February 13, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 59]

Episode 59 – closer [part 3 of 3]. While having a drink with Junko, Makoto asks if he told her about his family. “My father is the one who will expand ELA nationwide.” Junko says that she heard Arthur saying that so she fairly understands. “Our manager would indescribably keep on bowing down. I’m really sorry that I gave the CEO’s son a lot of problem.”

Toasting her glass, Makoto says that she’ll apologize but basically, she isn’t apologizing at all. “Honestly speaking, it makes me sigh in relief upon seeing your attitude hasn’t changed. After everything, I really don’t wish for you to start bowing to me.” Junko thinks that speaking of that, it seems to be the first time that Makoto is talking about himself. Makoto says that after returning to Japan, he became an instructor for four years, then on the fifth year, he was in charge of training.

“At around that time, a subordinate is following me and she is almost the same age as you. She is serious at work and the type who’ll say what she means. No matter how difficult the assigned work I gave her, she’ll say, ‘it is such an honor to join the training team and for me to live up to the head’s anticipation, I’ll do my best’...
...As always, she continued to follow me. Because of this, I’m also very happy that I would always instruct by her side. At that time, my trust in her, increased.” Junko thinks, ah, and then.. Flashback: The girl held Makoto’s hand and said that she likes him. As long as it is for him, she’ll do her best in everything. End flashback.

Junko says in the end that is no good, having that kind of daydream. Makoto says that he really doesn’t understand for he always treated her as a colleague at work and for him to have that kind of trust on her is obviously for him to instruct her. “There is a lot of work. I’ve put in a lot of effort in it. When I told her that we won’t end up in that kind of relationship, she turned pale...

...She angrily said, ‘You’re quite awful. I thought that you have the same kind of feelings as I have that I broke up with my boyfriend and whole-heartedly put myself into work.. Obviously your words and position made me even more at ease..’ After two months, she married after an unplanned pregnancy. *scowls while drinking* It is like a rushed resignation.”
Junko comments that she switches so fast. Holding his head, Makoto says that for him, it is a huge blow. “The work she left isn’t something that someone else can immediately take over. In the end, she even spread a rumor saying that I would ‘love and leave them’ and even saying that I’m just a useless young master who depends on my family. I always only wanted to work together with a capable person, that’s all...

...*Junko recalls Arthur telling her about Makoto having some rumor about bringing a lover at work* I’m obviously just this kind of person who absolutely do not want to have that kind of relationship with a collegue..” Somewhat confused, Junko says that naturally, in the end, it has nothing to do with work but this topic just now, what is the connection between it and the issue earlier?

Makoto scowls and says that he is saying, that he has nothing to do with her issue and he wanted to warn her not to bring that into work. He calls out to Lance to give him another drink. After Lance says okay, puzzled Junko says that she knows already and how come he is angry. Eric comments, such an awkward fellow. Lance welcomes Eric and tells him not to be like that, eavesdropping on the customers’ conversation.
Eric says that it is basically that kind of talk that makes one confused if it is an advice or a heads-up [/forewarning]. “The one at that side is also stuck in a rut.” He is gesturing to Arthur and Momoe. Arthur tells Momoe that he was invited by the girls on that side so he wants to join them on Saturday. “Can I go and join them in their BBQ party?”

Momoe stiffens and thinks, “Wait a minute, even if it is me, isn’t this person too early in flattering himself [that every women are into him]. Didn’t he tell me, let’s go on a ‘date’? At one side, using his charm, luring me to give up the intention of joining the theme café? Then on the other side, he himself would go over with some girls to spend time drinking and having pleasure everywhere? Aren’t we..going steady? Didn’t he say about that on the bed and on the train.. Can you repeat that one more time..huh?”

Love Beginner Q&A. Q: Consider this as being dishonest and get angry. Yes –> ‘We are going steady and this is an unforgivable thing so of course, I’ll get angry.’ No –> I’m already an adult female and males do not like commitment.’ Freaking out, Momoe says, “BBQ huh..meat..it’s quite good..meat..”
After a pause, Arthur if that is only what she can think of. Momoe thinks that even if she is unwilling, but this person will be surrounded by women. “And, isn’t that a trivial ordinary thing? For things to reach this stage..” Momoe says about that meat, there is also..corn-something that is put in the BBQ and it is also very delicious. Arthur urges her to say more! “Is there anything else?”

Thinking that she had arrived at this kind of field so how can she go and mind those things, Momoe says, “Lamb? Ah, lamb turned into Genghis Khan [Japanese barbecue lamb – Hokkaido style]” Arthur says about the meat, he doesn’t care for that. Momoe says is..is that so. She wonders how she can have the right to put out her position about weighing whether to go to a theme café or a date, that is happening on the same day.

“First of all, it isn’t definite that charming blue eyes will always face towards only me alone. So, the answer is No. I don’t have any right to have that kind of thought.” Momoe nervously laughs and says that it’s really good, and like this, she can go to the theme café. Standing up, Arthur says that he understands.
Holding up a money bill, Arthur calls out to Lance that he had lost so he’ll give Lance 1000 yen for basically, it is merely not having a bit of confidence. He says, so right now, in any case, it is all ruined. He smiles at Momoe and says that he bet that she won’t let him go. “You’re really magnanimous, Miss Momoe.” Flustered Momoe exclaims that he was gambling on her.

Arthur says that the BBQ is for real, and it will be in some park at Odaiba so they are going their separate ways. “Let’s properly enjoy ourselves.” Momoe sighs and says that she was so serious in enduring the lure of the theme café and kept on thinking of their relationship [/going steady] as if her life depended on it yet he..always, always, always ridicule her- Arthur says yes, he’s really sorry.

Walking away, Momoe says that there’s no need, like this, she has decided to go to the theme café. “From today on, if you care about me like that then you’ll merely lose your betting money, that’s all. I’ll send a message to Yayoi so you go properly enjoy your BBQ.” Momoe wonders what’s up with that, from her side, she is confused or perhaps, it should be restraining from the pain of not being able to buy limited edition key, buttons and badges. “I’m simply like a fool.”
Then, she becomes excited for she’ll go properly buy those all-around limited edition stuff. Junko asks Momoe if she is already going upstairs so how about they go together. Junko thanks Makoto for the beer and that bewildering helpful words. After the two left, Makoto is still grumpy over whose ‘helpful words’. Arthur continues to act cool as Lance says, good night ladies.

Holding up the money bill, Lance tells Arthur that he’ll give this money back to him for they have not bet on anything. He says that Arthur is like that again that caused Momoe to leave quite disappointed. Putting his head on the table, Arthur says that he thought that she’ll get jealous and angry that she’ll stop him from going. He groans and says that obviously other women are so captivated and crazy about him.

He asks how come it is like pulling a cow [<- I assume since literally in Chinese, it is cow playing string instrument and I couldn’t find the meaning ^^;] no matter what he does to her. Eric says that isn’t the reason because he said that silly stuff. Lance says didn’t Arthur say it from the start, Momoe had surpassed his imagination so she is very hard to deal with so it would be good if he properly deals with her using his heart.
Arthur says that he couldn’t do it and don’t talk about using his heart for right now, he feels that he is becoming more and more embarrassed. In her room, Momoe thinks that there is this indescribable pain in the depths of the pit of her stomach and even if she chose to go to the theme café for the limited items, she is unable to suppress this pain.

She emailed Yayoi to thank her for the invitation and sorry for taking a long time to answer but she would really want to accompany her to the event. Junko asks if Momoe is alright, for she looks listless at the bar. Momoe asks back that isn’t Junko the same for she is sighing heavily. Junko says that it is only because she is shocked by that issue regarding Zexy.

Momoe says that is true for one didn’t think that she is already at the stage of talking about getting married. Junko admits seeing Takane’s younger brother after Masako left. Momoe asks if it is the one when she slept.. Junko says that she didn’t, at that time, she didn’t categorically said that, and it’s truly regretful. She heard that guy will succeed the temple and Takane will be driven away.. Momoe is surprised by that.
Junko says ya, and it’s very strange for she didn’t hear about it from the person himself and it is truly hard to imagine. “I’ve always been confused that Makoto told me about separating work and romance.. Obviously, I want to directly go and ask his grandmother but actually, I don’t have that courage to do it. I’m hated by that person and it is rather hard to avoid being scolded by her...

...Always until now, for the excellent me to be hated like that by an adult, an old person, it is really such a blow. It really makes me feel that I’m embarrassing..very afraid that I’ll give [that kind of impression] on the family of my loved one..” Momoe holds her wrist and says that she understand and compared to her, she feels more embarrassed for she has no confidence in standing up for her position and she is simply keeping up appearances by pretending to be calm and cool..

Junko asks if she is talking about Arthur. Momoe thinks that obviously for the limited edition stuff, she’ll think of all sorts of method to get them by hook or my crook. “But, when that person has been exchanged for that, I felt that afraid. Our mutual ego is different. I obviously felt that I had already seen that kind of scene [Arthur with other women] and it is already a trivial normal thing.”
Junko tells her to tell him not to go. Momoe says that she cannot say it out. The two think whether or not their love experience is somewhat related since they want to take out their courage or else there is no meaning, but they are not willing to once again hurt the other person in any way.

At the temple, the abbot/grandfather says that Honzan contacted him today and told him that he had allowed Takane to go down from the mountain for one night on Saturday. Hibari says that way he can properly scold Takane and make him re-consider things. She tells the abbot that all of these things, it is for their temple. The abbot says that for him, it doesn’t matter if it is Takane or Amane, he doesn’t want to force them to succeed him. “They are still young and as long as they properly considered it. It is better that it is fated for that person to succeed me...

...First of all, when Amane is 15 years old, he is already indebted to the temple at that side for taking care of him. But because of our reason, it is all the more unreasonable to change the successor.” Hibari says what about it when that side can also be assimilated with their temple.
The abbot says that he doesn’t want to force them too much and it will become painful like that time with Koutoku. This made Hibari scowl and frown. She says that since it is like that, she also has nothing to say. The abbot says that he is also not scolding her. “I only want to warn you not to be too impetuous. “So, Amane, you also properly consider clearly what kind of path you want to go. Then, who’ll we send ahead to welcome [Takane]. ”

Amane says about welcoming Takane back, let him do it. “Also, thank you very much abbot but when I was 15 years old, I had already decided my life.” Then, during Wednesday to Friday, Yayoi emailed Momoe back that they’ll meet at Ikebukuro’s open coffee at Parco and she thought that if it is Momoe, she’ll definitely respond to her anticipation. Junko is busy at work. Sometimes, her mind would wander off but she’ll just slap her face to snap out of it. Makoto is observing her.

Finally, it is Saturday. Momoe thanks Lance for the coffee and says that she’ll be going. Lance asks if it is okay for her to just drink coffee before heading out. Momoe says that she’ll go eat lunch with someone she knows so it is okay. He asks in what café. She tells him that it is open coffee at Ikebukuro’s Parco. Lance says is that so, then take care and enjoy herself.
After she left, Lance scowls and tells Arthur that it is okay for him to ask Momoe himself. Arthur thanks him and says that it seems that she isn’t interested as to where he is going but for him, he is very interested. He asks Lance to let him borrow a straightening flat iron [I think].

Soon, at the café, there are a lot of people with small baskets. While lining up with the others, Momoe is wondering what time is Arthur eating BBQ at Odaiba and it is because that person wanted Arthur to go, there is definitely a lot of beef. “No, no. It isn’t easy to get a reservation with such a good number. I must hurry and recall that feeling of hunting for goods that make my heart beat fast!!”

While looking at her phone, she thinks that there is still 10 minutes before their meeting. Then, she keeps on thinking of many things. Momoe is glum for she still couldn’t go back to her original mood and like this, it would be very rude to Yayoi. To her shock, she sees Kiichirou. He says that he is saved for there is a Buddha in this hell now. Confused Momoe asks what’s up and wasn’t Yayoi coming.
He explains that actually, it is because there is an epidemic of mumps in her class so yesterday, she suddenly had a 40C fever. This shocks Momoe. He tells her that right now, the fever had decline but she always say that she wants to go so when she tried to leave, her mother would stop her. “In the end, she can only ask me to substitute for her...

...She said that it will be fine by showing this list to you. I’m really sorry but I don’t quite understand it.” [Ah, the list is in Japanese so I think she wanted all limited items regarding the vice-captain] Finally, realizing it, Momoe says that means, regarding the café, Yayoi had asked Kiichirou to substitute for her. Kiichirou apologizes for she has to be with an old man like him and it will definitely make her lose her luster.

Flustered Momoe says no, no, no, she didn’t mean it that way but rather, she is embarrassed because her hobby has been exposed. Just then, number 10 guest is being called out. Momoe thinks that it’s them. Sitting on a table, Kiichirou had apologized again. Momoe says that it is okay, and don’t be like that for this time, it is thanks to Yayoi that she was able to come. She suggests that they order some food and drinks.
Then, it seems that Momoe is praying. Puzzled Kiichirou asks if she’s doing some praying-thing. She apologizes for she is emptying her mind. She explains that every dish is accompanied by a coaster with a design. It is randomly brought out by the kitchen with one’s favorite character. Kiichirou asks if one cannot choose it.

Momoe says yes, it is only based on one’s luck but if one were to silently contemplate what one wants, it will totally become something one doesn’t want. “So, as much as possible, one must empty one’s mind.” She tells him that regarding the limited items that Yayoi want, she’ll place an order and then, they’ll buy it together. Soon, Arthur in disguise has arrived. While some girls are blushing over him, Arthur pushes up his glasses and thinks that it is here for he recalls from last time that there is some military design..

Then, he becomes shocked upon seeing Momoe and Kiichirou together. Momoe looking surprised over the coaster she got and got all excited that made Kiichirou confused. She tells him that it is this one and please, take it home as a consolation. Kiichirou says but isn’t that hers. Momoe says that it is alright for if he brought that home, it will make Yayoi really happy and it is thanks to Yayoi that she was able to get in this place quickly.
Arthur wonders why she is with that middle-aged man. He scowls and frowns upon seeing Momoe happily smiling. He thinks that it is that expression again when obviously, she doesn’t smile like that towards him but why is it towards that middle-aged man! A waitress calls out to him and says that he cannot get in for it is according to the reserved number’s sequence.

Taking off his glasses, Arthur charms the waitress and apologizes for there is an emergency that he is looking for someone. The waitress apologizes and orders him to line up. Glancing back at Momoe, he wonders if from the start, Kiichirou used his daughter to bait Momoe so she was deceived. Momoe looks quite happy when Kiichirou shows his coaster. Holding Kiichirou’s hand, Momoe exclaims that it is so amazing for they pulled out the same CP[couple] 2 and it is really hard to believe for he is simply lucky.

Flustered Arthur thinks, “what!? Unexpectedly, even holding hands.” He starts typing on his cellphone. While her cellphone beeps, Momoe says that it is the first time she saw this kind of thing. Kiichirou says no, no, this isn’t about him and because it is two, she can take one of it. She thanks him. Then, becoming embarrassed, she immediately lets his hand go and apologizes for she is suddenly quite rude. Kiichirou assures her that it is alright. Arthur thinks that Momoe didn’t see it.
While Momoe is embarrassed by it, Kiichirou tells her that it seems that her phone has a message. She looks at her phone and says that there is indeed a message beep. She reads that it is from Arthur, ‘I cannot believe it. You’re a liar, too! You didn’t tell me you would be with Mr. Nogami! >:(’ Momoe stands up and wonders if he is also here!?

She immediately spots Arthur at the back. He looks at her. She thinks, no, although he is blond but it’s wrong for he doesn’t have loose and relaxed fringes, and that guy is even wearing glasses. She notices him sadly looking at her before leaving. This made Momoe apologize to Kiichirou and says that she’ll come be back soon. He says okay. He wonders what he did wrong. Running off, Momoe wonders why, for this isn’t Odaibu and he is in this kind of place, wait..

Momoe calls out to Arthur. She grabs his jacket and tells him to wait a moment, how come he is here and didn’t he go to eat BBQ. Arthur says that he didn’t go and about that thing, it was a lie from the start. “Even if I said it so many times, but you can really be easily deceived.” He turns to look at her and he is surprised to see her brightly smiling. She says, “Is that so.. I have been deceived by you again.” This made Arthur smile and hug her. He thinks, “Yay! I got her best smile of the day!
Comment: I’m not too sure why Makoto seems glum and confused there. Is he telling himself why he mustn’t fall in love with Junko? Or, is it because Junko misunderstood what he tried to tell her especially since he is supposed to be a teacher so he should be articulate.

It does seem that incident had mildly scarred Makoto. It is really hard to be nice to someone when the other party is actually misinterpreting your intention. That woman is vicious that she got back at Makoto by spreading gossip and lies to ruin Makoto’s reputation. I think she just wants to find someone rich and talented like how Masako is.

I guess Junko isn’t in fighting form against Hibari because in the end, she is still the grandmother of the one who’ll she marry. It is indeed preferable not to antagonize her for if ever they live under one roof, it might be hellish. Still, Junko has her pride and it does seem that given her position and ego, she doesn’t like it when others scold her.

Unlike Hibari, the grandfather is more easy-going and prefers that their grandchildren do whatever they want. I think the person they mentioned is the father. I think there should be a reason why Hibari doesn’t like someone like Junko. Is it her personality or being modern rather than being traditional. Maybe it is related to whatever happened to his son because she did something rash.

As for Amane, could it be revenge as to what he decided to do with his life? For the other couple, what Arthur tried to do had backfired. ^^; He ends up the receiving side of ‘how you’ll react if I go out with..’ ^^;; In a way, I cannot fault Arthur for it because of his experience with his ex-. He can no longer be honest = stupid as he once where after his heart is broken. Even if the personality is different, Momoe is still an ‘adult’ like his ex-. Ah, iirc, that woman is older than him. ^^;

Anyway, unlike in the other series, Arthur is really thinking that Kiichirou is interested in Momoe when there is really nothing there, even if Momoe is the clueless type. Nevertheless, it is amusing how Momoe kept on talking about meat regarding BBQ contrary to what Arthur wanted her to say. =P I feel sorry for Yayoi. It is really awful to be sick in a very important event.

Anyway, Momoe is nice enough to give and buy her all the stuff that she likes. It is nice that Momoe is enjoying herself regardless of who her companion is. Of course, that is much to Arthur’s dismay. And, even if Momoe is easily deceived, Arthur is easily please with the little things that Momoe does and they are really ‘hard to get’..finally, that elusive smile towards him ^^ Scans by 月球坑

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