January 30, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 38]

Flashback: During junior high, a guy said that he heard that Shizuka is going to Misuzu starting this spring. While tying his shoes, Shizuka said yes, he is going to the place where he lived before when he was in grade 4. The guy asked if he will continue playing basketball. Shizuka said yes, and there is someone whom he doesn’t want to lose to no matter what. End flashback. Narration: “I don’t want to lose.”

There is a flashback to Yuki telling Shizuka that she hopes that he can be a rival against Shou [in basketball] and she’ll leave that up to him. Narration: “I cannot lose.” At the gym, Shizuka does a slam dunk. While catching his breath, he thinks that there is still one week before the Winter Cup’s preliminaries. At Ryuhoku club, everyone is shock that Noda is now 176 cm!!?

Someone couldn’t believe that in a half year since he entered the club, he grew taller by 10 cm! Another one shouts that he grew up too abruptly and did he eat some strange mushroom!? Tonomura praises Noda for totally doing his best in the last game so starting next year, he can become their strong fighting strength. Noda tells him that he’ll do his best.
Banging their fists on the floor, Abe with 169 cm height and Hatori with 172 cm height are complaining that they were already surpassed when obviously, they are senpai but they were left behind..!! Shouji shouts for them to pull themselves together for 185 cm Shou has already left them far far behind earlier on!! “Isn’t it so Naruse!!”

While Himiko is measuring him and is surprised that he is 186, Shou says that he grew up by a cm. Shouji shouts if he wants a fight. [<- as if Shou is taunting him] Narration: “The cultural festival has peacefully (?) ended. After that is one week of midterm exams. I also attained my secretly drawn up target in the grade ranking-- Flashback: Yuki nervously thinks that it is 29th rank..barely accomplished her mission..!!

Some guy exclaimed that he is exactly at 80th rank. Shou commented that it is mediocre. Abe asked what is his ranking. Shou said that it is 5th. Abe shouted if he is looking for a fight. End flashback. In short, I can already catch my breath [/take a break] but actually, I fundamentally am not talking about that kind of free leisure.” Gesturing to a poster that reads, ‘Winter Cup Prelims: First of all, breakthrough the first battle’, Yuki says that next week, they are finally going to welcome the Winter Cup prelims.
Abe shouts why the writing is so ugly!! Yuki says that it is because she’ll retire soon so she got all of the third years to write it together. With folded arms, Tonomura says that he thinks that the list of the divisions [/subgroups for the prelims] will soon be delivered. “No matter who the opponent is, we will be calm and collected, ‘first of all, breakthrough the first battle’. So let’s first do the preparatory exercises.”

While Yuki guides the others in their exercise, Himiko thinks is that so.. “If we lose in the next game, Machida-senapi and others will already retire..I..without Machida-senpai around, can I do things smoonthly..” Soon, it is school dismissal. At the shoe lockers, a guy calls out to Yuki that they are doing to have a third years’ discussion meeting so can she come. Yuki says that she can.

After saying that they’ll see each other later, Yuki thinks that’s right, it is almost time to talk about the turning over-type of issue altogether. While Yuki is putting on her shoes, Shou kneels beside her and asks where she is going after abandoning her boyfriend. Yuki tells him that it is a third years’ meeting.
As she stands up, Yuki whispers for him if he can lower his voice a bit. Shou asks then, can he wait for her at some other place until the meeting ends. Yuki asks why for this has nothing to do with him. Shou says it does for he is senpai’s boyfriend. Yuki simultaneously shouts ‘atchoo!’ Someone asks what was that deliberate sneeze just now. With a popped vein, Yuki thinks that this brat..!...

...After the night festival, the number of times he kept on saying ‘boyfriend’ ‘boyfriend’ has increased threefold that I cannot lower my guard..!!! Perhaps, at some time, someone will find out about it..!” Yuki whispers that in short, today they have some very important things to discuss..so be good and just go home. Since he didn’t reply, she asks if he heard her and what’s up with that [glum] expression.

Shou just looks at her then quietly goes out of the school. Yuki mentally tells him to answer her. At a fastfood restaurant, Tonomura says that they are now going to conduct a discussion before they retire. Then, he calls out to the other side to please do not use the trash to make a robot. Using the French Fries container [body], tissue [head] and fries [limbs] to make a human figure, Nishiyama apologizes.
Amamiya asks by the way, is part of their discussion about who’ll they choose to become the new captain. “Then, isn’t it good that we just choose who is the most amazing second year guy?” Shouji shouts if he is an idiot. “It is a huge problem for Naruse is basically the ‘second year’s most amazing guy’!!’” Everyone looks startled that Yuki wonders if it is only now that everyone found out about this..

She thinks that it is definitely because of the exams and that torturous practice that caused their heads to be obstructed. “But, it is indeed reckless for us to get Naruse to assume the position of captain.. Yuki mutters, but..but..there is no more amazing guy other than Shou. Someone asks if there is someone who has more presence than Shou. A guy says none. Someone asks if there is someone more popular than Shou. The answer is also none.

Someone asks if there is someone who has better grades. There is also none. Someone asks, then how about someone more dependable than Shou. Yuki says about that, there is Abe.. There is a scene of Abe sheepishly telling the others that one time before, when the train is packed, there is an OL [office lady] wearing high heels who stepped on his foot. “She always didn’t notice that for a while, I had carelessly missed my stop.”
Amamiya[?] screams that it is no good, Abe wearing the no 4 basketball shirt is appearing before his eyes. Shouji shouts that Abe’s terrible shallow laugh is appearing in front of his eyes. This causes Yuki to feel uneasy. While walking in the streets, Yuki thinks that in the end, the discussion didn’t accomplish any result..

“Did Kido-senpai and others also have this kind of feeling before retiring? No, despite that, there is also a limit for us to be anxious over the second year students. ‘Retirement’ huh.. this kind of feeling suddenly crept into my mind.. In the next preliminary competition, perhaps, it is my last game. No..that’s wrong..How come I’m being so negative. First of all, breakthrough the first battle!!” She didn’t notice a couple of laughing guys walking towards her.

One of the guys bumps into her but someone suddenly pulls her to the side. It is Shou. Shou tells her that it is because of that, so she frequently bumps into things. He advises her to properly look in front of her. Yuki asks what he is doing, and didn’t she tell him to go home first. Holding her hand, Shou says that it is because it’s quite late and he isn’t willing to let some other guy bring her home. While Yuki is freaking out over him holding her hand, Shou assures her that it is fine for he’ll just release it when they see someone they know.
Yuki blushes as she recalls him telling her that he’ll wait for her at some place until the meeting is over. She thinks that here it comes again, having that kind of relaxed mood. Shou asks if the meeting is about them retiring. Yuki says yes, more or less. Shou says that last year, seeing her who doesn’t want Captain Kido to retire, she really looked like a fool for being so serious at that time.

Yuki becomes darkly silent over that. Shou says that honestly speaking, it is really a bit frightening. “..but right now, I can also understand in some degree about your feeling at that time.” Yuki looks surprised at him. Then, she tries to tell him to definitely do his best in the next game.. She is puzzled when Shou looks at the side and says, ah. It is Shizuka standing in front of them. Shizuka looks down to see the two holding hands.

Yuki immediately lets go of Shou’s hand but Shou grabs her hand back. While Yuki tries to protest over his tight grip, Shou asks Shizuka what is he doing in this place. Yuki wonders what is Shou thinking for didn’t he say that he’ll let go if they see someone they know and this is Shizuka who hates Shou the most and for sure, he’ll have that expression as if he is going to quickly puke—
Shizuka calmly says nothing at all, he just went to purchase something that’s all. Yuki is surprised for Shizuka ignored the holding hands, and in short, she’ll take advantage of the present when Shou releases her hand..and what’s up with this quite strong [grip].. Shizuka asks them if they have already seen the Winter Cup preliminaries’ division list.

Surprised Yuki says that Ryuhoku hasn’t gotten it yet. Shizuka says, is that so, then forget it, it is best that they don’t get discouraged. With that, Shizuka leaves them. Yuki looks surprised and speechless. Shou comments that Shizuka is a bit strange. Yuki angrily says that isn’t he just stupefied!? “Seeing us before the prelims, we would even be so relaxed and content that he treated us like fools.”

Shou says that normally, even if he is like that, Shizuka will raise his tone, and go inconsiderately shouting wa wa. This surprises Yuki. There is a scene of Shizuka still looking serious. Narration: “Indeed, it is too unlike Shizuka’s usual self.” At home, the twins scream that since she came home so late, they thought that Yuki is going to bring Shou home. “Hey- Hey- when are you going to be ready [/agree] to pack him home.” Yuki darkly tells them that they’re not allowed to say ‘pack him home’.
After going in her room, she thinks that in front of his natural enemy Shou, it is absolutely impossible for Shou to be so calm. “One time before, I unexpectedly saw them like close friends all tangled up together. Or, he firmly believes that they’ll definitely win the next preliminary game..?” She imagines Shizuka saying if they have seen the division list, it is because you’ll meet up with Misuzu so you’ll definitely lose.

This made Yuki wide-eyed and gloomy. She wonders what to do for it made her think negative!!! It is morning. At the clubroom, Yuki is busy doing research. She cannot just sit and wait for the division list to be given out..! “In order to calmly respond to all of the opponents, all the more I have to familiarize myself with the data of the school participants. I need to pay attention to the athlete.. An anxiety factor. No matter what group, there is definitely a weak point!”

She becomes slightly flustered upon recalling Shou admitting to her that right now, he can definitely understand her feelings in some degree. She thinks that they absolutely cannot lose. Outside the gym [I think], a guy calls out to Shika that he already bought his cream bread. Then, Shika notices moping Himiko that imaginary mushrooms are already growing on her head.
Freaking out, Shika goes to Himiko and exclaims what had happened!? “Did you eat something bad during lunch!? Or you are still being bullied by Amamiya-senpai!? Or, you are bullied by leader..” Himiko says no, it isn’t like that..[she] is just a little bit..a bit uneasy.. At the gym, Miyoshi calls out to the brats that he had already received the division list for the preliminaries.

Everyone exclaims to let them see it!!! “The first game..! Ryohoku vs..” They look stunned. Yuki asks, Nagaoka? Tonomura says yes, it appears that they’ll run into them on the first round of the competition. The coach says that they lost to them last year. Yuki corrects him that it is this year’s Interhigh preliminary competition. Yuki wonders if this is what Shizuka meant. On the floor, Shouji and others are totally low on morale. Kanda mutters that he really had enough, unexpectedly encountering that strong team on the first round.

Shouji mutters that isn’t Nagaoka the top three strongest within the prefecture.. Yuki says yes, that team’s average height is 187 cm and on the side of strategy, there is completely no weak point. “Three years ago, they also attain the right to participate in the Interhigh competition. Previously, we are in a fierce pursuit to catch up to them that the difference was reduced to 12 points. THAT IS SIMPLY A MIRACLE.”
Someone shouts if this manager has a grudge on them!? Grabbing the list and holding a marker pen, Hatori shouts that this kind of list that poised them for this kind of knocked-out competition.. Yuki tells him to calm down. To everyone’s surprise, Shou takes the marker from Hatori. He goes to their poster and starts erasing some of the words. They shout for Shou to stop for they still haven’t lost for sure—

Writing on the poster, Shou says about ‘First of all, breakthrough the first battle’-something, they already do not have the time to say that kind of words. “It isn’t like that- it is this.” He points to the poster with the new slogan, ‘Breakthrough Gold [] battles’. Everyone is stunned. They shout from which place should they cut into, and is Shou really ranked 5 in the whole year level!? Abe shouts that he thinks that Shou probably wanted to write, ‘all [] battles’.

Hatori says that he knows that. Shou calmly says that no matter how many games they encounter that team in the competition, they cannot lose. “I won’t let you guys retire. I still want to play basketball together with you all senpai.” This surprises everyone. Yuki thinks that in the end, Shou..since when did he start to show that kind of expression. –I, we, so many more times he have that kind of look from behind and give [us] a tremendous push.”
While Nishiyama is moved to tears, Himiko grabs her folder tight and shouts for everyone to do their best together. [<- she made the wrong pronunciation] It causes someone to ask if she just said everyone come train your muscle. Yuki is surprised at determined Himiko. Then, Shika with his group had a banner for Himiko and shouts to her that it is alright, they will follow her!!!

Hatori shouts that it is the first time he saw a banner for the manager but then, didn’t they write the words wrong. Yuki tells herself that it is alright for this uneasiness-something is not that big at all. Yuki tells Himiko to let her put her arm on her shoulder. While Himiko is tense about this, Shou puts his arm around surprised Yuki.

Soon, everyone huddle together by forming a circle while holding each other’s shoulder. Tonomura says then, let’s start. They all shout, “Yeah-!!! Ryohoku- Gambatte [do our best]-” Narration: “We, the strongest, will bravely fight on.” While they are laughing, someone says that just now, someone said, ‘let’s go’--!! Abe~~
Comment: And, we head straight to the Winter Cup skipping the meeting the family which is probably reserved for later. Well, it is good to skip the exams part. Shizuka has gone back to his first love which is basketball. Since he is going to fulfill what he wanted as well as what Yuki said, he is no longer going to bother the couple. Hm..with the mention of retiring and it will be all over for them if they lost one game, it seems that the series is going to end soon.

The third years might be worried about who’ll be the next captain but because of what Shou did and said in the last part, I think they will all agree that Shou will be the one. In a way, Shou has grown up a bit. Naturally, he would want to be with Yuki longer since it is at the basketball club where they can always meet each other. Anyway, I think they’ll win for definitely, the climax will be a game against Misuzu. Scans by 红莲汉

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