January 23, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 58]

Episode 58 – closer [part 2 of 3]. While Junko and Momoe head towards the staff room, they hear someone crying loudly. Junko comments that is quite scary and too pitiful.. Masako apologizes to them for they have no way of going in to change clothes here. She tells them that the others wanted to quickly go home so they are consoling her but it seems that she has opened something power switch that won’t stop. Ishii, the engaged staff member, is crying over her wedding dress and hotel where the wedding will be held had all fizzled out so this is simply unreasonable. Junko recognizes the woman as the one who provoked Masako to anger. Smiling Masako denies that she was provoked to anger. She acts sad about Ishii being really pitiful so she’ll also go and comfort her. Junko asks Momoe why Masako is so calm. “What’s up with Zexy? Did she already have a new boyfriend?” Flustered Momoe doesn’t know how to tell her and just tells Junko to directly confirm it from Masako. Junko thinks that after Masako had broken up with Satoshi, she totally doesn’t know about Masako’s love life. Masako tells crying Ichii to pull herself together. “Even if it is a bad thing but at least, Ishii is still young so this is a strong point! Please look ahead! The pain now is for next time’s more amazing encounter and this is a learning course!!”
Just when Ichii held Masako’s hand, everyone notices the huge gem on the ring that Masako is wearing on her ring finger. Momoe thinks that it is such a huge gem. While Masako acts embarrassed, Ichii asks if that is an engagement ring. Happily holding up her hand, Masako happily asks if she didn’t tell everyone. “Although the wedding date is still not yet discussed when it will be set BUT I ALREADY HAVE A MARRIAGE CONTRACT He said that I should at least wear the ring earlier! In the end, I’m going one step ahead so I’m really sorry, Ichii-san.” Junko looks surprised by that. At Lance’s bar, Junko is interrogating Masako if it is true that she is going to resign when she gets married. While Momoe is just quietly listening at the side, Masako says naturally and basically, she wanted to become a professional housewife. Junko exclaims in shock about it because of the current trend. [<- women are mostly working] She asks aren’t they going to work together, and does her fiancé earn that much money. “What kind of job is he doing?” Holding up her wine glass, Masako says ah, yes..one can say that he is relatively rich. Junko says is that so..but..doesn’t Masako think that it’s too early and isn’t she just 22 years old.
Junko asks isn’t it better for her to accumulate more life experiences or perhaps, skills at work. Masako replies that she had told her before that that her work is just ordinary work and she doesn’t quite like it. “As a woman, I have already accumulated quite a lot of that.” Momoe is shocked by that response. Masako tells them that speaking of experience, she actually wants to experience early being a mother. “I want to become a capable mother who has a lot of experience. That child..wrong, I want to give him a family.” Junko and Momoe are dazzled by Masako’s ‘holiness’ and is that a proper woman!? Then, someone says that having a family is not bad but right now, he only wants to live alone with her earlier. While putting his arm on Masako’s head, Renji smiles and says isn’t it so, he came to fetch her♪ Masako thinks that she told him to wait for her outside.. Junko reprimands Renji how can he enter a bar when he is a high schooler. “Besides, you and Yuki are always skipping classes and it is a huge waste of money!” While Masako puts her share for the drinks’ bill, Renji apologizes for there are all sort of things that had come to an end so next week, he’ll properly go to class so forgive him While following Renji who is heading out the door, Masako tells the two ‘good job’[/otsukaresama] and see you tomorrow.
After Junko looks shocked, she starts shaking Momoe but Momoe won’t say a thing. Junko goes out and shouts for Masako to wait, could it be that the one she is going to get married to, is their school’s student. “BESIDES THAT IT IS HACHIYA-KUN, HE IS STILL JUST A HIGH SCHOOLER!!” Shaking her hands, Masako tells Junko that she’s really annoying so she doesn’t want to tell Junko about it and obviously, it has nothing to do with you. “Didn’t you also go steady with a student!” Junko exclaims that even if it has nothing to do with her but a high school student is no good!! “I’m going steady with an adult! He is still a child! And he is still in growing stage that marriage is time wise way too early!” Renji tells the two to be calm down for a while. To his shock, Junko reprimands him that he is obviously a child yet he’ll interrupt!! Masako angrily shouts for Junko not to be like that and quit calling her boyfriend a child. Junko shouts that he is a child that she didn’t think that Masako would unexpectedly make a move on a high schooler~~ Putting his hand around Masako, Renji tells Junko but right now, he really wants to be always with Masako so they only have marriage as their chosen path. “Regarding growing up, with the two of us together, it should be no problem, right?” This made Masako blush.
Masako tells Junko that compared to her, Junko is always kept on saying work, work over and over again that she put off that issue about Takane for too long already. “If this keeps up, I won’t know who’ll come and steal Hoshikawa-san away--” With that, the two left. Junko angrily mutters why did the discussion suddenly became about her, that Zexy.. Then, someone says that talking about being stolen away, it would be better to say that he is imprisoned. “It is more correct to say that it is your mistake that he is punished.” Junko recognizes the voice as Amane which is the same with Takane yet it is absolutely not the same. Amane accuses Junko that her sin is really great because Takane’s training supposedly only have two months left yet right now, they added up another month. Junko says whether that is true or not, she won’t believe it just by listening to his side and by the way, how come he is here. “Are you stalking me? Or you’re investigating me?” Amane says, bingo! He admits that he got their temple’s young monks to go and investigate but he didn’t think that she’ll hastily leave his brother’s apartment and run to this kind of bar to live together at a male’s new [boarding] house. “It’s still really amazing. A devilish woman who baffled brother and causing him to fall.”
He cheekily suggests that they go in for a drink since it has been a long time since they saw each other. Junko refuses and tells him not to go in. “Even if I don’t believe but you said punished and fallen, what is that about?” She wonders what happened to Takane. Amane says that she’s really a cruel person because in any case, they were in the same bed together, having futon [mattress] friendship. Just then, Makoto sees them. Junko tells Amane to please don’t use that kind of wording for that time is just some fainting type of situation and she already said it, it is basically not counted. Amane asks does it matter for anyway, in any case, they also had an engagement type of relationship. Junko tells him that they don’t and that is only between him and Takane who casually make up that silly deal, that’s all. “I had already made a promise to be together with a man called Hoshikawa Takane.” Makoto decides to hide behind the corner and eavesdrop. While Junko is in fighting form, she asks what is it when Amane smiled. Amane tells her that Takane is punished because of her mistake. “He had cast away the training and ran to see you. Thus, he is loudly admonished and locked up. The donors had spread out the news of this incident that made grandmother furious. Right now, I’ll be the replacement for the successor of the throne...
...Brother is no longer that temple’s young abbot. *points at surprised Junko* It is because he encountered you, it made brother become a homeless monk and this is almost like being jobless. Let me say, what are you going to do?” At Kyoto, the other monks are getting ready for bed. At a room, the head tells Takane that this time, he can come back earlier and he doesn’t like Takane breaking the rules again. The head says that returning to the temple [in Tokyo] for a day is precisely right. “Regarding the problem about succeeding the temple, properly discuss it with the abbot and his wife.” Takane says yes, he understands. He thanks the head for his care. Takane thinks that his grandfather is going to admonish him or perhaps won’t even see his face but no matter what, in one night’s time, he cannot even see her for a while, all the more, touch each other..Junko-san. Back to Tokyo, Junko is in deep thought and asks if Amane is saying the truth and this degree of incident can cause one to be driven out of the temple..? Amane tells her that for their grandmother, this type of thing is that important. Junko nervously asks if Takane cannot become a monk and if he was driven out of the temple. Amane says that one can still be a monk as long as he is in the Sangha [Buddhist monastic order] registry...
...“He will just become hired wherein he’ll go if he was asked for. He’ll be a free-lance monk. Of course, compared to his current post of being a young abbot, that is the difference of cloud and mud. With a damaged ego, he’ll be like a walking dead. Do you want to face this kind of spiritless brother?” Junko says that for her, she doesn’t care where the temple is. Pointing at her again, Amane says that his brother is merely showing off on purpose but actually in his heart, he wanted to succeed his family’s temple for this is his dream since he was young. “If you are concerned about him, then, Junko-san, you come and make that wish come true. Break up with brother. You only have to be with me and perhaps, grandmother can forgive everything. You only have to tell brother that you think IT IS BETTER FOR YOU TO BE TOGETHER WITH ME. You already don’t need Hoshikawa Takane. Afterwards, I’ll think of a way for grandmother to take back what she said before. For example, I’ll say to let brother become the successor for basically I’m originally ordained to succeed some deep mountain type of temple. I’ll ask her to make brother succeed the other temple.” Junko asks him why would he, towards her.. Amane asks if he didn’t say it before, he wanted her from the start. Junko says that is impossible. “I understand what you said but let’s end it here. No matter what, this is my and Takane-san’s problem. Making me cry and beg you is impossible so go back.”
Inside the bar, Momoe wonders if Junko and Masako are still quarreling outside and should she go out and see? “But then, if the me, whose experience isn’t enough, were to go there and say something. Perhaps, it is basically of no help. Actually, right now, I really have an interest in that first date but I cannot just let go of the theme café. Can the me who has this kind of distress join them!? Naturally not!!” While wiping a glass, Lance tells Arthur that it seems that there is a struggle within Momoe. Arthur tells him that it’s okay for he can basically see through what she is distressing about. Glancing at Momoe, Arthur thinks, geez, what is she so perplexed about!! Then, three girls calls out to Arthur in English and then say in Japanese their apology for using Japanese in talking with him. They tell him that they’re always in this bar to see him and can they talk with him for a while, as well as have a drink with them. Arthur says that he can speak in Japanese. While the girls are all hearts, Arthur thinks, “Look, Momoe. This is a normal girl’s reaction.” And, his vein popped for Momoe is basically not even looking towards him. The girls are saying that they are students from a nearby women’s college and they had learned about him through hearsay.
Arthur is still thinking of Momoe who is unexpectedly weighing him and this game in a balance for a whole day. “Isn’t that simply unreasonable? Is that kind of thing worthy to be perplexed for!? Although, indeed, it seems that I’m the one who made a mistake from the start. That kind.. taking advantage of one’s first while half-asleep..basically, it isn’t what I had anticipated. So, I thought that next time, this Saturday, *imagines Momoe delighted over a lunch date overviewing some bridge* I’ll meticulously fix up a PERFECT FIRST DATE and re-do it one more time.” The girls tell Arthur that this Saturday, their club will have a barbecue party so they don’t know if he’s free to come. Arthur glumly looks at Momoe. Then, he goes to Momoe and asks if the three women’s meeting is already over. Thinking that he has seen it, Momoe says that for him to say that it is over, it is better to say that half-way.. Then, she exclaims for she felt that those girls at the side are viciously glaring at her, so what’s up with that. Sitting down, Arthur tells her to forget about that thing this Saturday and they’ll just do it some other day. “You want to go to that whatever café, right, then go.” Surprised Momoe goes ha. Arthur says that he isn’t like an adult for he is obviously knew that is her hobby yet he’ll still say that. While Momoe thinks that’s great..ah, she always felt that.., Momoe nervously smiles and says that it is alright, really. Arthur tells him that those girls invited him out this Saturday and he plans to join them. Momoe goes huh..?
Outside, Amane waves goodbye and says that he understands, so he won’t say anything more for today. “You just depend on that unyielding attitude of yours and properly do your best. Until we meet again.” After he left, Junko looks flustered and clenches her fist. Makoto comes out and says, Ah..good job..is it good for him to say it like that. Without facing him, Junko greets him back, good job..and if it is okay, please go in first for she is a bit.. and also, about today, really sorry about that for she troubled him in protecting her. Junko is already crying. Makoto says that he really doesn’t understand for just now, the person who drive away that man in a cool way is currently, unexpectedly crying at this kind of place..” Junko asks since when he started to listen on that. “It is because I’m very frustrated. It is because of my mistake that person’s.. succeed.. the dream to succeed the temple has become nothing. This is quite.. also quite.. But I only love him ordinarily that’s all.. how can..” Junko recalls over Masako saying that she wants to become a capable mother. Junko thinks that if she is a woman like Masako, if it is like that, then right now, she’ll be taught how to fold up kasaya [robes of monks], and as the madam of the temple, she’ll happily go into training. Patting her head, Makoto opens the door and tells her to first go in for a drink. “Let us discuss about the issue about my subordinate whom I had taken a fancy on.” Junko tells him that the current her doesn’t want to hear about that. Makoto says yes. Junko thinks then, that person won’t go on training, the two of them will be together, and just like Zexy and Renji, they are snuggling to each other very closely.
Comment: Being a friend, Junko and Momoe really contrast each other. Momoe is the type who’ll listen and will keep your secret. She didn’t say a word about it to Junko and Masako did mention that she didn’t want Junko to know about it. Junko is like an older sister who’ll reprimand Masako for what is right and wrong. Or, maybe it is because of the issue and she is a teacher? Anyway, Masako manages to get back at Ichii for she ends up being the one who’ll get married first...for now. At first, I thought that Ichii won’t get her dream wedding but from what Masako said, it seems that there is no wedding at all. ^^; Then, there is the contrast between Junko and Masako. Masako’s goal is to settle down, be a housewife and mother. Junko has a goal regarding her job and she would most likely want to keep working especially since she is good at it. She did realize that it can cause problems for Takane and their relationship. So, can she have both or will she sacrifice one and hopefully be happy about the decision later on? 

It is amazing that Junko can keep her composure and not punch Amane in the face or something like that. Well, that will be bad in the long run especially since Takane did that and ended up being punished for it. ^^; That is aside from the fact that Amane will possibly be her future brother-in-law. Amane is telling Junko half-truths but thanks to her pride, she won’t stoop down to beg for Amane’s help. After what happened the last time, Junko isn’t going to easily believe him or depend on him. Anyway, Junko is firm about Takane being the one for her and good thing that Amane had backed off. Though, I don’t think he’ll just leave the two be. Yet, somehow, it does seem that Amane isn’t that serious about causing trouble. Maybe something like wanting attention? I mean, because of Junko’s rebuff, he doesn’t seem too angry or anything. He seem to have the same reaction when he irked Takane. It seems like he is just trying to push their buttons and if it work, good, and if it didn’t, okay..go try a different one. Maybe it is also his way to get back at the others for the misery he suffered before by ‘shipping him to Kyoto’ and no one cared even if he doesn’t want to go. 

Something like, even if he does this and relationships are ruined, he has nothing to lose since they did ‘threw him away’. I’m not convinced that he really wanted to have Junko either. For Makoto to eavesdrop, it seems that he wants to know what’s happening with Junko. In a way, he might take advantage of the situation but seems to be restraining himself and act as a ‘friend’. Hm..that was Satoshi’s role before. As for Arthur, hehe, he really tends to misread Momoe. ^^; Even if she is also thinking about the theme café and the date, Momoe was currently thinking of going out or not to join the two women. He also failed in making Momoe jealous with the women around him because she isn’t even looking. Apparently, he really wanted to make up for that stolen kiss but of course, his timing is off. Just when Momoe is surprised that Arthur would change plans for her to go to the theme café, he would mention about going to a party with some other girls. Even if he probably wants to make Momoe jealous or something, that doesn’t exactly a good move for it would seem like he is some playboy when they are supposed to be going steady. And, Momoe is the ‘pure-type’ so that might not go well like what Arthur is aiming for. Apparently, he hasn’t learned yet that Momoe is different from the other women/his ex. ^^; Scans by 月球坑

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The fog will lift- it always has! ‘If we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance. Roman’s 8:25’ ~ ~ 101 mottos for success by J. Richards and M.S. Fontaine.


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