January 25, 2016

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 232]

Well, the English scanlation is out. Apparently, some parts of the spoilers were not spoilers but probably the writer’s comment ^^;;  Hehe, the snot part in the spoiler is in the Chinese scanlation ^^;;

Anyway, for my comments:
When I saw the colored page, yup, it is cool and I like the color scheme. Then, I saw 14 years..okay, so this series has been running for 14 years already? Wow...will it reach 20 years? =P
Based on Kanae’s reaction over Ren possibly knowing about what happened to Kyouko after possibly seeing that television broadcast, I’m amused that some Chinese readers are in agreement that Kanae is Ren’s rival. In a way, if it is so, Kanae can easily defeat Ren based on their previous encounter like Maria’s birthday, and how Kyouko is so fond of her that she’ll run towards her with open arms. So, time will tell if Ren’s next obstacle to Kyouko will be Kanae. Apparently, it is just a coincidental encounter that the two are in that place for some shooting I presume. That might be a set-up for the next chapter/arc. Hm..something like a love triangle or love polygon between Kyouko-Ren-Kanae-Hiou? Hehe, of course, that will lean more on comedy.

If it happens in the next chapter, the two will be going to check on Kyouko that night. Well, it is more possible with Ren since Kanae didn’t know that Kyouko went to see her mother but then, she probably doesn’t want to be ‘defeated’ by Ren so she’ll want to be there for Kyouko as soon as possible. Hm..I do wonder if Kanae is inclined to know or make it known if Ren does like Kyouko. About the talk regarding self-imposed rules, I think the only one rigid about rules is Ren but Kuon isn’t.  That is probably Kuon breaking that rule especially since it is about Kyouko. Of course, Ren probably just doesn’t want to make it seem to Yashiro that he did it especially for Kyouko. Even if it is obvious but somehow, Yashiro is buying that alibi. ^^;;

Kyouko took the news really well about Saena planning to abort her or even commit suicide to take her along with her. Kyouko had indeed thought of the worst possibilities. Or rather, based on what Saena told her, it is understandable given Saena’s mental state at that time. In a way, Saena seems to have brainwashed herself into what Kyouko symbolizes and that it is impossible for her to raise her. Well, she also has a ‘do not want to touch you’ thing going on. So, paying for Kyouko’s bills is not out of love but indeed, out of obligation. She still hasn’t changed how she thought about Kyouko until now.

Because of Kyouko running off with Shou, that might have reinforced the idea that Kyouko is indeed her ‘foolish’ past self. So, checking Kyouko on the internet is probably out of curiosity as to why she is wearing that pink Love Me jumpsuit? Well, being part of the ‘Love Me’ group does imply that one will do anything just for someone to ‘love me’. And, that is part of what Saena wanted to forget. I think aside from Kyouko reminding her of her past self, anything that reminds her of what happened would make her last out on Kyouko. She was okay with Misonoi so when she seems to stop Kyouko from cooking is, is it because it is food that Saena got careless in the last few days with him?

In a way, Kyouko is very lucky for there are many people who care for her even if her mother wasn’t able to give her the love she longed for. I guess Kyouko’s friends and Ren will also have to thank all of these people especially Ken. I would wonder how Kyouko and Ken will meet though. And perhaps, Shou’s parents will also show up by then. I think if they see Kyouko now, they won’t hinder Kyouko’s career and would want to wish her happiness, too. I don’t think they are in the position to dictate what she has to do like returning the favor or something especially because of what Shou did.

Even if he is a crocodile-faced, Ken is really an amazing person. It makes me realize why he is in the television and he seems to be popular. It is because of his empathy and his want to help those who are in trouble. If Saena was the regular host of that show, there will be no guests who are willing to ‘talk about their legal personal problems’ since they’ll only be advised coldly.  That is also why I think Ken knew what would give Saena her will to live again which evidently saved Kyouko’s life. <- I assumed he mentioned it so that Saena will quit wanting to commit suicide. And, he even thought of how Kyouko will be taken care of and that is by asking his sister who was willing to help them out.

In conclusion, it seems that Kyouko will not give up on getting Saena to love her. In a way, it is forgivable and understandable for in the long run, Kyouko is glad that she is alive, and everything that had happened taught her an important lesson which made her into a better, confident Kyouko who learned to treasure herself yet still not be so bitter that she can let herself fall in love again and find her own happiness + be recognize for her works that she love doing. Of course, it includes understanding her mother and probably, having a better relationship with her.

Perhaps, it can be done by living a life that is different from what Saena had viewed her to be which is, a failure/shame, etc. Have a successful career and of course, a ‘happily-ever-after’ love life. ^^ Now, if there is one thing that Kyouko can learn from Saena’s experience which she can apply in her life, that is probably to at least know the real name of the one you are in love with. Okay, that  means investigating Ren. Toudou is already established as someone who is concerned about Kyouko’s suspicious activity, and he can be good in investigating. He might help move things along in that area. With her ‘family’ coming into the story and they would want to know what’s currently going on with her life after Shou left her. So, hopefully, in the next arc, it will lean towards knowing Ren’s real identity. <- wishful thinking. ^^;


  1. FINALLY. I think this is going to mark the end of the major arcs in the series and the only thing that's stopping Ren and Kyoko is each other. Once Kyoko finds out who Ren is (KUONNNNNN/CORN), they will hopefully accept each other without all unnecessary bs because I waited 9 years for this. Hhahahah. I'm worried that the moment when they get together won't meet my expectations because I think as fans, we've invested alot into the development of their relationship and a mere cliché will not do it for me. Also, with Saena's chapter somewhat coming to an end, I foresee Skip Beat coming to an end in the next 2-3 years with no more huge arcs to work with. I don't want it to end because it's been such a big chapter of my life but at the same time, I really want to see a blissful ending. AHHH ALL THE FEELS

    1. Yup, farhana...hopefully so. If there are unnecessary stuff...ah, it will be a long wait for that to happen.

      Well, hopefully the mangaka pulls it off without any typical cliche ^^

      Hm..if you think everything can be wrapped up in 2-3 arcs. I observed that an arc usually takes a year.

  2. Kat, thank you very much for your comments, I believe this is the first time the English scanlation is out first but nonetheless as soon as I read it I started revisiting your site to know what you are thinking about this development. :) I have been following your blog for a few years now and it seems I got so accustomed to comparing my own thoughts to yours that the order became irrelevant. So once more - thanks for sharing. :)

    This is my first comment, btw, the empty field felt this much tempting this time that I could not resist. :P

    And as for the chapter itself I have two main thoughts after reading it. First - it is amazing how far Kyouko has gone from this insecure and easily getting depressed girl we met, well, 14 years ago... -_-; She took all the news so calmly. No judging, no grudge, just attempt to understand although it was her mother that was her very first source of pain. Just - wow. Tell me about maturing... And second thought - it feels so unfair that in fact Saena's treating Kyouko as she did was a result of merely her projecting of all the bad feelings against herself upon Kyouko. As if her daughter was not a human being but a tool to clean herself from all unbearable emotions, the guilt and the shame. This is exactly an opposite attitude to facing problems than Kyouko is presenting right now - immature and completely selfish. I understand the depression. The thoughts about abortion, even attempted suicide. But I just can't understand that during the time Saena had the opportunity to see Kyouko as separate being, a child full of promises, a child so sweet, honest and so easy to love, a chance to reconcile with her difficult past and start anew, and yet she did not attempt this even once. All she saw during all those years was a projection of her own failure. For me, this is much greater failure on her part - as a human being, not merely a lawyer. She might have moved forward with her life understood as professional life, but otherwise she still hasn't freed herself from what happened with Misonoi. And hasn't actually faced her mistakes in any other way that escaping them and their results. Is this Kyouko's role to make her see that? We'll see.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ Hm...not really. There was a time when English scanlations come out first.


      Indeed. That's right, but I would think that perhaps, Saena is one of those people who'll think of things negatively hence her reaction and perception towards Kyouko. Hopefully so since Kyouko is currently moving on from what had happened to her. She have a more positive view. Can we say that Lory's 'love me' project did help her? ^^

  3. I'm so happy this arc is ending (or ended). I just hope the next arc focuses more on Ren and Kyoko's relationship. I hope Kanae finds out Ren's feelings for her and encourages him to go after her. Because from what I remember Shou's deal with Kyoko was for her not to fall in love with him and not the other way around. I'm still hooked with the idea that Reino will be the one to tell her about his past simply because he is the only one that has been honest to her since the first time they met. However, I have no idea how this manga will end. The mangaka always surprises us.

    1. Wow that's an interesting idea, about Reino telling Kyoko. It somehow appeals more to me than Ren telling her himself. :O

    2. Hopefully so, Diana ^-^

      True. But then, Shou's deal ensures that Kyouko won't have anything to do with Ren. Shou already knows of Ren's feelings for Kyouko.

      Hm..it might be a bit problematic if Reino told her. I mean, after he told her, how would she react? She might not believe him after what he told her about Corn. So, she'll confront Ren about it? Will she? I don't think he'll risk casually telling it to her or else, Ren/Kuon might beat him to a pulp or something. But, if it happens, it will be interesting how it will turn out. ^^

      True ^^

  4. I'm pretty satisfied with this chapter. I was a little disappointed with the last one (since it happened pretty much as everyone expected, which is unusual for the mangaka). This chapter connects why Saena hates Kyouko so badly even though she didn't hate the guy. It's totally understandable that she would be so upset about a pregnancy reminding her of the whole horrible situation that resulted from her mistakes. I can kind of understand that she seemed to only see her own bad qualities in her daughter as she aged. But, I think it's immature of her to still venomously hate Kyouko after 17 years. To not see her as a separate person who has her own good and bad qualities rather than just as an entity of her own mistakes.

    I think more than just deciding to make her mom like her, Kyouko is also making that resolution in order to show Saena that her "mistake" has grown into something more than that, so that the mom can be more at peace somewhat. I don't know if they can ever have a nice mom/daughter relationship, that's totally up to Saena getting over the past and accepting what they have both become. Seems like Kyouko forgives/accepts her mom's actions based on all she has learned.

    You're right, Kyouko was so fortunate to have so many people caring for her.

    1. Well, squeaker, sometimes, the mangaka does go with what everyone had expected. ^^

      True. It does seem that she is stuck with her perception of young Kyouko. In a way, perhaps, it is because she never saw Kyouko grow up and mature until recently. I'm not sure how much updates she gets from Shou's mother regarding Kyouko but learning about running off with Shou would probably cement her perception that Kyouko is her 'bad past self'. And, she continues to have that perception until they finally talked with each other.

      So, yes, how things will turn out from here will depend on how Saena would react to Kyouko's positive attitude regarding what had happened in the past. If we are to think of Saena as one of Kyouko's former antagonists, I think that will happen. Saena will become a better person from here on. And, perhaps, a slightly better relationship.

      Yup ^^

  5. Somehow I don't see this ending in the next 2-3 years, since Kyouko still needs to grow as an actress. Also it be nice if we have a portion of the manga that's after they get together, with Kyouko acting against Ren.

    1. If those are going to be satisfyingly portrayed, yup, it might not end in the next 2-3 years. So, how about 5-6 years? ^^

  6. Thanks for posting, Kat!

    At least now we know that Saena kind of had a good reason but her to act like this for YEARS against her own daughter is a shame. She keeps running away and this is the opposite of the iron will or whatever she is known for. She may work hard but that's only because she refuses to face her personal demons. I understand that it's hard since I have my personal problems as well and hers is much bigger by comparison however she never even tried. Her self-loathing isn't helping anyone, not even herself. Kyoko is the opposite. This is the second time that Nakamura-sensei showed us. Saena may think that Kyoko IS her past self but so far we were showed the differences. Kyoko hates Sho for what he'd done. Saena hates herself instead of Misonoi. Kyoko is willing to move on. Saena is not. Even though Kyoko's issue was smaller than Saena's their personalities aren't as alike as Saena made herself believe. Knowing Kyoko this is one of her biggest obstacles. Getting her mother to look at her, to love her. And in order to do that, she has to make Saena move away from the past.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^


      In a way, it is an interesting contrast. Saena is suppose to be strong and everything but after what happened, she fell apart. Whereas Kyouko who was weak and everything but after what happened, she became stronger. Yet, I guess it is because Saena lost 'everything' whereas Kyouko has 'everything' to gain.

  7. Well, it is out in the end quite early. Thanks for your comments!

    I do not see the future so brigth, because Kyoko is in love with a man, who basically does not exist. Using a fake name - althought it is a stage name, but fake. And from a point of view, Kuon is also doesn't exist, he is not a fairy, after all... And this time Kyoko's love is a deep, mature love, not a childish one, as having with Sho. I am worrying. But Kyoko is a strong girl, so this gives some hope.

    Kanae in love with Ren? If Kyoko learns about it - maybe from Hiou - she will withdraw for her friend, and rejects Ren. Probably those two will meet to talk about Kyoko, and Kyoko will misunderstand that meeting.

    Kanae being in love with Kyoko? Doubt that, but Kyoko is a very important person for her, close to the best friend, which she doesn't want to accept. But she is jealous, and keep this friendship dear. Very dear. But not that love Kyoko feels for Ren. Do you know who would be the best pair for her? Rory's son, Kouki. They both have families with problems, so they would understood each other feelings easily. If Kouki would be Kyoko's new manager (as a regard of his daugther's open up), they will meet a lot, and being abandoned by Maria and Kyoko.

    Well, Maria and Hiou being jealous together for the Ren-Kyoko couple: the stage is set. I can't stand waiting for the new chapters!

    1. Thanks for reading, Judit ^-^

      True. Well, at least for Kyouko, she knows that it is a fake name.

      Well, that is Hiou's misunderstanding. It might lead to that = based on the commercial they did before for a softdrink. But I hope not since it will drag things further rather than progressing the plot.

      Hehe..not really a 'love rival' but more of an overjealous friend who want to keep her friend to herself. There are some stories like that though I'm not sure how far Kanae will try to obstruct them.

      Kouki..as in Maria's father? I cannot quite imagine it. It would be a nice plot..but probably for a different series. So far, I think the pairing will be with Hiou.

      I would think Maria will be jealous but I think she'll easily accept it since it is Kyouko.

      Yup, let's see what will happen next ^^

  8. Well. I like to see this. Anyway, things had changed since the time Saenna was young and wanted to conquer the world. And things had changed even since Saenna was desperate and wanted to kill herself and her child.
    She now can even be sorry that she never has had any family life at all, and she could start to appreciate that she has a daughter, a beautiful one, who found her place in the world. And as Kyoko still is in the sensitive age, she may welcome the change for real. Today they meet as two adult women, Kyoko maybe more naive, but even so more adult than her mother.

    1. Is that so, ebzenka.

      Perhaps, it is a possibility from here on.

  9. Thanks a lot Kat!

    It is a very fine nice summary :-)