December 8, 2015

Preview: Blue Glass [Prologue]

[Free talk: This is a Korean manhwa by Oh Ji Hye [based on the Chinese 吳智慧, hope I got it right]. I’m not too sure what the story will be about like what the lead girl’s goals are/it is just a love story, but from the first chapter, it seems a bit like Joou no Hana. But the setting is smaller since they are in a tribe instead of palaces and stuff. 

This is a preview to see how it goes and if it’s good, I’ll continue. Hehe, this is just in case since there might be too many chapters later on and I’ll be lazy to catch up if it is good. =P By the way, from the first chapter, the series is brutal and ‘dark/twisted’ so it might not be suitable for very young readers. 

And, I admit, I checked it out because of the beautiful color page below  =P And, for the names, hopefully, I can find the Chinese to Korean equivalent ^^; Anyway, for now, this is the 5 paged colored prologue.]

Narration: “At some quiet night when the moon is hidden. Girls will group together to hear a story for the first and also the last time. As some girls wait in anticipation, an old masked person with a bird staff speaks, “The wind blows towards you. The stars at night are quietly whispering in deep sleep within my body so please become intoxicated just the same...

...*ding ding* [ring of the bells on the staff] Come, young girls, this is the ‘Moon’s spell’ Since only girls know of this secret, it is also a spell that can be used only on one person throughout one’s life. Bear in mind not to forget it girls.
At that time, when the world’s most precious and treasured, the person whom you want to accompany you throughout your life, appears in front of you, please do not hesitate in reading out this spell. ‘Let the moon do not forget our words.. Thus, realize our wish..” There is a scene of a long haired girl praying to the full moon.

“Tonight, I ask you to submerge within my body. Like this, the moon and the stars quietly whisper. Together, go into the land of dreams.” And, the girls are going out of the small hut. Narration: That is the Moon’s spell, and the wind of the unknown girls. The first and also the last story.”
Scans by 水神汉化组

Quote of the day:
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  1. Hahaha indeed, it is a beautiful color page! And i am a sucker for any manga/manhua/manhwa that has beautiful drawing, especially when it is set in ancient time/ has historical elements in it. But there are only a few ones that suit my taste, or at least i know only a few. So now im happy that i find another good one. Havent started reading it yet but i think i will like it

    1. Yup, aster ^^

      Same here ^^

      Happy reading ^^