January 18, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapters 4-7]

A couple of guards are making their rounds. Guard 1 comments that it feels that today is particularly cold at the palace. Guard 2 says that he heard that the funeral will continue until very late at night. Guard 1 says that he also heard that everyone went to watch it. He says that even though the king ignores this thing this time around but for the people in the palace to go there, it is unacceptable, right.

Guard 2 says, or they just want to goof off and are not afraid of being punished. Guard 1 says that Guard 2 already knows that, and he’ll see him again later on. In Saga’s bedroom, Mino tries to wake up Saga but she is sound asleep. His stomach is rumbling. He looks at the wet nurse at the side and she is also sound asleep. Mino looks at the empty bowl and tries to wake Saga up to no avail.

Unable to endure his hunger, he goes out of Saga’s room and walks around. In one of the houses, he finds Cheongye crying. She is puzzled to see him. Mino spots some food beside Cheongye so he quickly starts to devour the food. Cheongye asks who he is and from where did he come from. “You’re a ghost, right? In such a dark place, you look so white. It’s so strange. Could it be that you came to arrest me? *Mino just looks at her*...

...No matter what, I’ll be dead. Yes..it is impossible for the prince to let me off. I..don’t know..what is the best thing to do.. It’s so strange. Could it be that I’m having a nightmare? In an instant, the whole clan is dead.. Even my young younger brother.. Why. How come they were easily died.. *crying and trembling* Why did god abandoned us? Why. Why..
...Why did I become all alone. *scenes of people being burned to death, and stabbed while Choegeum watch* I have lied. I’m so afraid that I have no choice but to tell a lie..” Flashback: Cheongeum looked at Cheongye and said that she’s so cute and she’ll definitely become a beauty when she grows up. “Are you an offspring of the Geolji family?”

Cheongye looked at him and said, “No.. I’m a slave..” End flashback. Hugging herself while continue to tremble and cry, Cheongye cries what should she do and what will happen to her..it hurts..it hurts..*whimpers*.. Mino touches her shoulder and wipes her tears. Meanwhile, Machanyuta and Jamalta had already joined the people in the funeral. Jamalta explains that offering on top of the stone [altar] is to repay the favor to the deceased while they were still living.

“Gathering to eat, drink and be merry [play around] is for the dead not to feel lonely.” Machanyuta says that it is simply a celebration. Jamalta says that even if they’ll separate forever [in life and death], but the people think that it is a happy occasion that they’re going back to one’s original residence. Machanyuta asks about this original residence.

Jamalta tells him that it refers to heaven. Just like in Korean Goryeo and Fuyu [<- some ancient kingdoms], they believe that they are heaven’s offspring. Machanyuta exclaims that it is really silly and in short, he knows why the king ignore it this time. “Whether it is to offer sacrifices or a funeral, it is just for people to gather, and eat, drink and be merry...
...In short, they are already hit by the big stick so now, they should be given a carrot, right? Thanks to that, I can also eat a meal! Hihi, what should I eat first.” Jamalta looks at him and sighs. Machanyuta says that’s right, he heard that Jamalta’s mother is from the clan of Han so what kind of funeral do they hold. Scowling Jamalta asks why he always bring up that issue when right now, he is a Malgal so it isn’t necessary to look into his family background.

Machanyuta says that’s really funny for if there is an opportunity, he would want to escape somewhere. “You don’t have friends, won’t touch a woman and isn’t into flattering your master. Are you afraid of being tied down, idiot? [/have bonds with someone] Or, you are thinking of returning to your father’s side? *Jamalta looks surprised* Okay, in short, you properly remember this. Even if I got rid of your status of being a slave but I haven’t given you your freedom...

...*asks a woman to give him a bowl of food* You are to absolutely obey orders and all the more, you are not allowed to betray me. If you were to run away, I’m going to catch you and bring you back then simply put you to death.” Jamalta looks serious over that.

In the tent, while Spiky waits outside, masked person tells Choegeum that he even disguised himself to risk coming here, and no matter what, she thanks him for allowing her to hold this funeral. Holding the masked person’s hand, Choegeum says that it seems that she doesn’t hate him for the women who hate him will emit this sweet fragrance.
Masked person asks if this is why he torments people. Choegeum says that it is just that the more hatred there is, the fragrance will become stronger and afterwards, that fragrance will be able to further suppress his illness. Masked person says that his illness didn’t improve. Choegeum says then, there will be more people who’ll be killed unjustly.

“Even if you don’t hate me but I can feel you blaming me but didn’t you also know? Look at the wolf in the mountains. It is hungry so it hunts and in order to live on, it kills other animals. It is no different with me. Death makes me feel at ease. The embrace of a woman filled with extreme poison is my sole refuge. I also hunt in order to live on. Nan.. my cute younger sister.. When she was driven away, I had told her, if the one in her belly is a child of Geolji, then I’ll help them get married. Women are really so easy to deceive. And the fragrance also became strong.”

The masked person tells him that no matter how he struggled, he will die. This made Choegeum unsheathe his sword but the eye patch bald guy stops him from killing the masked person. They were interrupted by someone telling Choegeum that he can understand his feelings. “Being in front of the shaman [/witch/medium], you’ll become jittery because of some strange words.”

It turns out to be Machanyuta. Machanyuta is holding Spiky who cannot stop him from entering since him is too strong. While Jamalta is surprised to see Choegeum, Machanyuta continues to say, “But, if you were to harm them [shamans], one will die miserably...
...For example, after my fourth brother died, it seems like he ate a frog. I’m really thankful to you for it seems that I can anticipate a good answer, right? *to the shaman* Hello, I heard from Takrae [托莱; don’t know who this is ^^;] that there will be a funeral for those who were abandoned so I knew that you’ll come.” The shaman sighs and says, yes, yes..

Sheathing back his sword, Choegeum says that he is only substituting the king in coming to express one’s gratitude to the head of the one offering sacrifices. “It is really unexpected for the Malgals to come here.” Machanyuta comments that is really a cruel gratitude. [<- trying to kill the shaman] Heading out of the tent, Choegeum says that it seems that he cannot sit down for a long talk so he’ll go ahead first.

Machanyuta smiles and says, “I don’t have the talent to play with words or mind read others so I’ll directly tell you. No, perhaps, say a very urgent proposal. *Jamalta looks surprised* Let me see the king, prince. Relatively, I’ll give you anything that you wish for.” Choegeum turns to him and asks, “Anything? Do you know what I wish for?”

Machanyuta replies, “Isn’t it obvious as to what is the thing that a king’s son wishes for? No matter what is it, I’ll help you do it, to make you king.” Choegeum slightly smiles as he leaves. Machanyuta glances at him and the shaman just watches. Later on, the people are shouting to make the souls go up and illuminate as they lead them to heaven’s path. Waving to the altar where there are lights, the people calls out for them to fly and look, they are flying up to their original residence so do not worry about things here, and return to the sky.
Everyone, together with the shaman, Spiky, Machanyuta and Jamalta look on as small lights fly up the sky. Cheongye continues to cry in the room. Mino goes back to bed where Saga is still sound sleep. The next day, Jamalta is pouring water on to himself outside. Suria calls out to him and asks what happened that he is taking a bath so early in the morning. Also taking a bath, Machanyuta tells Suria not to mind Jamalta for that guy heard a disastrous fortune, hi hi.

After yawning, Suria asks fortune, did they had fun somewhere at midnight. Machanyuta says that’s right. Suria asks Jamalta asks what was told of him and didn’t he hate fortunes. To Suria’s surprise, Jamalta angrily tosses the bucket. Machanyuta keeps on giggle to himself. Flashback: The shaman asked, “You have already met?” Jamalta asked what she meant.

The shaman said, “Ah, ah..you had already met. That child..ah ah. Even if life has so many regretful things but looking at you, who is like raging igniting spark, makes one feel at ease. Listen up, blue-eyed. You will fall in love and she will drive you crazy. Make you so crazy that it will lead you to ruin. But, you also need not worry because this is both change and also your new life. Go love as much as you want. That child..that girl will become your life’s gem.”

Jamalta asked, what..who are you talking about! While Spiky is envious of Jamalta, Machanyuta in teasing mode kept on laughing and asked, who is she~~ End flashback. While angrily walking away, Jamalta curses to not joke around for he absolutely won’t be fooled. “No matter who it is! Absolutely!!” Meanwhile, Choegeum sees sleeping Saga with Mino in her bed.
As a sword points towards sleeping Mino, someone is muttering, “I beg..I beg for your forgiveness..your highness the prince..” Crying and trembling, the wet nurse asks Choegeum to be merciful and to please at least spare this life. Choegeum looks at her and asks, “Whose? Are you talking about yourself?”

Bending down on the floor, the wet nurse sobs and says that she committed a capital offense so please punish this lowly person who failed in one’s duty..it is because the princess was excessively earnest that she has no way of obstructing her. Choegeum says that this timid child would unexpectedly bring in a slave herself from outside the palace into this place, and even intentionally saved his life. “It is really unbelievable.”

The wet nurse sobs how can she dare secretly commit a capital offense..even if the princess is still young, but she is affectionate and had a heartache. “Because of that thing regarding Princess Nan, she needs something for her heart to reply on..” Choegeum asks something for her heart to reply on.. The wet nurse says yes, it is really cherishing this child, even to the point wherein she cares more for this child than herself.. “The princess couldn’t leave him that I wasn’t able to meddle so I beg of you.. Spare him..” Choegeum looks at sleeping Saga and mutters, “really.. cherish..”
Choegeum slightly smiles and look perverted. Caressing Saga’s hair, he says okay, then..let him see..in the end, how much she cherishes this child. Soon, Mino is looking healthier. Saga smiles and holds out her hands to him to give him a hug. She looks at him and smiles again. Soon, she is showing him all sorts of things. The wet nurse nervously looks at them and wonders if this is okay..then, she starts praying, heavens, god..

Later on, Saga peeks out from the corner of a building. Just when she is about to run out, a woman calls out to her that it has been a long time since she had seen her and is she feeling a bit better for she had become very worried about her. Pushing a hooded figure back, Saga says yes, she is okay. The woman exclaims that’s great for she felt a bit lonely when she wasn’t able to see her for several days.

Preparing to leave, the woman tells her to please always play at the rear hall. Saga says okay, she knows already. After looking a bit nervous, Saga grabs the hand of the hooded figure and makes a run for it. Outside, on some rocky wall, Saga tells Mino to quickly come up for no one is here. She tells him that this wall here had been destroyed because of a war that happened a long time ago.
“It was said that when the wall was destroyed, that mountain over there had also collapsed at the same time so the enemy troops can no longer come over here. So, this place is quickly forgotten by the people. Afterwards, there is no one who would come here again. *points at a direction* Look at that side, Mino. This direction is the north, the place where you came from...

...Always keep on walking there and follow the brightest star in the night, perhaps, you’ll be able to find your homeland. Doesn’t that place have a lot of people like you, things that haven’t been seen here before? Perhaps, it is the gods’ village! Some other place at that side of the mountain.. *looks glum* Let’s say, you want to go to that place, then I’ll let you go...

...Even if I want to continue on being with you, and I also promised that I’ll protect you ..but if there is a place where you want to go, then go. Yes, I’ll be here waiting for you. Wait for you to come back and tell me of news of the things that you have seen and heard, okay?

Then, it would be like I had also gone with you to that place, isn’t it so? I will wait and wait. Wait for that day to come.” Mino looks at her and opens his mouth to say something. Saga happily says yes, she’ll wait for him to grow taller and become healthier then she won’t worry about him..
She looks surprised then exclaims that he can already converse with her! She can see what he is saying through his mouth and it’s a miracle!! She excitedly tells him to do it again, what kind of things he remembers, she can understand him through his mouth so where is his hometown, his parents, does he remember how old he is.

Puzzled Mino just looks at her. Saga stops and says that it is alright, it is fine for him to remember bit by bit and slowly, one by one..they still have a lot of time. She says that she’ll teach him how to write words and how to talk. “It is a very long period of waiting.” Saga happily tells Mino that they also go at that side and looks around! Then, there is laughter that can be heard.

At the main palace, Machanyuta sits in front of the king who is given something to drink by Choegeum. Choedel [eldest] and Choechi [second] are also sitting near by. Choewi [king] tells Choegeum that he’ll drink that afterwards. Choegeum says okay. Choewi looks at his guest and apologizes for making him wait for such a long time.

“As you can see, currently, I can no longer receive guests and that must have disappointed you.” Machanyuta says that it really makes him delighted for the king had bestowed upon him the time to free himself from the exhaustion of the journey. “All the more, the king’s peace is also my peace so please, do not mind.”
Choechi whispers to Choedel to look, that young Malgal is unexpectedly quite crafty. Choechi warns him to pay attention for they are in front of the king. Choegeum just watches on. Choewi says about Nan..he has no words to say..even if it is like this, he also won’t penalize the other. “You people can continue to stay at our lands for wrangling business and furthermore, you will fight for us. This is my expectation for Malgal not only as my younger brother but all the more as comrade-in-arms.”

Machanyuta says, “If that is your wish then, it is as it is, king. Nakrang is not only my older brother, but all the more, my comrade-in-arms. Malgal will blood-soak ourselves to fight bravely for you people.” Choedel sighs. Choechi muses out loud that this..could it be that they are treating the marriage as if it totally didn’t happen.

Machanyuta says, that’s right, there is something that he wants to clear up. “We didn’t expel Princess Nan. It is the princess herself who returned to the palace. And regarding for her reason..” Surprised Choechi says that is quite preposterous so is he avoiding blame right now? Machanyuta asks the second prince if he is really grieving over losing his sister. Choechi exclaims, ha, is it necessary to grieve over a girl who committed suicide.
Machanyuta says that even if he [Choechi] doesn’t have the pain of losing his sister but he hopes that he can grieve over losing the child. “After all, you are the ‘father’.” Aghast and nervous Choechi mutters, wh..what.. Suddenly standing up, he shouts if Machanyuta wants to die and he’ll actually dare say that kind of..

Choedel grabs his wrist and angrily tells Choechi that he told him to pay attention for they are in front of the king. Choechi timidly mutters, bro..brother.. Just then, Choegeum spills the bowl. He apologizes to his father and says that it is the decoction [medicine soup] for him. The king says that it is enough, it is already spilled.

Glancing at Choedel, Choegeum says yes..it is already turned over. Choedel looks flustered. And, the throne room is empty. At the Star Palace, Suria reads a note and asks Machanyuta if they are really going to collaborate with the third prince.

 Lying naked with a woman, Machanyuta says that since he got him to see the king then, they should fulfill the agreement. “Besides, whoever we collaborated with, isn’t it all the same?” Suria says that he really feels uneasy about this and if his father were to know about it, he definitely won’t let them off.
Machanyuta says what is there to be afraid of and they’ll just announce it after it succeeded. Gesturing to the letter that he is holding, Suria nervously says, succeed, has he seen this. While on foreplay with the woman, Machanyuta tells him to read it. This irks Suria but he did as told. Suria reads, “There are two wolves among us. Since one of them is in heat, it is searching for a female. ..

...Two weeks from now, send over a female to become a tribute from Baek [White] Empire... I hope that among you, there is a shrewd precious female..” Suria comments that it turns out that there is a wolf in the palace. Machanyuta smiles and has sex with the woman. He says that this is about hunting a wolf. “Afterwards, that shrill and shrewd female wolf is going to bite to death the male wolf.”

Suria tosses the letter into the fire. Machanyuta says that they have to offer an exceptionally precious female that cannot be found anywhere. Suria says that didn’t Machanyuta say that he won’t use any scheme that will take make use of women. “Could it be that because of Princess Nan that you have lost your reason?”

Machanyuta tells Suria not to worry for he knows of someone who is like a beautiful female wolf, ha ha ha. This puzzles Suria. While Jamalta is washing the horse, someone calls out to him. He informs Jamalta that the general is ordering him to immediately go to his place.
The scene skips to a girl with a bundle looking at some items in front of the shaman. The shaman says okay, let her see her fate. Looking at the items, the shaman says that there is a black rock on the south which assumes that until now, life here has been very difficult.

“Looking at these crushed rocks, it is assumed that right now, you will be sold off to some other place. But on the north, a white tooth appeared and it seems that afterwards, you can eat meat.” The girl says is that true, then afterwards, she will be able to pass good days. “Actually, I’m tribute offered by the Baek Empire to Nakrang..”

Someone calls out to the girl and exclaims that’s enough, they should leave so quickly catch up! The girl thanks the shaman and goes with the others. Spiky says, fortune-teller, how come she is telling lies for even if he is ignorant, he can also see them lifeless.

While watching a caravan passing by, Spiky says afterwards, there is Han Dynasty in the front making the bandit-type Malgals become the spear of the Nakrang. “From this tribal life of theirs, they unexpectedly set up a king and established a country. And, they [women] are tributes given by Baek empire to Nakrang. A war is going to happen soon. So, what use do they [tributes] have?”
The shaman says yes..in the end, the war will snatch away countless lives and afterwards, those who died will become form a huge group and come over to look for her. “But, properly listen, youngster. Those who have died aren’t only the ones who are in the war. At the lands where weeds are overgrown, living children are starving to death...

...And the women will tear their skirts and hang themselves. Have you thought over those empty seats[/position], who will come fill them?” Spiky says who’ll worry about that kind of thing. “Definitely, there will be an ignorable life who’ll come from somewhere and become a new life to fill those empty seats.”

And, the caravan continues to move forward. A man shouts for everyone to hurry for in two hours, they will arrive at Nakrang Palace. He spots a woman sitting on the ground while holding her foot. The man shouts what is she doing, he told her not to dillydally.

A beautiful woman whose left eye is covered by her fringes, apologizes for her foot got injured that she can no longer walk. “If it isn’t far, I would want to sit on the cart.. Although I’m a tribute, but I also have to be fresh, right.” The man blushes and asks if it hurts, and if she is okay. He wonders if there is such a woman here and how come he didn’t see her before.
A man with head scarf is suppressing his laughter. He says, ah, from the day after yesterday, she started to fall behind and it turns out that is the reason. Holding the woman up, head scarf guy tells her to please sit here [on the cart] for even the Nakrang king will be crazy over such a beauty so let them put her in the most eye-catching position. The woman thanks him.

Then, there is an awkward pause between the two. The man says that he has some medicinal herb that can be put on the wound so if she doesn’t mind, would she want him to give her some. Just when the head scarf guy is saying that is really good.., the woman punches him and says that he can give it her, thank you.

The man tells her that he’ll immediately get it and come back. With many popped veins, the woman says, “Quit laughing, Suria. Right now I’m restraining myself from killing you on impulse.” Wiping his tears from laughing, Suria apologizes.

He says, “No matter what, you have already safely joined the group. “The first part of the plan is already successful. I’ll withdraw first. Definitely come back alive!” The woman with a blue left eye asks if those are his sincere words. Suria exclaims of course! The woman sighs and says, geez..
Flashback: Half a month ago, Jamalta is sweating while Machanyuta is telling him the plan. “The second part of the plan is to be seen by the second prince. Every time there is a tribute, the prince will come out and look for one foreigner. It is better if you were to sit above the cart, isn’t it so? Then, the third part is..”

Holding up his hand, Jamalta said, please wait.. Machanyuta asked, yes? Jamalta asked in disbelief that Machanyuta is going to make him disguise as a woman and does he think that is possible. Machanyuta said yes, of course he can and afterwards, the most important third part of the plan.. Jamalta asked why, how come he is going to do this?

Scratching his chin, Machanyuta said that he’s really stupid, it is because it is his [Machanyuta] order. This irks Jamalta that he wants to charge at him. Taunting Jamalta, Machanyuta asked if he suddenly want a duel. “Come, you stinky brat.”

While Suria tries to restrain furious Jamalta, Suria told Machanyuta to quit that and don’t kid around anymore. “Properly tell him clearly about it. Hey, Jamalta! You also quit getting infuriated by him. It is because you’ll get angry that is why all the more he’ll fool around with you!”
Jamalta shouted for him to let go. Suria shouts that it is because they need someone whom they can trust. “For the general, this thing is a very important chess piece. Because he trusts you so he entrusted it to you, Jamalta. You also know our situation.. what kind of treatment the general receives!”

Jamalta asked, “What treatment? Ah ah~ The clan head, Ogeolmae’s abandoned son, Machanyuta? Is that the treatment of being unable to step in the main Buddhist temple hall to hold the coming of age ceremony so you were ignored by the people? *Suria becomes nervous* So you recommended yourself to come to Nakrang, right? You want the top seat so you’re finding ways to do so, right? *bit teeth and looked at Machanyuta*...

Since it is like that, compared to ordering, why don’t you beg me. Then, upon seeing your pitiful state, perhaps, I’ll help you. How about it, GENERAL-SAMA?” Suria gloomily held his face and thought that he really wanted to go home.. Machanyuta smiled.

To the two’s surprise, Machanyuta knelt down to Jamalta and said, “Okay, I beg you to kill the second prince, Choena. [<- ah, in this chapter, his name became from 崔治 ^^;] This is the important third part of the plan and it is also the goal. Can you accomplish it?” Jamalta scowled and grind his teeth. End flashback.
Jamalta is still scowling and biting his lip. The man asks ‘her’ if it really hurts for ‘her’ expression is really scary. Jamalta says no..it isn’t so, and it seems like the medicine already has an effect.. Patting ‘her’ bandaged foot, the blushing man says that if ‘she’ feels uncomfortable, then quickly tell him. Jamalta says yes..okay. ‘He’ thanks the man.

The man happily waved at him and another man comments that ‘she’ is so beautiful. After happily waving, Jamalta holds his head and curse for what kind of nuisance is this..ah..forget it..he should think of the mission. “First, accomplish the plan..how is it possible? Even if I found a way to kill the second prince, with the premise of not exposing my identity, how am I going to get away with it?”

Flashback: Back to half a month ago again, Suria told him the fourth part of the plan!!! “It is the most important part, regarding your life, the ‘premise of not exposing your identity and getting away with it’” Holding his head, Jamalta thought that he still think that he’ll be directly killed there and that’s it..” Suria asked how can that be, they gave the third prince a condition wherein he will provide a plan for the protection of their assassin (Jamalta). “The backyard. *held a small scroll* After the deed is done, you are to escape to that place. This is the inner palace’s map.”
Jamalta asked what if the plan failed? “If the second prince still lives or perhaps, my identity is exposed, what then?” Suria looked at him and said that he’ll be abandoned. This surprised Jamalta. End flashback. While holding his head, Jamalta recalls how Suria and Machanyuta told him not to worry for he’ll definitely succeed so they’ll leave it to him, they’re depending on him!

Jamalta angrily thinks for them to wait until he comes back, he absolutely won’t let them off for this. Then, he overhears a woman telling a girl if she is okay and does she want her to carry her on her back. The girl tells her sister that she is okay and her sister is also very tired. The sister asks the girl if she isn’t hurt. The girl says yes.

The sister tells her to wait until they reach the palace and they’ll definitely be able to rest. The girl says yes. Then, it starts raining. As Jamalta uses his scarf to cover his head, the sister tells the girl how can it be raining and they should at least avoid the rain before starting out. The girl assures her that it is okay. Jamalta recalls the past.

Flashback: Young Jamalta is carrying a young girl on his back and it is raining. The girl said, “[Older] brother, let me down. You are also very tired. I can walk.” Jamalta told her that he isn’t tired and he’ll just walk for a while more and they’ll be able to reach the village. “Upon arriving there, we’ll go look for food.” The girl said yes. End flashback.
Tightly holding the scarf to himself, Jamalta thinks, “That’s right. I have to absolutely live on. Who would want to die shamefully like this.” Soon, the caravan arrives at Nakrang. Machanyuta is watching it on top of the gate’s roof. Suria tells him that it has arrived. Machanyuta says that he knows and he can see it. He looks at Jamalta who is sitting on top of the cart.

By the gate, Choena with two attendants are waiting. Attendant 1 says that the people from Baek Empire had already arrived. Choena says that’s right. Attendant 2 wonders out loud if this time around, will there be of use.. Then, Choena blushes upon seeing Jamalta who slightly smiles. Jamalta jumps down from the cart.

At Saga’s bedroom, Choegeum holds Mino to him and tells Saga, “Then, let’s start to play a game of hide-and-seek. Younger sister, the one whom you have been tightly hiding away has been found by brother. This time, it is now your turn. Can you find him? *Saga looks shocked.* Then, let’s start, okay?” And, in a room, Choena is lying dead on the floor with a huge hairpin stabbed on his neck. Jamalta looks down on him.
7: Choegeum tells Saga that this is hide-and-seek, and this time around, she will play the ‘it’. “You have to quickly find him. *smiling while holding Mino’s face* Otherwise, this boy will indeed die. Before he dies, you have to come and look for him, okay!”

Soon, while it is raining, Saga is walking around the open field. Crying, she desperately tries to look for Mino among the tall grass. The wet nurse calls out to her and tells her not to be like this or it will cause a big problem. “I’ll go and find him. *putting a cloth on Saga* I beg of you to hide first from the rain.”

Wiping her tears, Saga refuses for if she doesn’t quickly find Mino..he’ll be killed and what is she to do..no..she doesn’t want that.. At some other place, maid 1 says that it looks like a huge downpour and it is already so dark during daytime. Maid 2 says that it’s so cold and they’ll make a fire tonight.

One of the maids tells Choengye to get a bit of fur. They were surprised by the loud continuous booming of the drum. Maid 1 exclaims what big incident had happen that they are beating the big drum.
Maid 2 asks isn’t that the drumbeat for gathering the soldiers? “Quickly get into the room. Cheongye, bring this to the kitchen.” As the other maids are quickly leaving, Cheongye sees a man dragging Mino by the back of his collar. Mino looks at Cheongye.

Cheongye thinks that it is the white kid so that day, she wasn’t having a dream?! “What is going on? Who is that person?! Where is he going?” At another place, a man hits the drums and shouts, “The second prince had been killed! Quickly find the murderer! Close the city gates and gather the soldiers!”

At the Star Palace, Suria tells Machanyuta that it is already a success so what’s left is just the war’s fuse. Looking menacing, Machanyuta says that this will become part of his battlefield and later on, he’ll finally be able to show his talent. Bwahaha!

Suria sweatdrops and wonders if Machanyuta didn’t think that he’ll die at the battlefield but then, right now, there is also no opportunity to die...and it is riding on Jamalta’s luck. “So, by all means, come back safely!” Meanwhile, Jamalta is hiding behind some building. One of the soldiers shouts that apart from the palace’s imperial guards, everyone had been dispatched and they are to widen their search.
Jamalta bites his lip for they had quickly found out about it when he is currently midway from reaching the backyard. “Outsiders cannot enter this area so even if I change my clothes, it is also useless. If only I’m not captured.. *bites lip* This is the way out. Could it be that when I reach the backyard, the soldiers chasing after me will disappear!”

He decides to make a run for it but a soldier calls out to him and exclaims who he is. Jamalta curses as he slashes the man to silence him. Unfortunately, the other soldiers saw him. They shout that they found the intruder and quickly give chase! Back to Saga, she falls down on the ground. She looks at her hands that are filled with scratches.

The wet nurse asks if she isn’t hurt for she had fallen down a lot of times. Trying to stop Saga, the wet nurse asks what had become of Saga and this is already enough! “Even if you are unwilling, I’ll carry you! It is already enough!” Saga shouts for her to let go. “If I were to stop, Mino will die.. Just like mother and also Nan, they all left..my side.. All had abandoned me and already disappeared.. *crying* Even if we can still each other later on, what is the use for right now..”
Saga ‘sees’ her mother, sister and Mino. She thinks that she’s the only one left.. Reaching out to Mino, Saga thinks, “It is alright, Mino. I can definitely find you.” While the wet nurse is calling out princess, Saga manages to hold on to something.

She looks up to see a long haired person looking down at her. It is Jamalta who is equally surprised to see her. While the wet nurse is worried, Jamalta catches his breath. He snaps out of it when the soldiers shouts that the intruder is there, capture ‘her’! [<- I’m not sure if they knew that he is a man but the translators use the pronoun for a man which can also be used for a woman if the translator isn’t detailed about such things so let’s just assume that they don’t know his true gender]

As the thunder claps, everyone is surprised when Jamalta pulls Saga to him and points his sword on her neck. Jamalta tells them to go away. Jamalta wonders if this is the reason why they made him go to the backyard.

“Just like in the rumors, the third prince doesn’t care at all about his relatives’ life or death. Machanyuta would even say about not making use of women. That vile man! Unexpectedly causing me to end up in such an unfavorable situation!” Jamalta threatens the soldiers not to dare go close to ‘her’ or ‘she’ll kill her so why don’t they go away.
The wet nurse calls out to the princess. She tells the soldiers to stop for the princess is in danger. The soldiers try to protest that person.. Pointing to Saga being held hostage, the wet nurse shouts for them to shut up and can’t they see that. Jamalta thinks that this is great because it is effective and like this, he can escape..

He is surprised when Saga turns to him and asks him to let her go please for she has to quickly find..Mino..who is waiting for her..and there is no time.. Jamalta recognizes her as that girl who gave him the earrings to buy a slave. Just then, an arrow goes flying toward them. Jamalta quickly pulls Saga to him. The arrow narrowly misses them.

Starting to run away with Saga, Jamalta cannot believe that hostage has no use, and could it be..!! While the wet nurse is freaking out, the soldiers ask who fired that arrow and that person is running away with the princess. As they chase after Jamalta, he thinks that there is a thicket there. So, as long as he can hide there, he can shake them off! Crying Saga bites on Jamalta’s arm. This made him wince in pain and let her go.
Saga falls into a body of water [pond/river?]. The soldiers shout to each other to get a rope to save the princess!! [There seems to be a time skip here] After watching for a while, Jamalta takes this opportunity to escape. Later on, the king shouts why is the princess in that place and what are they doing that they let the murderer get away.

They say that the princess is searching for her beloved slave. The king shouts that unexpectedly because of an ignorant girl, they let the murderer run away! They say that it seems that she [Saga?] was so scared that she had fallen into a serious illness for so many days.. The king shouts for them to shut up for he doesn’t want to see that idiotic face! “Lock her up in her residence! Don’t let her run out again!” While Saga is crying, Choegeum glances at her and leaves.

At a small house, Cheongye says that she heard that he [Mino] is a slave brought in by the princess. “Afterwards, you are currently captured by the third prince.. and was locked up here. You have the same fate as I. *comforting crying Mino who seems to have been beaten up* Cry as much as you want but no matter how we cry, our voices still won’t reach to the heavens above. Just wait.. We just have to wait some more.”
Comment: It seems that we are going to have a love polygon in this series. I’m not sure how much it will play here since the setting is quite dark and survival is the priority rather than romance. So far, two people are given a prophecy. We don’t know if the shaman meant Jamalta when she told that to Saga. We don’t know if Jamalta will be loved in return.

Based on chapter 7, he must have figured out whom the shaman is referring to. I think he’ll try to resist it more since the girl she mentioned is the princess. He is after all just the servant of an ally clan. He also happens to be the murderer of the second prince but then, that isn’t exactly a big issue since Saga actually doesn’t care for the princes.

I think Choegeum tricked Saga in trying to look for Mino at the backyard so she was looking for him there. Since Choegeum has Mino, he can use Mino to his advantage to ‘control’ Saga. Machanyuta’s goal is to get recognition and that is through the battlefield. If Nakrang goes into war, as Nakrang’s ally, that is where he can show his talent.

So I guess Choegeum’s plan on infiltrating Nakrang to get to Choena is advantageous to Machanyuta for it would appear that the Baek Empire sent in a murderer among the tributes. Or, perhaps, they can use an alibi that the ‘tribute’ fought back when he tried to rape the ‘tribute’. ^^;

Hm..in a way, it is a bit hard to distinguish Jamalta’s relationship with the other two. Are they buddy-buddy or not? But there is still that line to show that Jamalta is still a servant especially with Machanyuta threatening him not to escape. At least we can say that Suria kind of cares about him. Of course, I’m not sure if it is out of need for Jamalta’s talents which now includes cross-dressing.

From what Spiky said, it makes me want to imagine that Jamalta can go up the ranks later on to fill some top vacant seat. Hehe, that is consolation prize if he doesn’t get the princess =P I wonder though if that girl in his flashback is his real younger sister since he was supposedly sold by his mother.

Unless that was just Machanyuta’s assumption for Jamalta doesn’t like talking about his past. That scene of Suga and Mino regarding Mino’s hometown is nice. It makes me hope that Suga can travel with him instead of being stuck in that hell. She also seems to know a lot about things. I’m not sure if that is self-taught by reading or something, or, they actually educated her.

Well, it seems that the possibility of Choegeum becoming king has increased. It turns out that he has some sort of mental illness wherein he has to see people especially women tormented to somehow make him feel better. He is sometimes drawn with eyebags so I guess he also had insomnia or something. Still, he is a dangerous person and probably the main antagonist of the series. Scans by 水神汉化组

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