February 3, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 10]

At the encampment, there is a woman offering a drink to the youngster. The others are looking at the caught live boar in its cage. Manchanyuta says, “Ha? Why do I want you to catch it back alive? *scratches face* That is.. I plan on making it as a gift and capturing it alive would make it fresh, right? How about giving me another one? Ah? Is that okay? Since you caught it, then you’ll also be in charge of escorting [it].”

Jamalta is looking dark as he gives a dead goose to Suria. Taking the goose, Suria says that Jamalta also caught what he asked for, thanks and Nonagwa [] will be very happy. Furious Jamalta runs towards Machanyuta which causes the girl on his lap to become startled. He shouts, escort? “Then how come you didn’t just make me serve it as a roast pig!”

While Suria is restraining Jamalta from punching Machanyuta and asking if they aren’t tired of this, Machanyuta says yes, that is also good. He flicks Jamalta’s head and says, “I heard that the Nakrang princess is going to hold her coming of age ceremony.” This surprises Jamalta that he asks, what?
Machanyuta asks if he still remember that they [he and Jamalta] owe the princess a favor. “About that.. okay, even if it cannot be said as responsibility [/blame] but it is also thanks to her that you are still alive, right?” Jamalta recalls the time when crying young Saga asked him to let her go and she fell into the water.

Jamalta mutters that it is so soon..that.. Standing up, Machanyuta says yes, everywhere in the city, there are rumors that the princess has totally become a beauty. Going out of the tent, Machanyuta says that he also heard that her brother loves her dearly in every possible way that he had tightly hidden her. “Is it really like that? That vicious type Third Prince? *looks at Jamalta*...

...Then, how come the nobles are discussing among themselves about the princess’ value [/price]?” This made Jamalta slightly scowl. Jamalta follows Machanyuta outside as he looks out at their encampment. He says that anyway, thanks to the princess whose appearance he has never been seen before, he had an opportunity to fight to make him expand his strength.
“Now, I can be promoted to become candidate heir of the troops. Look, this blossoming scenery is for me. How about it? It’s not bad, right? Right now, you want to go and escort it, right? Gratitude cannot be completely expressed in words.” Jamalta looks at the encampment and a certain village beyond. [<- not sure if that is smoke/fire there but they’re probably doing some slash-and-burn.]

At the gate of Saga’s residence, the maid A sees Mino sitting outside. She huffs and goes to Saga whose hair is being fixed by another maid. She tells Saga that fair-skinned child had come again and it is almost everyday since he had been coming. While the other maid B isn’t happy that the maid A is being talkative, Saga is surprised that Mino had once again.. Maid A says that she told him that Saga won’t go out. “I made made him leave but he won’t. Hu..I’m being negligent.” [<- wasn’t able to do it]

This made Saga worry that she bites her finger and tightly clench her skirt. Maid B says that Saga really did good for anyway, after she get married, all the more she must sever this relationship sooner and put that feelings aside. “Moreover, regarding that child.. there is also a not so good rumor..”
Saga asks, rumor, what does she mean? The two maids slightly smile and look at Saga. Maid A mutters, Ah..ah..that..? They tell Saga that Mino is her really doted on slave so they always didn’t tell her. “Actually, every night, he’ll meet up with a girl. Ah ah, he has such a sincere face but he had already done those things. It is an average looking [servant] girl in the same age group, called Cheongye.”

Clenching her skirt, Saga asks if he had some other person he likes but..he never mentioned this to her.. Maid B says that men are like that. “Looking forward to having the beautiful princess in his embrace yet doing it with another girl. Even if there are 10 girls, a man will also not dislike that many.” Looking aghast, Saga asks,..men..huh? Then, she turns around and says, no..it cannot be..there is definitely a misunderstanding for Mino won’t [do that].

Maid B says that for her [maid b], even if he is killed, Mino also won’t understand the princess’ heart that is so good that she doesn’t know hatred. “After painstakingly saving him, he unexpectedly repays it by playing tricks on you.” Maid A comments that Saga is really naïve. “Princess, you are already being deceived.” Saga looks surprised.
At the small hut, the man is viciously wiping Mino while he is tied up. Cheongye shouts, that is enough, stop!!! Going in front of Mino, she shouts that the princess didn’t see him so why is he still being beaten? “Stop it. Do you plan on killing him?!” The man asks if he plans to kill him. “Yes, I wanted to kill him. I also had enough...

...If this kid is dead, then it will simplify matters. Besides, this kid himself wanted to die or else, he won’t go there everyday, right? Move! I’ll make it as you wished!” Cheongye tells the man to stop or else, she’ll kill him. The man asks what. He grabs her hair and asks if she has gone crazy. “Hey, deadbeat woman, being in the same boat with the prince made you a lot bolder, huh? [<- ah, I think this meant have a relationship] You would dare do this!”

To their surprise, Mino grabs the man’s wrist. The man asks, what..still won’t let go. “Let..go..you..let go..” Mino tells him to stop it. Cheongye calls out to Mino. Suddenly, Mino collapses that Cheongye tries to catch him. While Cheongye calls out for Mino to wake up, the man keeps on holding his wrist. He says what, wasn’t he able to talk.. He curses as he leaves.
Cheongye holds Mino’s face and calls him a fool that he became like this, you are really.. Starting to cry, she says, “You’re really a fool.. *he slightly smiles at her* there’s no need for you to smile to show it to me. I’ve already said that there’s no need for you to be like that in front of me. ..why? Why would you do it up to this point? *holds Mino’s hand*...

...Are you afraid that she’ll be lonely? She’s all alone by herself that you’ll feel uneasy? If it isn’t either one, could it be that you also adore the princess? Talk, hey? *Mino looks sad that causes her to bite her lip* Fine.. Whether it is feeling sorry for her or adoring her, next time, even if you come back like this, I also won’t be angry anymore. *bends down* So, I only want you to properly live on.”

Then, a man calls out to Cheongye that the prince is calling for her to go to his place right now. She looks surprised then feels Mino lightly grabbing her finger. Cheongye slightly smiles and says that she’ll come back in a while. Mino watches Cheongye quietly heads out. She is holding her hands tightly. Narration: “Until all are returned to them, waiting for that time is like when I’m wiping your wounds clean. You also soothe my wound.”
The moon is high up in the night sky. Saga stands by the gate of her residence. She recalls the maids telling her that she has been deceived and she’s too naïve. “Men are like that, having a good-natured face but doing bad things.” Saga thinks that it isn’t so, it is a lie. “They wish that I won’t attain happiness. Before I see Mino, everything isn’t true. It is absolutely not. He promised me. It is definitely..

...*bends down* how strange.. what’s up with my chest.. It feels so tight.” Then, she notices something sparkling on the ground. Puzzled, she goes towards it and picks it up. It is the hairpin that Mino wanted to give to her. She suddenly recalls their conversation before. Flashback: Saga asked if they blamed him for eating too much. Mino said yes..a bit, saying that if he’s free [not doing anything] then he can eat but because he is working diligently so they don’t blame him.

Saga asked what he has been doing. Mino says that he’s working at a blacksmith and actually, he is doing odds jobs but he really likes it so he does that. Then, he talked about the fire pit. He also talked about the other palace [/shrine] being renovated so they put up a hanging beam. It is modified a bit and his craftsmanship is being praised. Mino remembered to tell her that he always use straw or dried potato branches to weave things. Then, he shows her some flower stems. She asked if there is nothing that he hates doing.
Mino admitted to her that actually, he is really scared of horses. When he is tidying up the horse shed, he doesn’t know why he is like that and after all, he doesn’t have his past memories. “Afterwards, when you get married, I’ll make you a house. I’ll also make you a beautiful hairpin and jewelry. *smiles* I’ll definitely come and see you, princess.” End flashback. Holding the hairpin, Saga is moved to tears. She wanted to see him. “Right now, if I were to go and find you, will I be able to see you? Just like how you came to find me, I’ll also go and see you.. Go to where you are..

...*looks surprised and looks behind the gate* Go out the gate..” She quickly looks at the hairpin and realizes something. With her heart beating loudly, she thinks, “I know where Mino is. I still remember the inner city’s routes. It is fine as long as I won’t be found out! That’s right, as long as I can deceive the maids!” She goes back to her bedroom and quickly fixes the bed to make it seem that she is still sleeping. She ties up her hair. Putting a hood on, she heads out the gate and thinks that it is just for a short while!

Praying amidst some ropes tied with bells, flowers and all sort of things, the shaman says that apparently, the princess finally taken this step. “No matter what kind of trail you’ll face, I’ll pray for you to obtain courage to go and overcome all kinds of difficulties. *scene of feverish Mino* I will pray for you, beautiful woman. Lord Moon.” [<- moon worshipper?]
Comment: Ah, hopefully, the depressing stuff will cease a bit and the mangaka will give us more hope. For now, there is Jamalta though I’m not sure the extent he can do to turn things around. Interestingly, Machanyuta is very grateful to Saga’s role for them to attain what they have now. So, in a way, Saga has saved the lives of Mino and Jamalta so they owe her big time.

Apparently, Jamalta and Machanyuta still has that kind of thing going between them. ^^; The maids are annoying and I guess it gives them a lot of ego that they are given control over a princess. After wavering over what happened before, it took a rumor for Saga to recall all the things that she talked about with Mino before. She wants to confirm things from Mino himself. In a way, she got her guts back to dare go against the restrictions placed on her.

Of course, with this kind of series, we won’t know if she is being brave or stupid for doing that. It all depends if she’ll be caught. I’ll say that she is quite brave for she fully knows what her brother is capable of. Well, there is the shaman praying for her. I guess from that, Saga has a really big role here later on. I don’t she is praying for Saga just because she is beautiful ^^;

As for Cheongye, I really think that she has feelings for Mino or perhaps, they are comrades in that kind of fate. I didn’t realize that Choegeum is doing that to her but then, he did mention that he needs someone who hates him to live on. And, he is perverted. Anyway, it seems that Mino is quite skillful as a craftsman. I think he is also very strong that he caused the man to keep on holding his hand after Mino gripped it. I guess he must have some inhuman strength to survive that kind of whipping everyday. That might be useful later on. Scans by 水神汉化组

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  1. Yeah keeping my fingers crossed.want the sad stuff to cease.�� saga has a long way to go if she wants to face her bro.but even this(her heading out) can be considered a first step.

    1. Ya, spears. In a way, I begin to think that because of the sad stuff, it makes the 'interactions' more moving than usual. Sad yet beautiful.


  2. Hoho Saga, its love! Its love! You call that falling in love if your heart throbs for someone! The wheel of fate has begun to spin~~
    Meanwhile, im going to sink the JamaltaxSaga ship... its better too early than too late.
    I also think Cheongye has feelings for Mino, cause pity is also a form of love/ first step to love, i think.But there is also the prince, for the dramatic, its possible that she falls in love with him, like the prey falls in love with the predator kind of love.
    And thx for the chapter kat.

    1. Hehe, aster ^^ For Mino? For now, I'm not inclined to think so. It seems more like wanting to protect him/childhood friend-type.

      Right now, that's my ship, too =P

      I believe she does. It doesn't seem like pity though..more like care for him.

      Possible but given their history, very unlikely. The prince did killed off all of her family. He is most likely raping her, too...probably somewhat mutual since she is looking for an opportunity for revenge.

      I'm not sure the prince is capable of love. He just loves doing it with women who intensely hates him. I believe the he has some loose screws on the head.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Does Mino like saga?

    3. Currently, it doesn't seem to be evident that he likes her romantically.