January 20, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 42]

In the meeting room where everyone had gathered, Doujima looks at Akira who is quietly sitting at the back. She thinks that look from Akira makes one feel unpleasant when obviously she is powerless regarding what is going to happen. “Forget it, you just be good and watch from that side. Due to Akira-chan’s dilly-dallying, it had prolonged the remaining breath of that koto club. So, let me come and truly give it a blow.” Chiharu enters the room and sits in front. She asks, if they have something to talk about. At school, scowling and pouting Chika is slurping his strawberry drink. Tatsuki asks him if he isn’t going to morning practice today. Chika angrily says that glasses jerk told him that he’s prohibited from morning practice until his hands’ wounds had gotten better. Tatsuki asks if he practiced like an idiot again as if his life depended on it. “Let me tell you, you also have to use your brain.” Chika angrily tells him that he’s noisy to death. Then, he overhears the girls asking Satowa if she had morning practice again today. Satowa says yes. The other friend says that the koto training is always quite Spartan [/severe]. Satowa says that it is because she likes to go practice.
Just as Satowa turns to leave, she bumps into Chika. Chika says that he has something that he wants to tell her. This surprises Satowa. Her friends are squealing over it being a confession but the two are clueless about what the friends are expecting. By the stairs, Chika says that he wants to clearly understand as to what kind of piece Tenkyuu is. Surprised Satowa asks what is this about.. Chika explains that right now, he knows that she wrote it because ‘I hope that the one who’ll listen to it will show a smile’ and he also knows that a lot of things had happened behind it but then, he feels that it is too vague. “What I want to know is, in what kind of situation where you in, what are you thinking and to whom did you write it. Can you tell me that? *Satowa looks quite and glum* Ah, I know that this is definitely something that you don’t really want to talk about! If you don’t want to say it.. then, I’ll just go and think about it by myself!! But gramps said this to me, ..’a piece embodies the composer’s heart’ *looks serious at surprised Satowa* So, I don’t want to play it without knowing what is that heart. It can be said that it is because I don’t know so I always felt that something is missing when I’m playing it. *flustered* ..so! Can you tell me about those things!”
Satowa says that if she told him, it is possible that it will totally become telling him about her past.. “Will that help you in your performance?” Chika exclaims that it will really help!! Looking determined, Satowa says okay. Back at the meeting room, Doujima tells everyone that they had specially convened today is about none other than the head’s daughter who was driven out. “Right now, this time around, she is going to bring about something that can threaten this Group.” Chiharu looks dark upon hearing that. Takagi asks, bring about a threat..? Doujima says that right now, Satowa had joined a high school koto club but that club has no reputation but it is just a group of delinquents. This surprises Akira. A young man lets out a laugh. Akira recognizes him as Takagi’s son. TS [Takagi’s son] apologizes and says that he didn’t think that it is like that for seriously, calling everyone here as if it is some big issue but in the end, it is about the club activity of an ojousama who was already driven away.. A woman agrees with him. TS says that even if it is a delinquent group, but it is also a koto club, right? “When I was a student, I had more or less also had some mischievous trouble that I gotten into. Doujima, aren’t you being overly sensitive? This isn’t something that some adults [/higher ranking people] need to convened together to discuss--”
Doujima interrupts by saying what if that ‘delinquent’ previously had a criminal case? This surprises everyone. Doujima claims to be worried about Satowa’s situation so she investigated things a bit. “In the end, I found out that in the club, there is a student called Kudou who unexpectedly is a very famous delinquent. He repeatedly got into violent incidents and he is a headache for the police. Added to that, the grandfather of that Kudou is obviously a professional koto manufacturer.. It makes one couldn’t dare to believe that last year, Kudou.. led a group of his companions to attack his grandfather’s house and it is an incident that will make one’s hair stand up in anger.” This made everyone nervous. TS says that if it is like that, he is already not just considered a delinquent for he seems to be very dangerous.. Akira is surprised to hear about this. Chiharu asks if Satowa is with this dangerous child. Doujima says yes, after Satowa was driven out, she surely hated their Houdzuki Group, so these two people created this koto club. “I think that it is also possible that they are secretly planning ‘revenge’.” Everyone looks surprised.
Akira recalls how eager Chika was before in learning to play that he would ask her to play it one more time since he couldn’t see it, and he doesn’t want to just casually play it. Then, there is Satowa saying that she only acted like a spoiled child when she went up the onstage, and she want to try playing with her once. Standing up, Dojima says that this time, Satowa’s actions will greatly devalue the Houdzuki Group. “We cannot let the gossips about Houdzuki Group to continue on becoming worse. So, I think that we should do something as quickly as possible. For example, persuade the school to break up the club or make Satowa transfer to some other school.” Someone interrupts, “That’s totally nonsense.” This surprises Doujima as she and everyone looks at Akira. Doujima asks, huh..? Akira asks if just now, she has gone deaf? “Then, let me say it one more time, ‘That’s totally nonsense’.” Doujima nervously smiles and asks what she is saying. Standing up, Akira says that she is always quietly listening and in the end, she [Doujima] would unexpectedly say something like..revenge? “That’s extremely ridiculous! You clearly totally didn’t know Kudou himself but you have the nerve to say those words. The one who has a plot is you, grandmother. Not only did you investigated on high school students, you even sneaked in some lies into the truth and tell that to everyone who is seated here. Your conduct and deeds is what makes one’s hair stand up in anger!!”
TS asks Akira if she knows this Kudou student. Akira says yes, right now, she is the coach of that koto club and if she can give the assertion that it basically has no revenge that one can speak of. TS says what, if it is like that.. Aghast Doujima says that Akira is definitely quite tired and she’s afraid that Akira herself doesn’t clearly know what she is talking about. Akira says no, she is totally awake. “Grandmother, you should properly examine yourself closely. *Doujima says what did you say..* From the start, because of bias, I also indeed felt that these students have a ‘playing around’ attitude when playing koto. But, I was mistaken. Not only Kudou-kun, but also Satowa-chan and also all the other members, they are all totally seriously looking upon the koto as they play. (Brother, too. I too.) purely love koto that they wholeheartedly want to play it better. But, I didn’t know when, it is only you grandmother, you didn’t sincerely look upon koto while playing!! *Doujima looks aghast* Please don’t think of your own position and the reputation of the koto group that you’ll want to pull others down. If you can find some time, then try facing the koto directly.”
Doujima’s knees weaken that she falls on the ground. Trembling, she mutters who does Akira think she is talking to.. Takagi tells Doujima that is enough for her granddaughter had already said it. “I also know you for such a long time. It is unlikely that I’m that stupid to totally believe everything that you say. *Doujima is surprised by that* But, what you said isn’t really completely unfounded, right.” He asks Akira if Kudou is really a child who’ll give a bad influence on Satowa or perhaps the Houdzuki Group. “I’m afraid of whether or not he’ll be taken away by the police again..or perhaps, get Satowa involved in some trouble..” Akira frankly tells him that she doesn’t really know of Kudou’s past but--..the current him, his attitude towards the koto is totally straightforward, and single-minded. This answer satisfies Takagi. He tells everyone that everyone thinks that it is so and right now, it appears that there is no problem that they deemed as necessary to-- Doujima shouts for him to wait, even if he [Chika] currently knows his place but a person’s nature cannot have a big change! “Definitely, he’ll immediately once again cause a problem--”
Chiharu shouts that is enough!! “It isn’t necessary to talk about this issue further. Can I trouble you to lead the guests out. *Doujima cannot believe that she would also..* Also, from today on, you’re not allowed to once again go and investigate my daughter and her friends or perhaps spread your own opinion as you wish. It really makes one feel unpleasant. Even if she has been driven away, she is still my daughter.” Everyone looks surprised by that. Akira calls out to Chiharu who is already leaving. Chiharu asks her if that club and Satowa’s comrades are the reason why Satowa didn’t hesitate to kneel down to her. “Are they also the important things that she’s protecting?” Akira says that she thinks so. Turning to leave, Chiharu says then that is fine. Akira informs her that next month, there is a preliminary completion for the Nationals. “Satowa is also going to join! If the head, you can go..” Without looking at Akira, Chiharu says, “—I already don’t have that kind of right [to do so].” This surprises Akira. As Chiharu leaves, Takagi calls out to her. Akira apologizes for she shouldn’t be like that in front of everyone. Takagi says that is okay. TS comments that it is very amusing.
Takagi says that seeing a young spirited person in the Houdzuki Group like Akira makes him feel at ease. “I’ll really look forward to your performance later on.” Embarrassed Akira thanks him for his praise. Looking aghast, Doujima exclaims what spirited! “[you are] Like that kind..that kind of club that is filled with troubled children. One day you’ll get into trouble! On this earth, there is no medicine for regret!” With a huff, Doujima leaves and goes the opposite way. Akira glances at her and smiles as she walks away. Back at the school’s stairs, Satowa tells Chika that always until she wrote Tenkyuu, the course of events are roughly like that.. Chika is quiet so Satowa wonders what to do for she never tried telling anyone about this issue and she always do not want to talk about it..and she wonders what is the use of this story.. Chika says so it turns out to be like that.. He suddenly stands up and says that he understands, thank you. Then, he asks Satowa if he can tell the others what she told him just now. This surprises Satowa. He tells her that he thinks that telling everyone about it can unify their impression for the piece.
Satowa says about the impression for the piece, it isn’t necessary for everyone to change their own impression just because of her own issue. Chika says but after hearing her story, he felt that he knows how to play it. Satowa continues to protest that everyone doesn’t want to listen to that kind of private issue and it can be said that they’ll definitely feel that it is very troublesome. Walking down the stairs, Chika says that if it is someone who doesn’t matter, then, they are possibly not inclined to listen, right. “But, you’re not the same.” This surprises Satowa that she repeats, not the same? Chika turns to her and says, “You matter [/are very important]. *Satowa looks surprised as he continue to walk downstairs* But, I won’t force you to do so.” Satowa wonders why he is like this. “Always like this. Always like this. When can I properly repay you. This warmth that I obtain from you.” Satowa goes after him and says, “Kudou, I’ll treat you to a Caplico [ice cream-shaped snack from Glico].” This surprises Chika that he asks what’s going on. Satowa says that she just wants to treat him. “One day, I’ll repay him.” Soon, Satowa tells the others about it. Hiro and Kouta are moved to tears about it that they gave Satowa a hug. Upong seeing this, Chika smiles as he plays the koto. Soon, more practice. One time, Takezou caught Chika practicing in the morning when his hand isn’t well yet.
Later on, Suzuka is listening to them. He tells them that just now, at that part, all sorts of sounds are constantly switching over, that forms the theme, the place where the melody surges up. “At the moment when it changes, can you play that a bit more smoothly?” Takezou is puzzled. Suzuka tells them to play it so that the people won’t be able to hear out the extent of the switching. “Afterwards, starting from here, you’ll slowly show all kind of timbre’s feeling. Then, play as much as you like. *Akira thinks so that’s how it is* Don’t forget to have good control of the beat. This section is the musical composition’s most marvelous part so play together with the music as much as you like.” This got Michi and Kouta excited for they find it interesting to play with the music. Suzuka reminds them but if the way of playing is wrong, then they’ll promptly undergo coaching. Suzuka tells Satowa that even if from the beginning, she can already play it gently now but can she show a bit of nervousness. This puzzles Satowa.
Suzuka explains he thinks that she is probably doing it unconsciously for how she played the melody, her whole body is look very serene. “Even if you seems to totally reject your own performance in that tournament but that piece still possesses a considerable stunning power. Do not erase it but rather, you should APPLY it. In that kind of melody, you only have to put in a little then it can make the other parts glisten and dazzle.” Satowa says that she understands. Akira thinks that she always feel that it seems to become a very amazing piece. “It has been such a long time. Such a long time that I have this endless excited feeling--..” At her room, Akira looks at her cellphone that is opened to her brother’s contact number. Then, she presses the call button. At her house, Satowa looks up the sky while listening to the music on her earphones. She recalls everyone happily laughing. Then, she glances at a piece of paper and envelope on her table. So, they continue to practice. And, Chika would look at a vacant lot [iirc where his grandfather’s house used to stand], everyone talking and studying the piece. Then, holding a letter to her mother, Satowa mails it in the mailbox. Narration: “—so like this, with various feelings [/thoughts] lodged on to the music. The preliminary completion for the Nationals will soon convene--..”
Comment: Akira is the highlight of this chapter. She finally breaks out of her shell and stand up for what is right rather than just keep on doing what her grandmother wants. In a way, she found her light and purpose. I’m not sure that it is safe to say that grandmother had given up. She can cause trouble but then, after such a reprimand from everyone there, if she dares do it and got caught, she’ll be saying bye-bye to the group and will be utterly disgraced. It is nice to see how everything she said and thought backfired on her. The heartwarming part belongs to the couple. It is indeed ironic that they are talking about Chika being a bad influence to Satowa but here, he is obviously helping her feel that she is special to everyone ^^ Of course, I’m not sure if it is a good thing that the others especially the mother knows about Chika’s past. It might still give them a bad impression of Chika and they might easily judge him if he doesn’t act properly. Anyway, Suzuka gave some more tips for the group. Satowa and Akira are going to ask their estranged relative to come and watch the performance. So, whether they get in the Nationals or not, these two girls will most likely be patch things up and be united with their mother/brother. Scans by 二次元秘店

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