February 26, 2016

Last Game [Side Story]

This happened on Valentine’s day during first year high school. A girl calls out to Yanagi and asks if he can come over for a while. After he returns with a box of chocolate, his classmate complains that he got called out again. Another classmate tells him that he can go home already for he is like that early in the morning.
Flashback: Yanagi opened the shoe box and boxes of chocolate are pouring out. His desk is filled with chocolate boxes. End flashback. His classmate furiously exclaims that it is simply like a shoujo manga!! “Although it is [like that].” Putting the boxes of chocolates in a bag, Yanagi says but receiving this many is actually not that easy.. With murderous intent, they shout, “Ha?”

Yanagi explains that if the return gift isn’t of the same quality, it will be assumed that the Yanagi clan’s vacation village is on a slump so it really gives him a headache. “Due to this consideration, every year, I always carefully return the gift not knowing how it will spread around. The chocolates that I receive every year is increasing. They are branded and high quality-type of chocolates. *looking serious*...
...Let me say it directly. This activity has already become almost like a giving present celebration and for me, it is really.. For me to say it sincerely, I had earlier on no longer know how many of these are actually Valentine chocolates..” His classmates mutters ah..each one has their own difficult experience.. “No matter what, you should quickly find a girlfriend.”

Yanagi thinks that if he can find one then he also wants to quickly talk [about it?] but.. He glances at Kujou who is busy studying on her table. Yanagi thinks, “Right now, I’m currently carrying out the plan of making that detestable arrogant Kujou fall in love with me then I’m going to viciously dump her..!! Three times a week, I have the chance of studying together with her. I also treat her out during lunch. And I have also gone to her house. What’s more--..”

He recalls Kujou smiling and saying, ‘thank you’. His heart is moved. He shakes his head. “Like this, it looks like she has already considerably become infatuated with me! She’ll definitely give me a chocolate! Afterwards, I’m going to beautifully pull that chocolate out and smash it..! Ku ku ku.”
Classmate says that Yanagi’s expression is so sinister.. Classmate 2 wonders out loud what happened on this V-day.. Yanagi thinks but then, it is also okay for him to take a bite from it first! So, nervous Yanagi waits during the 10 minute break. During noon break, a couple of girls tell Yanagi to accept their chocolates.

Soon, it is school dismissal. Gloomy Yanagi thinks that Kujou won’t come..!? He is startled when Kujou calls out to him and says that there’s a study meeting today after school so isn’t he going to the library? Standing up, Yanagi exclaims ya, that’s right. He thinks that it is like that, Kujou wanted for them to be all alone then she’ll give it to him..! “I didn’t think that Kujou is very cute..!”

Thirty minutes after, at the library, Yanagi is speechless as Kujou is telling him about this problem--.. This made him asks if she knows what day is it today. Kujou bluntly tells him that there is no special limited promotion sale today that is worth mentioning. Yanagi shouts who cares about that and he’s referring to V-day! Yanagi asks if she’ll tell him that she doesn’t know what V-day is.
Kujou says that it is a day for giving chocolates. Yanagi says ah..she is right, and waiting makes him a bit uneasy. Kujou calls out to him and seriously tells him that just now, he always look like he is studying absent-mindedly. She darkly reprimands him to concentrate. Yanagi timidly says okay. And, afterwards, nothing happened as the studying is over.

Taking her coat and bag, Kujou says then, she’s going home. Yanagi mutters, if it will end without anything happening--..? “Let me say! *crying* That thing, that sweet brown chocolate!!” Annoyed Kujou asks, huh..? It starts to dawn to Yanagi that she didn’t have any chocolate for him since she has an expression of not understanding him. As Yanagi sobs, Kujou wonders what’s up with him. She looks into her bag and says that she has one.

Somewhat recovered, Yanagi asks what, acting as if taking one seriously, what is she pulling..of course, he also isn’t specially thinking of wanting one! Then, Kujou gives him a small candy. <- this is a very cheap chocolate that for 138 yen, one can buy a pouch of it and this is just one of chocolates from that pouch. (cheaper than Tirol) [<- Tirol is a chocolate of substantial cost; one piece costs 20 yen]
Kujou says that he must be hungry so she’ll be leaving now. After looking stunned, Yanagi tightly holds the candy tightly and thinks, “Th..at..girl!! *popped vein* Unexpectedly, had the guts to belittle the great me..! Unexpectedly giving me this kind of chocolate..! I’ll definitely defeat you-!!” When Yanagi arrived home, Yanagi’s mother says that he’s home. “Ah, you look very happy. What happened?” This surprised Yanagi. That’s it for Valentine’s Day.

One month after, it is now a few days before White Day. Standing in front of a chocolate display, Yanagi thinks that he is already been distressed here for over 30 minutes.. “And, speaking of that, what should I do with that doctrine [<- give back the same equivalent] for that chocolate cannot be calculated. It is totally not require for me to return that kind of trash...

...But, I’m a wide-hearted guy so even if it is that kind of thing, I’ll also properly return it. This wide heart of mine will definitely move Kujou, right. That’s right, for me to do this, it is not at all because I want to give something to Kujou...
...It is absolutely not that! But, anyway, that person also doesn’t know clearly that her standard for chocolate is so bad! That’s right. That’s right. *nods* It is pretty much okay to choose that!” As he concentrates on which one to buy, a couple of salesladies think that it is honmei [chocolates for a lover] for he is distressed about it for almost an hour already and besides, this isn’t a store where a high school student would buy chocolates..

After buying the chocolate, he thinks that he had carelessly bought a very high quality chocolate and he doesn’t know why but he felt that it suits Kujou a bit-- He looks surprised for he realized that tomorrow is Sunday so there’s no school. He thinks of something. The next day, Kujou asks why he would suddenly call her out.

At the restaurant, Yanagi asks does it matter when he is going to treat her for lunch. He thinks that she still wear old-fashioned clothes.. Kujou says that’s true then what’s up? He puts a small bag on the table. She asks what is this. Blushing a bit, Yanagi says that it is chocolate, the return gift from Vday!
After looking surprised, Kujou asks if she gave him something. Couldn’t believe that she unexpectedly dare forget it, Yanagi says that it is one piece from a bag of cheap chocolates. She tells him that there’s no need for him to give that back to her. Yanagi gloomily thinks that she unexpectedly have an ‘I don’t like trouble/inconvenience’ expression. He tells her that actually, he thought so too but he put importance to the thought [<- not the gift but the thought behind it].

Kujou sighs and says that he can give it to her tomorrow yet he would specially call her out. Physically and emotionally exhausted, Yanagi says that it is because it has an expiration [/best before date] so he doesn’t want to give it to her on that day! Teary-eyed, Yanagi curses for in the end, he shouldn’t have bought it for this kind of person. Kujou asks if she can open it.

Yanagi tells her to do what she pleases for anyway, an insensitive person like her basically doesn’t understand anything! Kujou opens the box and looks surprised over the flower-shaped chocolates. Yanagi is surprised to see Kujou smiling and saying that it’s so cute.
Kujou tells him that it is very cute and has a feminine feeling to it. “Do you like this kind?” Blushing Yanagi recalls thinking that he wondered why he thought it suited Kujou a bit. Thinking ‘Kujou is a girl!? Stop joking around!!’, Yanagi says, “..li[ke].. *pounds the table* Who’ll like [that]!! No way!!”

Thinking that Yanagi would give something he himself doesn’t like to someone, Kujou says is that so but then, it wasn’t easy for him, since he still have to buy several, right? This puzzles Yanagi. Kujou says that isn’t tomorrow the day when the chocolates are returned. “Didn’t you accept a lot? I heard mama talking about that.” Yanagi is shocked. He says that he totally forgot about it and this isn’t the time for him to be eating together with Kujou!!

He takes his coat and says that he’ll pay for it so after she finished eating, she can go back home. “You can go back by yourself, right!?” Kujou says yes. Holding a fork, Kujou thinks that he still really loves to shout around [/argue noisily]. Narration: “After everything, what’s up with me? –how can this be, letting Kujou occupy my mind. *blushes and in disbelief* This kind of thing is simply-- impossible!”
Comment: And so, Yanagi is trying to making her fall for him, it backfired for he ends up falling for her =P Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
In life, you have to take the pace that love goes. You don’t force it. You just don’t force love, you don’t force falling in love, you don’t force being in love – you just become. ~ Juan Pablo Galavis


  1. Hi uli Kat! Natawa ko dito ah, poor yanagi, victim on his own! Thank you for your summary :)

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  2. Poor, poor Yanagi. Kujou is too dense.

  3. LOL. As usual, Yanagi was busted again. But I really like the fact that even though he receives one small piece from Kujou, he still remember to give back to her. Too cute, really. I hope there are more mangas where the guys are the tsundere ones.

    1. Yup.

      Hehe..indeed. He's falling =P


  4. You're a filipino kat? You understand tagalog.hhaa its me xycire if you still remember. I always commenting on namaikizakari.now last game is my new interest

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    1. You're welcome and thanks for the comment, Angelstar ^-^

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  7. Why side story?? The author really makes me curious about yanagi leaving to america 😭😭😭😭
    But it's still sweet as always

    1. Ah..Emerald, actually, there is no chapter last month. This is actually an old side story that someone requested.

  8. when will u write summary of nxt chptr

    1. Around the time when the Chinese scanlation is out.

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