February 5, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 6 - Red Balloon]

Yumi narrates, “Hello everyone. We are going to start today’s horror class. Occasionally, everyone wants to put aside boring days and go have fun by playing around at a theme park that one really likes. But, even if it is filled with happiness, terrifying stories will still relentlessly follow.” Lesson 6: Red Balloon. Three girls happily exclaim that finally, they reached Dream Theme Park!!

Black haired girl says that there was such a long queue at the ticket office. Short haired girl says that’s right and after all, this park is super popular within the country. Pony tailed girl calls out to her friends as Koume [guesswork from 小夢; I’ll assume that she is the short haired girl] and Suzuko [guesswork from 涼子; I’ll assume that she is the black haired girl] that from today on, she can finally regain her freedom.
Koume asks what’s up with Yuka [guesswork from 遊花]. Suzuko says that simply exams are over, that’s all. Yuka is teary-eyed over studying for such a long time until she’s sick of it. Koume says that she’s exaggerating. Holding up her fist, Yuka exclaims okay, they are going to have fun up to her heart’s content!!

While they are lining up for the roller coaster, the others are slightly bothered over how noisy Yuka and her friends are. Yuka is telling her friends that yesterday, she came home at 11pm and she was viciously scolded by her mother. Her friend says that it cannot be helped, and who got everyone to be so excited discussing about love topics. Then, they laugh loudly. The guide calls out to them that it is their turn.
There is an announcement that at one side, they are chatting yet at another side, they are waiting. “Time really passes by quickly. Welcome, and please take your seat on the balloon roller coaster. We will guide you as you enter a balloon and forest animal’s children fairy tale world.” The guide tells everyone to sit properly and they’re going.

Yuka is very excited. She thinks that she already doesn’t remember clearly when was the last time she came here. And, she is amazed over the place that is filled with balloons, along with the animals surrounded by mushrooms in the forest. Yuka thinks, but, this kind of excited feeling has not changed a bit. Yuka suddenly holds up her arms and shouts that her mood is in a super high- A boy behind her apologizes as he comments that since a while ago, they have been very noisy..
Yuka turns around to the boy with a girl [lovers] and asks if he is talking about her. She wonders if he is saying that they are very noisy. Suzuko tells Yuka not to mind the boy and anyway, no one said that it is prohibited to make a racket. Yuka exclaims that’s right. As the boy and the girl behind slightly scowls, Yuka decides not to mind the boy for if she didn’t enjoy to her heart’s content then it is a waste to come here.

And among the balloons, there is a small heart balloon. Later on, they take a selfie together. Koume says that they go look at today’s pictures. They laugh over Yuka’s expression, how cute the mascot is and when they are in the roller coaster.
Yuka seems surprised over something so her friends ask what is it. Pointing to a girl with a hat, she says that it seems that she is seeing this girl a lot of many times. Her friends check it out and agree that in the other pictures, the girl is also there so maybe, their route is the same by chance. Yuka thinks that it is probably so but why would she always face towards them.

Yuka checks their recently taken photo and sees the girl right behind them. This startles Yuka that she quickly looks behind. But no one is there but the other people in the park. Koume asks what this is about, and what does that girl want to do. Suzuko says that it makes her feel uncomfortable. They are surprised when someone is shouting. They recognize the lovers earlier at the balloon roller coaster. Suzuko says that right now, they are the ones who are really noisy to death.
While the girl looks aghast and scared, the boy shouts to quickly tell him, who’ll tell him where it is and don’t they know!? “That is a girl wearing a hat. From her mouth, she’ll yell to find the red balloon.” Koume asks what he is saying. Looking at her cellphone, Yuka mutters, a girl wearing a hat.. Suzuko says not to think of it, it’s alright. Koume exclaims okay, they are going to have fun, but first, they’ll go for toilet break!!

In the toilet, Yuka feels really bad when obviously, she had so much fun. At the sink, Yuka looks at the picture of the girl behind them. She thinks that the boy said to look for what.. Suddenly, she sees the hat girl on the mirror behind her. The girl says, “Get my red balloon back.” This startles Yuka that she drops her cellphone. She trembles while looking at the mirror.
Her friends come out and say that she has been waiting. Yuka tells her friends about finding the red balloon. Koume asks what is she saying. Yuka says that it is true, just now, that girl is standing there!! She looks aghast for it is a very young girl wearing shabby clothes and her skin looks deathly pale..

Her friends suggest that they call it a day and even if they don’t know what’s going on, but the mood is already very bad. Yuka agrees. While they are walking out, Yuka sees a balloon flying up in the sky. Then, she notices the boy earlier. “He is still around.. alone by himself?” The boy is holding up his hand while muttering something to himself. “How come no one can see. That is obviously Yurie [guesswork from 由理繪]... I shouldn’t have made you run out.”
Koume wonders what he is saying. Suzuko calls out to the boy and says that there is something that they want to ask him. This startles the boy that he suddenly starts running away. The girls chase after him and shout for him to wait, don’t run. Soon, they are at the exit. Yuka bumps into Suzuko who suddenly stopped running. Yuka asks what is it. They see the boy floating up the sky.

A little boy tells his mother that it is a giant balloon. Yuka wonders what is he saying, that is.. The boy calls out to them that they cannot go out from here, or else.. As the boy floats up high in the sky, the little boy waves and says, “Goodbye balloon.” The guide asks if the girls are going out. The girls say no. Recalling what the hat girl said, Yuka thinks that if they cannot find the balloon and just left the place, they will become like that..!? “Must find the balloon.”
So, the girls split up and searched for the balloon. As Yuka passes by a guy asking to hold the hand of a girl, aghast Yuka thinks that they don’t have free time to happily have fun for she doesn’t want to become like that!!

On the phone, someone calls and asks Yuka if she found it. Yuka says no, they basically do not have a single clue on where the balloon might be. Then, she looks towards the balloon roller coaster. She thinks that when they first rode it, she wasn’t searching for it.
Soon, the girls are gathered. Koume says that there is not a soul in sight. Suzuko says that it is because it will be closing time soon. And, they start to ride the roller coaster. Suzuko says that if the park closes, what will happen to them. There is an announcement of welcoming everyone here, and next, is a wonderful performance.

Holding her cellphone, Koume says that just now, she investigated it a bit. “It seems that there is a bad rumor about Dream Theme Park before. It is said that a girl encountered an accident and lost her life.. Before that happened, it seems that she is always searching for something.”
Suzuko asks could it be..the thing that they are looking for. Yuka looks aghast and glum. She wonders why they encountered this kind of thing, and obviously, they only wanted to have some fun, that’s all. Yuka tells her friends not to give up for the three of them can definitely go back home..!! The two says yes.

Then, Yuka looks surprised for the hat girl is standing behind them. Yuka screams in fright. Her friends exclaim why, is the park closing!? As they try to run away, Koume’s foot got stuck at the railing. Suzuko tries to help Koume. Yuka thinks that she cannot give up. She looks at the hat girl frowning near her friends. To her friends’ surprise, Yuka runs off. She mentally apologizes for she doesn’t want to become a balloon and she doesn’t want to die.

Teary-eyed, she looks up and sees some balloons. She finds a red small heart-shaped balloon among them. She thinks that it is that one. She grabs the balloon and thinks that it is in this kind of place. Then, she thinks that she saw this balloon before, it is when they rode the roller coaster before. “Could it be that it is because of this that I was called upon [/targeted]..?” 
Yuka notices the hat girl behind her. Holding the balloon tightly, she says that she’ll give this to her so can she go home? Hat girl holds up her head and seems to frown/smile with a lot of teeth. Suddenly, a couple of hands grab the balloon. Crying and aghast, her friends say, “We won’t let you go back all by yourself.” Pop. The balloon popped from her friends’ grip.

Soon, Yuka couldn’t breath as she asks where is she. She is flying high up in the sky as a balloon with two other balloons. “Ah, balloon. Ascending higher and higher, not knowing how high it will ascend [up the sky].” Three balloons are flying high up the theme park.

Yumi narrates: “Sorrowful balloons floating up high in the sky. Afterwards, the three will also definitely properly be together as they go down. From here on, everyone have to pay attention when going to a theme park. When you are immersed in happiness, this kind of trap is also just waiting for you. Then, we’ll see each other in the next class.”
Comment: I do wonder if they can be saved if all three give the hat girl the balloon. Perhaps, not based on how the two are reacting. I guess the two are angry that Yuka abandoned them. Well, since the red balloon is gone, will hat girl still haunt the place? Making people look for a non-existent red balloon? Or, there will be a new red balloon? I guess the couple behind them also saw the red balloon so they are also targeted? At first, I thought that it is because they are making noise during the ride. ^^; Scans by 离境

Word of the day:
Sometimes, your friends can hurt you worse than any of your enemies could. ~ Abhishek Tiwari

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