February 11, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 11]

Saga quickly runs and hides upon seeing a couple of roaming guards. Guard 1 asks if anything is up. Guard 2 says that if there is anything that’s up, what’s left to do is to do things underneath his wife’s skirt. Guard 1 says what, ha ha, okay see you later.

After they left, Saga recalls Mino telling her if she knows the abandoned storehouse behind the god hall [<- literal translation]. “The others aren’t willing to live together with me so I live there by myself. Thanks to that, I have a single room all for myself.”

Saga thinks, “This time, I should go and look for you! Perhaps, Mino ought to be startled, right!?” She smiles as she looks at the moon above. At Choegeum’s place, Cheongye sits up. With her robe loose, she glances at sleeping Choegeum. She takes a huge needle by the side and poses to stab him by the neck.
Cheongye is startled when someone asks, “Do you know where to stab it?” Cheongye glances at the side to see Baldie gesturing to the side of his neck and says, “Here.” He tells her that there is no second chance for if the prince woke up, she’ll be dead.

Cheongye looks at the needle. Baldie tells her to wait and see, for there will be a day when she’ll have an opportunity. “You’re very beautiful and you have ability.” Cheongye glances at him then uses the needle to tie her hair up. She pulls open her robe and says, “I know already. I want to take a bath, can you help me out?” Baldie smiles.
Saga finally arrives at the hut. She thinks that she is here, and she was able to find it without being found out! “How come I thought of this method just now? If I knew earlier, there’s no need for me to foolishly wait on Mino! I’m so nervous. It has been such a long time since I’m this excited. It is like going back to the time before I was imprisoned in my residence...

...I can wander around the palace as much as I wanted.. Finding newly built places makes me so happy. *glances at the buildings below and to the mountains beyond* How vast.. there are so many places that I have not gone to.. Places that I cannot hope to reach to.. I can only always dream about them...

...At that side, there are clearly so many, many fresh [/new] things. It is possible that I can only be like this throughout my life.. No, perhaps, I can go out. If I get married, I can leave the palace and then, compared to the current one, I can live an entirely different life. That’s right!”
She notices someone coming. Quickly hiding and covering her head with her hood, Saga thinks no, she has not seen Mino yet! “It is already quite late. Who can it be? Who’ll come over here..”

Saga recalls the maids telling her that Mino always sees this girl and someone saw them meeting each other every night. “Could it be..” Cheongye passes by. Upon seeing her, Saga mutters, “Cheongye.” This made Cheongye glance back and asks who is it.

Saga covers her mouth for she suddenly blurted it out. Cheongye says that it is too dark, she cannot see clearly who is it. Saga tells her not to come over. Cheongye repeats who is at that side. Saga exclaims that she told her not to come over! “I..no one told me anything..Mino..he is living here..I..” Looking surprised, Cheongye asks, “..princess?” This startles Saga.
Slightly scowling, Cheongye asks how come she is here. “You unexpectedly left your residence..? Are you crazy? What could you be thinking.. if you were found out, what will happen to Mino.. Do you even know.. *Saga trembles* I’m asking you, have you gone crazy!”

Saga says that’s she only wants to see Mino for a while.. “No one has found out.. I also didn’t tell anyone that I’m coming.. I just want to see Mino and personally talk..” Cheongye grabs Saga’s wrist and says, “Why.. why would you do that.. After everything.. Why are you thinking only of yourself? Huh? If Mino dies, will you be happy?...
...Then why do you still want to save him! Do you know what that child experienced because of you?!” Saga tells her to let her go and that hurts. Cheongye won’t let go as she angrily says that Saga is the same.. “Doing what you please with the people you have. There’s no difference with the Third Prince.”

Saga shouts for her to let her go. She seems to have slapped Cheongye to free herself. Saga asks what’s up with her..how can she say those things to her. “I am not the same as my brother. You don’t know anything yet how come you’ll talk to me that way? Mino, he.. is very important to me...

...I..for him, I’ll do anything! What do you know.. For him, I’ve been imprisoned right now.. Always waiting..” Cheongye says what about it. “What [else] have you done [for him]. Right now, I can see that you and the Third Prince do have a difference. He has it yet you don’t...

...Princess, you don’t have any power. Without power, you were locked up in a cage. Pitiful princess. *shows unconscious whipped Mino to her* So, your important person is in this kind of condition yet you cannot do anything.”
Saga is shocked over feverish Mino and his wounded-scarred back. Cheongye holds Mino’s hand. Still staring at Mino, Saga falls on the floor to her knees. Soon, while Saga’s hair is being fixed and some make-up are put on her face, she recalls what Cheongye told her, “He is already dying. Ever since he met the princess, he is always painfully tortured...

...But princess, you cannot do anything so please go back. After getting married, leave this place and please let this child go. Do not make him go through pain again because of you. Please forget him forever. Forever.. In that small heart, do not pretend in anything.” [<- I guess not to act like she is someone when she isn’t/stop daydreaming?]
Soon, there is a banquet being held. Malgal youngster [whom I’ll call foxy since he looks like a fox] comments that it is the first time he came to Nakrang palace and it is unexpectedly quite lively. “There’s food, and also women who are gorgeously dressed. How can there be so many people.”

Jamalta says that this is the princess’ coming of age ceremony. Foxy says thankfully, they weren’t late. Jamalta spots Choegeum. Jamalta says that the Third Prince is over there so they go confirm that the things have been delivered then they can leave this place.

Foxy asks what, he doesn’t want to see the Third Prince so he go and meet up with him. Jamalta says whatever he wants. Foxy asks a guy why he won’t go. The guy says that he hates inconvenience.
As Jamalta approaches Choegeum who is talking with some people, he is puzzled for they are talking in Chinese [/Han language]. “They appear to be nobles from Han but how come they are wearing Nakrang clothes? From their appearance [/bearing], they aren’t like merchants.. Third Prince.. what kind of cheap trick are you up to again..?”

Then, Choegeum notices Jamalta. Choegeum tells someone to lead this gentleman [man from Han] to be seated between the seat of honor. A servant says yes and tells the man to please come with him. Slightly bowing with fists together, Jamalta says that he is paying his respects and he is Malgal clan’s ninth prince Machanyuta’s..
Cheogeum interrupts by saying that he knows. He says go and convey to his master his thanks for the gifts that he sent. “But, I really didn’t think that Malgal people are quite bold and unconstrained. *Caged animals are making a ruckus which either startles or amuses the guests*...

...Also, convey to him that I don’t want to accept this kind of poor joke again.” Jamalta is aghast. With a pop vein, Jamalta says that he’ll definitely convey it. He is mentally furious at Machanyuta.. Choegeum tells him to drink up to his fill before going back.

Jamalta says yes, thanks.. A servant interrupts by telling Choegeum that the princess has arrived. “The princess said that she has something to tell your highness the prince.. so she personally..” Jamalta looks surprised as dressed up Saga passes by him. Then, Saga glances at the side and looks at Jamalta.
Comment: And, they finally meet again. Jamalta obviously looks captivated by her. I’m sure Saga should remember him because of his blue eye. So, will their fates be intertwined from here on? Perhaps, it is based on what Saga wants to talk about with her brother. It might have something to do with herself or perhaps, Mino.

In a way, it is indirectly because of Mino again, that the two get to meet again this way. Will Jamalta help her out with what she wanted for the second time around like when they first met? Even if Cheongye scolded her that way, I would assume that Saga would probably take up the challenge to change how things are.

Will she want to attain more power? Would she want to travel? Would she start giving her terms to her brother? It also depends if she is indeed going to let go of Mino or not. Somehow, I think that her brother might want to marry her off to a Han. It isn’t a coincidence that Jamalta is half-Han. Perhaps, there will be about going to Han?

There are any possibilities from here on. So, Choegeum is indeed using Cheongye as his ‘prey to live on’. I tend to believe that he knows who she really is. It seems that Baldie also hates Choegeum yet tend to be somehow interested in the women near him. Cheongye would probably get him as her ally. Lastly, the colored cover page is quite beautiful ^^ Scans by 水神汉化组

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  1. I forgot who Cheongye is..do you mind refreshing me?
    Thanks for the lovely scans and summary! I love the quote too, quite true.

    1. Cheongye is the younger sister of Nan's lover. Third Prince didn't kill her since she claims that she is just a maid. Then, she later worked as a maid in the palace's kitchen.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. Thanks for your hard work, Kat...
    Sigh... I really wish I could read the english version.. Or the korean one. I am so curious about what would happen to Saga, Mino & Jamalta...

  3. Thanks for the summary.atlast the fated meeting.
    jamalta must have seen many beautiful women.there must be something more than beauty(if they fall in love) about saga to be captivated.he is surprised here at her sudden appearance or the change after these many years....? Next chap looks to be interesting.
    Even though saga is responsible for mino being whipped cheongye doesnt has any right to say anything to saga because saga IS his saviour.he would have been loooong dead or else.
    cheongye can kill the evil third prince whenever she is with him.-_- like the chance she had in this chap.

    1. Thanks for reading, spears ^-^

      Yup. About Jamalta's reaction, maybe it is both including being very beautiful? ^^

      Indeed. In a way, I guess what Cheongye is saying that Mino will end up dead because of Saga. Of course, I still feel that she is partly saying that so that Mino will be hers.

      Indeed. Based on what Baldie said, I guess Cheongye is aiming for instant kill because if not, she'll be the one dead. So, I guess she doubted that she can fatally kill him in one stab. I'm still wondering why a huge needle is lying around there. ^^;;

  4. Thanks, Kat, for this great summary! The art in this manhwa is just stunning. Excited to see the storyline is really rolling into more interesting terrain!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Indeed, the art is the thing that immediately caught my attention. It's great that the storyline is also quite good ^^

      Yup ^^