March 9, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 13]

While Foxy and the other are dancing, drinking and flirting, the masked man tells scared Saga that even if she screams again, it is of no use for the door is locked from outside so she cannot escape. “Didn’t the Third Prince tell you what you should do during these three days?”

Backing away, trembling Saga says that she doesn’t know. “I never heard anyone saying... (Han dialect? Could it be..?) Don’t come over..” The masked person says that she is really a pure lamb. “Come and let’s do something a bit more fun!”

Saga is shocked when he reaches out to her. She screams and shouts for him to go away! She manages to run away a bit but the man still goes after her.
The man says that in order for him to pass some happy time with her, he had spent a huge amount of money. “If you agree, I would be more than happy to be engaged to you.” This made Saga aghast that [she’ll] get married..?

The man says that on the outside, she’s impressively beautiful so he wants to confirm whether or not, she is also that kind of sweet in the inside. “So, in these three days, let us properly experience it. *chases after Saga* Don’t run away again, princess!”

Crying while running around, Saga thinks that she doesn’t want this for this way of getting married is too scary!! “I’m going to leave this place!” Then, the man grabs her shirt and says that he caught her. She smacks him on the face and shouts for him to let her go! As Saga runs to the door [/wall], the man holds his face and curses.
He shouts that she dares hit him!! “You cannot go at that side!!” Frantically hitting the door, Saga thinks that she definitely has to escape out! “Help me! Who’ll come and help me!!” Saga stops when the man says, “Mino.”

Surprised Saga turns to look at the man who says that the prince said that if she won’t listen to him then he’ll say that name. Pulling away his mask, the man says, “Then, you’ll clearly see your plight. So be good and become my woman. *Saga becomes teary-eyed* It isn’t that scary. I’ll teach you good things...

... As matters stand, just accept it. You don’t have any choice. As a beautiful woman, one has to make men happy and that is what you should do. *corners crying Saga* This is the age of all-around fragrance that is blossoming as much as one likes.”
Saga tells him don’t.. “(Mino..) I beg of you don’t.. (Mino..)” And something is waved behind the man. Saga looks in surprise as Jamalta hit the man’s head with a thick stick. Jamalta says, “What nonsense is that. In a celebration, there’s definitely this kind of damned person.” [<- I assume that place has two doors so Saga ran off to the back door and Jamalta came through the front.]

Jamalta throws down the stick as the man falls down on Saga. Jamalta asks if she is alright. Upon seeing her crying and looking at him, Jamalta mentally goes, ‘Huh?! Eh? Eh eh?! Ah-” He quickly pushes away the man from Saga and asks again, “Are you alright? Princess, this is..”

Upon seeing her still crying, Jamalta thinks that it seems as if he caused a lot of trouble. “This isn’t something that I should get involved with! Darn, I have to quickly leave..” Saga suddenly grabs his wrist. Saga is trembling badly. To Jamalta’s surprise, she clings on to him.
Later on, Saga asks Jamalta to save Mino so can Jamalta help her in bringing Mino along with him outside of the palace. After a pause, Jamalta thinks that she is crying at one side and requesting something [to him] on the other side..

Jamalta says, “About that..princess. It is better that you find a more dependable person.” Saga says that there is no other person anymore. “There is no one whom I can trust. After I was imprisoned, I’m left all by myself. *Jamalta felt a prick* If my brother were to know that I messed up the coming of age ceremony, Mino will definitely be killed...

...When that person wakes up, he’ll definitely cause a huge commotion. *the man is gagged and tied up with his soul floating at the side* He’s a Han noble and as the man whom she’ll be engaged to, he [/they’ll] be so dead.” [<- I think that is figurative and he isn’t really dead yet but basically, they are in a bad situation].
All of that pricks Jamalta. [<- it’s all his fault] So, Jamalta grudgingly says that he knows already, he’ll help her but she is absolutely not to tell anyone that he came over here. As she still continues to wipe away her tears, Saga says yes, she understands. “I absolutely won’t tell that you took Mino along. *smiles* Thank you.”

Sweatdropping Jamalta tells her not to cry anymore. Flustered Saga asks if she was crying, ah, how come the tears always just keep coming out. Jamalta seems to look speechless and worried. Later on, Saga goes to a hut where Cheongye is tending to ill Mino. Cheongye says, “Escape.. what are you saying?”

Saga tells her that Cheongye also knows that things became like this and if her brother were to know it, he won’t let Mino off. “So, before it is found out, just the same, I’ll get him outside.”
Angry Cheongye holds Mino and says what is this! “How can I be at ease and just hand him over to a Malgal.” Saga says, “You also go along with him. Mino had come to see me numerous times and you also treated him numerous times yet he never mentioned you. Even if I don’t know why is that but...

...what I felt is, I totally cherish you. *Cheongye looks surprised* Yet, it really makes me feel deeply hurt. But, because it is this, I can trust you so please, I beg you to save Mino.” Cheongye just looks at her. Soon, Cheongye is packing their things. She scolds Saga what she is staring for and quickly come and [help] pack things. Saga says ah, okay.

Cheongye tells her to also quit crying already. Surprised Saga asks if she was [crying]?? Somewhere else, Jamalta is waiting by a cart. He thinks that they have to be careful when they leave here.
After a pause, he curses for things suddenly became like this.. “If Machanyuta were to know this, he’ll once again make a huge scene. Wrong, he’ll think that it is very interesting. *imagines Machanyuta laughing his head off and shouting that finally, they gave it to the Third prince!

“You did great!”* This can be considered as a complete repayment of that favor. But after this..” Then, he notices the girls flustered from pushing a small cart that has ill Mino and their things in it. Jamalta goes to help them. Saga tearfully cries as he holds Mino’s hand. She apologizes to him because she caused him so much pain. “But, I cannot do anything for you. Sorry. It is alright now. You definitely have to properly live on, okay?”

And, Jamalta covers Mino with a blanket. After looking at Mino in the carriage, Saga goes to Cheongye and gives her a small bundle. Saga says that these are some jewelry so take them for they can be useful.
With that, Saga passes by Cheongye. Then, she goes to Jamalta. He says that he knows what she wants to say. Crying Saga says, “..thank...thank you..” She sobs as she walks away. Jamalta seems to be in serious thought.

He suddenly grabs Saga’s wrist and says, “You also come along and leave [this place]. *Saga looks surprised at him* If you are willing, I can also bring you along.” Saga says that if she were to leave the imperial palace..

Cheongye says that it is useless if she doesn’t go. “Even if you got Mino out of the palace, he will also once again come back. He’ll always be around the princess. *Saga still looks surprised* Please, leave.”
Jamalta Cheongye says that he know of a place where they can go. He warns that the Third Prince wrath will be pushed on to her. “Even if I cannot guarantee you’ll be safer outside but thinking that you’ll be captured, it will also be more difficult.”

Saga is about to protest but she stops when she sees a light at the side. She looks at the side to see the sun is about to rise beyond the mountains. She looks flustered over how bright it is. She seems to smile [with her eyes]. Soon, along with the carriage, Jamalta and his companions are already travelling towards the mountains.
Comment: After all the gloominess and darkness like in the legend about their ancestor being in a cave, there is light for Saga and it involves something blue. It does seem like the places she longed for beckoning for her to come and visit them.

I’m still wondering if Cheongye will really go with them or stay for her revenge against that perverted prince. I would also hope that Saga will try her luck with them rather than stay in Nakrang where her fate will really end up like Nan’s. Even if he tries to resist, Jamalta is really softening up to Saga. =P

I do wonder how the two girls will react with each other later on. What will Mino think of this? He ended up being a ‘damsel in distress’ again and Saga was the one who had to find a way to ‘save’ him. But then, it is actually thanks to Mino that she finally has this opportunity to get away from it all.

Anyway, I’m still wondering if in the prologue, the cover picture of Saga holding a plate with 7 stars does represent 7 people including her who’ll probably ‘change the world’. I certainly hope it is. So, if they formed a group that would all four of them and three more to complete it.

I’m not too sure what Saga’s role will be other than being a princess and the one who holds the group together but for Jamalta, he is the warrior/big brother type, Cheongye is the healer/older sister type and Mino is craftman/younger sister type. Hm..perhaps, this is the start of a long journey guised as running away from the Third Prince?

Hopefully, things will turn for the better for three who was under that Third Prince’s cruelty for a long time. I wonder if Jamalta’s companions knew that he got other people with them. Well, they’ll probably know soon enough. Scans by 水神汉化组

Quote of the day:
God sees your pain. He will supply an opportunity. He will provide a way. Bigger and greater than before! ~ Mark Laurence Torcuator


  1. Good going jamalta you should have battered that good for nothing guy more.the third prince he knew saga would be under control as long as they use mino.damn him.
    Hope cheongye doesnt betray them.that girl irritates me to no end.atleast they shouldnt be caught any time soon coz if saga is caught by her bro then....cant even imagine the horror she will go through.
    This chap is march 1st one??

    1. Yup, spears ^^

      Hopefully so. Thinking about it, there is indeed that possibility.

      Indeed but if Saga continues to gain allies especially stronger ones, it will really help to prevent that from happening.

      Ah, do you mean the release? No, this is this Tuesday's release. There was no release last week. You see, there was a bit of dispute at around chapter 10. The Chinese scanlation warned not to put up any spoilers.

      Someone seems to have done it but claims that it is just a theory on what will happen next. The other one said that it is just a cover of the chapter. Then, there was also a troll agitating things. So, after the misunderstanding is resolved, they would no longer suspend it indefinitely but rather would resume.

      Still..I noticed that they no longer release it every Tuesday but rather, every other Tuesday. So, that's the story of it. And, we are currently updated with the Chinese scanlation.

    2. Ok.atleast we get the update.thanks kat

  2. Well, that was... unexpected, two guys, supposed to be each other love rivals, end up with each other, leaving the princess, supposed to be their love interest, behind, sobbing... well, i can also go for that ship...
    Not sure how i should treat that crossed Jamalta...
    But that was one hell of an intense chapter! Our princess finally showed her guts!... or at least she began to act on her own. I wouldnt be against it if she also escaped with them though, i think its just a matter of time... but well this way its interesting too
    And whats this spoiler-like theory about that you are speaking of kat? Would you like to tell me? I'm curious xD
    thx for the chap kat

    1. Yup, this should be the start, aster, for Saga. ^^

      No, it isn't a spoiler-like theory. It is the argument within the scanlator's forum. The scanlator threaten to stop scanlating if someone keep on giving spoilers. The reader said that she wasn't and she is just saying her theory on what will happen. So, things are okay now.

      Thanks for reading ^-^