February 10, 2016

Last Game [Chapter 52]

It’s December 24. Clenching his fist, Yanagi thinks that finally, it is Christmas Eve--.. This is considered a first from the Christmas holidays those past 10 years. Flashback: Last year, Yanagi said that anyway, Kujou is all alone during Christmas and seeing that she’s quite pitiful, let the amazing him..

Kujou told him that every year she’ll celebrate it with her mother and it isn’t that serious [/bad]. Then, she quickly left him. End flashback. Yanagi thinks that fortunately, he possessed a ‘try out and see’ attitude and prepared for it..

“Today’s Christmas! Everything will be spent using the money I made from work!” His mother calls out to him and asks if he is going out. Surprised Yanagi says yes, and there’s no need to leave dinner for him. His mother tells him to greet Kujou for her. Holding the newspapers, His father wishes him good luck.
Twirling her hair, his sister says that anyway, it isn’t past midnight and he’ll be back already. Since he is exposed, embarrassed Yanagi says that they are simply annoying to death!! His father calls out to him and says that he forgot something. “The car keys.”

After looking surprised, Yanagi says that he doesn’t need it for he is going to take the train! “I’m going!” His mother is happily waving a little flag. His father is chuckling. His sister wonders if he is an idiot for unexpectedly not driving the car on Christmas. Waiting at the station, Kujou thinks that in the end, she still hasn’t chosen a Christmas gift..

She is still not good at choosing a gift. The most effective way is to directly asks the person himself and her mother is also like that. Flashback: Young Kujou asked what she wants for a gift. Her mother said that whatever she wants to give, she’ll like it. Kujou said that she doesn’t know what to choose. End Flashback.
Kujou realized that this is the first time she’ll be celebrating Christmas with someone besides her mother. Yanagi arrives and asks if she has been waiting for a long time. Kujou says that she wasn’t. Looking around, Yanagi comments that there are a lot of people here and it is like this every year. Kujou agrees with him. Then, she notices that there are huge number of lovers around and it turns out that Christmas is about this.. <- Kujou started to notice these kinds of things.

She wonders why Yanagi invited her out. “Probably, not only was he refused by the person he likes but he has no friends to invite him so he invited me.. Before I had thought of it that he really have few friends.. (refer to chapter 3)” Kujou says, “Pitiful Yanagi..” Aghast Yanagi asks what’s up with her that she suddenly started to pity him.

A Santa girl, together with a cameraman, calls out to the two. While holding a microphone, Santa girl tells them that right now, they are doing a live broadcast, and they are holding an ambush interview on Christmas lovers. “Are you willing to take up the challenge for our game-? If you’re successful, you’ll receive a prize as a gift. Won’t you try it out?”
After the two looks surprised, Kujou is about to say that they are friends but Yanagi whispers to her that it is no big deal, they’ll just go pretend. “She did say that we can get a prize, right! Okay!” Kujou agrees. Holding up his hand, Yanagi says that he’ll go try and they are lovers! Santa girl says okay, he’s quite enthusiastic.

Kujou wonders if Yanagi really wants that prize that much.. Leading them to a high striker, Santa girl says that it is a game wherein you hit the button with a hammer and if the puck reaches the Santa’s sack bell on top, they’ll win! Giving the hammer to Yanagi, Santa girl says that this is an opportunity to show a boyfriend’s talent!

To their shock, Kujou hits the button with her bare hand. Ka-ching. Then, she asks the speechless two if that is okay. Yanagi angrily exclaims for her to look at the mood and this is broadcast on TV. Kujou says but didn’t he want the prize so compared to him playing, they can get it if she plays it. Yanagi tells her to shut up.
Santa girls give the prize to Kujou. Santa girl says that one last thing, can she ask the girlfriend, in her own words, what kind of person is her boyfriend. “Tell us about your love feelings!” Kujou becomes nervous for she said, ‘love’.  

While mentally telling the reporter ‘good job’, Yanagi whispers to Kujou to act it out and it is okay. Kujou thinks, act..even if he say it that way,..that’s right, this has nothing to do with romantic-type of feelings. Kujou says, “--..Yanagi, for 10 years he is always at my side. I already cannot imagine how days will be like without him at my side..

...If I were to use one sentence to say it, from today on, I also want to be together with him.” Moved Yanagi covers his blushing face and says, “..good..” Kujou thinks that Yanagi’s acting is very strange and sickening. Santa girl says that is one cool girlfriend, and she wishes the two happiness.
And, about to eat hotpot, Souma with the two senpai-s are speechless after watching that on the TV. It is the astronomy club single members’ Christmas hotpot party. Yoshida screams why they have to see that kind of thing. Otaku senpai says that it made the wine difficult to drink.

Souma mutters that a person like Yanagi should hit his toe every time he goes to his wardrobe. [<- not so sure but basically hoping something bad to happen to Yanagi] Yoshida exclaims but look, today, Tachibana.. Tachibana slams her glass on the table and mutters what kind of international joke is that--..

<- She planned to get a boyfriend before Christmas thus she refused her friends’ invitation but she is still single on Christmas. In the end, she abandoned herself in despair and joined this hotpot party. Tachibana sobs why she is spending Christmas with these hopeless [/even if helped they ‘cannot get the point’] guys.
“Eating hotpot in one side and at another side, watching that kind of conjugal love act on live broadcast!?” Irked Souma says sorry that they are hopeless but then, she reaped what she sowed. Tachibana shouts if he isn’t finished [lecturing her]. While Yoshida is aghast over this Tachibana, she shouts meat, put more in the soup!!

Aghast otaku senpai says, as she ordered. The two senpai wonder if they are dreaming. Souma sweatdrops and thinks that against expectations, this Christmas tragedy is knowing the truth about this girl, how cruel.. <- known as Christmas is actually hell. While walking, Yanagi tells Kujou that it is an arts carnival [show?/ I googled it and it is called International Arts Carnival in Chinese so that is probably what Tachibana meant by international; not sure if it is the same in Japanese]..

Yanagi is worried about his family watching it. Kujou comments that he finds it interesting. Yanagi asks what’s interesting about it. Kujou thinks that in the eyes of the person a while ago, they look like lovers. Yanagi asks what the prize is.
Kujou says that it is a pair of the program’s strap. “By the way, Yanagi, what do you think is a good gift?” She plans to also use it as a return gift for the cellphone strap. Since Yanagi is puzzled, Kujou explains that she doesn’t know what to choose so she’ll just directly ask him.

Surprised Yanagi asks if she’s giving him one. Kujou asks if he doesn’t want one. Yanagi exclaims that he wants, he really wants!! He covers his face and thinks that Kujou unexpectedly say that she’ll give him a gift..!! “It is really right for me to give her a strap..!” <- because he is afraid that Kujou will refuse to accept it that he almost had not given her anything.

Kujou thinks that Yanagi’s materialistic desire is very strong, and it is the same with the prize [earlier]. She asks what he wants. He says that since she is going to choose for him, anything will--.. Then, he sees Kujou looking dark. <- ‘so I’m asking you about this’ expression. Yanagi says ah..yes..how about a scarf-type..?
Going in a clothes shop, Yanagi tells her to at least choose one for him. Kujou says that she doesn’t have taste [/good in choosing]. Yanagi tells her not to evade this. She says okay. While Yanagi is so excited, Kujou decides to choose something that he doesn’t usually have..

To Yanagi’s shock, Kujou is choosing a scarf of either chicks-design or houses-design. Yanagi exclaims that there is also a limit to having no taste!! Kujou glances at him and thinks that he’s annoying for being noisy, then why doesn’t he choose it himself. Yanagi exclaims that he is really begging her, he won’t look, and he’ll turn his head away!

Later on, Kujou gives a bag to Yanagi and says that she bought it, here’s the gift. Yanagi thanks her and asks if he can open it. He opens the bag and it is a checked-type of scarf. Yanagi smiles and says that it’s not bad. While muttering that the chick is actually cute, Kujou says that it isn’t that different from the scarf that he already have.
Yanagi happily smiles and says, “It is alright for the crucial point is, you specially chose it for me.” Kujou looks surprised. Closing his eyes, he leans close to her and asks her to put it on him. This surprises her. He tells her to hurry. She says okay. She puts the scarf around Yanagi.

He laughs and says that it’s so warm, thank you. Kujou thinks that indeed, to be able to see that kind of smile, then choosing a gift for someone is perhaps can be considered a happy thing. They arrive at a restaurant. Kujou is surprised that there is a Christmas tree there. She says that it is lucky that he was able to reserve it a week early.

Yanagi says that she..can say that! <- he is actually entertaining this expectation so he prepared it beforehand. After a delicious dinner, Kujou takes out her wallet and says that they split the bill. Yanagi tells her not to be like that today and think of his feelings.
Soon, they are walking again. With a full stomach, Kujou says that it is really delicious and thanks for the treat. Looking at his watch, he says ya. Then, they overheard a woman saying how lucky that there are a few people when they saw the seaside park’s lights view. The man says that is because people don’t know that nice place.

Since Kujou is looking at the couple, Yanagi asks if she wants to go and see. He checks it out on his phone and is surprised that is far away. Then, midway, there is a parade of people in nice attires so there are a lot of people. And, the way to the place is hard to find. So after one hour, they finally found it.

Yanagi is tired but Kujou says that the place is beautiful. She informs Yanagi that she heard that in 30 minutes, the lights will be closed. Yanagi cannot believe it. He apologizes for he should have driven his car. Kujou says that she doesn’t mind and by the way, what’s up with his car. “Is it broken?” He says no, that car is bought by his father.
Kujou is puzzled so Yanagi explains that he thinks that today, he’s not going to use any of that type of thing while spending the day with her. She asks why. Surprised, Yanagi says that she would even ask..how about moving her brain to think..

Since Kujou looks puzzled, slightly embarrassed Yanagi says that it is because it is very embarrassing right. “Ever since before, you put in all your strength to work yet I comfortably passthe days as I spend my parents’ money..it includes the car and that high class apartment..”

Kujou says that she doesn’t understand what’s bad about it for isn’t that the love of his father towards him. “It is merely necessary that I work. It isn’t necessary to work and relatively, all the more there’s no need to feel ashamed. If you were to do that, it would be lacks in manners [/rude] towards your parents.” Yanagi thinks that at that time.. Kujou said, ‘It is your father who is amazing and not you. I want to make my mother happy.’...
...“Looking at Kujou who doesn’t depend on anyone and can work hard to be independent, I mostly felt that she is very dazzling. For the me who was born well-off, I felt guilty somewhere within my heart. ‘You’re really lucky that you depend on your parents upbringing that you happily passed the days..’ So, I hesitated and became indecisive regarding father’s proposal...

...‘I hope that you’ll succeed the family business’. Actually, this heart has already decided earlier on. But, right now, I still..” Kujou says that she has seen his family and felt that because he has them, there is the current you. “For example, you people likes to make others eat well. And also, would silently empathize with other’s feelings...

...There are still many more. In all likelihood, all of this everything, even the things that you dislike, has made the current you. So, I think that it is great that you were born in the Yanagi family that you have become like this now.” Yanagi mutters, ah. Then, it starts snowing. Walking a bit, Kujou tells him that it is snowing. Yanagi thinks, “—it isn’t only that. It is like this, Kujou. It is because of you that there is the current me.”
Kujou turns to him and asks what they are going to do next, it is already snowing so it is better to go--.. She is surprised when Yanagi suddenly hugs her tight. She asks him what’s up, is he not feeling well. He tells her for a while..be like this for a while. She says okay.

Yanagi says, “..I *she asks huh?* There is something that I always wanted to tell you. *she says yes* Wrong, actually, I simply do not want to say those words. I absolutely do not want to make it first come out of my own mouth. *grinds teeth* It has arrived at the stage that I’m absolutely won’t say it. *Kujou says..huh..?*

..but forget it, wait when I have sort some things up. After I finish sorting things up, --will you listen to what I’ll say?” She says that speaking of it is okay, it is..and what does he want to say. Putting his chin on her head, he says that it is a secret. She says what, it makes her so curious. Yanagi laughs.
Holding her face, he tells her to first, don’t move. This made her blush and unable to properly react. Then, he put an earring on her ear. Yanagi says that he also put it on the other side. Kujou asks what is this. He says that it is earrings, his Christmas gift for her. Holding the earring, she says that she couldn’t see it. Yanagi smiles and says, “..Merry Christmas.”

Soon, Yanagi brought Kujo home. She thanks him for bringing her home. He tells her to greet her mother for him. Yanagi arrives home. His mother says that he’s home and does he want to eat some cake? Going to the living room, his father says that he’s back. Yanagi says that he has already decided. His father looks serious. Yanagi says, “I will succeed your business. I’ll go to US.”
Comment: Yanagi is moved in so many scenes here and based on how he and Kujou are acting, I’m thinking is Yanagi the ‘girl’ in this couple. ^^;; As usual, Kujou tend to misinterpret what Yanagi is saying and doing. Luckily for him, it isn’t a turn off for her that he is ‘materialistic’, ‘whiny’, ‘emo’, etc.

Some of the scenes are quite moving. I like what Kujou said to the reporter, what Yanagi told her while receiving the gift and how he is currently like that because of her. Too bad Yanagi is still unwilling to confess but it is cunning of him to put the earrings on so that she cannot refuse. At least, his gift has upgraded to jewelry..so that’s near to a ring ^^ As for the singles, the senpais has finally seen the real Tachibana.

Well, Yanagi has decided so, is it goodbye for a while for our couple? The series will go on a break and will resume in March. Usually, based on previous Lala series I’ve read, that can mean the series is going to end. After a break, it is then announced that it is the ‘last arc’. So, what will it be for this series? Until then.. Scans by 红莲汉

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