March 8, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 68]

While standing by the window, Nogiku lights up a cigarette. Kasane greets her a good morning and comments that she woke up really early. With blank eyes, Nogiku says that once she’s awake, she’ll get up.

Kasane asks if it is because she couldn’t sleep well due to a change of environment. After a pause, Nogiku says that it is so but she thinks that she’ll quickly get used to it. Kasane says is that so. Then, she leaves.

After glancing at her, Nogiku thinks that thinking of it, she truly can get a good night sleep only from that night when Yuuto said that he has no way of treating her as a ‘doll’ again and up to that short period of time until she moved out.
“Amagasaki-san, from the start, I certainly thought of always asking you to always help me until the completion of the plan. But, I also can no longer just treat you as a ‘stage props’ to be made used of. So, up to here, this is my and Kasane’s desire and resentment’s interlocking cycle...

...I do not wish for you to come in and stir things up again. Even if because of that, from here on, I myself wouldn’t able to sleep peacefully forever--”

Then, Kasane kisses Nogiku and makes the ‘switch’. Nogiku tells her to take care on her away and good luck [/gambatte]. Kasane smiles and says, ya..thank you. “I’ll be going.”

After she left, Nogiku thinks that since Kasane has that kind of expression, it proves that she already really trust her. “Compared to her, the one who will become a hindrance is that man who has some misgivings about me--”
Calling out to Kingo, Kasane goes out of the house to get in his car. Kingo is quietly watching Kasane as she puts on her seat belt. Noticing this, Kasane asks what’s up. Kingo says that it is nothing and how is Nogiku.

Kasane says that Nogiku is very enthusiastic towards her that not only is it about the switching of their faces but she even took the initiative to help her out with the housework. Kingo says that even if Nogiku is a collaborator but she better be careful since an an outsider is living together with her.

Kasane exclaims that Nogiku is already not an outsider and he is thinking too much. “Besides, this time it is a [mutual] benefit relationship that she won’t have a breakdown just like Nina! I had once again pulled myself together and got up thanks to her words.” Kingo asks, “Her words?”
Kasane says that this is what Nogiku told her, ‘Even if the past and sin won’t disappear, you also should be able to walk on. Because I will accompany you in that hell, and we’ll walk in it together!’ This made Kingo worried and tense. Then, he looks determined.

After he drops Kasane off, Kingo says that originally, he plans to watch her rehearsal but he had a sudden change of idea. “I’ll be going to some distant place for a while.” Kasane asks where he’ll suddenly go. Kingo ignores her question and just says that if something is up, promptly get in touch with him.

Kasane becomes dark and says that he still won’t answer her question. Kingo tells her that right now, it is fine for her to simply think over ‘Macbeth’. “Gambatte.” And, he drives off.
At the stage, Yoshio complains to the set designer that the trees’ props used aren’t made from the same material. The designer says that basically, that was planned to be intertwined into the branches’ tips. Yoshio says that he wants it to be somewhat more unstable for that serious mood.

The designer protests that they don’t have much time. Yoshio admits that it is so. Glancing at meeting, Saki says that the discussion about the choreography really consumes a lot of time.

Her co-actress says that just by listening to it, it makes her really anticipate it and how it will be like when it is completed. The designer is glancing at Saki. Soon, practice is over. Saki bids her co-actress goodbye.
While walking at the street, the designer is stalking her from the corner. He quickly walks fast and calls out to her. Startled Saki immediately turns around. The designer apologizes for startling her. Saki nervously thinks that this person is called, ‘Saginuma’ [guesswork from 鷺沼] who is part of the set designers’ group.

Saginuma greets her otsukaresama! [/good job!] Kasane thinks that she should be careful for they also worked together when she was ‘Tanzawa Nina’. Saki nervously greets him back. Kasane is surprised when Saginuma says that it turns out to be her, the actress with an unknown background.

Kasane is nervous for could it be..she has been exposed..!? Then, to her surprise, Saginuma calls her, NOGIKU! “It has been a long time.. You originally really hated stage plays yet unexpectedly, you become like this now.”
Kasane thinks that this person knows Nogiku and she unexpectedly know someone from the world of stage plays.. so she must make things clearly to him. Saki smiles and says about that..what is he saying..she doesn’t quite understand..

Cornering her to the wall, Saginuma asks what, does she want to pretend a fool towards him even if he knows that she wants to hide her past. “But he couldn’t forget this out of the ordinary beauty and sweet voice. *holds nervous Saki’s face* By the way, how about TONIGHT?” Saki

Saginuma says that speaking of necessity, it is also okay [to do it?] a lot more times than before and that includes hush money from her who became a popular actress. “How much money is it for one night?” Shocked Kasane mutters, Then, she manages to quickly run away while Saginuma calls out to her as Nogiku.
At her house, Kasane, together with Kingo, informs nervous Nogiku about it. Kasane tells her that she used her whole body’s strength to shake him off and right now, that guy is still suspecting her. “That Saki is actually Nogiku.”

Nogiku bites her lip and thinks, “Saginuma Youji’ [guesswork from 陽治]..I didn’t think that this kind of thing will happen. But why does it have to be at this time..!!” Kasane says that it is because Nogiku never told her about her past and experience so she [Kasane] also didn’t ask but right now, she cannot just let it be. Nogiku grinds her teeth.

Kasane says, “About that,” Kingo interrupts and says that she’s a former prostitute, right and right now, is she still in contact with other men. Kasane calls out to Kingo for being so blunt. Kingo asks Nogiku again.
Nogiku can only glare at him. Kasane says that Nogiku said that even if it is hell, she’ll also accompany her and Nogiku wanted to dispel her misgivings, right. “So..why didn’t you tell me this issue that can easily cause trouble?”

Covering her face, Nogiku looks distraught and thinks that it is over.. “No, this is a good opportunity to counterattack.” Nogiku starts to sob and say that she doesn’t want to let Kasane know.. “I’m a person who can only depend on doing that in order to survive.., (Not only Kasane but also Habuta) I wanted someone else’s name and identity..!!! (I’m going to make you not pay attention to my real intention--)” Kasane look worried and sympathetic while Kingo look tense.
Comment: It seems that Nogiku is developing her talent for acting. =P Since Kasane already trusts her so she can be easily fooled but what about Kingo. He seems bothered upon hearing what Nogiku told Kasane. Did he hear Atae tell that to Izana before? Where did he go after hearing that? It seems that in this arc, Kasane is the naïve one for Kingo has his secret/s and Nogiku has her plot.

It seems that Nogiku now has a soft spot for Yuuto that she doesn’t bear to use him again like before nor get him involved with them anymore. In a way, I wonder if she meant about ‘stirring things up’ is making her lose focus since she did got excited about going to the zoo and other things before. Will it stay that way?

Then, this Saginuma..will his role be limited to this chapter or he will be a problem later on for them? Well, in a way, aside from being a contrast to Kasane, Nogiku seems to be a contrast to Nina. Nina tends to always ‘sleep’ while Nogiku tends to be always ‘awake’. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Thanks for Kasane and Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei, as always!

    Saginuma was the client of Nogiku's who got her tickets to see "Nina" in Salome and The Glass Menagerie, by the way, if anyone is having trouble remembering who he is. :)

  2. I think Kasane will have problems if Nobuhiko and others find out about Nogiku's past(prostitution). Thanks for the chapter,I always look forward to your summaries.

    1. Is that so. Maybe someone can use their influence to cover it up since Kasane/Saki is a great actress. Of course, I'm not too sure if it is the same with showbiz on tv and movies compared to theater.

      Thanks for reading ^-^