February 17, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 39]

At the locker rooms for Nagaoka, the coach tells the players that their first opponent will be Ryuhoku. He says that even if they have won against them during the Interhigh preliminaries but he didn’t expect that they were able trim down the difference to 12 points.

“Ryuhoku’s line-up is very weak. The scope of its attack isn’t wide. This time, we have to thoroughly suppress that guy. –that number 11.” At the lockers room for Ryuhoku, everyone is stunned to see that Shou is sound asleep on the bench.

Nishiyama exclaims in disbelief for did he forget that they’re going to encounter a strong opponent next!? “Did he forget that he vow that he ‘won’t let the senpai-s retire’!?” Finally, they are on the day of the Winter Cup preliminaries.
As the others try to wake Shou up, Yuki thinks that the schedule of the competition is two days, Saturday and Sunday but today, their opponent is Nagaoka. “So if er lose, then, it is decided that we’ll already retire.. No..no matter what, we must win.”

Soon, the referee is introducing the two teams. As the players bow to each other, Abe cruses for those guys are still quite tall. Himiko thinks that against those players, the senpai-s look petite. Their coach wonders out loud if they can pull off that plan smoothly.

Yuki mentally tells everyone not to lose. Amamiya fails to stop a Nagaoka player from shooting. Shika and others can only curse over how helpless they are against that kind of shooting [<- since the opponents are tall].
Then, Shou got the ball. The opponents are determined to stop him but to their surprise, Shou passed the ball to Tonomura who manages to shoot the ball into the basket. The guys on the bench cheer Tonomura on. Flashback: Shou told everyone about a countermeasure against Nagaoka. “During the practice game before, I noticed that basically, I’m the only one who is scoring.”

Irked Shouji and Amamiya called him stinky brat and let’s go out for a fight. Shou said that it isn’t that, before, he only wanted to score for himself. “But the source of Ryuhoku’s score is not only number 11--” End flashback. A couple of guys call out to Kira and Shizuka in their locker rooms.
While stretching, Kira asks what’s up and don’t run. Shizuka says that’s right. “Our game is in the afternoon so what are we to do if you guys were to get injured before the first game.” One of the guys say no, no..it is bad, Nagaoka..!! The current score for the 4th quarter is Ryuhoku’s 93 vs Nagaoka’s 90. Shou passes the ball to Yashiro. Hatori shouts that there is still 20 seconds left-!!

While some girls are blushing over Kira and Shizuka who came to watch, Yuki thinks that in this game, they constantly surpassed the difficulties, constantly accumulate experience, indeed, they had improved. “Ryuhoku’s future-- it definitely can become even stronger.” Pfft~~ Game over. It’s 95-90 with Ryuhoku winning the game.
Amamiya jumps on Shou and exclaims that it is amazing, such a beautiful pass- Tonomura says that finally, they were able to win against them. Kira comments that it is unexpected for Nagaoka to lose this game and like that, if they win today, their opponent tomorrow will be Ryuhoku.

Shizuka just looks serious and quiet. While Abe and others are shouting and hugging that they won, Himiko happily calls out to Yuki. To Himiko’s surprise, Yuki suddenly hugs her. Yuki happily smiles and says that they won..!

Everyone including Shizuka is shocked to see her smiling. Yuki notices that everyone is staring at her. Thinking that it is bad for she got overly excited, she immediately looks gloomy and says no, right now, they cannot get too carried away. Someone shouts what’s up with that mirage just now!?
Someone nervously asks if Yuki smiled a while ago. Someone exclaims if the manager is actually a living creature who can smile!? Shouji nervously says ah..that was quick and what was that just now. Amamiya mutters that actually, Yuki is very cute..like that..

And, Shou suddenly kicks Amamiya on the butt using his knee. Amamiya angrily shouts what’s up with him. Shou says ha. Amamiya shouts what is that ‘ha’ when just now, he kicked his butt!! So, for now, they were able to break through the first game.

At night, Yuki is nervous that she cannot sleep. She keeps on thinking that even if it is like this, they cannot lower their guard and besides, they’ll encounter Misuzu, a qualifying team. She is also a bit worried about Shizuka.
Shizuka recalls Shizuka telling them that it is better not to be too relaxed. Yuki thinks that’s right, in tomorrow’s competition, regarding the problem about the third years’ retirement. Her cellphone rings. She stutters as she says, hello.

While twirling a leaf, Shou asks how come she is so nervous and it is because she’s thinking of him. Yuki says no, and by the way, there is a competition tomorrow so quickly go to sleep.

Shou says that he was always sleeping until just now. “I dreamt that Yuki-senpai is noisy about wanting that so in the end, I cannot sleep.” There is a scene of Yuki on top of Shou as she mutters his name. Yuki lamely says is that so.
Shou says by the way, did she forget that he told her ‘you’re not allowed to smile in front of other guys except for me’. Yuki nervously says that of course, that is impossible. Shou says that as compensation, he wants to be kissed for 60 seconds.

Yuki angrily shouts, ha!? “Do not say this kind of nonsense things and quickly go to sleep..” Shou lets out a ‘pu’ sound that irks Yuki. He asks if she’ll let him hear that loud and clear voice of hers from the coach seat again tomorrow..? This surprises Yuki. She blushes and says, ya.

Shou says then, goodnight. And he hangs up. Yuki finds it baffling for just because he mentioned the topic about ‘tomorrow’, it made her feel that they won’t lose to anyone. “We should still be able to walk farther...
...A person having this kind of thinking, shouldn’t only be limited to me alone.” The next day, while walking to their locker room, Shouji is slapping his face. Hatori shouts that looks painful so what’s up with him. Shou asks if he is a M[asochist].

Shouji exclaims that it isn’t like that, idiot, it is ‘pumping up’. The coach laughs and says that if they win today, they’ll enter the finals. Looking at the coach, Abe shouts that’s right, and compared to Nagaoka, Misuzu isn’t a bit scary at all..

Then, Shizuka and others glare at them as pass by. Clinging on to Shou, Abe mutters what’s up with that, it seems that he was viciously glared at..!! Nishiyama asks what, what, obviously he is a stalker..!!
Yuki glances back at Shizuka and thinks that there is a very strong nervous feeling that she can almost see its aura so that means that they [Ryuhoku] is also very focused.. She wonders what’s going on for she feels uneasy.

At their side of the court, the coach says that last year, they already won against Misuzu. They reminded the coach that it is this year. The coach says ah, is that so, and even if it isn’t decided, they cannot lower their guard but they mustn’t become overly nervous.

“Just display your normal level and you’ll definitely be able to play a beautiful game.” Everyone shouts, yes!! The coach says, okay, then, quickly go. So the players face-off as the referee announces the start of the game.
Pfft-- Himiko nervously says that it has started. Yuki thinks that it is as the coach said, even if they are afraid, it is also useless whether the opponent is Misuzu or someone else. “--Right now, we can only carry out the Ryuhoku style.” While Shizuka dribbles the ball, Shou asks what’s up with him for some time ago, wasn’t he still having a ferocious look.

Shizuka says that only Shou, he’s the opponent that he absolutely cannot lose to for that person. Shizuka manages to slip pass Shou. Shouji and Amamiya shout that Shizuka is charging towards them so they have to quickly block him. They immediately went in front of Shizuka.
Nishiyama exclaims that is a beautiful defense! Abe shouts that Shizuka has no way of shooting the ball.. To their surprise, Shizuka jumps to shoot sideways. Shouji and Amamiya fail to block the ball. The ball is in. Shizuka’s fangirls scream. Everyone is surprised for Shizuka didn’t break out of the defense yet he managed to directly shoot the ball.

Yuki thinks that if it is the former Shizuka, he would definitely first withdraw and absolutely won’t make that forced shoot..  “Wrong- He is totally different from the former Hakamada-kun.” Shou manages to get the ball. He glances at Yashiro. Shou passes the ball towards Yashiro. Nishiyama and Noda exclaim that’s amazing.
To their surprise, Shizuka managed to intercept the ball before Yashiro catches it. Yuki is surprised for Shizuka saw through that. So, with Shizuka driving his team, Misuzu is leading. “If this goes on, we can no longer do anything.” It is already the second quarter. Misuzu leads with 62 points vs Ryuhoku’s 42 points.

During a time-out, Shouji and the others are breathing hard. Giving them towels, Himiko tells them to please pull themselves together for there is still the second half.. Shouji tells her to look at the score in detail. “That is a 20 points difference.” Amamiya complains that their defense is being ignored, their passes are seen through so what else can they do..
“By the way, what’s up with the sudden temperament change of your stalker friend.” Shou says that Shizuka isn’t his friend, he is just someone he knows. Amamiya shouts that he isn’t asking that. Yuki looks at the scoreboard and thinks that Misuzu totally controlled the pace and right now, they must change the game’s direction. “..but..how are we to do that..”

Nishiyama tells the others that everyone had tried their utmost best and since they are already here, they can exhaust themselves always until the end of the game! “Honestly speaking, winning-whatever no longer matters.. Compared to that kind of thing, the most important is not to leave regrets, right.. Even if it goes like this, that we might retire--”
Recalling what Shou wrote about ‘breaking through all the battles’, Yuki angrily slaps Nishiyama’s back and shouts his name. This surprises everyone. As Hatori asks Nishiyama if he is alright, Nishiyama couldn’t utter a word in shock and aghast.

Clenching her first, Yuki shouts that if he doesn’t want to ‘regret’, then before the last whistle sound, they will always fight for victory!! Yuki doesn’t want to give up for she doesn’t want to change back to the her, who is good at giving up.

Kanda mutters, head [/boss].. Amamiya mutters, big sis.. The referee wonders isn’t she the ‘manager’? Then, turning his back towards Yuki, Shou also wants a ‘pump up’.
Lining up beside Shou, Tonomura wants one too. Shouji and Amamiya also want one. Recalling Shou’s wish to still play with his senpai-s, Yuki calls out Shouji and Amamiya’s names as she smacks their backs hard.

While the audience wonder what’s going on, Yuki also calls out and smacks Yashiro and Tonomura. Of course, Shou got it last. This made him smile. Yuki says then, go for victory. As they shout ‘ya’, the guys confidently head out in the court.
Comment: This chapter made me realize that a lot of the basketball parts of the series are ‘inspired’ from Slam Dunk. ^^; It is in the first game with Nakaoka. That is the last unforgettable game in Slam Dunk TV anime. The coach made a mistake on focusing on the ace but not on the third year player who happens to wear glasses. I start thinking that perhaps, it wasn’t just the coach and that ear becoming big when eavesdropping is the same with SD.

And yes, there are a lot. Slam Dunk’s main team is Shohoku. The one here is Ryuhoku. There is also a love triangle of two guys and one girl. But, the mangaka mixes up their personalities and goals. Shou is the talented and indifferent player (Rukawa) but his goal is from the main character (Hanamichi), playing basketball to win a girl’s heart. Shizuka is the trying hard to become good in basketball (Hanamichi) but his goal is the main character’s rival, to be a great basketball player (Rukawa).

There is also a character trying to win the manager’s heart and ends up being captain. That is most probably Shou, too. There are others but, nevertheless, after this chapter, I want to watch Slam Dunk again. ^^; Anyway, back to the series, Shou must be displeased that a lot of guys saw that smile. =P Shou most probably knew that Yuki is worried and cannot sleep so he gave her a call ^^

I wonder if part of the reason why Misuzu is all fired up is because they overheard what Abe said. Well, I think it is good that the players only got a slap on the back from Yuki instead of their butts =P I guess, it would be embarrassing. So, will that enable them to trim down a 20 point lead? It probably, a tight final score at the end to make things intense ^^ Hm..like win by a three point shot?

Regarding the 60 second kiss, it would be nice for that to happen in their ‘last game’ since by that time, Yuki is officially retired and it is already okay for their relationship not to be a secret ^^ Then, we’ll have another shocked expression from everyone. ^^ Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Don't ever give up hope until the very last moment. If you give up, the game is already over. ~ Takehiko Inoue, Slam Dunk


  1. Wow Kat very nice comment/explanation/comparison. I love Slamdunk. the way you construct on your comment is like "All in One" for this chap. its like you did not miss any important act.Haahahah, and even the grandest of having the "60 second kiss". :)

  2. Thanks for the summary, Kat!

    I never heard of Slam Dunk, I'll make sure to check it out. Haha, I totally loved how everyone was shocked to silence after seeing Yuki's face. An "oh crap" moment as she let herself get carried away. (Probably because Nagaoka is a powerful opponent?) Shou is quick to hit someone after commenting on Yuki's cuteness. But I'm glad I got to see a wide mouthed smile from her, I wanted to see it ever since the flashback of her 3 year old self smiled the same smile. She was very adorable. I can't wait for the next chapter! I feel like the series will end some time after Yuki's graduation so it would be nice for them to win this competition. Also I have something regarding a different topic, Kat.

    I'm not sure if you're playing them or interested in them but there is another kickstarter thing going on for another otome game. Idea Factory’s Otome division,“Otomate,” did a great job with Hakuoki and Amnesia. Very popular. Now they're trying to translate another popular game in Japan and I love it as well. For mobile and it will be on "stream". Meaning the computer, I guess (but not Mac apparently). It's called Beastmaster and Prince- flower and snow.

    Otome games aren't really out there yet so this is also a great opportunity. The games that they sell here in America, I have lost interest as I got to my junior year. (I'm 19 1/2 now.) They don't really go for the female romantic type of audience. It's frustrating really. Anyways, can you please please please do me a favor? I'm not asking to to pay or anything but can you share it with others as well? The deadline is 23 days from now. Please take a look, this is the website... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/688648305/beastmaster-and-prince-flower-and-snow?ref=video

    Thank you very much,


    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      =) About Yuki, I think that aside from that, her career as manager is extended for a day or so. ^^ Yup, Shou is the jealous type. I also think that it will end when she graduates.

      Hehe, I actually don't play them nor watch the anime versions of that genre ^^;; Anyway, I'll just have to plug it, right? I'll mention it then.

    2. Yes, thank you very much. :)

  3. Thank you, Kat! Great comparison with SD, but while it has it's similarities, SD is focused much more on the sport side - that's why I didn't care to finish, lol.

    Guess if they lose to Misuzu now it could lead to some plot progress, though the feeling that it's nearing it's end is there, I can imagine tons of good scenarios to develop Sho and Yuki not only as a pair/couple, but mature themselves as persons/human beings. Even for Shizuka, since it seems he doesn't want to lose to Sho 'cause his own insecurities and feelings of inferiority, Sho was always talented and seemed not to care a bit, and for one that puts his all into something that one is better than him, but don't even care must be very frustrating, even more so when that guy happens to gain the heart of the one you put your eyes on. Man, now I'm feeling for Shizuka, lol.

    Any idea if Namaiki if 'fairly' popular? It's been a very long time since I don't keep up with selling and etc. I'm asking 'cause AoHaru was popular as hell - even got an anime - but didn't have that much chapters, same for Hirunaka, though I don't think this got an adaptation. BTW, didn't like both of them, lol.

    1. You're welcome, Fê ^-^ Indeed, well, SD is shounen. Oh..actually, even if I'm not into sports here, I find that series quite enjoyable. I can even still remember most of the scenes and characters ^^

      Hm..I think whether they win or lose, the plot will progress since the focus is more on the romance. The basketball part is just a 'side story'-type. Is that so...maybe we'll have more of that before the graduation. I'm sure the mangaka is reserving the meeting the family for later.

      Lol..ah, yes, doesn't it make one want to root for the underdog? Actually, it is easier to relate to that if one isn't as talented as Shou...and well, Shou also got the girl =P

      I checked a bit..and it seems to be not that popular. Its last volume sold for around 50,000+ Random volume, Hirunaka is around that amount too. Checking around, I think a manga can be an anime at around twice the amount of sales --> 100,000+. AoHaru is around 700-800,000. A series that has around the same volume sales as Namaiki has a live action movie. Perhaps, that amount is good for a one shot movie/OVA. So with 100k+, it is possible to have either an anime or a full live action drama.

      AoHaru..I also didn't like it even if I didn't fully read it =P I just know that something happened that made boy 'leave' girl perhaps for some other girl. After lead girl got the other boy (part that I read), I bailed out. I know that the rest of the story will be how the girl goes back to the lead guy. =P I feel sorry for the other guy ^^;;

      Hirunaka, I only browsed the earlier chapters. Just when I thought someone is finally going to confess, I started working on it. To my shock, the guy chickened out. ^^;;

      But then, I know you don't like third wheels so that is probably the main reason you don't like those series, right? =P

    2. Basketball isn't my kind of sport, I just read Namaiki 'cause Yuki, really, lol. Never had an interest in basketball and was really bored with all shoujo heroines latelly, than I found Namaiki and fell for Yuki, true story, lol.

      Yea, but I was thinking more about the lines of learning that losing something nor always means that you actually did lose, it can mean a gain/growth of character, and then, since Sho and Yuki really want to win, if they lose now it'd spell drama all over and I'd like to see unfold - without thirdwheels - and Shizuka could learn the vice-versa, winning not always means you're a winner or something like that.

      It does make you wonder, huh? Poor Shizuka, but like I said before, I wouldn't want Sho's and Yuki's relationship beeing shaken by him or anyone else, I'd like - for once - to see they work themselves and strengthen that bond of theirs, Yuki specially, since she's the one with more issues about her self-steem and a bit more of that, but I don't think the author's gonna bend that way.

      Well, 50k it's pretty amazing, though. If happens to get an adaption, hope it's not a poor one.

      About AoHaru, you're mostly right. The MC had his good reasons to leave, but his behavior and actions were painfully bad done/portrayed by the mangaka. And we have the fickle shoujo cliche of a heroine that claims to deeply love somebody, but the first sign of trouble hooks up with the first one that appear. Now, I know that in rl this happens a lot, hell, I used to be like that in my teens, but the way portrayed in manga was just shallow, and I think the author realized that 'cause by the end of it, the female mc asks herself if she really is such a bitc* after someone points that out to her. Don't know if that's the accurate translation, but it fits. And Hirunaka, my problem was almost the same, plus the girl - even 'dating' someone else - kept chasing other guy 'till the last pages - really, not overreacting here - then fell deeply in love with her rebound that she didn't really like before. It felt much too out of plot... I don't know how to say this, just know that I get a lot of hate when I talk about such works, lol.

      And Hirunaka's mangaka was one of my favorites 'till sometime ago, such a pity that she pulled that one with her most pop work.

    3. I see. Well, it is like that sometimes, just for a certain character ^^

      That seems a quite deep. I can see that happening in a character-driven series.

      At this stage, I don't think that there will be any third wheels anymore. Still, there will be a bit of jealous here and there especially from Shou's side =P

      True..and well, it's popular for some reason ^^; It is somewhat like her previous series, Strobe Edge so no need to go through that again. <- I like the other guy.

      Ya, it does seem to be on a rebound but what can I say, it was a major blunder for the teacher to lie like that. I guess the mangaka is saying that there is no second chance. Anyway, iirc, the teacher got a happy ending when he met someone related to manga.

    4. Yea, I rarely see a shoujo heroine like Yuki, kind of strong willed though it's just a mask, troubled with her own issues without that stigma of always being saved or bullied and giving in to easily - or rather - fickle, hate use this word, but can't help it, lol. There are some that appear to be out of the ordinary, but given some chapters and we fall directly on those cliched ones that I grew to dislike, and tired of it, really.

      It'd be good, right? But I don't think the mangaka will ever bend that way, it'd keep nice and simple, and it's fine like this, too.

      I think she bailed out of a forbiden relationship scenario, much younger and a student with a teacher? That's not really healthy or legal, lol. Anyway, have you read Sugars, by hers also? That one is adorable, even when it's bittersweet.

    5. Hehe, I see.


      Even so, there are many other mangaka who pulled it off by making it secret and the guy will wait for her to graduate. Isn't her current one about an older man and a high schooler, too?

      I just read the first chapter. It is okay. Is it episodic? Speaking of different heroine, have you read Seishun Otome Banchou! That is like a female version of Takeo. It didn't seem to sell well that it has already ended. Still, it's funny ^^

    6. Really? I only know one and I really liked the way it was done, Kore Wa Koi no Hanashi, but then again, I don't really know/read many mangas, so I didn't know that a lot of them were able to pull it off. And yea, and I guess it already have the triangle - with one of the same age - that I abhor, like, I don't know, she's trying to do the same thing out of regret or to please her fans who shipped the teacher? Maybe I'm talking sh* about one of my once favorites mangakas, so I should just stop complaing, lol.

      It is, but it's actually interconnected, I mean, the majority of the characters are and it's at the same school, but not the same time/chronology.

      I've read! Didn't take the nuances about Takeo until you mentioned and reread, but now I see it, lol. Does it have a proper end? The last chap left hanging where the boy meets his ex, wich was implyed to have cheated him... the last update I guess it was late in january.

    7. I think I only browsed the ending of that one. A similar story is Usagi Drop. It is still a bit awkward if the person who brought one up/considered as 'father' ends up being the spouse.

      That did crossed my mind. Perhaps, it is both.

      I see. It seems to be the stories of this person, then about her friend, etc.

      What is the definition of a proper ending? ^^;; It is amusing though probably almost border to the love triangle stuff that you don't like ^^

    8. Wow, to think that Usagi Drop actually didn't even cross my mind when speaking of age gaps relationships, though I guess it's because it was hinted at some points that Rin had/felt something more for Daikichi. Won't argue about the weirdness, I felt the same eventhough I loved/love the series.

      Yea, it's more like this one is her cousin and that one the cousin's brother and so on. It's hard to keep a count, but the stories are good with pretty good characters, like I said, even the ones more bitter than sweeter.

      Ah, my definition is simple: did it end at chapter 9? Did it have a conclusion or open end? Man, love triangle with Hirata is like... I can't even imagine, lol.

    9. Ah..do you mean older Rin? I watched the anime and really didn't think of that until I browsed through the Chinese to know what happened. ^^;

      I see.

      No, it ended at chapter 11. It has a conclusion. ^^

    10. Child Rin also gave some sort of that jealousy feelling, but in the manga was clearer, the anime didn't get that vibe at all, that's why I guess they didn't animate the rest of the manga, lol. BTW, if I had known the anime first, I wouldn't have read the manga, weird, I guees?

      Aah, that's good, so I have two more chapters to look for and hope not to be stressed over a border love triangle, lol.

    11. Oh, I see. I thought it was only because that other kid is no good so she chose him. ^^; Indeed..no wonder they didn't animate all of it.

      Is that so. For me, I tend to stick to one, either read it or watch it. If I do both, it feels like I'm just 'reviewing' it and already know what happened. ^^; There are exceptions though =P

      I don't think you would be stressed over it..it isn't that type of shoujo =P

    12. I guess the biggest hint the manga gave was that Rin never ever even once called him father, or accepted/acknoledged this kind of relationship with him, she actually flat out refused to him that when he proposed saying he's Daikichi and Daikichi is Daikichi, I remember that well 'cause I thought it was cute, neve knowing what it was foreboding, lol.

      Really? If the title picked my interest, I tend to read/watch everything about it, just to see how it was changed, if it was for the better - Usagi anime case - or the worst - Shingeki Live Action.

      Hope so, I actually found myself to be quite the masochist towards shoujo lately, don't know why I keep reading some series that after each chapter grows stronger the will to beat myself up and never read again, but then, a week has passed and guess what? lol.

    13. I see...but still, I wouldn't have thought...^^;;

      Hehe..out of curiosity?

      Well, for me, there are those certain series that are like that to me. I don't like it but somehow, perhaps, the melodrama-style + cliffhangers make me want to know how it turns out...kind of weirdly addictive. ^^;;

    14. Neither would I, lol.

      Yep, and for expanding my views on the matter - if the series tries to convey some kind of message or w/e.

      Talk about weirdly addictve, when I find myself reading again I just don't even have words to say what in eart's name am I doing, lol. BTW, which series would that be for you?

    15. I see ^^

      Some of them are: Hana ni Kedamono, True Love by Miwako Sugiyama, Ao no Binetsu.. There are others but somehow, tolerable in some way ^^;; It's good to speed read them in Chinese = skipping the long blah blah =P

  4. Thank you, Kat!! hehehe, yes, I think of Slam Dunk with this manga too. It's been a long time since I watched, but still remember "He who controls the rebound, controls the game." Lol. Luckily this manga does not make 1 minute of game time last a whole chapter! ;)

    1. You're welcome, squeaker ^-^

      Lol..is that so. The one I really remember is, 'I'm a genius/tensai' =P It's a great 'pump up'


  5. Thank you for posting these chapters so quickly!!! I love this manga :)

  6. we finally get to see Yuki in a different mode this time..the slam dunk reference was spot on..I loved that anime ..although shizuka's feeling were a little different than Yuki..beside Hana ,i love Mitsui most out of all the characters...who's ur favorite character,Kat???

  7. Thanks for the summary Kat. You are awsome!! I just love this manga so much I cannot wait to see what will happen next. Btw when will be the next chapter? And how much more chapters do you think there will be till the end of this manga?

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Lucia ^-^

      The next chapter is already out in Japan yesterday.

      I cannot say how many chapters. Probably 2-3 arcs? And, each arc is about 4 chapters? So, 12 chapters?

  8. Thanks Kat! Excited for the 60 sec kiss...lol! Looking forward to the next chapter... ~ G ~

  9. i dont want it to end its already the best manga ive seen up to now, the story is so touching i just cant wait to see what comes next

    1. Well, Daniel..if the ratings is really good. It is possible for it to continue with Yuki in college but that types are really rare.

  10. thank you soooooo much for posting this chapters... when are you going to post the next one ^^ ?

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hm..maybe tomorrow or the day after that..? Hopefully. I'm a bit busy so I still wasn't able to start on it. I'm just going to start working on it now..and it is quite unlikely that I'll finish it tonight =(

  11. ok thank you ^^Hm...I can't found it anywhere else,you are the goddess of Namaikizakari lol

  12. tyvm and your quote of the day is very inspiring

  13. Hahaha, 60 second kiss. It would be awesome to shock everyone!
    Love your work, thanks!