February 7, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 65]

Saki mutters, ‘Can see the things that you don’t want to see’..? Standing in front of her, Yoshio says that is right, what is she afraid of. “No matter what, you were unable to become the real Lady Macbeth on stage. Besides, you were always able to express it really well so it is very obviously that there is a particular disparity.”

While holding her arms, Saki confesses that there is one part of the play’s Lady Macbeth that she doesn’t understand. “For Macbeth, she had such angry determination that whether it is murder or blood, she doesn’t have the slightest degree of fear. How come in this drama, she’ll suddenly suffer from a mental disorder that she’ll see an illusion of her hands covered in blood..”

Yoshio says that in the end, it is that part. He says that indeed, it actually wasn’t written in the script on when is the definite turning point that made Lady Macbeth become like that. “Then, regarding THIS TURNING POINT, what do you think that it should be?”
This puzzles Saki. Yoshio tells her that it is also okay to depend on her imagination. Saki admits that honestly, she doesn’t know why because before this part of the play, Lady Macbeth has such a strong fighting spirit that she firmly believe that she can directly face her own sin. “She totally doesn’t fear nor have any sign of wavering because of guilt. But, why..”

Sitting down on the chair, Yoshio says that he understands, that is it for today. This surprises Saki. He says that they cannot always rehearse just for this scene so they’ll go to the next scene. Flustered Saki says, okay.. Nobuhiko quietly watches all this.

Later on, Saki is going out of the theater when she notices that it is raining hard. She is surprised when Nobuhiko calls out to her and says that even if it is nothing much for her to stay this late but did she bring an umbrella. Saki says that she didn’t. Nobuhiko offers to walk her to the station.
As they quietly walk, Saki wonders if Nobuhiko is specially waiting for her..but why? “He is the type who simply won’t do this kind of thing to a colleague. Could it be that he..already already guessed that I..?” Nobuhiko calls out to her that she snaps out of it. She asks what. He asks her if she had thought of the turning point when Lady Macbeth is stricken with mental disorder.

She sadly says she still have not..and basically, she has no clue. He says is that so. He looks at her which startles her. She blushes a bit and quickly looks away. After a pause, Nobuhiko says that in short, she played Lady Macbeth quite remarkably before being stricken with mental disorder.

“More callous compared to Macbeth, possessing a woman’s beauty and has ruthless strong will but.. no matter how strong a person is, as long as one loses one’s SUPPORT, one will become weak and helpless then afterwards, will fall apart.” This surprises Saki as she thinks, support?
Then, Nobuhiko says that they’re here at the station. She thanks him. He says that it is nothing, he just happen to pass by, that’s all. “See you.” Nervous Saki turns to him and says, yes, see you tomorrow. Saki quickly walks away as Nobuhiko quietly looks at her.

Kasane thinks that she definitely has to throw away everything. “Whether it is suspicion as well as the gradual recovering longing [for him].. Outside the stage, walking so close to each other is really too dangerous.. After all, we are already like ‘united as one body’ like that— It is just like Macbeth and his wife. ..united as one body?...

...*recalls Nobuhiko saying that as long as one loses one’s support, one will become weak and helpless then afterwards, will fall part.* Could it be..” During practice again, Saki is seriously reading the script. Yoshio says that today, they are going to start at act 5 scene 2, and they’ll leave the first scene’s sleep walking for later.
Saki thinks that perhaps, she already understands it with the help of the hint that Nobuhiko gave her yesterday. “It is probably because for her husband, Lady Macbeth is no longer a necessary existence. *Macbeth shouting that he’ll fight vigorously always until all of his body’s flesh has been hacked off to its bones!* At least, she is already reduced to a state wherein there’s no need to use ‘united as one body’ again--”

Yoshio comments that Macbeth has already forgotten about fear and guilt in order to become an arrogant despot. “And, at this moment, England’s army is setting out towards him. His ‘final line’ is gradually approaching--” Saki thinks that is right..afterwards, being threatened by desperate straits, the frantic [/crazy] king suddenly asked the doctor regarding his wife’s condition. Macbeth asks, “How is the patient right now?”

Saki thinks, ‘patient’ and in Shakespeare’s original writing, it is written as ‘your patient’. “Towards his own wife, he unexpectedly used that kind of distant term, when before, Macbeth will absolutely not do that. *Macbeth says, ‘My beloved wife’ [<- before] There’s no need for you to know. My adorable.’* [<-afterwards in the original Shakespeare text, it is dearest chuck from being beloved; this is regarding Basho’s murder]...
...The ‘monozygotic married couple’ whose deep love cause them to mutually call out each other as they fall into wickedness. At this time, they already cannot interlink their feelings.. ‘patient’, this term shows the distance between the two. For one’s husband, the wife became cold-hearted and become covered in blood.

It is precisely because of this, after Lady Macbeth had lose the value of ‘her existence that is for her husband’, the only thing left is guilt.” Saki looks at her bloodied hand with the image of ghostly Nina in front. Saki suddenly falls down from her chair in fright. This made Yoshio and the others call out to her. Trembling Saki mutters, “..Ni[na]..no..” Saki thinks that it is the thing that Lady Macbeth and she don’t want to see.

Skeleton faced Nina holds Kasane’s face and says, “Look clearly at the ‘sin’ that you have committed.” Saki suddenly screams loudly. An actress and Nobuhiko ask if Saki is okay. Saki is breathing hard then she faints. As Nobuhiko calls out to Saki, Yoshio asks who’ll help him call up Kingo for Saki is his actress. A man asks if they aren’t going to call an ambulance. Yoshio says probably. He tells him that before, Kingo told him that if Saki starts to go mad like this, they are to first tell him.
In her dream, Kasane, as Lady Macbeth, is running. She falls down and Nina says that she and also Nishizawa Ichika are killed by her..and also, short-lived actress ‘Tanzawa Nina’. “Uno Nobuhiko always call out Saki’s name is also because.. he is in such pain as he sees his lover’s shadow on you.. It is because of you that everyone had suffered..

...Do you have the awareness to look straight at your ‘sin’? Kasane.. Kasane.. Kasane!” And, Kasane suddenly wakes up in a start which surprises Nogiku. Holding her head, Kasane asks where is this.. Nogiku says that it is Kasane’s house. Kingo complains that she suddenly went insane during the rehearsal then fell over. Kasane apologizes for giving him trouble but she is already okay. Nogiku asks if that is true.

After a pause, Kasane asks Nogiku to please stay over for tonight. “I’m so afraid.. right now.. if I were to be alone..” Nogiku calls out her name. As crying Kasane holds on to Nogiku, Kingo thinks that in the end, has she fallen in the same situation as Sugeyo when playing Macbeth..?
Comment: Surely, Nobuhiko has a hunch on about Saki but he doesn’t have any proof. Since Kasane now knows what caused Lady Macbeth’s dramatic change, she has to face her ‘sin’ through ghost Nina. It is interesting that it isn’t just the two ‘deaths’ that was mentioned but also of the fictional death of actress ‘Nina’ and how Nobuhiko is suffering because of a lost loved one.

Yoshio is really a tough director that he doesn’t like pampering the actors/actresses for he wants them to figure it out on their own and he is only going to direct them. Basically, he has no time for amateur’s issues regarding the play. And, he seems very obedient in following Kingo’s instructions to call him if something happens to Saki. Actually, he seems very calm..too calm. For Kasane to cry and cling on to Nogiku, it makes me think that Nogiku is the older sister. ^^; Scans by RAD汉化组

Word of the day:
Does guilt for sin have its icy hands around your heart? Is it strangling your joy and making you forget that God’s forgiveness is not based on what you do but on what Christ has done? Ask for His forgiveness. Then thank Him for it, and moment by moment remind yourself of the wonder of God’s grace. ~ Our Daily Bread


  1. yes! thanks for translating! so lady macbeth lost her support that was her dependency on her husband and no longer needs him but causes her to face her guilt? do you think that happened to izana and will happen to kasane? also, what was their support? is it the lipstick? if so, when they lose their beauty do they face depression and despair or is their support something else? i just feel there may be a connection to lady macbeths mental disorder to kasane and her mother. or maybe nogiku is more similar as she relies on "revenge" to justify her actions. also, kasane clinging to her made me feel she is older as well and to kasane, she might as well be as she told her she was 21 when kingo asked her age.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      It depends. I don't think it is the lipstick because Izana is still beautiful as well as Kasane. It should be something else.

      For now, Nogiku isn't afflicted with any guilt for she believes what she did is right. Lady Macbeth is more on 'killing' to attain something which Kasane kind of did..and most likely, Izana, too.


  2. Thank you. I actually think Kasane is quite selfish..she still wants Nobuhiko but she only got him thanks to Nina..And still she mercilessy ruined her life ...

    1. You're welcome.

      Is that so. So, you prefer that she don't get him? I don't think she got Nobuhiko solely thanks to Nina. Nobuhiko isn't into 'Nina's looks but her acting and dedication to it. If you meant that other director whom Nina loves, then I would agree with you.

      I cannot exactly solely blame Kasane for that either. ^^; Nina wanted it but didn't realize the consequences when she agreed to it. Unfortunately, iirc, she realized too late what she really wanted. I think things can be different if Nina didn't try to commit suicide.