December 11, 2015

下一站巨星: Interview with 仲村-老師

[Free Talk: This is a question and answer interview with 下一站巨星’s 仲村-sensei from Taiwanese fans. It is published in the Taiwanese magazine. I think it is the one that used to publish ‘The One’. It can be found in baidu  and it was requested not to spread the scans around so no pictures here but then, it is mostly text. ^^; PS. Read at your own risk since you might be a bit disillusioned ^^;]

Q1: Can I ask -sensei, who do you think is cooler, Ren or Shou, who is the number one lead guy?

Answer (in short form): If you’re asking who is cooler = the type that I like, then really regretfully, neither of these two guys is the type that I like. (laughs) So, for me, these two guys cannot become the number one lead guy. [<- iirc, 仲村-sensei wrote before that she likes ‘middle aged/older men’ in the bodyguard there. I get a feeling that she likes Lory or probably, Kuu =P ]

Q2: Because it isn’t easy to conceptualize the contents [/details] of a long series, can I ask 仲村-sensei, where do you get your inspiration from?

Answer: There was no very long preparation when it started to serialize so from the start, I didn’t think well on how to progress the story’s future. So, every time I draw the series, at one side I look at the storyboard paper and on the other side, ponder on the next chapter of the story as if my life depended on it. (laughs)

Q3: 仲村-sensei’s drawing of handsome guys is so handsome that I’m going to turn over ♥ [<- I think the fan is a guy] Can I ask if there are some actors or perhaps models that you use as reference?

Answer: Thank you for the reader’s praise. I match the role with the work’s [/story’s] function and portray it out. There is no particular person used as reference.

Q4: Can I ask how many assistants does 仲村-sensei have?

Answer: All together, there are seven people wherein there are five people who are regular assistants.

Q5: Can I ask 仲村-sensei how come 下一站巨星 used this subject matter for this type of story? In addition, who is the mangaka whom you first got in touch with? Thanks!

Answer: Before I drew 下一站巨星, the earliest decision is the role of Kyouko. Basically, I’m planning it out as an academy [gakuen] story, but it just so happen at that time, the magazine has some other academy story. [Gakuen Alice?] At the beginning, it is a bit similar with 下一站巨星. So, I want to change the story’s setting. The role of Kyouko is depending on hatred’s power to strive on. In the preferences [/set-up] of shoujo lead characters, it can be said that she is gloomy, added to that is, my recently completed series is a gangster story, so we thought that it is best to change the setting to a bright and beautiful set-up that has a shoujo style so the story’s setting was chosen to be showbiz world. [Ah, the follow-up question wasn’t answered.]

Q6: Can I ask 仲村-sensei how is this character created? When designing the female lead, do you encounter any difficulties?

Answer: This Kyouko role, is from before I debuted as a mangaka. While working at a different job, the negative feelings became data to portray it out. Thanks to that, my dark side became the source material. So at the time of the publication, in order for the shoujo readers to accept her, I was very cautious in the way of expressing the dark side. Also, when I was designing Kyouko’s appearance, it was because of the revision of the editor-in-charge, which caused me to be late [/slow] and unable to decide on the hairstyle that it caused me a lot of hardships.

Q7: Can I ask when the manga was made into a television drama, did sensei went to the shooting site to watch?

Answer: I wanted to look around the television drama’s shooting site. I also want to watch the movie’s shooting site. I want to know the differences of the two shooting site.

Q8: 下一站巨星’s [? I cannot read it], sensei’s work is quite high, can I ask sensei how far is the current distance to the ending in sensei’s mind?

Answer: I can already see the end.. But I cannot predict how long I can finish drawing it.

Q9: Please ask 仲村-sensei, aside from 下一站巨星 lengthy series, does she predict that there will be other short stories or perhaps side stories?

Answer: None. If it is 下一站巨星’s spin-offs, I want to draw Kuu Hizuri, a story about working hard to become successful after he moved his base of operations to United States.

Q10: MVP wa Yuzurenai, Tokyo Crazy Paradise and 下一站巨星’s female leads are all short-haired, can I ask sensei if she prefers short-haired girls or there is some other thoughts about it?

Answer: I don’t specially prefer short hair, but then, it is true that the above-mentioned works have short haired female leads..before the serialization, when setting up the role’s proposal, Kyouko is basically also long haired..I think that one day, I’ll draw a long haired female lead.

Q11: In 下一站巨星, when Kyouko and others went to shoot at Guam, can I ask sensei if she specifically went abroad to collect data?

Answer: Going abroad to collect data, I really went to Guam. In the series, the room that Kyouko stayed in obviously had Japanese styled decors (Kanei coin currency). At that time, in the hotel where I stayed, there is really such a thing. I felt that it is very interesting so I used it in the manga.

Message: I have received everyone’s love (questions). It’s really regretful that I cannot answer all the questions but I’m really happy that everyone is looking at my work. I’ll also work hard to create this work from today on to make everyone ‘unknowingly not know why but will pick up and look at it’. While drinking tea, will look at 下一站巨星. While passing time, will also look at 下一站巨星. Yoroshiku!


  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing this(*^▽^*)
    I'm fed up with Saena's arc honestly! I want it finished already and for the story to go on progressing the way before.. Ma~n I can't stand her anymore or her stupid partner. It's really a shame that gorgeous Kyouko is the offspring of these two(><)
    Anyway.. I really want to see this manga coming to its end soon, but I can't imagine how I'd manage my life without a Skip Beat! chapter now & then.. Solve this for me will ya?! I can't help but feel it, and it's getting me confused recently(ó﹏ò。)

    1. Thanks for reading, Lolli ^-^

      Hehe, is that so.

      Ah, don't won't end soon. Hm..I guess we have to move on when that happens.

  2. What a pleasant surprise, thank you for posting this! But now I'm a little confused: It doesn't sound as though Nakamura Yoshiki is one to plan ahead a lot - but she already knows the end... ah well, that doesn't have to be a paradox. I do wonder since when she had been thinking about Kyoko's heritage... whether she had thought about it at all when she drew the scenes where Saena abandons her towards the beginning.. But perhaps the manga is really nearing its end.
    Thanks again Kat!
    - Stephanie

    1. Thanks for reading, Stephanie ^-^

      Yup. I think she more or less know what will happen in this arc and that arc but the details and how to pull it off isn't planned out. She did mention that she doesn't know how long it would take her to draw it.

      I think she has some idea about it then develop it while dropping hints here and there, then after all the time she has, she can somehow pull it together then reveal things.


  3. Sweet, Kat! Thank you!

    Alas, confirmation that the end is near...bittersweet, but I wouldn't have it any other way because I want to know how it ends and after reading this short interview I feel certain it will be a fitting one. It may not be what I wish for, but it's alright.

    Based on this interview, the mangaka came off as a person with a very high emotional intelligence quotient to me. So, perhaps genius in a sense. But, after typing this out, it is possible she just needs to be pressured in order to produce well. Hmmm.

    Interestingly, this sensei touched upon dark times in her life, referencing those experiences of hardships for our girl Kyouko. Nakamura-sensei came off as a bit Saena-ish for me in this interview.

    Kat, I totally agree with you on the mangaka's preference probably being likely for types like bodyguard (Sebastian?), Lory and/or Kuu. I crush on them, too! They are so very capable.

    I look forward to the end - I know it'll be great. Let's end this journey together.

    Be blessed,

    "If you walk in darkness in your mind, you will walk in darkness in life. But, if you prepare your mind to walk as light, you'll find it much easier to punch holes in the darkness." - article by Skip Heitzig whom was inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson. Heitzig was referencing 1Peter 1:13-14, as well. Think of what awaits you at he finish line of life.

    1. You're welcome, may ^-^


      Interesting point.

      Hehe, is that so.


      Yup, God willing..and hopefully, the Chinese group also pushes through ^^

      Nice ^^

  4. Thank u for posting kat!really enjoyed sensei's interview!i was surprised that sensei liked older type men...i thought sensei liked Bishounen type for the ending of manga..we have lots and lots of stuff still unanswered,and there's also ten and kyouko's relation...which even haven't started...wish i could read interview's of other popular mangaka's interview...Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hehe ^^

      Yup, still many more stuff unanswered.

  5. Very interesting!♥ I'd surely love to meet my fave mangakas someday! (Hope that day comes!) Thanks Ms. Kat!♥

  6. about the darkness from her early managaka day , i really wonder what caused that. koyouko and her mother both have that . (since it was created for almost the same reason) one more similarity in both mother daughter. to express this in this much bitterness i really cant help but wonder.

    1. Iffat, that was before she was working as a mangaka.

      I actually thought of it as her frustrations and disappointments at her previous work like how 'dark' Kyouko is during her Love Me missions in the earlier chapters. Perhaps, it includes how someone like Shou and other antagonists who tend to rub things in.

  7. Thanks for posting, Kat! I'm not worried about the end being "near" since chapters only come out once a month plus there is Kuon's past and true identity revealed, the Fuwas coming to Tokyo, Kyoko and Ren's relationship, Saena's acceptance/realization (maybe?), going to the US/Kuon's mom Julie, and there's the possibility of the encounter of the famous Mr. D.

  8. Thank you so much, Kat! :)

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing this kat .


  10. I have seen the drama, and anime, but this is first time hearing about movie. Could you please link me/ give me the original name for the movie?
    p.s. thanks for the translations KAT

    1. Sorry, Aakaa but I actually have no idea. I also only know of the drama.

      I just translated the interview without bothering knowing about that movie.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  11. I would like to read a spin-off about kuu😍
    Thanks for the translation~

  12. Thank kat, thank you very much!!!!

  13. e8yaisduasihdujnaks
    Q8: Skip Beat’s [? I cannot read it], sensei’s work is quite high, can I ask sensei how far is the current distance to the ending in sensei’s mind?

    Answer: I can already see the end.. But I cannot predict how long I can finish drawing it.


  14. AAAAHHHH! Thanks!! =D Really like it.

  15. TQ Kat for uploading the interview. We can get to know more about Sensei and the characters.