December 6, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 64]

Standing behind a building with bushes all around, Nogiku apologizes to Kasane that she wasn’t able to go to her house today. Kasane says that it is an emergency so it is inevitable, and besides, there’s still time for her to hurry and go to the practice. After kissing, Nogiku is surprised when Kasane suddenly turns around. She asks Kasane what is it. 

Kasane says that it always feels like someone is watching. Nogiku exclaims in surprise. While Nogiku is darkly glaring at her, Kasane says that it is nothing, she’s probably too sensitive. Putting the mask on, Nogiku says that it is definitely because they unexpectedly changed the ‘exchange’ to somewhere near the rehearsal place so it is hard to avoid that one will become uneasy. 

Nogiku apologizes to her. Kasane asks how can that be..there’s no need for her to always apologize and she’s grateful to her that she cannot say it quite enough! Kasane says then, it is almost time for her to leave. As Kasane leaves, Nogiku notices that once they had exchanged faces, she simply totally changes as a person. “I never saw her smile when she is using her original face.”

There’s a noise from behind her. Nogiku says that it is alright, he can come out. Yuuto looks very tense as he mutters if she is really Nogiku and they.. Removing her mask, Nogiku says that he also saw it right, when they exchanged faces.
Yuuto nervously says that even if he saw it, but he cannot help it since it’s too baffling! “Even the voice..” Nogiku tells him that it is as she told him, the exchange is only the face and the voice, that’s all. “Do you want me to show you that scar later on? *covers face and holds down her coat* After looking at my body, you’ll immediately understand right?

...This ability is the cause of everything. Kasane’s mother ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ used this ability to be able to go on stage. My mother had been locked up. Her mother’s  appearance and life, everything’s everything, had been snatched away. At the stage, Nobuhiko as Macbeth goes to Saki who is acting as Lady Macbeth. Macbeth asks, “I have done the deed. Did you hear a noise?”

Lady Macbeth replies, “I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry.” Yoshio says that it is like that, their distance between each other have to be close that it is like melting into one body. “In short, it is because Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, the two of them, has one living body.” Macbeth tensely says that just by thinking of what he did, his body is numb all over. Yoshio says that regarding the crime of regicide, there are Macbeth who ‘dreads’ and Lady Macbeth who doesn’t have ‘dread’.
Lady Macbeth chides her husband, “Dead and sleeping people have no difference from pictures. Only children are afraid of scary pictures of devils.” Holding a bottled water, Yoshio says that the two’s dialogue is like one person’s mental dispute. “Tit for tat, but also blending well together so there are times when people call them as ‘monozygotic married couple’.

Narration: “Blending together..we were already like that. At the same time, we possess the obsession to gamble everything for the performance. *Scene of them together at the play, Salome* Thus, cowardice is born. Thus, loneliness is born. So, the more I get closer, the more I become afraid. Will he discover that his and my excessively close breath— but even if it is like that.”

While touching Macbeth’s hand, Lady Macbeth says, “My hands are as red as yours but I absolutely won’t let my heart become deathly pale like yours.” Narration: “I absolutely cannot expose this ‘dread’.” As they touch each other’s face, Nobuhiko looks tense and thoughtful.

Later on, Yoshio says that like that, Macbeth became king and Lady Macbeth became queen but in order to stabilize the current position, they became more ruthless and bloodthirsty. There is a scene of hooded people surrounding Banquo and his son.
On the stage, Yoshio is coaching Nobuhiko and Saki. Pointing to the script, he tells them that because Macbeth surpassed this layer of ‘dread’, he is in pain. Nobuhiko says that at first glance, it is just an exaggerated Shakespeare tragedy but this kind of emotional description, it is unexpectedly, delicate and realistic.. 

Kasane is surprised when Yoshio says that in reality, if killers had seen this kind of dread, they would be scared out of their skin. Kasane recalls Ichika lying in the pool of her blood on the grassy ground and unconscious Nina on the bed with her own face. Kasane becomes tense. Later on, during the banquet, Macbeth greets the nobilities of his country for coming together in this main hall.

Someone tells him to please take his seat. Macbeth says that all of the seats are taken. The man tells her that there is still an empty seat. Macbeth asks where. Bloodied Banquo is sitting on a chair at the end of the table. The man asks His Majesty, why he is turning so pale.

As Macbeth backs away in fear, Kasane thinks that it is the departed spirits whom one had murdered. Kasane nervously looks behind her. From the corner of her eye, she notices a couple of semi-transparent figures. It is Nina and Ichika.
Kasane quickly walks forward to the stage. While taking distraught Macbeth at the side, Lady Macbeth calls out for everyone to please take their seats since Macbeth often has this kind of fits. Lady Macbeth whispers to him if he can be consider himself a man. Macbeth exclaims yes, so I’m always starting at him.

Pointing to the chair, he says that figure can even make a devil change color! Lady Macbeth exclaims, “Really?! *Kasane senses the two ghosts behind her* That is just the painting born out of your dread! Real dread isn’t like that. You should feel ashamed of this!” Holding his face, Macbeth says that for such a scandal to happen [/doing a bad thing], he is simply like a child. 

Kasane thinks that it is as Lady Macbeth said. “It is alright. Lady Macbeth’s lines can give me courage. I won’t follow mother’s footsteps [to disaster]..!” And, her mother’s ghost as Lady Macbeth is standing behind her. Yoshio is thinking deeply before muttering that it isn’t just the appearance that is the same with her. Then, they are rehearing a different scene in the play. A man and a woman are surrounded by candles around some three steps platforms.
Gesturing to the man, the gentlewoman says, “Please look. She is once again wandering around like that. *Lady Macbeth is walking around while holding a candle* She always come out like this but actually, she is in DEEP SLEEP.” Lady Macbeth has blank eyes. Yoshio mutters that Lady Macbeth is suffering from sleepwalking..and this part is also a very important point..

Then, he notices something. Holding up her hand, Saki exclaims, “—Just disappear, this accursed mark! Quickly disappear..” She snaps out of it when standing Yoshio claps his hand. He tells her to do that part again from the beginning.

Then, Saki is holding up her hands and says, “Just disappear, this..” Clap. Yoshio shouts one more time! Clap. Yoshio shouts for her to do it one more time! Saki looks a bit tense. Nobuhiko also looks tense as he quietly watching behind Yoshio.

Sitting Yoshio says, “You’re not acting as Lady Macbeth. You’re acting as Macbeth. But right now, what are you afraid of. *Kasane looks surprised* Once again go deeply into this role! ..even if I don’t know the reason, and even if it is something that you do not want to see, you also have to overcome it!” Kasane still looks tense.
Comment: This is an interesting development. I wonder what Nogiku would think if she learns that Kasane is having difficulty with a certain part and if Kasane cannot pass it, she might not get the part. So much for her revenge. ^^; Still, I don’t know if a cast can be replaced just because s/he cannot do a scene like the director wanted.

So, would Nogiku somehow help Kasane with that problem or not? And, if she does, will there some sort of sister bond that will form? Cannot say for sure as long as Izana’s ghost is hanging around Kasane. Kasane is really conscientious for those ghosts are hunting her when she didn’t exactly deliberately kill them. It is Nogiku who did it twice.

In a way, it does seem that Nogiku is like Lady Macbeth who will/can kill for her purposes without remorse at the start. So, will she share Lady Macbeth’s fate later on? Interestingly enough, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are doing the plotting and killing while encouraging each other on. I think that it can be the same with Nogiku and Yuuto.

Actually, there is also Kasane and Kingo though there relationship isn’t becoming any closer like that of Nogiku and Yuuto. Where does Nobuhiko stand in all this? It does seem that he is feeling something from Saki and not merely acting as Macbeth. What will he do when he knows? And, I’m curious who Yoshio is comparing Saki with. Is it Izana?

Maybe Kasane can learn more about her mother through him since Kingo is very secretive. I wonder who among the characters will help Kasane with this hindrance if someone is going to help her. There is also a possibility that she can deal with it by herself like how she was able to stand up again after losing her ‘Nina’ persona. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Hi ! Thanks a lot :D . What if Kasane can't handle the role..maybe Nogiku will do the acting? Or maybe Kasane will lose the role and there will be a new character..I kinda want to see some rivaly,like another very talented actress who is the opposite of Kasane but also tragic or has her own dark side.. but I think that it will not happen.

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      I doubt Nogiku can do the acting.

      Maybe but most probably after Nogiku is out of the picture. For now, it seems that she is the 'rival' of Kasane in terms of how they are opposites yet somewhat similar.

  2. Just discovered your site - thanks for your summaries of this manga! Obviously you've put a lot of work into translating the words and also actions. Thanks so much!