December 7, 2015

Free Talk: Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 116]

Translation and raws are out Kirakira Treasure Box. I guess I can already stop summarizing this series since someone is regularly doing translations and the Chinese scanlations are still delayed.

For my comments...

I like this chapter. I’m really thinking that this series is better as a gag manga rather than pretending to be some epic dramatic series. ^^; The chemistry between Wind and Yona’s group is really great here. So, if they ever get tired of wandering around the country because of Yona, they can settle down in Wind Tribe. Mundok is awesome and ‘cute’. Haku’s reunion with the others is quite funny ^^ I’m surprised that they actually thought he is dead. ^^; Did the news about him falling down the cliff reached them? Ah, Kija is the one who saw Suwon this time. Hm..Kija is super loyal to Yona among the dragons and he already knows the truth. What will happen next? Well, it would be nice to give Suwon a fright when Kija shows his dragon hand and what it can do to him. =P


  1. I like this manga...but IDK ..recently i m loosing interest on it...but thank u for always letting us know what is happening..Grateful to you..BTW..have u stopped summarizing From 5 to 9??Thank u

    1. Is that so.

      No problem ^^

      Not really. Currently, there is only one chapter out which is about Masako and Renji. I think people aren't that interested in that couple so I'm finishing the other pending summaries first.

      Also, the original Chinese scanlators are no longer doing this regularly so for now, we are at the mercy of random scanlators who will work on it. ^^;

    2. ok..thank u for the info..the recent one which is chapter 60 is interesting ...finally our favorite MC'S reunite..>_<

    3. No problem.

      Ya..this series is way behind. =(

  2. Waaahhhh!!! Akatsuki no Yona! I don't know why but this manga makes me want to know more and more what's going to happen next.

  3. Please can you put the pictures

    1. Sorry, I cannot since it isn't allowed. There is a link in Kirakira's page for the raws.

  4. Personally, I really like the comments you do for each AnY chapter. Would you be willing to still comment on the series from time to time (depending on the chapter). Thanks so much!

    1. =)

      Yes, I plan to, Sofie ^^

      You're welcome ^-^

  5. I loved this chapter and I agree with all what you said ,but I’ve one complain this isn’t the time for comedy I mean their situation is supposed to be dire yet they are fooling around .It’s like what’s happening in 7sins with the whole festival thing .But anyway who cares for once we have an excellent chapter with nothing to complain about and bonus no YONA yet again but I’m pretty sure we will see her next chapter still I love the fact that we don’t see her and I know I’m biased but without her in the picture the series seems all of sudden way better ^^
    I love the wind tribe ,I mean I always did but I love them even more after reading this chapter and it’ such a shame that they don’t get enough screen time since whenever we switch to the king and the generals side it’s SW and his lackeys .It’s too bad since there is the epic wind tribe and yet it’s being tossed aside …sigh .They were so cool in this chapter mundok is one badass grandpa ,he was freaking cool in this chapter and the scene with yun was funny and cute ,but his encounter with Hak was hilarious ,Hak’s reaction to blowing up his gramps was priceless and Han dae « avenging » munduk was also hilarious the reunion of the wind tribe was one of the best thing I’ve read in a very long time when it comes to AnY .It was so cute when Han Dae and Tae Woo started to cry when they realized it was Hak ^^ When Hak asked munduk who did this to you That was funny .Anyway I couldn’t stop laughing during the whole exchange but what got me smiling is that they are all similar to one another and they reacted the same way .Overall I was happy to see someone actually be that happy to see Hak ,since it’s all about yona .
    I agree that they had good chemistry with Yona’s dragons .Blue ‘s comment on Tae Woo being a small hak had me smiling because it’s sort of right he looks a bit like him+the spear so I guess munduk will be an old hak ^^
    The yun munduk part was also nice munduk had an epic entrance and he left in a cute way .I could see the wind tribe having a meal or something with yona’s group when all is said and done .
    Another thing I liked was the entrance of earth and munduk ^^
    Now about the cliffhanger ,I don’t think that Kija will try anything funny with SW .I mean we have seen in last chapter that Hak swallowed his rage and even in this chapter as well he got his priority right so Kija doing anything violent to SW won’t happen but like what you mentioned in your comment I do wish for SW to have a close look at Kija’s claw and be scared for once .Telling him something like « If you do something to yona I will rip your heart out » I don’t know some threat and that’s all .
    But I admit that I would love to see SW take a good and proper beating for once .I mean Hak fell from a freaking cliff yet SW has never suffered one single injury let alone a defeat so If someone could bash his smug face I would be so happy ^^
    Really good chapter and yeah the author does have more talent for gag/comedy rather than drama or historical plot .

    P.s it's too bad that they won't be providing any more summaries for AnY but it can't be helped i guess but it's enough to share comments/rants about it ^^

    1. I agree but then, the enemies are a 'joke', right? That is 'don't take it seriously' so I think the comedy is okay.

      Yup so it would be nice if they stay on for a while. ^^ Ya, it was funny ^^ Good thing Han Dae has good reflexes.

      Ya..very observant of Shina. I guess even if they aren't 'blood related', the past, present and future generals tend to be 'similar'.

      Well, indeed..but not sure it will happen. I start to think if he'll do anything with Suwon when he would probably want to inform Tetora about Lili and Yona. Ya...maybe one punch would be good enough..either from Kija or Haku... but then, I'm not sure if it will kill him ^^;;

      Ya. It sometimes make me think if their raw provider is part of the ones being arrested since they are the only group that is super cautious..but then, they are the only group who release shoujo 'on time'. ^^; Oh well...beggars cannot be choosers.

      ~ ~ ~

      7sins spoiler

      It thought that the two Ms in Sins might be the one..but it turns out to be G. That was a surprise. I guess in a way, that is the reason why he is kind of 'mischievous'. So, do you think that whoever 'violates' his command will become a doll? Well, we have a 'giant' among the commandments so I guess this is a 'why not'. Of course, the question is how come M doesn't know about it. And, M turns out to be not part of the group so is he ranking higher or lower than them?

      I think D will escape soon since there is another demon outside and the guards out there are idiots. The girl reminds me of J. ^^;; As if one isn't enough. ^^;;; And, they will all go to the festival.

      I guess G doesn't need a power up since he only has to 'awaken' or something. And if he does, the question would be will he still be with the Sins or not.


      AoT semi-spoiler

      I took a peek with the Chinese. It turns out to be teamwork. So much for E totally delivering the victory..but then, perhaps, the battle isn't totally over yet.



      I'm starting to doubt if Jack is really strong...Dog can fight against him but then, maybe in human-form, he is more formidable.

    2. I know but the villains =jokes part doesn’t make laugh at all ,instead I can’t help but facepalm since we are supposed to take them seriously but yeah if she made this pure comedy it would be really good manga .
      Yup ,Yeah that was a nice from Han Dae’s part .
      Yup ,as far as I can tell that’s only the wind that are similar .The earth for example they are all the general’s fanboys and try to imitate him but with the wind it seems like it’s natural same fighting style same attitude and even same reactions ^^
      Honestly ,As much as I would love to see Kija beat the living hell out of SW .I know it won’t happen because out of all the dragons he is the most obedient to her .He saw that she was okay with him and they have other stuff to do right now so I don’t think he will attack him ,it would make no sense if hak put his rage aside and Kija wouldn’t be able to maintain his cool ?But if he does attack or threaten SW with his claw I would be very happy because just once before the series end I want to see SW get bleed and be beaten up .
      I guess they were really scared ,even jump is being released like a two or two after the official release and I don’t think AnY or SB is more popular than one piece ? But can’t blame these guys even though it sucks they are just looking out for themselves and you have said it best beggars cannot be choosers

    3. OMG 7sins I didn’t see that one coming
      I mean when I learned that Gowther was a doll ,I wasn’t shocked but I felt stupid because it should’ve been obvious given what we know about him .But him being a demon andon top of that a commandement I really didn’t see that one coming .I don’t think that if a demon break his oath he will turn into a doll .I think this has to do with gowther ‘s power as a demon .I mean Garan broke his oath and he turned to stone same thing happened to Merlin .So I guess after breaking his oath he turned into a doll .Now there are other important questions when Gowther was revealed to be a doll ,Merlin said that it’s a powerful wizard who made him so does it mean that she knew who he was and lied to cover up for him for some suspicious reason ,or she didn’t know which I doubt is the case since Merlin isn’t an idiot .
      Is Merlin much older that she looks and does she have connections with the deep deep past ???Was she the one the found gowther when he left the demon tribe and maybe he didn’t turn into a doll and she made him into one ,maybe it was easy since he lost his self(memory ,feelings and I guess even power) Merlin said she made the eye of balor long ago and Gowther said he was loaded with it maybe it means that she is his creator ? What do you think this is really ambigious ,I don’t know what to think but I have a feeling that Merlin has a hand in this I mean she was even keeping gowther in check by giving him medicine and making that armor for him ?????
      Now of course how come Meliodas didn’t realize who he was .I mean did he manipulate Mel’s memories so he has forgotten all about him .Because like I said before Mel was probably a higher up demon so I think he know all what there is to know about the demon tribe .
      And, M turns out to be not part of the group so is he ranking higher or lower than them? Are you implying that mel wasn’t part of the commandement ,I don’t think so .I believe he was part of it and betrayed them which led to their defeat . I believe the three Mel are the strongest demons and then maybe moustache demon followed by giant and ass demon and loli demon .Now I don’t know if gowther abilities as a doll are the same he had as a demon so can’t say .
      I think grown Mel is the strongest demon ,just a feeling I have .
      Maybe since he seems to be learning about emotions with them and it seems like that’s what he want .

    4. I have seen it and it look like I was right not to have too much hope for Eren but the team work was nice that thunder spear thing is pretty cool .
      Erwin I saw yet again another death flag ,I mean usually when character have a flashback of all what they did in their life it isn’t a good sign .I liked the pannel where we see him on top of a mountain of dead bodies that one picture said volumes about his character and about all what he had to do to get this far .
      I hope Reiner dies quickly since he won’t be telling the recon anything so just kill him .
      I understand your feelings but I don’t recall Oda ever hyping a character for him to turn out lame (except usopp)and the guy has the higher bounty we have seen so far and he is part of yonko’s crew so he will probably deliver

    5. Well, I mean becoming a doll is specifically for him. For Garan, it's stone. For Mera was it, eyes bleed, iirc. It was mentioned that G is suppose to be 'self-less or no lust/greed' which is the opposite of his sin, 'lust'.

      I think, Merlin knew. She has been giving him pills, right? Hm..that's possible and the powerful wizard she is talking about is herself. I guess there is indeed a connection and this will be a 'twist/surprise' that is hinted since Merlin's data isn't revealed, as you mentioned. In a way, lust/greed are related so maybe it is the same here.

      Grown Mel is indeed likely the one who is the strongest. Sorry, got a bit confused there over an MS comment..but it seems all 10 is revealed so you're saying that Mel was replaced by one of them? I would think that Mel betrayed the whole demon clan and not really specifically the 10 commandments.

      ~ 0 ~

      Ya. was a thunder? ^^;; Hehe..I just looked at the pictures.


      Actually, none of the titans-humans would tell them anything so better kill them all and just get to the basement.

      ) ~ )

      Ya..since his human form is the cliffhanger so I guess he is more formidable in that form.

    6. Ah okay if that's what you meant then I agree .It seems like each demon will recieve his own punishement when breaking his oath .

      Yup pills+armor she is the one who made it for him .Yeah and she is just acting as if she doesn't know . I believe merlin has connection to ancient times and the demon clan itself maybe her appearance and name changed that's why Mel doesn't recognize her ?

      Either way we can expect a plot twist with Merlin in the future .

      Yes ,I think it make sense that he was I mean drefyus replaced gowther right ? so maybe another demon replaced Mel .I don't see any reason why two of his brothers would be in the 10 and he wouldn't be .The dude played a big role in the war so I don't think he is fodder among the demon tribe and based on what was hinted and shown thus far Mel was terrific back in the day .

      I think he was with them ,fell in love became more "human" and betrayed them .

      Yes ,I read an english translation and it was called that but I'm still waiting for MS version to see if it is ,it's actual name .

      Yes ,that's the best option .Annie turned herself to a crystal instead of talking to the recon so yeah kill them and be done with it .

      Yup ,I'm looking forward to demon gowther .

    7. Possible.

      That's right. And, we still don't know if she had already turned back from stone. ^^; They should know that Garan is dead, right? Or maybe not. Again, where is the priority..shouldn't they get Merlin back to normal first before looking for Escanor or the festival?

      Unless, he is higher in ranking or something. Is the 10 commandments the next in command after the demon king?

      Ah, I see. And yup, they would prefer 'death/seal self' than talking.

      Hehe..about the last one, I meant Jack. ^^;

  6. ah i love the way you translate ANY. im not a english speaker, sorry. well, im always waiting ANY next chapter on your blog. i hope you continue translating ANY. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you, Ayu ^-^

      Sorry, someone else is already working on it. If the Chinese scanlations come out like before, I would have continued..but for now... Sorry.

  7. I love this manga and yes it gets a little less fun (?) sometimes but I still find it awesome :D
    Actually, I really do find it epic though ^^ guess it's just me? Idk I'm really invested in this manga if it's focused on the Happy Hungry Bunch.
    The rest, not so much XP
    Thank you for your hard work all this time and I will continue to anticipate the summaries for the other series <3

    1. Is that so, Meri. Well, it depends on what you read it for ^^

      Thanks for the comment and support ^-^

  8. where can i find the chapter 116 cause i didn't find it . could you pleas help me?

    1. rania, it is here:

  9. Kat, and for anyone else, English scanlations can be found here:

    1. Thanks for the info ^-^

      So there are already two active translators for this series.

  10. Thanks Kat,
    Hak is a hundred times more awesome without Yona in the picture, IMO. He's so much more free and able to just be himself/do whatever he likes. When Yona is around, it feels like he's so tied down and restricted because everything becomes all about Princess Yona and her happiness. Bleh. Hak needs to leave the group at least for a while and go do amazing things for himself and the wind tribe. Single Hak FTW. I'm tired of sad, stressed, and neglected Hak. Neither Yona nor Soo-won are good for this man's health.

    I'd like to continue to read your inputs ^^

    1. You're welcome, starlight ^-^

      True. ^^

      Unfortunately, we know who is the lead and this is shoujo so...

  11. Ah, true. Still, Hak is the male lead so I would hope Kusanagi would develop Hak a little bit too. It would be so sad if he was just Yona's little puppet the whole entire show from beginning to end and nothing more.

    1. True, starlight but from how things are going, I've set my expectations low. If it happens, it would be great though ^^

  12. I love your blogs and summaries! Do you think you can continue posting the summaries? The links you're providing aren't working :(

    1. And I can't enjoy your comments without reading the summary and/or knowing what happened first.

    2. Thanks ^-^

      Try this one:
      Just go to the summaries section.

      The ones I put up before seems to have gone underground ^^;;