Armin who got killed..ah no, it was just someone who looks like him. ^^;;

      Honestly though, I'm slightly bored with the series..though it seems to be ending though.

      I think I heard about that..he has to spare some people from death or else.. I'm sure he won't have the guts to kill off Levi. But who knows.. =P

    22. I see, I'm more of an 'ambient guy', like, in SNK, the art of the manga contributes to the overall feeling of rigged despair in the beginning, that's what caught my attention, and the storytelling and some punk harrassing me over SNK is better than Claymore, better than Berserk, better then blah,blah, lol.

      I guess, I don't really mind the art if the story is attractive/interesting enough for me. I still remember Angel No Densetsu, hell, that's an art that only it's creator could love - Yagi, Claymore's author - but it's still the most engaging and funny manga I read so far, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I had to stop reading several times so I could go relieve myself 'cause I couldn't take the laugh anymore and it was already hurting to laugh that way.

      And yea, doubt that Levi is in any danger, or the main trio - or even Jean, 'cause it seemss to be the author's fav - but my Potato Girl, I don't know, I kinda fear for her and Connie, especially for her 'cause she remembers me way too much when I applied for military only to get rekted, lol.

    23., is it better than Claymore? For me, I think it does seem to be more of the same but of course, someone coming back in the end is really nice ^^ The long dragging battle in Claymore before the finale is well..dragging and not too interesting.

      I see.

      You think so? There are people saying that Armin has a death flag as well as Erwin. I read that this is suppose to be based on a horror story so I'm thinking that whatever they'll find in the basement will be some ultimate twist and all their sacrifices are futile.

    24. Well, imo, I don't really think so, mainly 'cause the treatment Yagi gives to almost all his chars, trying to show what's human, what's monstruous and what's in between and if it's possible to carry those two traits as a human being. I mean, every coin has two sides so... Aaah, when I begin talking about Clay and it's symbolism/philosophy I always go waaay off track, lol.

      In short, I do think SNK had an amazing beginning with it's setting and ambientationm which made me realize how much every panel was important and gave hints to the plot, but later it lost what I think it was the thing most well done in the manga, and now we see all those 'contradictions' that it didn't have 'till some time ago. But I do like SNK and here I am hoping to see a good/better ending than Claymore had - I loved it, but even I have my issues with it, lol.

      You really think so? I could Erwin dying easily, but Levi or any of the trio... That's really hard for me to picture. Armin has a pretty good fan base, has it not? I think it'd be best to maintain him alive and make him grow as a char. than to just dispose of him as a tragedy. I mean, even Reiner didn't die yet, and should have been for at least three chapter now, lol.

      True, and I think Hange it's there already, or in her way to be...

    25. Hm...philosophy/symbolism...that's quite in depth. ^^ Personally, I find the parts after they hide out for a number of years before re-appearing again not quite engaging. The epilogue is okay but then, I'm not sure what else to expect. ^^;

      What kind of contradictions? Just a few examples..don't overexert yourself =P

      I actually don't know if Armin has a good fan base. If he does die, I think that is already humanity's doom if whatever they find in the basement meant more battles, etc. I mean if there is no more Erwin or Armin.

      I can even assume Eren can be killed off. Again, if the mangaka is aiming for a BE. Something like in horror movie..'it is hopeless, you cannot stop it'. I'm still wondering if the prologue is of major importance. What was that dream? seems so. Well, if Reiner is still alive, it might be possible that he has some sort of mental damage. Can they brainwash him to think they are on their side?

    26. Ya, when it has those kind of things I'm simply absorbed as a whole by the series. No wonder, Berserk and Clay are my fav of all times, despite my issues with how Clay ended. I heard that some time after the seven years/post Pieta, Yagi had to move magazines to continue writing and that might have caused some changes in his original script - but I'm not sure of those rumors, the only fact is that it changed to the same Kono Oto are published, but that was a long time ago and have no ideia when that happened in the story...

      They're not really contradictions, that's why I put it in quotes. It's like, the first time the Collossal appeared, there were no explosions, just huge noise and tremor - if there were, it'd be seen when they got out. Then, on the second attack, either, no explosions, no flames even Eren got near enough to cut his nape the only thing there was the heat from the steam, no explosions and no get close die burned. Now, we've seen get close die burned when the Collossal first saved the Armored from Eren when his was abducted and in the last chapters his setting aflame everything, no one gets close, nor even other titans - only Eren ofc - and even had some nuke bomb effect. It's a bit much to swallow when we know he didn't have those powers before, I know he could've developed during this time like Eren, buuuuuuuuuut, we also know that to develop powers one must eat others or inject himself and the fact is, we just didn't see. So I can't call really contradtions, but they kinda are, you know? Hard to explain, lol. Even Reiner now, should've died when they got to the nape, but then all of sudden, new power last defence mode - which nobody had seen it before either, catch my drift? Though I'm always messy when trying to explain my point, it's been some days that I couldn't sleep or have some rest, so I may/might be even messier now, lol.

      I though he had, but I agree with you, whether or not they find something useful in the basement, the fact that humanity still need some mid capaple of quick thinking, analysing and stratagies, Armin can't die, and since Erwin and Pixis is the only ones with those traits... In fact, talking about dying/killing off chars, I find much more belieble/feasible that Eren bites the dust.

      What I mean is, we don't have susbtitues for Armin, only Erwin, but he can die a hero's death and no fan would be mad. Levi can think and all, but he's almost like Mikasa, an one man army and these both have huge fanbase, even those 'cr**zy enough' to ship 'em. Now, Eren, of the main, as I see it, it's the most 'uncared' of them, so, after they discover the past and link it together with everything, he can die a hero's death too and I don't think anyone would be really upset, since it'd have great impact on the others charcters, forcing them to grow or throwing them off for good, and it'd be 'unprecedented' to have the mc dying, which might gain some popularity or w/e. And for the story itself, if it's not for his abilities/powers connected to the past, he wouldn't have any real relevance to the plot, only to he charcters, and since any titan can steal his 'magic'... Well, here I am, writing my mouth out like there's no tomorrow, lol.

      It's just that when it comes to these stuff, it's really hard to stop, like I said, in rl I don't really have anyone to talk about it, though I made some friends and my siblings watch SNK, they can't really follow what I say, and I don't blame them, can't blame more like it, lol.

      I think he's still alive, but I'd hate if he 'turned sides again', I mean, he already has a mpd/did barely explained/explored - this is one of the reasons I say Clay is better, since it treats this kind of thing well, not deeply like a psychiatrist, but well enough to note there's something really wrong with the char.

    27. Hell!!!

      TLDR version: it's more like I expect Erwin to die, Eren might die too, I WANT Reiner to die and Colossal has huuuuge issues with each of his appearances been different from the others, and only now being earned his title of colossal for all the desctruction and nukes he's throwing out there like he could do that anytime, just didn't 'cause reasons, lol.

    28. Ah yes, I do recall that he did change magazines. It used to come out more frequently than a monthly, iirc. <- based on the complaints I've read.

      Oh that. Now that you mentioned it, that is indeed 'new'. And yes, maybe the ape/beast titan got some new injections or somehow he evolved. If not, perhaps, the mangaka just wants to give more doom and gloom to put everyone in a pinch until something miracle happen. I get what you mean. It does seem to be out of the blue when there are already 'known facts' but the mangaka seems to be changing those.

      Yup. Though honestly, I'm surprised that Armin suddenly passed the baton in the latest chapter to Jean.

      Lol, I'm not surprised. I would even joke that Eren has become a 'damsel in distress'. ^^; And that isn't a good impression =P

      Don't mind. I also have no one to talk to about it in rl.

      Well, it is still fitting for his mpd. Humans need all the help they can get. ^^ I'm hoping for some irony or something unexpected. Basically I want it to be something satisfying after what they did to Marco.

      Ya..and it is likely that Erwin will get that titan serum. I'm still wondering if Levi is better/effective as a human or as a titan. ^^;;

    29. I wasn't surprised, tbh, Jean always demonstrated some capabilty to lead and - I guess it was Marco who explained/exposed this trait - when saying that while he's normal/down to earth, that's what makes him a better leader than the 'heroes', 'cause he knows what each person can and can't do, and knows how normal people feel. He even said that he was leading, but who has to plan a way out of it is Armin, since he himself can't. Plus, Isayama himself told Jean was his fav in a interview, so, lol.

      Yea, a lot of people that I used to talk in a forum used to hate Eren and said that SNK wasn't on par with some series 'cause of him, I disagreee on that, but can only concur that Eren is the weakest point in SNK, though I'm one of those few that open declares that I like Eren the way he is. Can't relate to him, but I like him, lol.

      Yea, that scene was tense and brutal, but in general I quite liked, tbh. I added something more to Berthold and even gave me some time to cut some slack for Reiner and his mpd/did. And, ofc, made like Annie even more, lol. I'm expecting to see her soon, though I'm afraid of what the author has reserved for her if she cames back - and contrary to Reiner, I have no disposition of her turning good... Does that make a scumbag sexist? lol.

      Yea, iirc, first time Eren turned he wasn't in control and he just so happened to save everyone for reasons, so, if Levi or Erwin inject the serum, they better be sure to use it only in last case scenario and double sure that they on lose their minds to it - like Historia's father. And 'cause of that, I prefer Erwin injecting and sacrificing himself for others, it'd be good for his char. too, since he's always reminiscing 'bout how 'egoistic' he was and still is, only working that way towards his dream of seeing the world and w/e;

      Kat, you're a godsend, really. If I myself were to put my eyes on those wall of texts I myself wrote, I'm sure I wouldn't read it, seriously, lol. Thanks for this!

      BTW, do you happen to read Takane no Hana? I read it the first chapt long ago, but caught up to it theses days, didn't expect to be this good, though there's some dark melodrama brooming and reading to hit me hard, I'm quite surprised at how nice it is 'till now, 22 chapts in.

    30. Lol, I see. I thought Levi was his favorite since I recall the mangaka copying the hairstyle. ^^;; True, Jean does show some of that traits but hasn't really shine yet. He actually had the most growth as a character.

      I see. I used to like Eren but being a damsel in distress way too many times can be a bit of a turn off ^^;

      I also want to see Annie to come back. I think she is more of a threat than those other two since she seems to be quick-thinking and strong. Hehe..well, if she do turn good, it will be a big help. Is it possible that they got her as back up or something?

      Otherwise, I'm not sure if she'll still come out since I get the impression that this is the final arc/battle so if she doesn't come out, she is already forever in crystal.

      But didn't Historia's father become like that because he only licked it and it wasn't injected? <- part of the reason. But ideally, it would be better if they won't be trying it for the first time or at least, get everyone away so that the only 'creatures' who will be eaten will be the enemy.

      Indeed. I'm still wondering if it would be better if Erwin at least saw whatever is in the basement before any sacrifice.

      No problem ^^ Well, you did take time to write them ^^

      I only browse through it in Chinese. That is I don't read it in detail and just get the idea. Yup, it is still good and amusing. ^^

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