March 11, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 69]

Nogiku tells Kasane that she doesn’t have anything. “Family, friends nor a home where I can go back to. I also don’t have that kind of talent like yours. I don’t have educational background nor perhaps something that can prove my identity. Except from selling my body, I have no other ways to live on.. tragic..”

Kasane says that isn’t true. “Look at this face. Even if you don’t have anything or however you lived, you are beautiful! There’s no one who will feel that you’re tragic!” Crying Nogiku says, “‘Beauty’?  The men who said that look down on me and treated me like a thing. (Right now, what I’ve said is indeed my sincere words)-- I'm evaluated through my appearance. My body has been consumed...

...This kind of thing only gives me pain. The irony of it all is the fact that I depend on this kind of ‘beauty’ for me to be able to keep on surviving. So.. this kind of filthy me, I do not want you to know nor I do not want anyone to know...
...*covers face and cries* Like this, I start to act out someone else’s life..!! (The me who has no acting talent. In order to deceive these people who lies by nature) *Kasane asks if that is the reason why she is helping her* Yes. (It is fine for me to lie a bit.)” Kingo looks speechless and nervous.

Nogiku says that she’ll go see Youji and explain that she isn’t Saki. “If he believes it, then that’s good. If he doesn’t believe it, when he’ll have sex with me and he’ll see the burnt scar on my left arm.” Kingo says that is right and like this, Youji will ask Saki to let him see her left arm, so simply like that, it is already okay. Worried Kasane says that be as it may but just for that, she is going to sell her body again..

Nogiku didn’t reply. She stands up and says that it is alright for this is definitely the last time and besides, hiding this kind of important thing is also her mistake. She says that since they are finished talking, she’ll go out for a smoke.
Outside, Nogiku thinks that since it is like this, for Youji to appear at this time is also her advantageous to her. As she lights up her cigarette, Nogiku thinks that even if he doesn’t appear, she’ll also think of how to make use of their previous relationship..but then, if she doesn’t do this.. Kingo comes out and says that their faces switch back again.

Nogiku thinks that this guy’s suspicion towards her would probably still not be erased. Taking out his cigarette, Kingo asks for a light since he left his lighter in the car. After she lights his cigarette, Kingo apologizes for the trouble. After a pause, he asks her why she didn’t clearly say that she is Kasane’s younger sister.

Kingo watches Nogiku who tells him that the very first one who had sex with her is her father. “Father had brought me up by isolating me from the world. Imprisoned for 18 years.. Not as daughter, but rather as a partner to satisfy his lust.”
Kingo mutters, 18 years of imprisonment..and from the time when he watch her burn the house to ruins, he also wondered whether or not it is like that. “Is it because of this that you killed your father?” Nogiku admits that it is so for if she didn’t kill him, she doesn’t know how to escape from that hell.

“I also won’t be able to meet my sole older sister. But, this kind of thing that I’ve gone through, how can I say it clearly to my sister? I’ve killed father. The me who is living this kind of life.. *bends down* I don’t want my sister to know.. Right now, I simply want to put effort for my sister.. and that is already okay. It already doesn’t matter to bring up about our bloodline..”

After a pause, Kingo says that up to know, her goal is very secretive and finally, he can already understand. “Besides, thanks to your words, Saki was able to stand up again. Right now, she is about to reach the legendary momentium of continuously evolving. Thank you.”
Nogiku says is that so. Nogiku is relieved and thinks that it is great for whether it is Kingo or Kasane, like this, they won’t be suspicious of her again. With a deranged look, Nogiku says that she really anticipates it.. “That person’s acting talent going to the highest climax.. up to the legendary sparkling moment.” Kingo agree with her.

At the stage, Macbeth says, ‘Still cannot lower our guard. Even if we also use flattery, we also have to retain our honor. If we do not properly hide our true hearts behind masks..’ Kasane is puzzled by Nobuhiko’s acting. Yoshio shouts at Macbeth over what’s up with him when from the very start, he is obviously good yet right now, it becomes awful day after day.

“What are you distracted about? It always feel that.. you look at Lady Macbeth’s eyes but there are also times when you are once again not looking at Lady Macbeth. Are you thinking of some issue regarding some other woman?” This surprises Kasane that she looks at Nobuhiko who looks flustered and quiet.
Later on, Nobuhiko has finished dressing up. He was greeted by the others, ‘good job’. Before he goes out, he is in deep thought. He turns back. Walking backstage, Nobuhiko hears someone reciting her lines, ‘Mighty Lord, your strength is dispirited. It isn’t necessary for you to think over this..’ Nobuhiko imagines the long haired woman as Salome, sitting by the stage.

His eyes widen and shouts, “..Nina!!” This made Saki turns around to him and call out his name. This snaps Nobuhiko out of it. He apologizes and quickly walks away. Saki goes after him and asks if ‘Nina’ refers to the missing Tanzawa Nina incident before? He stops walking and says, yes.

Saki comments that indeed for they have worked together before.. “Am I really like that woman?” He looks at her and says yes. This made Kasane nervous. Saki continues to ask, “Is it the face? Or is it the voice? Better still, is it the behavior and bearing..”
Nobuhiko tells her that it isn’t so. “It is the part of ‘no flaws’ [/water tight]. It seems like from the usual times, no matter what role she is playing, she never let anyone see her own heart.” Saki says, is that so.. Kasane thinks that as expected, compared to anyone else, Nobuhiko is

Nobuhiko tells her not to mind that for from the looks of it, he is simply somewhat confused.. Saki tells him to pull himself together. “Even if I don’t know what your relationship with Tanzawa Nina is, but on the stage, I am your wife. Please, pay attention only to me!! ( is possible that you will become my threat ..even if it is like that, I don’t know why *hugs the script tightly* I’m a bit happy that you saw through me..)”

Nobuhiko says, “Yes, it is as you say, Lady Macbeth. I won’t look around anymore, my wife.” Saki says yes! As they are about to hold hands, Kasane thinks, “There is already not much time left before the first performance nor there is remaining free time. Together with you, going towards the rays of light--”
Comment: This time around Nogiku is using the truth to hide her true intent. I’m not sure how much Kingo is buying all that to the point of no longer suspicious of her. I would tend to think that Kasane believes what she is saying. It turns out that Youji’s appearance is truly advantageous to Nogiku. She got to them the two her sob story, willingness to correct this problem to the point of using her body again, and for her plot later on.

Anyway, that part of Nobuhiko seemingly knowing that she is ‘Nina’ is nice. They are really a great couple like how Macbeth and Lady Macbeth was before their downfall but of course, in reality, it will be very hard for Nobuhiko to accept the lies and Kasane’s true appearance. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
You may tell the greatest lies and wear a brilliant disguise, but you can't escape the eyes of the one who sees right through you. ~ Tom Robbins


  1. Thanks for the summary :D !! Nobuhiko seems to really be in pain,too bad that Kasane lied too much.. but if it wasn't for Nina Kasane would never have met Nobuhiko and got this close(Acting on stage because of the new face, opportunity to become famous thanks to her etc) So I guess she has to put up with it. But I hope "Saki" and Nobuhiko won't get together because their relationship would be full of lies and Nogiku will have the same fate as her mother if she doesn't do anything..

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Actually, even if she isn't 'Saki', I'm not sure Nobuhiko will accept her as Kasane either. ^^;

      Hm..that depends. It is possible that if they learned that Nogiku had malice then they recovered from her plot, there is a high chance that she'll really end up like her mother = being imprisoned. Well, it basically depends on how Kasane will react after being betrayed.

      Iirc, Nogiku's mother doesn't seem to be vengeful and urged her to live her on life. Strange..