February 24, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 8 - Polyandry]

[Free talk: From here on, I’ll skip the stories that I don’t find that interesting. So, I’ll be skipping chapter 7.]

With a full moon on the background, Yumi says, “Hello everyone. Today’s horror class is starting. Please look at the sky. It is a super big full moon. It’s a super moon. If you were able to make a wish on it at 12 midnight, perhaps, you can make your dream come true.. Hi hi, what wish would everyone make?” Lesson 8: Polyandry. A girl says, “That’s right, I heard that today’s super moon is really magical...

...It was said that it can make the wishes, that people make on it, come true and isn’t that really amazing?” A light haired boy says that she’ll believe that kind of rumor. “How old are you?” This irks the girl. Embarrassed, she says that she also didn’t think it is true.. A dark haired boy says that it is alright, go ahead and believe it. “You think that it’s interesting so you thought of sharing it to us, right?”
The girl tearfully says, “Sou~” [guesswork from ]. Sou tells her not to cry. The other guy clicks his tongue. Narration: “I’m Aihara Sonoe [guesswork from 相原園] (second year junior high). Together with Sou and Ren [guesswork from ], we are childhood friends. Since we are children, we always live together.”

Then, she passes by some girls saying that those two guys are super handsome. “If it is possible, I want to hang out with Ren-kun once~~I really want to study together alone with Sou-kun” Sonoe darkly thinks that’s right, these two are very popular.

The girls call Sonoe devious for obviously she isn’t much yet holding on to the three of them growing up together, she always monopolizes them!! This shocks Sonoe. As Ren says that he’ll go to his class, Sou tells gloomy Sonoe not to mind that and just let them say what they want. Sonoe says ya. She happily thinks that in the end, Sou is the nicest.
Then, Sou looks serious and says that they have been childhood friends since they were young, “Towards Sonoe, I--.. I..” Then, Sonoe snaps out of it when Ren asks what’s up with her zoning out like that. Holding a basketball, he tells her that the manager is going to lock the door. Sonoe apologizes.

As she puts the basketballs in the storage, Sonoe is wondering what to do for Sou had confessed to him. Sou had told her to give her answer to him later on. Blushing Sonoe wonders when it started and even if she should be very happy for encountering this kind of thing but.. She decides to discuss it with Ren.

Ren tells her that they try going steady for a while. “I’m always thinking of when I’ll tell you so I’ll take advantage of it now. I like you, Sonoe.” In her room, Sonoe exclaims in shock. “Wait..wait a minute. Ha!? *looks at the picture of them together after they graduated elementary*...
...What is going on. The two of them like me!? Like!? *blushes and confused* My brain is no longer working.. We are always together that I basically didn’t think of that kind of thing.. What should I do. I’m so happy.. Ah, if I were to choose.. Huh.. *looks at their picture together*...

...Choose one? Whether it is Sou or Ren, I really like both. But, I must refuse one of them. Then, our relationship until now will be severed..!? ..no, I don’t want it to become like that..!! I couldn’t choose.. *the super moon hovering above the sky* I want for the three of us to be together!!” The next day, gloomy Sonoe wonders how to answer.

She looks at the television program that is talking about a popular actress, Tsudoi Eiko [集英子] having her fifth husband, a 45 year old hotel magnate. Eiko exclaims for everyone to go and marry a lot of people. Sonoe sweatdrops and mutters that isn’t she breaking the law for marrying several people.
Her mother asks what silly thing she is saying. “Are you okay?” Sonoe is surprised when the reporter says that Japan is into polyandry that it is really quite blessed that they can live in such an amazing country!! Sonoe wonders, what? While she is puzzled, her mother asks if she didn’t learn that in elementary.

Ting tong. Her mother says that it is Sou and Ren. The two guys are waiting by the gate. Sonoe feels very awkward. Flustered, she says that her answer..is.. She thinks that in the end, she cannot choose one.. Ren asks what she is saying for isn’t it good for her to just go steady together with the two of them. Sou agrees.

The two guys say that they will be happy. Sonoe couldn’t believe it as she walks together holding hands with the two guys. She wonders what’s going on. At school, she overhears some girls that girl is going steady with three people.
Looking at the girl with three guys, Sonoe wonders if it is real, one can freely love, Japan is.. She wonders why this happened. “It’s yesterday’s super moon!! Could it be.. this is the result of making that wish come true!? My wish came true!?” At the hallway, Ren says that he’ll go ahead and there is still club activity. Sou says yes. Ren tells him not to steal the food.

Sou says that they are in the same boat. Sonoe is blushing for she isn’t used to it but like this, there’s no need for her to choose between them. “The three of us can be together forever..” In class, her friend asks what it feels like to go steady with the two guys. “Aren’t you lucky that you’re able to be with two handsome guys~~”

Sonoe laughs and thinks that this side [of envious girls] hasn’t changed but then, asking her what it feels to go steady with two guys, she doesn’t have any experience with other guys. She imagines Sou saying that they kiss, then, Ren saying that she did A with Sou so how about doing B and C with him. Sonoe is embarrassed over her imagination going wild.
Her friend complains that she is going steady with four guys but they aren’t that handsome. “Forget it, if I don’t like them, then we’ll just break up” This surprises Sonoe and thinks that feels a bit wrong.. “For me, both Sou and Ren are very important so I want to be together with them. I cannot just give up and casually throw away this feeling. We and the others aren’t the same.”

Ding Ding. The school bell rings. The two guys inform Sonoe about going to different high schools. Sou says that he’ll go to Osaka and Ren has a sports recommendation to go to Tohoku. Sonoe says that she doesn’t want that. Sou says, so, he wants Sonoe to go together with him. This surprises her. He explains that there is a full-time dorm girls’ division at his side so..

Sonoe thinks that if she goes with him..but..choosing this side.. Ren says that even if they are always studying in the same school but the person accompanying Sonoe is him. Sou asks what is he saying, it will be him. This made Sonoe flustered that she runs away.
Sonoe wonders what to do for obviously, she wants the three of them to be together but in the end, she still has to choose one of them!? In her bedroom, Sonoe looks up the full moon and mutters that it is a super moon again tonight.. She has thought of what she should answer for a long time but she still couldn’t find the answer. “Sou and Ren, I like both of them.. gods, I beg of you, please listen to our wish--..”

Then, the door knob opens. The two guys are looking at her menacingly. She looks at them and nervously calls out their name. She asks how did they got in.. She finds their expression a bit strange.. Ren says that it is inevitable. “Because of your existence, we had become more and more not like ourselves..” Sonoe stands up and calls out to the two.
Ren grabs their picture from the table and says that right now, in this kind of situation, they can only.. Sonoe is shocked when Ren holds up the picture towards her. She closes her eyes and thinks, no.. She sits down but the picture is just dropped on the floor.

Ren says that they break up. She wonders what did he just say...break up..? Sou says that it is better for everyone to separate for a while and they don’t want to give her trouble again. “Sorry..” Stunned Sonoe thinks, “Hey, you guys, wait a moment.” She tells them to first don’t..be like that. She wonders if her wish is like this!?

“It is completely the opposite of what I wanted. I don’t want this. I don’t want to break up!!” With the moon above them, Sonoe shouts, “I want for us three to be together forever!!” Then, she looks surprised for the moon’s radiance is so dazzling. Then, Sonoe faints.
Later on, she overhears someone calling out to her. As she wakes up, someone asks if she is okay for she suddenly fainted. Sou says that they didn’t know that she’ll feel very lonely if they leave. “Really sorry..” Ren exclaims, “We won’t be going anywhere. We’ll be at Sonoe’s side forever!!” As Sonoe is hugged, she happily thinks that her wish came true.

Sonoe says, “Haha.. is this for real?” Then, she looks surprised for Sou and Ren had merged to become one whole person. He says, “Of course.” Sonoe thinks, “Sou.. Ren.. that’s right.. it’s like that..” Dong dong. Soon, the church bell is ringing. The priest says, “Whether in sickness or in health, you are willing to love her forever?” Groom Sou-Ren says, “Yes, I will.” They look at smiling bride Sonoe.
Narration: “There’s no need for me to choose between them. The person I love had become 1 Like this, the three of us can be together forever.” Yumi narrates: “So, the girl’s super moon wish had come true. Later on, she will be able to have a perfectly satisfied life...

...And, the two guys’ differences as well as each other’s lives had been sacrificed. Hi hi, actually, that’s quite scary. Everyone, there’s no harm in making a wish together. It is just that you must properly have awareness about the sacrifice. Then, see you in the next horror class.”
Comment: I think this chapter is poking fun of a love triangle that has an indecisive lead girl who wants both guys. ^^; Then, the wishes part of the story reminds me of the short story, Monkey’s Paw. Luckily for her, she got what she wanted instead of the boys killing her for being greedy ^^;; Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel 

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