December 10, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 73] -Fin-

And, Sanada Ibuki is 10 months old. Wearing a bunny outfit, Ibuki tries to crawl to get her rattle. Kagetsuna, together with Chiharu, calls out how cute that is. While Kagetsuna and Mego, (Aoi’s fans), carry Ibuki, Kagetsuna exclaims over how her eyes are simply like Aoi’s and she is like an angel-type of cute. 

Mego agrees with him and says that since Ibuki is like Aoi, then in the future, she’ll definitely be a beauty. Aoi and Chiharu just quietly blush at the side. Narration: “Hello everyone, I’m Sanada Megumu. Today, uncle Kagetsuna and Uesugi-kun came to visit here in Sendai.” While carrying Ibuki, Aoi introduces her to Chiharu, his best friend so properly remember that. 

Aoi says that it is good if and when she finds this kind of friend. Chiharu is blushing all over since he is Aoi’s best friend. While Mego and Kagetsuna stare at Chiharu, they think that Chiharu is super happy. Later on, they talk about Shino deciding to get married 6 months from now. They also talk about if they have another child, Ibuki would have a younger brother or younger sister.
Aoi comments that he didn’t think that Shino will really become a novelist. Shino started to write after high school. It is a friendship story about a deaf girl having good friends which received very high evaluation. And, she got a ‘newcomer award’ in a novel competition. Recalling how Mego told Shino to become a novelist and when she became a mangaka, she can draw illustrations for Shino.

That day will definitely become a reality someday. Later on, Aoi arrives home and sees Mego breastfeeding Ibuki. Ibuki notices him that she tells him that she is a bit embarrassed if he always stares at her. Looking away, Aoi apologizes. He says that it is beautiful like a painting of Holy Mother Mary, and it is probably that kind of feeling..

Blushing Mego happily grabs Aoi’s arm and wants him to repeat that one more time. Embarrassed Aoi says that she definitely heard it! Ibuki starts to cry. Aoi says that for her to cry loudly is proof that she’s healthy. Patting her head, Aoi tells her to cry and afterwards, quickly grow up.
Soon, it is Tanabata festival. The Sanada family came with Akane. Mego says that it is also beautiful this year. She tells them that they write the tanzaku [paper strips to write one’s wishes] together. Then, she notices the other people’s wishes about the earthquake not happening again, and for Tohoku area to continue to recover.

It has been 5 years since the earthquake, but the places hit by the calamity are still being rebuilt. From today on, it will be a long battle. One day, she will use Sendai as the background for a story. Even though things change with the passage of time but this is to keep the memory of that day. It hasn’t ended yet and definitely, it is still ‘just beginning’.

In order for to make the next generation kids remember this. Mego tells Aoi that during Masamune’s time, there was also a great earthquake and tsunami that happened but they were able to quickly recover. After the disaster, in order to restart, they need 620,000 to 1 million stones for Sendai to grow. The people before are quite amazing.
No matter how many despairs, they didn’t stop walking and doing their best to bring about this everything and afterwards, there is this present where we exist. Akane is writing something so Aoi asks what he wrote. Akane proudly shows it to him, ‘I want to become a hero who’ll protect the people shedding tears.’

He tells Aoi that when he grows up, he wants to become a hero just like his brother who protected him during the earthquake and just like Mego’s father who had saved and helped so many people. He says that if he sees a crying child, he’ll protect him as well as his mother. Aoi and Mego are moved by what he said.

As all of them huddle together, the two tells Akane that definitely, if it is Akane, he’ll definitely become a strong and kind hero compared to anyone else. And, Shino got married with Kouji. Carrying Ibuki, Mego and Aoi congratulate Shino. Kouji confides to them that Shino is pregnant so she might give birth this year.
Shino ‘says’ that she isn’t kind-hearted just like Aoi so right now, she still cannot forgive their mother who had abandoned them when they were young. “But, because it is like this, I definitely won’t let the child, who’ll be born, feel lonely. I’ll go and love the child with all my strength.” Aoi and Mego are moved by this.

During the reception, Mitsuru sees happy Shino with Kouji. He whispers his congratulations and she is really beautiful wearing a wedding gown. He muses that to think of it right now, this story started including how he met Azusa, is when he fell in love with Shino. Shino notices Mitsuru waving at her. She approaches him and ‘calls’ out to him. Mitsuru congratulates him. 

Shino asks how Azusa is doing. He tells her that she is doing really well. She is Tokugawa Corporation’s successor and currently in training as a newcomer. There is a scene of Azusa on the phone while looking at some thick document and typing [/looking at] something on her laptop computer.

He tells Shino that he is also part of the training staff, and they finally got the consent of Azusa’s father so it has already been decided that they’ll have a wedding next month. “Just like what I said before, I’ll definitely make Tokugawa happy. You, too, Shino. Definitely become happy.”
Shino smiles and ‘says’, yes, she definitely will. Mitsuru smiles. Then, he points out her beautiful bouquet which has daffodils, the flower that she put in the key chain. In hanatoba [language of flowers], it means ‘pure love’ and ‘longing’. “You told me about it before and I still remember it.” This surprises and puzzles Shino.

Mitsuru suddenly stops and thinks that it is bad for at that time, he had switched and disguised himself as Mego. Turning around, Mitsuru bids her goodbye. Shino wonders how come he knows when that is a secret between her and Mego.

She starts to recall all the times with ‘Mego’ who thank her for the keychain, feeling that she is very good friends with Mitsuru before, Mitsuru confessing to her and saying that he’s a guy, ‘Mego’ telling her to go and confess to Kouji and telling Kouji, and saying that Shino isn’t different from others and ‘like you the most’.
Realizing that he was ‘Mego’, flustered Shino shouts, “I also like you the most.” Mitsuru blushes and turns around to see Shino gesturing ‘thank you’. Mitsuru recalls that it is the first sign language she used to ‘talk’ with him, that beautiful voice that couldn’t be heard. Teary-eyed, Mitsuru gestures back a ‘thank you’ and says that he should be the one thanking her. Shino is smiling and teary-eyed, too.

Narration: “It’s really great that I’ve met you. We are always good friends.” At Tokugawa Corporation Headquarters, Mitsuru calls out to Azusa. Azusa asks him how was Shino’s wedding. He suddenly carries Azusa and says that he also wants to quickly see queen-sama wearing a wedding gown and afterwards, give birth soon to a strong and cute girl like her. This made Azusa blush.

She tells him what he is saying, it should be an ‘arrogant and cute boy’ like you!! Mitsuru says like that, then two [kids] will be good. He suddenly goes lovey-dovey with her that she reminds him that they are in the office. As the two happily laugh, Azusa thinks that’s right, it will be a cute boy and girl just like her and Mitsuru.
Seven years after, there is a children’s book entitled, ‘I found a treasure’. ~ all alone blue penguin.’ which is written by Ishida Shino and illustrated by Sanada Mego. A child exclaims that it’s amazing. Someone asks if it is really their mothers who drew this picture story book.

While surrounded by three young girls and one boy, the junior high boy says that’s right, Shino-sis and Mego-sis worked together on it. “It is their promise during high school.” The young boy tells the two girls that Ibuki and Shiori [紫織]’s mothers are really amazing. Shiori giggles. Ibuki calls out to Akane to quickly read it.

Akane reads the book, “A long, long time ago, in some place, there is a purple penguin who couldn’t hear and her older brother, the blue penguin. One day, the blue penguin got injured [by a seal] when he protected purple penguin. There is an ugly scar left on his right eye. Thus, the other penguins started to gradually drift apart from him.
Not long after blue penguin left the other penguins and he started to live all by himself. One day, after so many years, blue penguin saved a lost non-stop crying pink penguin who came from a floating ice. *Pink penguin is blushing* **the kids wonder if the blue penguin and pink penguin are referring to Ibuki’s parents, and Akane just smiles** Pink penguin has safely returned to the other gathered penguins. She has not forgotten about blue penguin so she still always regularly went to see him.

Blue penguin told her, ‘if you are together with me, you’ll also be pushed aside by the others’. The blue penguin avoided her at all costs. But, pink penguin didn’t easily give up. One after another, she chase after him. *Mego telling Aoi that no matter what others think, even if there is only the two of them left in this world, she isn’t at all afraid*

Pink penguin asks, “Are we really that different? You are so nice so what is there for me not to like you?” *Surprised blue penguin starts to cry* It is the first time the blue penguin experienced love and the joy of being loved. The blue penguin is no longer all alone.”
At Sendai station, Aoi, walking with Mego, is carrying a box. Mego says that she went shopping so she was a bit late but then, she got Akane’s birthday cake so the kids will definitely be very happy. She happily clings on to smiling Aoi.

Narration: “Together with one’s beloved, protecting one’s home, right now, we are very happy living together. We cannot choose where we are born from. *scene of scowling Azusa and young Aoi + Shino* So, when we are alone, it is difficult to escape and pass through lonely intolerable nights. There is also the deep endless despair. *scene of Mego in disbelief and injured Aoi*

... Despite that, there is also living on tenaciously. *Scenes of Mego hugging Aoi, working Satsuki, young Akane, then...Mitsuru and Azusa working at the office, twins’ parents and grandmother together, and Kouji looking at what Shino is typing* Steadily taking a step towards the future...” In the picture book, there is a drawing of blue penguin and family + other penguins.

“In the end, blue penguin found the sole important treasure in his life.” Narration: “...until you find what is call ‘love’, life’s most important treasure.” The End.
Comment: What happened in the last chapter isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Like this is supposed to be about the twins, ‘Kobayashi’ so how come the other twin didn’t have any wedding scene. ^^; For some reason, Shino became part of the focus but I guess it is for her to finally realize that Mitsuru was the one who was protecting her and everything at that time, and it wasn’t Mego.

I thought this is all fluff so it is a bit of a surprise that Shino isn’t that forgiving like Aoi is about their mother. The talk about Sendai makes me wonder if this is the mangaka’s way of ‘recording’ what happened at Sendai as a remainder for the readers and future generations.

The penguin story book is..I guess a summary of the whole series. Then, it is the final words from Mego about love with scenes of almost everyone. It is indeed different from the usual endings.

Overall, the series is okay. Well, it was funny and nice at the start but somehow, I feel that it lost some steam at the latter chapters. It became serious and sometimes exaggerated or something that I’m not too excited about it anymore for some reason. ^^; Maybe the conflict isn’t that interesting? At the start, I did wonder for how long the mangaka can pull of the ‘switch’ jokes.

 Ah yes, I would also like for some interactions between Mego and Azusa which didn’t happen. I guess it would be awkward if it is all ‘having good relations’ with everyone. I’m not sure if Azusa deliberately didn’t go to Shino’s wedding or she wasn’t invited. Well, there seems to be no happy ending for Azusa’s parents either.

And, I do think that it is bad when a lot of readers like the ‘other couple’ more than the main couple. So, I’m kind of thinking that maybe there is no Azusa-Mitsuru wedding because the mangaka probably wanted to use whatever idea she had for her next series. Anyway, thanks for reading my summaries for this series. ^-^ Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
Love is a Treasure, which can never pay. The only way to keep it, is to give away. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Meh, what a waste of the final two chapters imo. Why the focus shifted back to the worst pairing of the story is beyond me. Mitsuru and Azusa's story was far more interesting and enjoyable than the other pairing. It's like the mangaka added them in the end as an after thought. Thanks for providing us all the summaries!

    1. Hm..which pairing? Mego and Aoi? Well, it cannot be helped since this is their story.

      If Mitsuru and Azusa pairing is also popular and interesting for Japanese readers, I get a feeling that the mangaka will use that kind of pair for her new series. Especially since she seems to not go all out with that pair in the series.

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    Realizing that he was ‘Mego’, flustered Shino shouts, “I also like you the most.” Mitsuru blushes and turns around to see Shino gesturing ‘thank you’.

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