February 20, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 43]

It is the 13th. The day for the National preliminaries! Takezou takes the Tenkyuu musical score and puts it in his bag. He goes down to the dining room and greets his mother a good morning. His mother greets him back. Looking at the table filled with food, Takezou asks what day is it today since breakfast is quite scrumptious.

Holding a ladle, his mother says that of course, isn’t today when he’ll participate in the Nationals preliminaries! “Of course, I’ll go all out for you! Today, mama will also go and listen to your competition!” This surprised Takezou that his mother asks, what, cant she? Takezou says no..it isn’t like that..
His mother says that obviously, she knew how he strived hard that he woke up early and slept late every day. “But I haven’t heard your performance even once. Together with papa, we’ll go and cheer you on.” Holding the newspapers, Takezou’s father says, ya. Takezou is shocked that his father is also going.

His mother says that it is really great that the competition is on Sunday. Takeru says that even if he doesn’t have anything to do today but he won’t go. Their mother scolds him. Takeru mutters that in case, Takezou really got into the Nationals, then, it is also okay for him to go watch during that time. After looking surprised, Takezou smiles and thanks him.
After going out of the building, Takezou is surprised to see Hiro standing by the side. She is trying to warm her hands with her breath. Takezou calls out to her. While going towards her, he asks what’s up and did something happen!? “Didn’t we decide that we’ll all gather and meet at the nearest station!?”

Hiro says, “Ah..no..about that..that..that is, if it is okay..for today.. that..can I go together with you? *blushes* ..I’m afraid that I’ll be so nervous that I’ll make a mistake at the interchange station..” After looking surprised, Takezou quickly gets a hot pack from his pocket. He says wait.. Then, he puts the hot pack on her hand and says that this is for her.
When he touched her hands that are holding the hot pack, Takezou exclaims that her hands are so cold!! “Since when were you waiting her for me!?” Blushing and freaking out that he’s holding her hands, Hiro says, no..she wasn’t waiting for a long time..!! Takezou tells her that when she came, she could have rung the doorbell.

Then, she realizes something. She comments that his hands are also very cold and didn’t he just come out of his house. Takezou blushes and immediately let go of her hands. He sheepishly laugh and says, “Actually, I’m also nervous since yesterday.. *smiles* so, upon seeing you, Kurusu-chan, it seems like I can heave a sigh of relief for a little bit..”
This made Hiro cover her blushing face and whimper for she became more nervous. Takezou happily tells her that they’re going. At Chika’s place, Isaki asks Chika if he didn’t forget anything and he properly brought the plectrum.

Chika says how is it possible for a performer to forget bringing the plectrum. Isaki says but there are times when there is that kind of person. “Today, I’ll go and listen with Takaoka-kun.” Chika asks why with Tetsuki. Isaki happily says that it is because she heard that Tetsuki is also going so she plans to (force) him in riding a car with her.
Chika asks does she plan on killing Tetsuki. Boink. With a huge lump on his head, Chika says that he’s going. Isaki calls out to him. Chika turns toward her. Isaki plans to tell him to properly enjoy the performance but in the end, she smiles and tells him, “Get the right to enter the Nationals in one go!”

After looking surprised, Chika lets out a laugh. This made Isaki glum. To her surprise, Chika smiles and says, “But of course, stupid.” After he left, ISaki smiles and thinks that Chika has changed into someone who loves to smile and the atmosphere around him had also became a lot gentle.
“I hope that Chika, together with the kids who gave Chika his smile, can somewhat prolong ‘the days when they are chasing after their dream’. God, I beg you.” Stretching her arms, Isaki says that next, she’ll properly work—

At Kahou [guesswork from 華凰] Group, Kazusa looks at the mirror and recalls the best performance award is obtained by Tokyo’s Miryou High and Kanagawa’s Hakuto High. Kazusa clenches her fist. Knock knock. Her mother comes in to tell her that Fumi had come to fetch her. While Kazusa wears her shoes, Fumi apologizes and asks if she came too early. Kazusa says no, and thanks.
Looking at Kazusa, Fumi thinks that Kazusa totally doesn’t look the same as usual and it seems that she is very nervous. Kazusa’s mother tells her daughter that everyone in the house will go and cheer together for her today. Kazusa thanks her.

Nene, her younger sister, clings on her and exclaims that she is the best. Kazusa is puzzled. Nene tells her to quickly ask her, ‘why’- Kazusa asks w-why? Nene happily says that it is because Nene has cheered for big sis!! This moved Kazusa. She tightly hugs Nene and exclaims, “Ah- Angel!!! Thank you, Nene!!” Nene happily says that she’s an angel-
Looking determined, Kazusa holds Nene’s shoulders and exclaims, “Nene! Sister will absolutely not lose! I can absolutely bring Nene along to go to the Nationals! Let me hug you one more time--” As Kazusa hugs Nene, Fumi smiles and thinks that is how it is, Kazusa. “We from Himesaka will not lose twice.”

At a shrine, a girl is pulling a guy’s arm as he lies down on the ground. Uta shouts at Mio that the bus is already at school. Mio tells her to go ahead. Uta says that if he didn’t get on the bus, they cannot leave. Mio tells her that he still hasn’t recharged enough..he wants to continue to recharge..
Uta shouts for Mio. Then, their teacher calls out to the two. Uta tells him that Mio still doesn’t want to go. The teacher exclaims what, why!? Uta says, ..photosynthesis. To Uta’s shock, the teacher lies beside Mio and says, is that so, photosynthesis!! “Very good, I’ll also do that!!...

...Ah, lying down like this is really comfortable, Kanzaki! Suzumori, do you want to do it, too?” Uta tells him that there’s no need. Mio says that he looks very happy today. The teacher says that’s right, he is very happy because today is finally the day for the Nationals preliminaries! “Several months ago, I’m already so excited for this day!!”
Mio lamely says that great. The teacher tells him that he wasn’t able to go to the National Music Festival the last time because he is down with flu. Mio says is that so.. The teacher becomes gloomy because Mio didn’t remember. “..but, it’s the truth..I’m really thankful to you guys for following [/being with] me up to this point.”

To the teacher’s shock, Mio says that he actually didn’t think about following him. Embarrassed, the teacher sits up and laughs. He exclaims is that so, and it is so, and it is really embarrassing for him to think that way so forget it!! Uta calls out to the two. The teacher apologizes to her and tells Mio, to quickly stand up for they’re going.
Sitting up, Mio recalls Uta telling him that actually, their teacher.. Mio looks at his laughing teacher. The teacher happily calls to Mio to move quickly and if he isn’t quick, he’ll have to carry him on his back. Mio stands up and says, okay, carry him on his back. This shocks the teacher.

At Yamato Station, after tapping her IC card on the turnstile, Satowa sees the three guys near the lockers. Sane nervously tells the two to get ready and do the deep breath then at the crucial point, let it all out. Michi says ya. They all take a deep breath and exhale. And, their hearts thump very loudly.
Kota exclaims that it is no good, he totally couldn’t calm himself!! “I feel that my heart is going to come out from my ear!!” Sane tells him to calm down, for next is the important part. “According to my mom, we have to rub our hands at this part then we can ease the nervousness!!”

Michi exclaims that it is written online that it will be a bit better if they admit to themselves that they are nervous. Sane exclaims okay, they’ll do both for right now, they are super nervous!!! While they are rubbing their hands, Chika appears behind them and asks what they are doing. This startles the three.
The three exclaims that it is Chika and Satowa. “Do not randomly startle people! My heart is really going to come out from my ear!!” Chika says ah, then, he’ll help them put it back in. Aghast, they sarcastically tell him, really, thanks!! Chika asks them why they are nervous right now when this isn’t the first competition.

Sane says that it is because it isn’t the first time so he’s more nervous. “Besides, today is also that. That...we absolutely cannot lose. Absolutely not.” After the two look surprised, Satowa says that the more one thinks that way, the more it is possible that they’ll lose. This made the three cry.
Chika tells her to give them a bit of hope. Satowa tells him that is shock therapy. After looking at her, Chika casually asks if her mother is coming to listen today. She glances at him then says that she won’t come. “..I tentatively sent a letter to inform her but there is no reply at all.”

The guys look surprised. Chika says is that so. Satowa says, “But, it’s alright. Right now, whether it is my performance or everyone’s ensemble, there is still an opportunity for her to listen to it later on.” The three says yes, that’s right!
Takezou, Hiro and Suzuka arrive. Takezou greet them and the three greets them back. Sane says that it is strange that the three of them came together. While Hiro tries to explain, Suzuka says that they met on the way. “Everyone’s already present, right.”

Holding up his hand, Kota exclaims yes!! Sane confirms that Akira will come later on, right. Suzuka says yes. “Then, let’s go. It will take 10 minutes from this side to arrive at the venue--” Satowa calls out to everyone, “About..about that!!”
Takezou asks what is it. Taking something from her bag, Satowa apologizes and says that even if it isn’t quite suitable to give it to them at this place but right now..” While Kota eagerly asks what is it, Satowa hesitates and says, no, just forget it, sorry.

Chika grabs her hand which is holding a box. He tells her what’s up with that for she’s keeping them in suspense. Satowa tries to call out to him but Chika is already opening the box. Inside, there are handmade ‘bridge’ straps with everyone’s name on it. [<- Bridge is a device that supports the strings] Takezou asks if these are charms [omamori].
Hiro exclaims that they are made into the shape of [koto] bridges and their names are on it. “Could it be that Houdzuki-chan made this for us!?” They look at trembling and embarrassed Satowa. In tears, Satowa apologizes that they were made clumsily and quite old fashioned. “It is because of my family issue that I gave everyone a lot of trouble...

...No, I should say that I hope that today, everyone can properly display. Ah, but if you don’t want it, it is also okay to throw it away.” Hiro and the three are in tears as they tell Satowa that it’s really amazing, they are so happy, it contains full of love and there is absolutely no problem today!!
Takezou happily thanks her. Someone tells Suzuka that this one is for him. Suzuka is surprised that he also have one and he thanks Satowa. Takezou asks if Satowa didn’t injure her hands with a needle. Satowa admits that she did got pricked by a needle but right now, her fingers are quite considerably hard so..

Chika looks at his charm then holds it tight. Sane is surprised to see Chika walking away. He calls out to him but Chika says that if they’re slow, they’ll be late. Takezou says, ah ya.
Michi wonders what up with Chika for he didn’t even say a word of thanks. Suzuka quietly watches Chika then calls out, “Kudou, that side is the opposite direction.” Chika abruptly stops and walks the opposite way. Takezou and Sane laugh for it looks like Chika is very happy. “It shouldn’t be the first time that guy got a charm, right?”

Satowa blushes a bit. While walking, Chika thinks that it is a strong charm that is dedicated to him. He recalls the past, ‘Don’t show your face in front of me again!’, ‘When you cannot win in the fight, it is good for you to take advantage of him’, and ‘I heard that guy was abandoned by his parents’.
Slightly pulling up his scarf, Chika looks flustered. Takezou says that they should also go. Kota, together with Michi, rushes to Chika and glomps him. Chika thinks, “Gramps, the koto club that you had established is really amazing. It is good if this moment can always keep on continuing on.” At an ‘Monthly Japan [/country] Music Days’ office [probably a magazine publisher], a beard man calls out to Komaki and asks if she is ready for it is almost time to go to the venue.

Komaki tells him to wait a moment for she just have to put on some lip gloss— The man smacks her head with a folded paper. As she complains that really hurts, the man asks if she is joking around, she should finish putting on make-up before she goes to work. Komaki tearfully protests for who made her overslept today. The man angrily shouts who cares about her!!!
Komaki asks by the way, does she really have to go today because in watching a performance, it will absolutely make her sleep midway through— “So, I feel that it is better for you, Tsukaji–san to go by yourself-- ” And veins are popping out on Tsukaji’s face.

While walking in the streets, Komaki complains that Tsukaji unexpectedly hit him twice. “Tsukaji-san is an idiot.” Tsukaji grumpily tells the brat to shut up and he really doesn’t understand how a person like her got in their company. Komaki says that she depended on connections—
Tsukaji turns to her and says, ha? Komaki tells him that she got in through the backdoor and ever since before, she is very lucky so she smoothly came there-- Irked Tsukaji says ah, is that so. He asks if she properly listened to the koto music CD as preparation for today and he gave that to her ahead of time. She asks, ah—from the start—

He tells her that he’s talking about the one later on. She just giggles. Going in the station, Tsukaji angrily shouts that’s enough!! Komaki explains that it is because, doesn’t he feel that this koto thing is very difficult to understand and all the more, she should say that it is difficult to like—
As they pass through the turnstile, Tsukaji says that for someone who is totally not in touched with traditional music, perhaps, it is. Komaki says that’s right. He tells her but with that, it just so happen that today’s work suits her.

“It is the Kanagawa National Prelims. Whether koto [music] is difficult to understand or difficult to like, in this competition, those have nothing to do with it. This is a competition of high schoolers whose youthfulness collides with each other.” The last scene is Chika’s group, Kazusa’s group, Mio’s group and four other unknown groups.
Comment: This chapter captures the different motives of the different groups, well, the three main ones, joining the prelims. For Chika and others, it is for everyone to continue playing together. It is also their goal to get into the Nationals. For Kazusa’s, it is pride for they don’t want to lose again, and younger sister. For Mio, it is probably for the teacher. And, well, he is really eccentric ^^;

And with different motives, there are also the ones who encourage them along with those who do not have their family encouraging them. Takezou’s family is supportive though Takeru is doing that in his own way. Chika has Isaki. Kazusa has her younger sister. Even if her mother might not go, Satowa is taking it well and is quite optimistic that there will be other times. Then, there is that contrast with the ones who are very nervous like Sane and the others. And, there are those who are quite calm.

The chapter also treats us with some nice scenes of the two couples. If there is no third wheel, an unrequited love can be quite cute ^^ Of course, it will be amazing when it becomes mutual ^^ Takezou is still clueless over Hiro. Suzuka is nice enough to cover up for her as to why they are all together. Satowa gives everyone a charm will most likely boost their teamwork while playing ^^ And just like how Chika does it to her, Satowa unintentionally touches Chika’s heart. ^^

Now, we have two new characters. They might be the third person-type commentaries regarding the performances. One seems to be an expert on it while the other is just doing it for the heck of it. I’m sure Komaki will change her mind what she thinks of koto after this competition. I’m not quite sure if media publicity will play a part in this series, if they are indeed from media. Scans by 二次元秘店

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    1. You're welcome, Gildaen ^-^

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      Indeed..but this is manga. I'm still wondering how many teams can go in the Nationals. Is it only one or two? My somewhat betting on a tie.

      It also depends on the criteria for judging. If technical skill doesn't have a high %, or perhaps, Chika's group will have more points on tone, performance, etc.

      If you think of it, during the competition between Satowa and Akira, Akira obviously played a very difficult piece but it is Satowa's piece that got everyone's attention. I assume that it isn't that difficult since a novice like Chika and others can somehow play it.

      Since Suzuka knows that there is something in their group, I think that will somehow boost their chance even if it is only a year ^^

    2. Kat, I haven't started the manga but I've been wondering if there is romance?

    3. There is none if romance = confession, kisses, etc. It is more on helping each other out, strengthening relationship, blushing, one-sided love because the other party is clueless. It is more of that type. Still, it is also minimal since it is focuses more on character growth and friendships, competitions, for one's dream, etc. In short, it is like 'romance' in a shounen.

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