March 22, 2016

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 106]

Flashback: Looking at Sawako, Ume thought that Sawako puts her in a bad mood. She’s a hindrance and can she just disappear. End Flashback. At Sawako’s house, during dinner, her parents greet the girls ‘good work’[/otsukaresama] for studying.

The mother asks if the taste of the food is okay. Ume says that it is delicious. The father comments over Sawako unexpectedly having such a cute friend but no, Ayane and Chizuru are also very beautiful. The mother says that he is overly excited.

The father asks the two what they usually talk about. Sawako says that they talk about studies. This shocks the mother. She asks if they don’t talk about love. The father tells her not to such a private question.
The mother says but female high schoolers would talk about love topics and when she was in high school, she’ll chat about love gossips. This shocks the father that he asks, is that so!? The mother asks if Ume has a boyfriend or someone she likes. The girls look a bit awkward as they look at each other. After all, they both like the same person.

Ume tells them no for right now, her mind is filled with high school exams and she can only think of studies. This made the parents exclaim that she’s amazing when she is obviously seems very popular. Ume affirms that she is popular. They ask how many had confessed to her.

Ume says that she couldn’t clearly count it anymore. The mother squeals and says that Ume had bluntly refused them all, right. She asks what is Ume’s type and for her [mother], she likes Yutaka Takenouchi [a Japanese actor].
Sawako is surprised that her mother would even say such a sensitive thing. The mother says yes, she still really likes sensitive people. While Sawako tries to tell her that she isn’t talking about that, Ume says that she likes a person who is her complete opposite.

The mother is puzzled that she asks won’t it be a funny relationship. Sawako is surprised when Ume says that it is possible that it can be considered that kind of meaning but rather, she likes a frank person..and not a complete opposite. Sawako thinks that compared to anyone, more frank, and always only looking at Shouta.

Later on, the girls decided that they have enough studying for the day. Sawako asks if Ume can also study tomorrow until night. Ume asks if it is no problem. Sawako exclaims of course. She suggests that Ume go take a bath first.
Sawako offers to accompany her. Ume asks if she isn’t going to take a bath first. Sawako says that while Ume is taking a bath, she’ll be in charge of spreading out the futon. This made Ume scold her and says that won’t it be faster if they do it together. Sawako thanks her.

Ume asks her where the futon is and doesn’t Sawako sleep on the bed yet she plan to sleep on the floor. Sawako says that she spreads out and folds up the futon everyday.[?]  Ume exclaims that is so much her style!! Soon, they fix the futons.

Ume looks at the photographs of Sawako with her friends on the table. Then, she looks surprised at Sawako. Ume suddenly grabs Sawako’s collar up and asks what is this, a necklace, did Shouta gave it to her. Sawako is shocked that it was exposed.
To Sawako’s shock again, Ume has noticed that lately she had been wearing shirts with collars. Then, Ume says that her room has many pictures in it. Relieved Sawako says yes. To her shock once more, Ume asks how come there are no pictures of Shouta.

Ume asks if she has some apprehensions towards her. Sawako admits that it is true. Ume shouts for her to quit doing that for she really hates that. Sawako says okay. Ume exclaims that she knows that they had been going steady a long time ago and someone had reported it to her!! Sawako says, okay.

Ume tells her that no matter what she does, Sawako didn’t lose so she [Sawako] is just and honorable [/no tricks]. Sawako says ya. Sawako thinks that Ume is telling her that they can develop this kind of 
Soon, Sawako tells her where the towel, toiletries and hair blower is so she can take her time. Sawako wonders if it is okay for her to think this way. In her room, Sawako looks at the clock and it is 10 minutes past 11pm. She thinks that Ume ought to be almost done so she must prepare some drinks and snacks. [<- replenish water after a hot bath]

Ume meets with Sawako’s mother who asks if they finished studying. Ume says yes. They talk a bit of liking to have salts in the bath to make them feel cool. The mother tells her that when cold days come again, she’ll let her use a secret thing.

The mother always hoped that Sawako’s friends would come over to sleep. Ume asks if this is the first time. The mother says that before, Chizuru came over for the night but she is only borrowing the bed so this is the first time.
She is glad that Sawako got a friend/s in high school. “Everyone are really good kids.” Ume recalled how she spread rumors about how Sawako supposedly thought of Chizuru and Ayane. Just when Sawako is carrying a tray of drinks, she sees Ume talking with her mother.

Ume says that she isn’t a good kid, she is..actually, she..she.. towards Sawako, she.. Sawako interrupts by calling out to Ume then says that she really likes Ume. This made Ume blush. Ume exclaims in disbelief. The mother says ah, the feeling [between them] is really good..

Ume tries to protest but in the end, she exclaims that she’s going to sleep first so please go take a bath. She shouts good night. Sawako calls out to her and tells her to first have some drink. [<- so that she won’t be dehydrated] Ume grumbles as she takes the tray into the room.
The mother tells Sawako that a lot of things had happened between them [girls] and when she [mother] was young, she also encountered a long of things. Sawako recalls her various encounters with Ume like Ume saying that she isn’t her friend, she hates her and calling Sawako too slow-witted.

It is because so many things had happened so there is ‘right now’. Sawako goes in the room and finds Ume already lying on the futon. Sawako goes to bed when she hears a sound. She opens her eyes to see Ume looking at her. Ume says that Sawako is very Sawako recalls Ume saying that she likes a frank person during dinner.

Ume says that she is always envious of her. “It’s infuriating. ..I always..wasn’t able to say it out.. hat..time..before.. *Sawako looks surprised upon seeing Ume teary-eyed.* ..I’m sorry about that time.. I’m sorry..”
Sawako realizes it is the time when Ume spread rumors about Sawako saying bad things about Chizuru and Ayane. Sawako wonders if Ume always felt guilty and ashamed over it. Ume tearfully says that she won’t dare say that they are friends for how can she possibly say it out and just forget the things she had done to Sawako. “I won’t forget it throughout my life..”

Sawako also starts to cry. Sitting up, Sawako holds Ume’s hand and says that Ume did a bad thing! “..Afterwards,..I’m also quite insensitive! So, the two of us are at fault!! So.. you can..already forget about it.. I already attained.. a lot more benefits compared to that.. we..

..already.. had experienced a lot of things together.. (Even if Ume-chan didn’t forget it ..she’ll also remember.. remember that she already felt that there are some things that she can already forget..)”
The next day, Ume bids Sawako goodbye. Sawako tells her to take care on her way. With a clenched fist, Sawako says that also for today, they’ll start studying early in the morning. Ume smiles and also clenches her first.

Then, Ume suddenly hits her fist on to Sawako’s fist. Startled Sawako exclaims that hurts. Ume laughs and says goodbye. After some distant away, Ume turns around to face Sawako. She thanks Sawako for teaching her. Shaking her head, blushing Sawako says that there’s no need and it’s mutual. Thank you!!

Embarrassed Ume says bye again. Sawako exclaims yes. After walking again, Ume suddenly stops. To Sawako’s surprise, Ume suddenly runs back to her and exclaims, “..Sawako! Come and test for the Normal University!! Together with me, ..let’s go and test for the Normal University! Let’s go..!” Sawako looks surprised.
Comment: I feel like laughing that Ume is going to ‘steal’ Sawako away from Shouta for about a few years as they go to the normal university together. Anyway, it is nice that Sawako and Ume’s relationship is turning for the better. After the apology and what Sawako said, Ume will no longer have some guilt and apprehensions towards Sawako. She can probably really be friends with her as Ume took courage and frankly tell Sawako what she wants.

In a way, about the necklace and photos, Ume wants Sawako to be herself and not ‘keep things’ from her in consideration for her feelings. It seems the parents are very fond of Ume. So, from the looks of things, if the two girls went and passed in the Normal University, they will be the best of friends there ^^ Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends? ~ Abraham Lincoln


  1. Oh! Ume is such... Ume! So cute! It's very good and warm chapter, in my opinion) Thank you very much, Kat!

  2. Thank you!!
    Ahhh I started to cry just by reading and looking at the pictures. That's how sensitive I am...
    I love Sawako and Ume's relationship, they have gone a long way to get to where they are.
    Ume gathered all her courage to apologize properly once and for all. And Sawako accepted it. They complete each other well. Sawako is honest and considerate, Ume is frank and confident.
    To me, if Sawako were to have a best friend, Ume has always been the 1st candidate.
    Ume & Sawako has always been as important as Shouta & Sawako in the story, so I'm pretty sure Sawako will seriously consider Ume's 'offer'. Poor Shouta xD

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Is that so ^^


      I'm sure Sawako will.

  3. Thank you for the summery! and.. hmm... I thought that this manga was over. I wonder why the author is dragging this series so much, but then again it is a cute manga.

    I still don't like Ume LOL But I appreciate that she apologized to Sawako.

    1. Thanks for reading, Aya ^-^ Hm..was it dragging? Wasn't it always in a super slow pace..or rather, in a even slower pace than before? ^^;

      Is that so..true, it is great that she apologized.

  4. I want chizuru and ryu
    the relationship of sawako and kazehaya to e became dull

  5. Thanks for the translation😊

    Somehow... i don't really want Ume to be that much close to Sawako 😕 and when she said let's go to normal university i was like Shut Up 😑 I can't imagine her going away from Shouta and having a distance relationship with him... ohh poor Shouta 😔 he will be lonely without her... and Ryu is going too.. what will happen to him!!😣 i know he won't be showing her his sad and unsupportive part.. he will just forbid her with a fake smile as she go... 😭
    Also i like her with Chizu and Ayane more than with Ume... for no matter what Ume does.. Chizu and Ayane were with her during her hard times with everyone ... when they were ignoring and misunderstanding her... They supported her so much and this is why you can see her talking and expressing herself normally now ...
    I know that it was nice from Ume that she apologised to Sawako ... but ... still .. i can't really be happy about her friendship with Sawako.....

    It's kind of complex feelings toward this chapter.... hope that Sawako will think of Shouta more... and that the next chapter will be more clear about Sawako and Shouta's relationship...🙇
    Hehe i wrote alot😅

    1. Thanks for reading, Maikochan ^-^

      Hehe, I see but ultimately, it is Sawako's decision and even if he'll be lonely and everything, I get a feeling that he will still would want for her to go rather than stay just for his sake. He did that before when he wanted her to be with friends rather than being with him. ^^; Well...Chizuru is still around ^^

      True..but they have different priorities/goals in life. In a way, I would think that it seems that Ume and Sawako's 'relationship' is more on a 'professional' regarding studies and career. Of course, time will tell if it will become more than that.

      I understand..hopefully.

      No problem ^^

    2. Maikochan, I'm sorry, but you are missing a huge point of this entire series if you still can't forgive Ume for mistakes she made when she was younger. Sawako herself would be side-eyeing you HARD for not being happy about her friendship with Ume.

  6. I know this is late, but I appreciate this summary. I'm a sucker for enemies turned friends stories and for many chapters it looked unlikely to happen, but Sawako finally won over Ume! It's nice that Kurumi was able to apologize while remaining authentic to herself and at the same time call out Sawako for trying to spare her feelings with hiding the pictures and necklace. Sawako's such an empathy monster here that Kurumi has no choice to eventually break down and admit that she's felt bad about things between them for a long time despite her attitude.

    The explicit resolution is their new friendship will be edified in testing for the Normal University together and hopefully attend together. Ume can't help but be moved from regret over petty jealousy by Sawako's grace. I love the idea that they would attend college together, share an apartment, and become like sisters. Won't that just make Shouta an even greater walking bundle of complexes!

    Thanks again

    1. Thanks for reading, Ech0 ^-^

      Yup, that was nice ^^

      Hehe..why? Shouta seems to be the type who's happy if Sawako is happy ^^