February 25, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 9 - Black Cradle]

Yumi stands behind a glass display of eggs. She says, “Hello everyone. We are going to start today’s horror lesson. Huh? You’re asking me what I’m looking at? Hi hi, you’re looking at a new life that is about to be born. *an egg is cracking open* What kind of baby will it be? *a bit of shell is broken* Oh..do your best” Lesson 9: Black Cradle.

The school bell rings. In grade 5 section 1, the students bid their teacher goodbye. A girl asks Shizu [guesswork from ] if she wants to hang out together with them after school. Shizu apologizes for she cannot today and see you tomorrow. One of her friends wonders what’s up. Pontytail girl says that’s right, something big happened in Shizu’s family for it seems that her younger brother has been born not so long ago.
Shizu excitedly rushes home for she can finally see him. She recalled her father informing her that her mother and the baby had come back from the hospital. At her house, Shizu happily exclaims that she’s home. Her mother greets her back. Her father is standing by the crib. Shizu asks where is Itsuki [guesswork from 樹季]. Her mother laughs and says that she knows already. Holding up Itsuki, her mother says that this is sister.

Shizu thinks that his hands are so small and chubby..fragrant and soft.. She screams for she couldn’t bear it for how can he be so cute.. The baby is about to cry then he stops. Shizu happily asks if he is very similar to her. Her mother says that they are. Shizu says that from today on, they’ll properly get along. And, behind her is the pet bird quietly watching.
Shizu is excited over what kind of child he’ll grow up to. “When he is a bit older, I’ll give him a picture book to read. I’ll accompany him in playing house.. But, it seems a boy won’t play that one.” She imagines older Itsuki telling her, “Sis! Let’s play together!” Lying down on the bed, Shizu laughs. Then, she wakes up and thinks that it is a dream. Tick tock tick tock.

She looks at the clock and it is 5 minutes past 3am. Putting her glasses on, Shizu thinks that Itsuki doesn’t cry at night and she doesn’t know what kind of sleeping face he has. She looks at the crib to see creepy Itsuki’s eyes wide open. Then, he suddenly closes his eyes and become sound asleep. Shizu thinks that startled her and was her eyes still blurry from sleep?
The next day, Shizu greets sleeping Itsuki a good morning. She thinks that he is very normal and in the end, she was just mistaken last night.. The mother asks her husband what’s the matter. The father says that he wasn’t able to sleep well last night. The mother asks if he also couldn’t sleep well? The father says that he always felt that someone is staring at him. Shizu recalls Itsuki’s wide open eyes last night. She shook her head to dismiss the thought.

The father kisses Itsuki and tells his children that he’ll be off to work. While driving the car, the father notices Itsuki sitting behind the car on his rear view mirror. He looks behind the seat. It just so happen that the traffic light is already yellow. There’s a sound of a car crashing.
Preparing to go to school, Shizu overhears on her mother speaking on the phone regarding her father getting into an accident. Her mother says that she’ll go over immediately. “Yes, yes..okay..” Shizu looks tense. Itsuki is laughing happily which puzzles Shizu. At school, Shizu’s dark haired friend asks if something happened to her father.

Shizu tells her friends that her father will completely recover after a month and she really doesn’t know what he is thinking that he’ll look somewhere else while driving. Her friend says but then, he’s very lucky that it is only an injury. Shizu says yes. She recalls her bandaged father sheepishly saying that it is Itsuki..his eyes suddenly blurred that he saw Itsuki sitting behind the car and how is that possible..
Shizu thinks that she is thinking too much for what..that’s so silly for it is basically not Itsuki’s fault and how is it possible that he’ll do those things. At her house, Shizu exclaims that she’s home and sister is back~~ She looks at Itsuki to see him smiling but there is blood on his clothes and chin. She exclaims what happened to him.

Suddenly a bird’s foot is vomited out. Shizu is stunned as Itsuki creepily laughs. She wonders if he was the one who did it. Their mother arrives and asks what Shizu did. Shizu says no..it is Itsuki. Their mother exclaims how is it possible for how can he do anything when he is still this small!?
Shizu starts wondering if Itsuki really did it that time when he is staring that night and what happened to her father. Smiling Itsuki twists around his head to look at Shizu from behind. While Shizu is crying, their mother calls her mother [grandmother] if she can come over for there’s something wrong with Shizu so can she trouble her into coming over and watch over her.

Shizu says that’s wrong, it isn’t her, she didn’t do it and that kind of scary thing.. Shizu suddenly rushes out of the house to get someone’s help. At the playground, Shizu tells her friends about what happened. Dark haired friend asks what she is saying, a bird was killed..isn’t she making up stories?
Pony tailed friend says that she cannot endure scary stories. Shizu begs them to believe her!! Her friends look tense. Dark haired friend says that even if she doesn’t quite understand what Shizu’s saying but before, there was a similar-type of plot in a movie and it is about the newborn baby being the child of a devil-something..

Pony-tailed friend says that she also heard that. Dark haired friend says that before, there is also some novel that mentioned that because of an indescribable reason, the child was aborted and when she was pregnant again, the baby inside told her, “This time, I don’t let you kill me again’. Shizu becomes nervous about the child who was born after becoming pregnant again..
Shizu immediately calls her mother but no one is answering. Shizu apologizes to her friends and says that she’s going back. At her house, Shizu calls out to her mother. Her cellphone is ringing. It is her mother. Shizu asks where she is. Her mother says that she is in the hospital to visit her father and she brought Itsuki with her.

Her mother says that she is the one who want to ask where she ran off to. Shizu tells her to immediately get away from Itsuki. Her puzzled mother asks what she is saying for her actions today is very strange.. Shizu asks her if she is the first child, right. Her mother asks what happened that Shizu is suddenly asking this.
Somehow, her mother is standing near the stairs [when she was supposed to be near the wall on the pay phone]. Then, a baby hand grips the hem of her pants and pulls her down. Shizu is shock to hear the ‘thud thud’ sound then the laughter of Itsuki on the phone. Trembling, she thinks of that laugh, what could have happened.. She tells herself to calm down for the way to the hospital is.

While looking at the phonebook, Shizu hears some sounds behind her. She turns around and calls out to her mother. But the door is closed. She is puzzled. Then, the crib mobile behind her starts moving. There is a laughter coming from the crib. Shizu wonders how can it be..when..!?
Looking at laughing Itsuki, Shizu asks what is he.. “What kind of thing are you..!!” Sitting up, Itsuki creepily smiles and says, “Sis, let’s play.” This startles Shizu that she falls down. She is shocked for Itsuki had talked. She manages to grab a baseball bat. She holds it in front of her but Itsuki is no longer in the crib. Creepy wide-eyed smiling Itsuki is clinging on her shoulder.

Shizu instinctively hits him away with the bat. Shizu says that he is obviously their family’s child..yet unexpectedly, he hurt her parents.. Itsuki menacingly laughs as he looks at her. Shizu notices that the curtain has catch fire on the radiator. Shizu mutters that it is fire.. Itsuki keeps on laughing that Shizu thinks that this devil.. She holds up the bat.
While the house is burning, Shzu recalls when she was younger, her mother said that she’ll have a younger brother. Excited Shizu asks if she’ll really become an older sister? “I was so happy.” Narration: “My house was burned down. In the burned ruins, a very small baby corpse was found. *Shizu’s parents grieving over Itsuki*...

...I don’t know why did that kind of thing was given birth to. *Shizu’s face is bandaged and she looks at her mother* Until the end, adults didn’t tell me anything. Ten years after, I also became an adult.” At the hospital, a young man asks Shizu if the check-up is already over. Shizu says yes, the condition is very good and the baby is growing healthy and strong.
The man says that he really wants to see him soon. Putting his head on Shizu’s tummy, the man says, “I’m papa~~” Shizu happily smiles until she hears a voice from her tummy, “Sis, let’s play.” This surprises Shizu. It made her really scared and tense. The man says that the baby kicked him a moment ago and it will be born really soon.

Yumi narrates: “Is she just hearing things? We cannot confirm things. *there is a baby carriage with people passing by* But, on a smiling face that is sincere without guilt, it is also very possible that an imaginable malice is hidden within. *a baby is moving inside a carriage* everyone better pay attention. Be careful if you see a baby on the streets.”
Comment: I guess it is safe to assume that the baby was indeed the one that Shizu’s mother aborted. In the flashback, Shizu was much younger than she is now when her mother told her about it. The baby they found in the burned ruins is also very small. So, because Shizu killed that one, it is now inside her. Will she also have an abortion? Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
Life is about choices. Some we regret, some were proud of. Some will haunt us forever. ~ Graham Brown

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