March 15, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 44]

Flashback: Takezou recalled his senpai-s crying to apologize to him for they weren’t to get the admission ticket to the Nationals. Chika recalled his gramps shouting, “I know!” which caused him to cry. End Flashback.

Narration: “From that day on, exactly one year has already passed. Hearts filled with determination-- Right now, our voices will start to echo-- Right now, we officially entered the place that will determine the outcome--”

Chika’s group has entered the building. Chika? comments that all of these people are their competitors. Michi says that in the end, the proportion of girls [against boys] is really high. Chika confirms with Takezou that there are 14 schools altogether.
Takezou says yes, and afterwards, there can only be one who can participate in the Nationals. Chika says ya. This made everyone serious and tense. Suddenly a head pops on top of Chika’s left shoulder. Chika screams in fright as he quickly backs away from Mio.

Mio says that it has been a long time since they saw each other and he is very happy to see him again. Aghast Chika says, you.. Pointing to himself, Mio asks if he doesn’t remember, he’s the one whom he made friends with at the National Music Festival..

Chika angrily says that he doesn’t recall that they became friends!! “But.. (how can I possibly forget..) at that time, you told me, ‘Your timbre is too clumsy’ right!! *angrily points at Mio* Afterwards, I went to check on it. That meant ‘disappointing’, right, you jerk!!” Mio says ya.
This irks Chika but he says that let him tell Mio up front, the current them isn’t the same as how they are before. “Today, we are absolutely going to win!!!”

Then, Mio’s teacher grabs Mio by the head and exclaims that he just got a bit careless and Mio has already run off somewhere. “Everyone is still looking for you at that side--” Then, Chika and others are surprised when the teacher exclaims that it is “Tokize High!!” Suzuka immediately goes in front and asks the teacher what he wants with their school.

The teacher says no, really sorry, ah, he is the adviser, right. While shaking Suzuka’s hand, the teacher introduces himself as Hakuto koto club’s adviser, Yamamoto Taishin. “It is truly a huge honor to be able to meet you!!” Suzuka calmly greets him back and introduces himself as Takinami, Tokize’s adviser.
Sparkling Taishin excitedly exclaims that when he heard Tokize play on the DVD, he is really, very moved!! “What kind of coaching did you carry out on the students!!” Sane and the other two are very happy that Taishin said that he was moved.

Suzuka says no, nothing much, it is just the students performing with all of their effort, that’s all.” Taishin exclaims that is such a cool answer!! “It is exactly the opposite today and during the National Music Festival, because now, after Hakuto’s performance, it will be Tokize!! After our performance ends, we’ll [/I’ll] definitely sprint back to listen to your performance!!”

Suzuka lamely thanks him very much. This made Chika confirm if they are the ones after Hakuto. Suzuka says ya. This made Chika shouts, “Haaaaa!!? I never heard you say this before!!” Takezou exclaims that he only told them that they are ‘second to the last’.
Hiro asks him how come he didn’t tell them. Suzuka calmly asks if it is necessary to say it. “Is there an influence to your performance in regards to the sequence of performance? Already afraid? Ah, then, that is also your level.” This displeases Chika and the three.

Irked Chika shouts how is that possible, and it [performance] has no relation at all with the sequence. Suzuka says then, there’s no problem at all. Michi exclaims in agreement. Awed Taishin says that it is such an outstanding leading ability. Suzuka is speechless.

Taishin happily says that their students will also really bring out a very amazing performance!! “Please be sure to listen to it backstage!” Mio looks somewhat sad. Uta arrives and calls for Taishin and Mio. Taishin apologizes to the others and says that they’ll go ahead.
As Taishin goes to apologize to Uta, Mio follows him. Mio stops and turns to Chika and others to say, “Ah, I absolutely will not lose again.” Chika looks surprised as Mio slightly smiles and leaves. While everyone is surprised by that, Satowa notices Kazusa and her group entering the building. Kazusa glances at them.

Chika thinks that she will go ‘Satowa-chan’ once again but Kazusa just seriously looks at them and leaves. Narration: “Everyone is serious. Everyone is seriously aiming for the Nationals as their goal.” Later on, Shizu and someone are delivering Chika and the others’ koto.

The man tells Sane that this is the last one. Sane thanks the man. Chika asks granny if she’ll listen to their performance today. To his surprise, Shizu says that actually, after this, she immediately has work to do. Chika says is that so..
She says, “But, I’ll finish it as soon as possible. After all, you guys are already, more or less, my grandchildren.” Sane calls out to Chika to hurry up for it will be the next school’s turn! [<- probably delivering of the kotos] Chika calls out ya, ya.

As he turns to leave, Chika suddenly stops and says, “I..until now, I really regret that I wasn’t able to make gramps listen to my performance. So, it is really great that there is you, granny, who is here.” Shizu looks surprised.  After looking a bit flustered, Chika turns to her and says, “I’ll also bring you granny to the Nationals.”

Then, he starts walking away. Shizu calls out to him, “Chika! If it is you people, it is definitely no problem at all. (I’m really a blessed person) *smiles* play as much as you want! (because with these kids around, for a granny like me, until now, I also feel that every day that passes by is completely substantial.)”
Chika and others happily smile back at Shizu. At tuning room C, Himesaka group are busy preparing their koto-s. A girl calls out to Kazusa. Kazusa exclaims, Hozumi-senpai! Hozumi asks if Kazusa is okay and does she need any help. Kazusa tells her that she is fine and thank you very much.

Kazusa admits that she is a bit nervous than usual for they are the third to perform and it felt so early. Hozumi says is that so, and that’s true, even if during the official performance, they cannot be of help except to cheer them on as cheering squad.

Hozumi assures Kazusa that nevertheless, she will give it her utmost effort to lively support her! Kazusa recalls their adviser telling everyone the list of members that will participate. Then, Hozumi was crying at the side. End flashback.
Standing up, Hozumi says that if there is anything up, call her. Kazusa calls outs to her and exclaims that they’ll definitely play together during the Nationals!! This surprises Hozumi. She breaks out a smile and says, “But of course!” Kazusa looks determined as Fumi watches her. <- seems to be moved.

Soon, everyone is taking their seats at the auditorium. Sane comments that it has been a long time since they came together here. Kota comments that it feels that the National Music Festival’s place is smaller. Facing them while walking, Takezou says after all, the participating students at the festival is around half [the number of participating schools?] so where are their seats—

Takezou bumps into a taller guy. The guy angrily glares at him as Takezou apologizes. The guy takes out his handkerchief from his front pocket and wipes his arm where Takezou bumped him. Takezou is shocked by that.
While the guy walks ahead, a timid glasses girl apologizes to Takezou and explains that guy has a bit of mysophobia so please mind it too much. The guy calls out to her, “What is that, Kinoshita! You’re talking too much at that side!!” Kinoshita apologizes.

As the guy looks disgusted and leaves, Kinoshita calls out to him as Fujimoto and goes after him. Chika asks Takezou what was that a while ago. Takezou says who knows. Kinoshita apologizes to Fujimoto for she shouldn’t have said those things a while ago. Fujimoto says that it is enough, she’s really annoying. Kinoshita says that there is also one other thing..

Fujimoto asks what is it. Kinoshita asks what they should do for it seems that Kagari hasn’t arrived yet.. Fujimoto says that it is fine not to care about that, and even if Kagari isn’t around, they can still perform just the same. Kinoshita asks how can that be..
Fujimoto glares back at Takezou and others. He says that school a while seems to be nothing much compared to their school and they seem like delinquents though one looks like a first-rate student and there is also a hot chick.. He comments that they [Tokize] give people a feeling that they are recklessly assembled.

Fujimoto says that it looks like it isn’t just their school, after all. [<- recklessly assembled?] Kinoshita thinks about Fujimoto said..but from how she looks at it, it is basically not like that. [<- with Tokize] Kinoshita turns around to catch up to Fujimoto. Just when Chika is about to sit, a girl walks on the stage to the microphone.

Chika comments that it is starting. The girl announces the start of the 32nd Kanagawa prefecture high school students’ Japanese Music Preliminaries Tournament. Among the audience, Komaki excitedly exclaims that they are all high school students and they’re so young. Tsukaji grumbles, of course, and they came to gather data so quit being so noisy for it’s embarrassing to death.
Looking around, Komaki complains but in the end, there are no guys around and she really wants to see handsome male high schoolers. Tsukaji thinks that he really had enough being with this person. Komaki asks if only one school can go to the Nationals. Tsukaji says yes, and also a combination team.

Komaki asks about this. Tsukaji says that apart from the first placer, a few people from each high school will be chosen to form a team but even if they are able to participate in the Nationals, it isn’t a group that will be judged. [<- I guess they aren’t competing] Komaki goes eh~~ Looking at the brochure, she happily wonders out loud which team she is going to cheer for. She asks Tsukaji which team he thinks will win.

Tsukaji tells her not to say it so lightly. “Originally, I will believe that the one who strive the hardest will win but the fact is it isn’t really like that. There are certainly people who definitely pouring out a hundredfold of effort day after day but they had lost because of stage fright or perhaps, pressure...
...Afterwards, it cannot be avoided that it will hit off with the judges. *Komaki says eh~* That is also inevitable and the judges are also people. Incidentally, today’s judges are--.. koto player Midoriyama Hisako [woman in kimono], koto player Matsunaga Sou [young glasses], shakuhachi flute player Wada Yashihiro [guesswork name; chubby guy] and Ichiei Music University’s president, Asahina Kai [older glasses].”

Tsukaji thinks that one of them is a fool. [<- the judges?] “Ah, but if there is no incident, it will be Himesaka who will get first place.. but I didn’t go and see Kanto National Music festival.. It really makes one curious about Hakuto that suppressed Himesaka that time..

...*scene of Uta calling out to Mio who is sound asleep* Before I can watch the National Music Festival DVD, it was broken by Komaki that it really regretful.” He groans upon recalling that time.
Flashback: Tsukaji took out the DVD from its case when Komaki asked what he is going to watch. Komaki twisted her foot that causes her to lose balance. She threw the coffee that she’s holding on to Tsukaji. Then, in apology, Komaki kept on rubbing hard on the DVD to clean off the coffee on it.

Tsukaji can only shout for her to stop but it is too late, the DVD is dead. End flashback. Komaki tells Tsukaji not to think about it too much for it is useless and the performance is about to start. “First, you should come and listen--” Tsukaji angrily shouts that the one who have to properly listen is her.

Then, it was announced that the opening ceremony has ended so please prepare for the performance--.. A ponytailed girl arrives in the building. Kinoshita calls out to her as Kagari and asks what she is doing when the time of gathering has already passed earlier on. Kagari tells her that it is fine for there is still time for the performance.
Kinoshita protests by telling her about the preparations.. Kagari tells her to relax for anyway, there’s only three of them. Kinoshita says that today is the National preliminaries. Kagari says, “So? It totally has nothing to do with our puny school, right. Anyway, it’s also impossible to advance. But, I also don’t want to go— Yet, I came because it is school rules that one must join a club.” Kagari continues walking as Kinoshita looks downcast. Back at the auditorium, Chika is having difficulties reading something as kata..kata. Takeru asks what he is saying that he kept on saying kata..kata.. Chika explains that it isn’t that, he cannot read Hakuto’s piece. “Geez, what is this. Katagashi..? Ken.. Koushi? [堅香子]”

Suzuka tells them that it is Katakago, name of a flower and he recalls that it is ancient name of a mountain arrowhead. [<- it is currently called katakuri/ pink-flowered species trout lily according to wiki]
Chika says that from the name, it seems to be a fairly difficult piece. [<- because it is hard to read? ^^;] Takezou asks could it be an original piece. Suzuka says probably since the composer is the same one as before. The composer’s name is Toujou Miyabi. Takezou asks Suzuka if he know the person.

Suzuka says no, he only researched a bit but the person is unidentified [/unknown]. Takezou recalls being told that Hakuto appears to have a completely amazing composer with them. Chika looks at Satowa and asks how come she isn’t saying a word. Satowa says that Himesaka..she thinks that they will play an amazing piece again.

In the room, Himesaka’s adviser claps her hands and says that they are almost about to leave the room so if they are finished preparing, come over here to assemble. The adviser calls out to the club president.
The club president says that finally, they are in the preliminaries. “There are really a lot of things that happened until we are able to come back to this place. Probably until now, honestly speaking, there are a lot of situations when the mood is bad because of ferocious arguments or perhaps disputes that happened. But, we overcame it one by one and came over here.

Today, we are in this place!! Also, the performing members what weren’t chosen for the competition are also here. But, as encouraging members, they are going to support the performing members. In order to come here today in this place, all of the members are a necessary existence!! I, as club president can hold up my chest and say!...
...We, who are standing here, had worked hard to practice compared to the other high schools!! Whether it is strictly or quality and quantity, we will also absolutely not lose to anyone!! Today, together with all of the people here, we are going together to obtain victory!!...

...*adviser looks proud of the serious girls* Let’s form a circle!!” The girls all huddle together and bow. They shout, “All members are one body!!! We are Kanagawa’s king!!!! Let’s go!!” So, with that, Kazusa and her team seriously head out of the room with their koto-s. The rest anticipates the performance either excitedly or nervously.
Comment: So, only one can go to the Nationals. The consolation prize seems to be picking a few excellent members to form a group to be able to at least go to the Nationals by performing in it. Realistically, that is probably the only way for Chika and a few others to go to the Nationals.

Honestly, it would be interesting if it is a team-up with Hakuto because the pieces that they play are originally composed. Well, aside from some possible funny interactions between Chika and Mio. Somehow, I feel that Hakuto’s mystery composer is related to Taishin. Perhaps a sick sibling so he wasn’t able to be in the festival before?

I’m not sure what Mio meant that he won’t lose again. Did he consider that he lost to Chika before even if he didn’t play that good or was he referring to the previous preliminaries? They obviously won the festival before. I really like the conversation between Chika and Shizu. I’m so moved that I would really want his group to go to the Nationals.

I do wonder if they will be affected by the fact that Hakuto will perform first. If it wasn’t them, the judges might rate them lower after hearing Hakuto. Well, they are probably professional judges so I guess, at least for public opinion, they will be compared against Hakuto.

For Himesaka, I guess it is pride of always being number 1 in their prefecture. I can see why since they have a large pool of performers whom they can pick the best of the best. Of course, the selection can be very strict and vicious. There will be jealousy, intrigues, etc but that pep talk is quite good since it acknowledges everyone’s hard work and it will be their victory if they win. Hm..what if they lose or someone makes a mistake?

The new school seems to be the opposite of the other groups. They are unlikeable. They are not united and do not really have the drive to get into the Nationals especially Kagari. It is good that the mangaka is showing that there are indeed groups that are like that. I would assume that Kinoshita would want to do her best for the Nationals but she is too timid to go against the other two who have strong personalities.

I feel for Tsukaji to have a colleague like Komaki. ^^; It seems that no matter what, he still has to work with her even if she is causing more trouble than help but I guess she is to give extra insights to the readers. Also, perhaps, provide a reaction from someone who has zero knowledge on traditional music. Scans by 二次元秘店

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  1. Thank you so much for the summary! I love reading your comments as well. I hope we get to see their performance before the end of the year since they are second to last lol. Like you said, I think they might not win (who knows there might be an outsider we don't know yet) but a team with Mio, Satowa, Chika and Kazusa would be a very interesting plot.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ Thanks~


      True..but Kazusa or Mio might be out..since one of their schools will probably be the winner. I don't think that an outsider [/school we don't know] will win it.

  2. Thanks for the summary Kat! :)

    I guess it is a great chapter for moving the plot. Not enough ChikaXSatowa moments for me though. I want mooooaaaarrrr. Hahahaha. :D

  3. Oh, man! Only one school?! Fighting, Tokise! Anyway, I love the bromance between Chika and Mio. I can't help but laugh at Mio's weirdness and Chika creeping out. Hahaha! Once again thanks for this summary, Kat!

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