January 28, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapters 8-9]

[Free talk: From now on, I've revised the summary format a bit by dividing a paragraph further into three. Hence, there won’t be a picture in every paragraph which is how I originally wanted it to be. I did this because I realized that it is a bit hard to read on a smartphone. 25% of the readers are on Android but it didn’t specify tablet or phone. ^^;

Honestly, this is a bit troublesome since I tend to divide paragraphs equally after summarizing it in one huge paragraph. ^^; <- it takes time. So, this is the best compromise for me. =P Hope it helps a bit. ^^]

Six years later- 30AD at Nagnang [诺瑯] Ferry Crossing, everyone is busy trading at the market. A man asks Spiky if he has seen those. “Those are things sent over from Han. Weapons, wares, and jewels to be used for ornaments [/accessories]. Even still, there are spices and ingredients for medicine. Those will give Nakrang wealth.”

Spiky says that at the rear, it is the Han while in front, it is the Malgal clan. “Although, a misfortune has not yet happened.” The man says no, the state of the world already had a big change and for them merchants, it is essential. “A big part of those goods will be given to the Third Prince.” Spiky asks what, it isn’t the Eldest Prince. While some women are praying to the shaman below, the merchant says that the progress of the situation would always have not changed but this change is merely because of a banquet. “It’s really miraculous, right?”

Spiky asks, banquet? The merchant says that it is only because of a glimpse of the day [/sky] flower that will bloom only during the Lantern Festival. “The ‘moonlight banquet’ is the day when a Nakrang male will offer a glimpse of the princess’ appearance and they will offer property [as payment?]” Then, Spiky shouts for a crow not to stay on his head. [<- probably thought his hair is a nest or something =P]
Somewhere else, a cup was thrown. A man kneeling next to someone wounded, calls out for Choedal [First Prince], to please calm down. Choedal tells him to shut up for this man made a mistake yet he’ll dare to quibble. The man whose left eye is bleeding tells Choedal to please allow him to inform him the truth. “Most of the Han’s goods are dedicated to the Third Prince.

In order to participate in the banquet, the nobles purchased a lot of the goods and dedicated everything to the Third Prince.. The little people [/of low social status] searched for the remaining half to be sold but it is still a lot inferior [/not as profitable] as before.” Choedal angrily shouts who is it who’ll dare to change his things! “Just for them to go to the banquet, they’ll dare to fool me!!” After a pause, still holding his bleeding eye, the man tells him that it isn’t simply because of the princess.

The other man calls him Jimgeumgong [真金工] not to say it.. Jimgeumgong tells furious Choedal that before, there are a lot of nobles who resent him for suddenly acquiring huge profits. “Each time your Highness establishes a new warehouse, it sways the people’s sentiments. I earnestly request you to look around your surroundings, Your Highness. All is lost, the Third prince’s power has already emerged.”
At some other place, a couple of women are helping Choegeum dress up. He glances at the side and says that her complexion is so awful and is she still angry. This made Saga flustered. He asks if not, then, she doesn’t want to go to the banquet again, and want to cause trouble. Saga says no..it isn’t so, brother, there is no such thing.

Choegeum says that it is because of her that the wet nurse has been driven out, and it is because she won’t listen to what he says. Holding out his hand to her, Choegeum says, “Remember this, youngest. I can take away your everything. If you want to protect, then be good and do things in accordance to what I say. Come over here.” As Saga takes his hand, Choegeum tell her to go and welcome the guests who came for her.

In a hall, a man beats small drum and it is announced that the princess has arrived. Some men approach Saga and offer to fill a cup [of wine] for her. There are those who wish the gods will bless and protect her and for her to enjoy boundless longevity. A plump rich man comments that she is really an exceptionally beautiful woman as the rumors say, and if she isn’t the princess, he would have paid how many silver taels [currency] to take her away with him. “Ah, too bad. Too bad.”
A couple of drunken men are shouting that the flower has opened and the fragrance filled up the room! “Even if she hasn’t been held in one’s embrace, my body is already feverish. Today, let’s be intoxicated by the starry night’s fragrance! Ah ha ha ha~” Then, they start to shout, princess chant us a song! They tell her that for the praises they told her today, please offer a song for the little people.

After looking surprised, Saga smiles. The musicians start to play. Saga sings and dances for the infatuated drunk men. Later on, Saga returns to her quarters. She notices a couple of maids looking for something. She shouts what are they doing and didn’t she say that they are not to touch anything here! The two maids are surprised. One of the maids says that lately, her underwear and quilt cannot be found so they came over to search for it.

Saga shouts why they would come here to look for it! “If it cannot be found then isn’t it better for you people to treat it as being stolen by some thief. *the maids look at each other* What?!” The servant says that is very strange for who among them would steal the princess’ underwear and it is impossible for Saga herself to hide them.. “What’s more, everyone is anticipating the princess becoming an adult..and you are almost of age.”
Trembling and looking aghast, Saga tells them to go out..all of them to go out..immediately.. “Quickly get out!!” After the two maids left, Saga is teary-eyed and her hands are shaking. Then, there is a ‘ta ta ta’ sound outside. Saga opens the door and sees Mino. On the verge of tears, Saga quickly goes to embrace him. She tearfully asks why he came only now and why doesn’t he come everyday!

“Why.. why.. You’re so mean! Knowing that I’m all alone, how come you didn’t come.. It’s so bad. Mino, you.. really.. hu hu hu..” Mino tries to comfort sobbing Saga. Later on, Saga tells Mino that the wet nurse was driven away and she is to blame because she said that she hated going to the banquet.. “right now..there is truly no close family at my side. Everyone is brother’s people. The maids are also keeping a close watch on me. They won’t listen to me...

...At the banquet, I’m also just a plaything that is being admired. The young or possibly the older men would only just lewdly laugh as they peep at my body. Even if they won’t touch me as they wish, but I also felt that I’m completely naked. How disgusting. My mood is really bad and it’s really painful to endure. I.. when will this kind of life end. Now, I cannot refuse anything that I do not want to do. If I rebel, brother would perhaps not allow you to see me again. *looks at Mino* I only have you so come and see me often, okay. If you are busy, it is also okay to see me on the side, okay?”
Mino smiles and says okay, he’ll come often. “Princess, you are not alone so take courage.” Saga smiles and says, yes. Later on, at some dark room, Cheongye stares at a man who says that he told her to watch outside so how come she came in. Cheongye says that it is already enough, go take some rest for a while. The man asks if this person is really an idiot, he obviously knew that he’ll become like this if he goes to see the princess yet why would he still go. “It has been a few years already. How troublesome.”

The man is holding a whip. With a bare and wounded back, Mino is supporting himself on some fence. Kneeling down to Mino, Cheongye says that he is an idiot. “Idiot, fool, stupid. Your infatuation really makes one shiver in fright. *Mino glances at her as she tells the man* You go ahead, I’ll deal with the aftermath.” After the man left, Cheongye says that if she [princess] knew, she’ll be very happy. <-being sarcastic.

Carrying a small bowl and a cloth in it, Cheongye tells him not to move and don’t say nonsense things. “Apply some medicine. Or else, you’ll get sick just like before. *Mino stares at her* Don’t worry. This is a debt, afterwards, I’ll make you return it. *applies the medicine on his back* There is no longer any part of your back that is in good condition. It makes you know how stupid you are...
...It is basically not required for the princess to save your life. ..really like a fool. Forget it, I also don’t have the right to say those things.” Later on, Cheongye has bandaged Mino’s wounded back. Mino is surprised when she is hugging him from behind. Cheongye says that it’s so warm. “I.. Today, I had once again went to the Third Prince’s place...

...So, just like your back, my heart would also seem to combust. I’m always restraining the urge to kill him. Should I stab him on the neck while he is sleeping soundly.. But I cannot do that for it will destroy my plan. I have to restrain myself even if I’ll be considered a fool.. just like that.. until everything is arranged in order [/intact], I’ll make him taste everything I had gone through.”

Later on, the two head out of the hut. Cheongye tells Mino, okay, let’s go back. A woman saw them and mutters that the two of them again.. At Saga’s quarters, one of the two maids congratulates Saga. While holding a bloodied cloth, the maid says that the prince will also be very happy and they should go prepare the coming of age ceremony. Saga looks flustered and nervous.
Beneath the starry sky, Saga sees her sister Nan with a man. She is holding a baby. Nan calls out to Saga, her beautiful princess. “Are you happy? Sister has already given birth to a baby. It’s the child of the person I love. Can you love the baby dearly? Our Saga has already grown up. You can be like sister and can already have a child.”

Teary-eyed Saga reaches to hold Nan’s hand and say, just like sister. She barely held Nan’s hand when Saga suddenly sees Nan hanging on the bed curtains. This frightened Saga that she tries to run away but someone grabs her. It is young Mino with half of his face bleeding [/decaying]. He asks her to save him. “It’s so cold.. didn’t you say that you’ll save me..quickly come and find me..”

Starting to cry, Saga asks him to let her go..please.. Then, Mino is swallowed up into a curly haired man. It is Choegeum who has tied up Saga with strings. He looks at her. Saga sees herself in his eye. Then, Saga wakes up from the nightmare. She sits up and finds her hand trembling. While she keeps on trembling, she starts to sob.
Later on, Mino looks happy over a cute hairpin that he is holding. He rushes to Saga. Mino asks Saga what had happened for her eyes are so red and didn’t she sleep well. Saga shakes her head. Mino slightly smiles. Holding up her face, Mino tells her that the thing about her had already spread within the palace.

“Congratulations... holding a coming of age ceremony.. so.. I brought a gift. *takes out the hairpin* even if it isn’t quite nice to look at..” Mino is startled when Saga asks why she brought him back. “That day.. if after sister had passed away, I didn’t run outside to see you. I won’t be like this. Got trapped in here. *Mino looks surprised* why did I do that. The situation totally didn’t turn out good...

...I’m still all alone. I can no longer do anything. If I haven’t met you, perhaps, I..” Mino tightly holds her sleeve. Mino apologizes to her for it is his fault. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to come and accompany you every day. Please do not get angry.” This puzzles Saga that she asks, what..? “Ah..I’m not angry..”
Mino tells her that until now, he is really thankful that she saved him. “That’s true. So, I should obey any request from your highness. From today on, I’ll definitely accompany you around. I guarantee it.” Then, Saga recalls her nightmare of bleeding young Mino asking her to save him and didn’t they agreed to.. She recalls her smiling brother that she suddenly pushes Mino away.

Falling on the ground with the hairpin, Mino looks surprised. Saga is trembling as she starts to cry. Mino calls out to her. Saga asks how he’ll do that.. “How are you going to accompany me around.. After the coming of age ceremony, I’ll definitely be married off.. It is like being put on sale to be sold off somewhere else...

...How are you going to accompany me at my side..? Everyday, I’m been waiting.. I don’t know when you’ll appear.. Everyday, I’ll come to this place.. This very small request, you weren’t even able to do.. What else can you do for me. (Obviously, this is more painful for me..) It’s okay.. You can go.. I already do not need anything.. (It is also fine even if I’m left all alone.)”
Saga quickly runs off as Mino tries to call out to her. She left Mino by the gate with the hairpin on the ground. Back at the hut, Cheongye asks why Mino is so stubborn. “If you continue on like this, you’ll really die. Quickly come over here and I’ll apply some medicine. *about to touch him* Mino.”

Mino holds his hand up to stop her from touching him. This made Cheongye scowl. She calls him a fool for she also cannot keep on watching this! “The princess always sees you as a slave. Do you know how outrageous is this of thing? Why do you continue on being a fool! No matter what is said, you are also a slave and there’ll be a day when you’ll be abandoned.”

This made Mino recall the past when young Saga told him that she’ll give him his freedom. “You are my only friend. My only delight. Afterwards, if I settle down and get married, you’ll also come together with me.” He remembers the current Saga turning away from him and saying that in the end, if she didn’t meet him, perhaps, she.. This made Mino cry.
At some forested area by the mountains, a couple of deer were grazing around when suddenly a wild boar came running out from the bushes. While the deer run off, a couple of men jump down from the trees. A horn is blown three times. On top of a tree, Jamalta and a youngster are waiting. Jamalta says that the horn has already been blown thrice so it will be here soon.

The youngster calls out to someone that it is angry as it is, so be quick. Then, the wild boar continues to run. The horn is blown twice. A cage made of branches is being readied. Jamalta can already see the wild boar. The youngster says that it’s really great, so run like that over here! And to their surprise, the boar trips on a piece of rock. The youngster shouts that it is a stupid pig. The boar stands up again after falling.

The youngster exclaims that it is no good, it is running the opposite way! He is going to call out to Jamalta but Jamalta had already jumped down. While sliding down, he suddenly comes out from the bushes and shouts loudly at the boar. The boar was so startled especially by Jamalta’s blue eye that it bumps into a fence.
It starts to run again but the youngster had already jumped down to lock it up in a cage. The youngster shouts that they captured it. He calls out to Jamalta and shouts, good work! Jamalta tells him to cover the lid well. Another person says that pig was really greatly startled and that is really a devilish eye. “In short, it’s thanks to you.”

Jamalta just nods and says ‘good job’. Holding a horn, the man says that Jamalta’s invention of using the horn sounds as signal is very useful whether in the battlefield or in hunting even if it wastes a bit of time. Patting away the dirt from his clothes, Jamalta says that it is because this time, they have to catch it alive. “We have to have a special way to make the trap.. If it is only hunting, then there’s no need to do the first half.”

The man asks if he’s going back. Jamalta says yes, he’ll go back and ask why they have to definitely catch it alive. The man is puzzled for who is he going to ask. Scowling Jamalta approaches smiling Machanyuta, who has a woman on his lap. Machanyuta asks why he is glaring again and when would he be able to come over with a smile. “My subordinate whom I’m intensely proud of.” Suria comments that Jamalta had come.
Comment: Well, this starts a new arc after the introduction. Things are still dire as before. Cheoegeum has indeed benefitted from Choena’s murder. Currently, he has more power than Choedal. It doesn’t help that Choedal is too rigid and strict whereas Choegeum knows how to flatter and give what other people want to get what he wanted. I do wonder why that servant is given a name. Will he be important later on?

Since Choedal couldn’t even do anything about what Choegeum has been doing, what more Saga? I’m actually glad that the wet nurse wasn’t ordered killed over what had happened before. Perhaps, Chogeum kept her around and plan to use her as a pawn later on for Saga. And, that is what I think had happened during the banquet to make Saga do what he wanted.

Even if Saga is very disgusted with these drunk and lewd men, she somehow managed to hide it and seem to have a nice time dancing and smiling for them. I would think that she decided to do that or else, the men would be angry at Choegeum if the princess isn’t cooperating. He’ll definitely ‘punish’ her for it. And, Saga knows too well what he did to Nan for punishment.

I’m not sure what to think about the missing underwear but I guess that Saga was indeed keeping them since she wants to avoid the coming of age ceremony. Just like the wet nurse, it seems that Mino is kept alive to control Saga. Mino is Saga’s comfort but after discovering that she is of age and that nightmare, it seems that Saga has lost hope. She had also succumbed to the fear that she’ll end up like her sister.

Even if it is sad that she treated Mino like that and I would want her to be a stronger heroine, I think it is understandable in that kind of situation. She would want to rebel but the consequences will cost her more. It seems that Saga has somewhat grudging accepted her fate that she wishes that she had done things differently. Poor Mino. He is being whipped every time he sees Saga. Perhaps, he could have told her but I guess he doesn’t want her to worry about him.

It seems that he and Saga only has a friendship thing going. Well, there is Cheongye who obviously care for Mino. I’m not sure if that it is a romantic thing but still, it is something. Apparently, she also has a plot for revenge. I’m not sure how she is going to make Choegeum suffer like how she did since he obviously do not care of any of his family like she does. But wanting to stab him on the neck, did she get that idea from learning about Choena’s murder?

I wonder if something bad going to happen to them soon since that maid saw them together. Anyway, the last part is about Jamalta and his group hunting. Is that live boar going to be a gift for the ceremony? It is established again that Jamalta is quite clever to make up strategies to make things easier for them. That might be useful later on if Jamalta can change his fate. Scans by 水神汉化组

Quote of the day:
Feeling hopeless and full of despair is just a slower way of being dead. ~ ditto


  1. The story is getting more and more intetesting. Poor mino i hope he doesnt leave her.i think this manga is going to be a bit of a thriller,gore ��
    The genres of this manga kat????

    1. And your quote of the day completely fits saga��

    2. Yup, spears ^^

      Ya..in a way, currently, they need each other.

      Hm..maybe historical-tragedy-romance? Based on the Chinese readers' comments, it seems to be loosely based on a Korean legend, 'Prince Hodong and the Princess of Nakrang' which is something of a Romeo and Juliet.

    3. Yup..that was the intention ^^

    4. Romeo and juliet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooo i dont want an end like that..... It should be a happy end.i am no good with tragedy stories.��

    5. Ya, I know. When I learned it, I thought uh-oh.

  2. Read the legend.in that king chioree kills his own daughter.and there was a drum too.its not been mentioned in th story till now right?
    Guess this manga will have a tragedy end.:( :(

    1. Yup, spears. There is even no prince lover, but they are potential 'slaves'..either Jamalta or Mino.

      There was a korean drama based on this one, too. They made the drum into a person but the ending is also a tragedy. ^^;

      I'm just hoping that since this is a manga, and everything is already dark and tragic..hopefully, it will have a happy ending. <- wishful thinking.

    2. what is the Korean drama's name that has this similar story line?

    3. Princess Ja-Myung or Ja Myung Go

    4. snowflake, it is as anonymous mentioned.

  3. Maybe it won't have a tragic ending? Didn't the prologue have some kind of chant the princess could say to protect one person she loves? Also, I thought Jamalta's fortune told wasn't all that bad? Maybe just wishful thinking on my end?? Can't wait to see how Jamalta & Saga will meet again

    1. Ya, I'm also hoping for that, Heyayanami.

      Yup ^^

  4. No one comments on the grown-up Machanyuta? Guess i will be the first then :p. That guy is still as lustful as ever. But damn, he looks so much ho... he looks a little better now, didnt expect him to grow that much though. He gives off a little bit more powerful vibe now. But do the men in that tribe have to wear clothes like that? My eyes are bleeding from seeing too much naked bodies T_T
    ...jokes aside, now i get (somewhat of) a picture where this story is going. After reading the previous chapter i got confused about those contries and how they are related politically with each other. Previously thought this story plays in a fictional world (never heard of Nakrang and Beak before), but then Goryo and Han Dynasty were mentioned and now after reading the legend and a lil research i got cleared up.
    But that makes the guess about Mino being a prince from the north valid then, only that now he is a prince from goguryeo and not from some extincted tribe. Because Goguryeo lied in the north where north korea is now, and Nakrang lied somewhere in the south, right? And Mino also comes from the north... hmm yeah i will see how it turns out!
    Those two look good together already.
    About the revenge, maybe she plans to ride him off of his dream and wealth? And also public humiliation? Not sure how she would do it though... whatever it is, ill just cheer her on! Cause i like recenge theme, revenge is sweet, kekeke...

    And thanks for the chap kat

    1. Hehe, yup, aster. Apparently so..they seem to be a bit more primitive..or it is hard to move if there are too many clothes =P

      I thought so, too, at first.

      Cannot say, it might be somewhere nearby but not really down south. If it is at the north, too, I would assume perhaps, the place that Saga and Mino are referring to is Russia which might explain Mino's physical appearance. Or perhaps, one of Mino's parents are from that place.

      Hm..she is? Cheongye? For now, Saga doesn't seem inclined to do it.