February 18, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 60]

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Episode 60 – Then She Found Me. Troubled Takane is riding the train back to Tokyo. In her room, Junko recalls Amane telling her that it was her fault that his brother got punished and from today on, he isn’t that temple’s young abbot anymore. “Even if he always deliberately shows off but actually, ever since he was young, it is his dream to succeed that temple.” Tying up her hair, Junko mutters, dream since he was young.. “My dream is to improve my level of English and afterwards, I’ll go and work overseas. And as a step towards this, right now, I’m undergoing training.”

Then, she takes her phone that is being charged. At the living room/Makoto’s room, Junko calls out to Makoto and says that there is something she wanted to tell him. “Are you free?” Makoto asks what it is for he doesn’t discuss work at home. Junko says that she understands and it isn’t about that. “I’m going out right now and I’m afraid that I won’t be back tonight. *Makoto looks surprised* I’ll trouble you to mention this to Momoe-sensei..although I also can get in touch with ah, besides, Arthur-sensei will also come. Perhaps, what I’m saying is unnecessary..”

Makoto says that she won’t come back and it is because she’ll go back to her house today. Junko says no, it isn’t like that, but be at ease, this won’t influence her work. “I really understand that you really don’t like private affairs to interfere with work.” Makoto tensely says, ah, that’s right. She says, then, she’ll leave the rest to him.
Makoto tries to call out to her but she already left. At Tokyo station, Amane calls out to Takane. He asks where Takane is going for if he wants to return to the temple, that is the opposite way. Takane glumly says that he doesn’t want to see him again, not one bit. Amane smiles and says that he accepted the abbot’s order to come and welcome him. “For the new young abbot to personally come and welcome you, why don’t you become a bit happy about it” Takane says what’s good about that kind of topic and he is still training so until then, he’ll ride the train.

Amane tells him not to put up appearances. “Brother, it would be better that you beg me to return the young abbot position to you. Depends on the condition you propose, perhaps, I’ll help you. Let me say, hey! Brother.” Takane says that before he goes back, there is some other place he wants to go so why don’t Amane go back home. “If the abbot feels that compared to the careless me, you are more suitable to succeed the temple, then, there is no alternative. I’ll just walk towards a different path.”

After a pause, Amane asks could it be that he really thinks that the successor problem will be okay like that and does he plan to go meet with Junko. Takane scowls and says that he is forbidden to mention that person’s name. “I’ll go back before the evening’s devotional exercises so go back first.” This made Amane frown and scowl.
Takane says to wait until the apology is over. After this issue, the two of them will once again go and intrude them. [<- probably bring Junko to talk with his family?] Amane says ah, basically, he felt that this thing is too cruel so he deliberately didn’t mention it but actually, he planned to tell Junko that he had become the successor but when he arrived there, he found out that Junko is no longer at the apartment. “Right now, it appears that she is living together with guys from the English school at a dorm.”

Takane turns to Amane and asks if he wants to use that kind of strategy again to confuse him. Looking tense, Amane says that finally, he looks towards him. Takane turns around again and says that he doesn’t believe a bit of what he said. Amane says that’s fine, if he thinks that he’s lying, then go and see it with his own eyes. At the apartment, Takane opens the door and looks around the place. He becomes nervous for there is no luggage and there is no scent of Junko around.

Amane says that it is as he said and since he is no longer the young abbot, naturally, she’ll make a clean break from him. “How can that fashionable Junko-san continue on being with a rustic monk? It is almost time for you to go back. Otherwise, you’ll be late for the evening’s devotional exercises. If you don’t go back today, I’m afraid that the abbot will really become angry.”
Aghast Takane says that if she isn’t here, then no matter how many times, it will be fine for him to go meet her first. “If you know the address, then go with me, Amane.” Amane asks how about abbot. Takane says that he’ll just ask for forgiveness. At the bar, Lance gives Makoto a cup of hot coffee. Makoto complains that he’s so slow that he made him wait for a long time. Lance asks what’s up with him for his mood is quite foul. “Is it because Junko went out that you’re lonely? Ah, wrong. After all, you are a good boss who won’t interfere with private affairs.”

This made Makoto glum. He says that it is because his company is American style’s.. Then, the Hoshikawa brothers come in. Surprised to see a monk, Lance welcomes them inside. Makoto tells Lance that he’s afraid that he isn’t a customer. Takane says that is true and he’ll be intruding. He tells Makoto that he came to meet his wife [<- ah, he probably considers Junko to be his wife or that is a typo ^^;] so please, he’s asking if she is here and can he help call her out.

Makoto says that there’s no need to worry and it is no problem whether it is in Japanese or in English. “Regarding Sakuraba, she already went out. The one waiting should be you, right.” [<- whom Junko went to meet] While Amane wonders if they know each other, Takane is shocked. He glances at Amane who shakes his head to say that he doesn’t know anything. Takane says no, he heard that Junko is in this dorm so he came over to meet with her.
Makoto says for him to say that she is here, it is better to say that she’s staying here. “She is already staying here for two weeks. Above this building is a share house. Ah, just now, I was mistaken. She said that she’s afraid that she’ll stay out tonight and I thought that she’ll be together with you.” Takane scowls as the fact that Junko stayed there for two weeks sink in his head.

Makoto asks if he doesn’t know, and also about today. “You are his fiancé so I thought you already know these things.” Aghast Takane says that it is because he went to a long training and OCCASSIONALLY, THERE IS ALSO this kind of situation. Amane says that it is almost time for them to go, or else, they’ll be late. Makoto says that if it is only occasionally then it’s good and it shouldn’t be that..she already want to go out of the cage. Takane glances at Makoto and says who knows. He smiles and says but at least right now, it makes him very satisfied that Junko isn’t together with Makoto.

Then, Takane tells Amane that they’re leaving. After the brothers left, Lance whistles and says that Takane can really talk when he is obviously a monk but he is very sexy. Makoto threatens that he’ll tell Eric about that. Lance says, and who is the one who just said that he won’t interfere in private affairs. Somewhat flustered, Makoto says that is Lance’s misconception! While driving the car, Amane comments that Takane was gone for only a month yet he already doesn’t know so many things.
Takane tells him to quit talking nonsense and quickly drive. Amane tells him not to force him for he is still a newbie in driving in Tokyo so he’s really scared. “..brother, actually, no matter it is about being the successor or it is about Junko-san, you’ll feel very uneasy, right? Actually, you’re really bothered, right?” Takane denies it. At the temple, Tokiko is waiting for her sons outside the gate. She calls out to Takane.

Going out of the car, Takane asks why she specially came out to meet him. Tokiko says no, it isn’t like that..but forget it, perhaps, it has been a long time since they saw each other. “Good job [otsukaresama] and the training must be tiring. If it is like that, what else can I say later on? [<- not so sure about this line] Your grandmother is really very angry so be careful not to let her find out. You secretly go in the house through the back door. Leave the devotional exercises to Amane. *pats Takane’s shoulder* Certainly! Okay, quickly go...

...What’s left..is after I’m done, then I’ll once again call you. Amane! Quickly change your clothes. Right now, you are on probation as the young abbot. I’ve already prepared the kasaya and monk clothes in your room. Quickly change and go see your grandfather.” Takane looks seriously glum. As Amane glances at his brother, their mother urges him to be quick and she’ll get someone to park the car. Amane says that he knows already, don’t rush him and he’ll immediately go change his clothes.
Walking to his room, Takane thinks that at this temple, what kind of experience is it to lose the position of being a young abbot. “Maybe, it is what had happened now but then, it is just the beginning after all. But, anyhow, if I cannot participate in the evening devotional exercise.. *looks surprised and looks around* then I already have free time to search for Junko. First, I’ll go to her house-- But now, no longer a young abbot, does the useless me really have the face to go see that person?”

Takane goes in his room and takes off his coat. He sits in front of the table. He shakes off the negative thoughts that Amane and Makoto told him. Looking up, he mutters, “..Junko-san..” Then, someone replies, “..I’m here. I’m at the next room. Can I come in?” Takane looks at the other room. He quickly slides open the door to find Junko sitting on the floor. Holding up her hands, Junko exclaims, “Let me explain!! Listen to my explanation!! I really didn’t know that you’re coming back today. I only want to talk a bit with your mother...

...Afterwards, your mother made me stay here and even wear a kimono.. So, I’m saying I don’t plan on disturbing your training, okay? It is only because of a formal ceremony training so I accepted it. It is really hard to move in a kimono. *Takane walks toward her that she shields her face* Wait.. Geez, don’t get angry..” To her surprise, Takane hugs her tight. He mutters, “I really wanted to see you. Really want to.” Holding his shoulder, Junko says, “Ya, I know. Me, too.”
Comment: And, the lovers are reunited thanks to Junko’s initiative and a little help from the mother. ^^ Perhaps, they can now talk properly and decide together what they want to do now from here on. I think the mother made her wear a kimono so that Junko can also formally meet the grandfather/family and talk about their decision. I do wonder what made Junko decide that she won’t be coming to sleep at the dorm that night. Is it her intuition? Or, perhaps, she’ll be talking with the mother until late at night so she’ll just go back to her own house afterwards?

Makoto is obviously kind of jealous but is seemingly in denial over it. Because of his self-imposed rule, I don’t think he’ll try to pull anything with Junko especially after everything he told her. Lance is already teasing him about it. Apparently, Amane is into making the people who made his life miserable beg for his help. Perhaps, make them suffer a bit. It is somewhat of a gratification for him but Takane isn’t biting. Even if he is hurting, Takane does know how to keep up appearances. In a way, that trait is similar with Junko ^^ Scans by 月球坑组

Quote of the day:
Every long separation is a test: A test to see how powerful or how weak the will of reuniting is! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan


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