February 9, 2016

Last Game [Side Story]

As the girls gather around, Tachibana complains about wanting to have a boyfriend. She really doesn’t wish to get in an exclusive female college..and she is already sick of goukons [/group blind dates] when obviously, she still wanted to find someone who’ll like her true self next time.

Tachibana exclaims that she had already gotten used to acting as a nice girl that she basically doesn’t know how to talk sincerely with a guy..! And even if she says that, she had already set herself up for the next activity [/date]! Fujimoto muses that she is really bad tempered. While Kujou is quietly studying, Fujimoto asks about simply becoming president [of the club?].

Tachibana says that she doesn’t want to find another club. Fujimoto says but they’ll still say that she is an angel or goddess-something. Tachibana says that, all the more that kind of person see one’s true self, the more there will be that reaction ‘omg..’ kind of reaction. Fujimoto agrees.
Then, Fujimoto exclaims what studying is Kujou doing and today, she brought a lot of shoujo manga for her to read so that afterwards, she’ll understand what romantic love is. Tachibana thinks that she is doing that kind of nonsense thing again when Fujimoto only wants to have fun, that’s all. Kujou says that she has read some and perhaps, she doesn’t quite understand it to appreciate it.

Fujimoto tells her to stop, a so-called shoujo manga is the substitution of a female lead’s feelings. At one side, it is the development of dokidoki [heartbeat] for a handsome guy and on the other side, it is the flowing of sad tears!

She urges Kujou to try and substitute herself and Yanagi for the characters in the manga. So, Kujou reads ‘Yanagi’ saying, ‘Your hair is so beautiful..’, ‘I want to protect you..’, and ‘Kujou, you are cuter compared to any other girls’.
Totally aghast, Kujou says that it is disgusting to death. This shocked Fujimoto that she exclaims, how come she had that expression as if the world is beyond saving? She asks how come she isn’t moved by it and why isn’t she blushing with dokidoki after reading it.

Kujou says that she only felt that she lost her appetite. Fujimoto exclaims how can that be. Kujou says that Yanagi’s behavior should show it more like suspicious that he’ll suddenly shout out loud, crouch by the corner of the wall, be in a violent rage, crying tears, and scolding her that her clothes are too plain like a country bumpkin, that is how he is.

Aghast Fujimoto thinks that in the end, the Yanagi in Kujou’s heart is.. At the other side, otaku senpai shows to the others the Bishoujo game that he got today. While Souma clings on to Yanagi, the two slightly back away. Otaku senpai says that he brought it for Yanagi and that kind of normal person’s reaction can hurt him. Yanagi asks, for him?
Otaku senpai says that it is a simulation girlfriend [dating sim] and the character is like Kujou even if she wears glasses and is quite polite. He hopes that at least, Yanagi can attain happiness in the 2D world. Yanagi says that he really doesn’t need that kind of kindness. Yanagi says that he isn’t interested in it and how can they be similar for he has no way of looking at them the same way.

Otaku senpai says that it is obviously interesting, so they’ll go play it. Souma comments that it really has that Kujou feeling. The 2D girl apologizes and asks from where is he from. Otaku senpai says that’s right. This made Yanagi curious.

2D girl says, “I’m not interested, I think that it has nothing to do with you, ah ah it turns out that you’re here.” Otaku senpai tells Yanagi to look and see how it is, for this isn’t a bit like a delicate feeling. Fuming Yanagi says that it is a girl that makes him furious.
With a closed fist, Yanagi shouts that the amazing him will definitely knock her down!! “Give me the controller!!” Otaku senpai exclaims that it isn’t that kind of game!! Chucking to himself, crazed Yanagi says that he’ll make her kneel down in front of him..! “I will avenge that humilitation!”

Otaku senpai thinks that Yanagi looks malicious when this should put the two in equal status.. Yoshida sweatdrops and asks what is Kujou in Yanagi’s heart..is it like or hate? Souma says that it is probably mixing of love-hate-passion-animosity.. Then, Kujou sneezes. [<- since she is being talked about.]

Fujimoto exclaims that Yanagi is really awful to the extent of making Kujou have an abnormality. [<- I’m not sure if she is referring to Yanagi thinking bad things about Kujou that causes her to sneeze or it made Kujou think Yanagi is the ‘norm’ compared to male shoujo characters] Three hours later, dejected Yanagi has been dumped. Souma thinks, by a 2D.. The three won’t dare say a word.
Comment: Well, this is a funny side story. We can really say that this two are ‘different’ from the usual couples. =P As usual, poor Yanagi.. Anyway, chapter 52 isn’t out yet in public. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. omg, I am dying. This whole manga series just makes me cringe~ =^ w ^= tanks as always for the updates

    1. Hehe..cringe in a good way?

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