February 8, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 24]

Smiling Takumi suggests that Yu tell Meiko [previously Maiko since readers call her that ^^;] about it right now. While Yu wonders what to do, Meiko happily asks Yu who is it. Flustered Yu thinks that in the end, it is better for her to say it out.. She says, “..about that, actually, I.. li[ke]..”

She hesitates for what if they can no longer become friends. She stutters, about that..that kind of topic.. Meiko continues to urge her to tell her. Smiling Takumi sighs and says that it is almost exit time [no more visitors?] so it is better for Meiko to quickly go back. Meanwhile, Haruto goes out of his room and overhears a couple talking in the other room.

A girl asks if his nose is okay. The guy says that it is alright, and this kind of injury is totally nothing. The girl thanks him. Haruto goes in the room and calls out, “Hey, it is against dorm rules for a girl to go in the room..”
And he sees Kaji kissing Tarako. After seeing Haruto, Kaji screams out loud. Tarako says that she’s intruding [<- being polite]. Kaji is super embarrassed and doesn’t he [Kaji] really suck!? At the dorm leader’s office, Kaji says that afterwards, he and Tarako went on a first date not so long ago.

He explains that they went to go an amusement park then went indoors since it is raining. He’s not good at screaming series [thrill rides?], so after he rode one, he was scared stiff. And, at that time, he hit his nose! Afterwards, Tarako kindly took care of him and even gave him a lap pillow. [/let him lie on her lap]

Haruto darkly tells him to quickly write that reflection paper. Kaji apologizes. After a while, Haruto says that Kaji knew that this is against dorm rules yet how come he would rather go against it and let her inside.
Kaji says that it is because he wanted for them to be alone no matter what..ah..isn’t he quite lewd and what does Haruto think. Haruto tells him not to ask him. While still blushing, Kaji says that he really cannot stop this feeling of love.

Then, Kaji says that he has finished writing it so he’ll go and give it to the dorm teacher for he must apologize. Haruto says that there’s no need and just give it to him. He says that it is fine for him to just reflect with him.

Kaji asks if it is okay and wait, if he is going to bring a girl in his room, he’ll help Haruto.. Haruto tells him not to get carried away for there won’t be a next time.. Kaji bows and thanks him.
Kaji squeals and says that if he is a girl, he’ll absolutely fall in love with Haruto but then, even if he is a guy, he’ll fall for him. Quickly walking away, Haruto tells him not to say such disgusting things. Then, Kaji comments that Haruto is actually very popular.

He tells Haruto about Meiko who is absolutely serious today and it seems that afterwards, she cried. He has heard it from Tarako. Haruto asks why she would cry. Kaji says that it is because she was told by that kind of words by the person she likes so she got hurt but then, that is what’s cool about Haruto. Haruto looks surprised.

At the shoe lockers, Yu offers to walk Meiko out but Meiko declines by saying that she can go on her own since the station is very near. She thanks Yu for today and ‘see you tomorrow’. Yu nervously waves back and bids her goodbye.
After Meiko left, Takumi apologizes to Yu for being a bit mean just now. “..is it alright not to tell her? She likes Kuro. But, Yu-chan also likes Kuro..” Flustered Yu immediately covers his mouth. She tells him not to say it. She begs him not to for she has already decided to support Meiko.

Takumi says is that so. Yu wonders how come he noticed it so quickly.. She is surprised when Takumi suddenly hugs her from behind. As she calls out to him, he says, “Yes. It is better to always not say it out. Yu-chan, quickly fall in love with me.” Takumi looks flustered and glum. Yu is shocked.

She pushes him away and says that it is such a waste for him to be like that for regarding that kind of thing, he must say it to the person he truly likes! Then, she waves him goodbye. She was really startled by that. Takumi sighs and says that his head really hurts [/causes him a headache].
At school, Yu is wondering what to say if Meiko asks her about it again. Tarako calls out to her. Yu is surprised over Tarako’s new look. Yu exclaims that she became more cute than usual and her eyes can now open!?

Tarako says of course they can open and yesterday, she went to hang out in the dorm at Kaji’s room. This made Yu wonder when and if there is already that kind of progress.. Then, Kaji happily calls out to Tarako. They two left when Meiko arrives and asks Yu what’s up.

Just when Yu is about to tell her about Tarako, a girl calls out Yu. Behind the school building, a group of girls gang on Yu by asking her to explain what’s going on. Yu is puzzled so they tell her not to act stupid for it is about her going steady with Takumi.
Yu tries to say no..but the girls interrupt by saying that Takumi returned the gifts from yesterday when obviously, until now, he properly accepted them. Yu tries to explain but another girl says by the way, isn’t her relationship with Black Prince quite good!?

They complain over Haruto suddenly getting close with an ordinary girl like Yu. Another girl suggests for her to quickly go get Haruto. The girl complains that Haruto is too scary.. Then, the Black group exclaims that Black Prince is a lot cool for being indifferent and heartless. White group exclaims that in the end, always nice and smiling White Prince is the best!

Yu sweatdrops over the Black vs White. Someone says that she likes both guys. Another girl says that’s too cunning. Just then, Meiko calls out a teacher to help Yu out. The teacher shouts what they are doing. The girls are fighting with Yu caught in the middle.
Later on, Yu thanks Meiko for the help. Meiko says that Yu obviously can dare to criticize guys loudly so how come she couldn’t talk out to their senpai-s. Yu says that she can become strong in front of guys but towards girls.. Then, she notices Meiko looking glum and she even helped her. Meiko is looking tense since Haruto is walking towards them.

Yu is bracing for anything mean that Haruto is going to say again. Meiko greets Haruto good morning and apologizes for the trouble yesterday.. To the girls’ surprise, Haruto just greets good morning back, and goes in the classroom. Meiko couldn’t believe that Haruto talked with her. She is in tears for she’s so happy. Yu is happy for her and admits that she was also startled.

Covering her blushing face, Meiko says that in the end, she still wants to do her best. Yu suggests that Meiko stay at her place overnight and if it goes smoothly, she can get closer to Kuro.. Meiko happily hugs her and thanks her. Tarako thinks that their relationship is really good.
Later in class, Yu glances at Haruto and recalls saying that it’s disgusting [/previously in the last scanlation, it was ‘put him in a bad mood’ after taking the bag of cookies]. She thinks that it is because she is hated that is why he always bullies her. While Meiko is passing the test paper to him, Haruto looks at Yu who immediately looks away.

The teacher tells the student on day duty to help him gather up all the papers. Yu calls out if these are all the papers and she is going to deliver them to the teacher. She is startled when Haruto calls out to her. Yu immediately leaves and hides behind the staircase. She is blushing really red.

She wonders if he had noticed that she is looking at him during class and what’s up with her, suddenly running away.. She is surprised when Haruto tells her not to run away. He gives her a paper. Yu is embarrassed for it is a test paper.
Turning around, Yu apologizes and says that she’s going. Haruto suddenly kicks up the wall to stop her from leaving and says that starting from some time ago, what’s up with her attitude that he cannot understand it. He holds her head up to him and asks if she wants to be punished again.

With his lips so near, Yu immediately kicks him on the stomach. She shouts for black devil not to be like that. Holding his stomach in pain, Haruto mutters, that stupid dog.. Soon, at the dorm, Yu welcomes Meiko. All dressed up with a luggage, Meiko says that she’ll be intruding [<- being polite].

Then, they got permission from the dorm teacher. The teacher reminds them about following the dorm rule wherein girls are absolutely not allowed in the boys’ room.
Looking flustered, Yu says of course~~ While Yu led her to her room, Meiko says that in the end, the boys and girls room are separated. Yu informs her that there are common use areas and it seems that there is a guard at the boys’ floor. Meiko asks how Tarako was able to go to Kaji’s room.

Yu says that it is because they crawled pass the guard who is watching television. There is a scene of Tarako saying that they are like thieves and Kaji tells her to be a bit quiet. Meiko is really envious of Tarako.

Yu thinks that afterwards, she has always avoided Haruto and when can she bring Meiko to see him. So in the end, she has to wait until it is time to eat? Meiko says that she brought some graduation pictures so does Yu want to see them.
Sparkling Yu says that she wants to see them and she has some snacks. At the balcony [/porch], while listening to some music on his earphones, Haruto tells the cat that for some time, he wasn’t able to see ‘gain weight’ [<- Yu, I presume?] Then, Takumi sees him and says that he’s here.

Joining Haruto on the bench, Takumi asks if he knows that Yu got Meiko to stay overnight at her place. He comments that Haruto really likes the balcony. Removing one of his earphones, Haruto tsks and says that she is doing things on her own again. While the cat is leaving, Takumi laughs and says anyway, it isn’t against dorm rules and it can be called a girls’ meeting.

Then, he comments that the cat runs away and he’s so lonely. Haruto asks who he is deceiving when obviously he hates cats. Takumi laughs and says that it is simply not good in getting along with. “Is Yu-chan avoiding you lately?”
Haruto darkly says that she is always sneaking around to run away to some place that he feels that it’s strange. “In the end, she unexpectedly kicked me. It really made me furious.” After Takumi is surprised by that, Haruto asks him, “When do you want to kiss?”

Takumi goes huh for he is suddenly asking that kind of question. Haruto tells him to quickly answer. Scratching his head, Takumi says that is tough.. “..of course, when I feel that she is cute, that type-.. Ha ha ..but, for me, it is like a greeting. How about you?” Haruto says that it is a prank. Takumi says that in the end, Haruto is more on moving on instinct just like an animal..

To Takumi’s surprise, Haruto says, “But lately, I don’t quite understand it anymore.” Later on, Yu is going to the dining hall with Meiko. She is aghast for she got careless that they overdid their chatting. When Meiko mentions that they are in the dining hall, Yu snaps out of it. She calls out to Haruto and Takumi if they can sit beside them. Takumi says of course. Yu thanks him and tells Meiko to sit at the other side [with Haruto].
Meiko says that she’ll be intruding. Haruto darkly asks how come she is going here now after kicking him and running off. While embarrassed Yu tries to explain, Takumi comments that it is rare for Meiko to come over so everyone should be happy a bit. Haruto ignores him and says to explain it clearly.

Takumi quickly holds Yu’s ear [/side of her face] and says that it’s dirty here. Yu asks where. Takumi laughs and says that he took it off. Yu thanks him. Haruto looks displeased.

Then, Meiko calls out to Haruto and asks what food he likes. She tells him that she likes to cook so if it is okay, next time.. They are surprised when Haruto suddenly holds up Meiko’s chin. Meiko blushes. Yuu looks flustered.
Then, Haruto lets her go. While Meiko is blushing and dizzy over what happened, Yu stands up and asks if she is okay. Takumi asks what, he thought that Haruto is going to kiss. Haruto says that he has no desire to kiss. This made Yu flustered that she asks what is that.

Haruto has already stood up. Yu says that actually it doesn’t matter if he does mean things to her but don’t do that to Meiko. Haruto says, “—I won’t do it. Except for you, I’m not interested.” To Yu’s surprise, Haruto suddenly grabs her arm and pulls her in to kiss her. Meiko looks surprised. Blushing and tense, Yu goes !?
Comment: And so, is it time to say goodbye to being friends with Meiko? This scenario can be twisted to Meiko thinking that Yu deliberately suggested for her to stay overnight to witness this. It will cross her mind especially if she learns that Yu likes Haruto. I guess just like with the girls earlier, Yu will be caught in between friend or lover.

And, well, we still do not know how this might affect Takumi and Haruto’s relationship. Takumi seems to have fallen for Yu, too. Since it was mentioned about they shouldn’t staying in a guy’s room, I wonder if it is a flag that it will happen later on ^^; We can say perhaps, Haruto is bitten by the love bug that he was lenient with Kaji. He is also getting more curious about love.

Anyway, because of the kiss, will someone find out who is in love with who? And of course, the important thing is, what will s/he do then? Oh ya, it seems that the characters in this series tend to have a change of hairstyle after a certain change in their lives. =P Will there be more ‘new looks’ later on? And I just remembered, as mentioned before, yes, avoiding him like a plague is effective =P Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

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  1. It is the most important question, you're right :)
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    Thank you for the summary, as always it's interesting to read your work:)
    P.S. XD this part with girls staying in boys rooms - hehe - I have the same feeling :)

    1. Ya.. and it helps keep things moving ^^

      Thanks for reading, mona ^-^

      Hehe, you too, huh ^^

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    I think Yuu is right that WP doesn't have feelings for her. I can't quite get what his deal is: twist Kuro's tail about it? See's Yuu's a nice girl and not part of the crowd like the gift giving girls? Payback for Michelle liking Kuro more?


    1. Thanks for reading and glad to hear that ^-^

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