December 4, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 76]

With her hands together and a slight bow, Shuon introduces herself, “My name is Akazaki [guesswork from ] Shuon, the second imperial princess of Enha. Regarding not informing that I’m journeying together with the diplomatic mission this time, it must have alarmed your side. Hereto, I want to convey my apology...

...*Reishou quietly listens while surrounded by his courtiers as well as people from Enha who have a box in front of them* Hakuyou king’s brilliant exploits had been heard to some extent at our country. Indeed, it makes one say that it’s breathtaking. I also yearn to take advantage of this golden opportunity along with the other scholars to pay a visit in order to widen one’s knowledge...

...Thus, I had hurriedly ask my father the king. *opens a box filled with jewelry* ..first, I would offer gifts from my father the Enha king. *Reishou’s courtiers look tense and dark as Shuon smiles* Please kindly accept [the gift].” Later, at probably the harem, Jun is screaming his head off about it being reckless and what is Enha thinking!!

Sweatdropping, Yuulin asks if it is reckless? Jun shouts, no kidding! “Bringing a princess of age with the diplomatic group, that kind of thing.. It’s super reckless The trouble regarding the reception [of the guests] had upgraded to super-troublesome!!!...
...*trembling and aghast* The schedule in advance is completely in shambles. I have to once again make adjustments. ~~but, it is really great that there is some additional gifts of quality gems..!!” Yuulin thinks that Jun wanted those jewels. Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin, the Wolf King’s sole princess consort. .. At present, Hakuyou is distressed over the unexpected guest.”

Yuulin thinks that it is a princess..aside from Reishou’s aunt, she hasn’t met one.. Pushing up his glasses, Jun says that in short, they’ll do it according to the schedule wherein Yuulin will be present at tomorrow night for the Byakka [guesswork from 白華; White Flower] Garden’s dinner banquet.

“During that time, *uneasy* I’m afraid that I’ll have to ask you to assume the duty of entertaining the princess..” Yuulin exclaims, “Yes. I’ll do my best! International Exchange! Goodwill! Have a good relationship!” She thinks that it is the time to show off the result of the severe consort training!!

Becoming more uneasy, Jun warns her to absolutely not show any youkai-like actions. Surprised Yuulin exclaims that she won’t when basically, she isn’t one. While Jun continues to become uneasy, Yuulin clenches her fist and thinks that one day, she’ll wash clean that rumor about ‘youkai consort’. “Fighting-!! Gam-batte!! [Do my best]”
Jun mutters that on contrary, her full force is what makes him feel uneasy.. Reishou watches them. Then, he looks sad. Meanwhile, at the guest’s room, Shuon puts a huge earring on and asks, “Youkai? The princess consort?” Cat ninja says yes, that’s the rumor in the royal capital. Headband man asks isn’t it about, the Wolf King’s beloved consort is an exceptional beauty.

He comments that he really anticipates it. Bangs guy says that she is mysterious like the ‘Wolf King’.. Older man says it turns out to be very interesting. Shuon says that it doesn’t matter whether she is a beauty or a youkai, the hindrance will just be swept away. “Compared to that, for tomorrow’s dinner banquet, what do you think of this earring?” Headhand guy[?] asks, “Isn’t it over the top? *Shuon hits him* really suits you..”

Someone says that it would be better if he didn’t say it [over the top] from the start, stupid. Cat ninja quietly watches and recalls how Yuulin took care of him while he was sick. On the day of the dinner reception banquet, Yuulin thinks that she’s here so first, greet the guest. The court ladies tell her where Shuon is. Yuulin thinks that Shuon is a beauty with an astonishing appearance.
Smiling Yuulin greets Shuon, and introduces herself. “It’s a great honor to be able to meet with you. If you encounter anything that you cannot understand or perhaps, something perplexing in my country, please, do not hesitate to ask me about it at any time.” And, Yuulin is puzzled for Shuon just quietly stares at her. “Huh? This silence is not quite subtle..”

Shuon sighs and says, “ goes without saying that I won’t have any opportunity of meeting THIS KIND OF PERSON LIKE YOU, but then, this is Hakuyou so it is inevitable. Then, I’ll be under your care [/yoroshiku] huh? Lady Yuulin.” Yuulin’s smile freezes. Yuulin thinks that totally doesn’t have any meaning to ‘want to have good relations’!!

“Eh!? Why!? Is it better to say that she’s an enemy!! Didn’t you come here for goodwill and exchange!? Isn’t it about having good relationship!? Eh!? ‘Person like you’ refers to that, right. It definitely refers to status. *Yuulin is a princess consort of unknown status*...

...She wants to say that I don’t have the qualification to become the princess’ conversation partner..! ..the truth is, even if currently, I am also still not truly recognized by the people in the imperial palace. But then, what she said is already a fact. No problem.”
Yuulin calmly replies, “Then, I truly received heaven’s care since I was able to talk with a princess. *This surprises Shuon* It is a rare opportunity, so please tell me more about Enha.” Yuulin recalls Ranyou telling her that the harem is a women’s battlefield and the weak are immediately eaten up until practically nothing is left.

Yuulin mentally asks Ranyou if it is this kind of feeling. “..ah ah, but then, compared when I was working, still hurts a lot.” Everyone is surprised when Reishou appears behind Yuulin and says, “Let me say, who is cuter tonight than usual? *Yuulin turns to him and calls out, ‘Your Majesty’* Just seeing you like this, I can already see the end of the dinner banquet...

...*This made Yuulin blush.* Don’t you think that it is a crime for such a cute living creature to unexpectedly walk around without any protection? That’s right, will you marry me? That’s a good idea.” Blushing Yuulin asks if he is already drunk. Reishou smiles and says that if she only says yes, then it’s a yes.

Speechless Yuulin just smiles and blushes. She wonders what he is thinking of doing at this kind of place--! Turning to Shuon, Reishou asks if she is having fun [/happy]. Startled Shuon says yes, yes she is.
Reishou says that a while ago, he had talked a bit with the diplomats and what he heard is considerably interesting. “Surely, it is a very valuable exchange [/interaction] for the two countries.” Moved Shuon blushes and says, “..yes, she also wholeheartedly anticipate it.” Soon, the Enha diplomats are watching performance by female Hakuyou dancers.

At the cloister, while walking holding hands, Yuulin calls out to Reishou and asks if it is okay for him to leave while the dinner banquet is still ongoing. He assures her that it is okay because without him, those officials would be able to enjoy it as much as they like. Yuulin agrees that is true.

Reishou says, “Compare to that, aren’t you forcing yourself? *Yuulin is puzzled* At this time, you are always doing your best as if your life depended on it. It really worries me. there anything I can do for you?” Surprised Yuulin says that there’s no need and basically, she is still lacking in a lot of things.

Chibi Yuulin is going on a dash with her all-out effort. Reishou sadly says, “My position has already forced a lot on you. But, I’m already unable to let you go and make you leave. ..I’m sorry.” Yuulin is moved to tears.
Holding on his arm, Yuulin says, “Your-Majesty, no matter where I get married, if I didn’t do anything, it is impossible for it to become a good family. Everyone really have it hard. It is very hard! So, anyway, it is hard, [yet] I will stay at your side. This is my answer to what you said at the dinner banquet. But then, proposing in front of people is actually..”

Reishou grabs her and kisses her. Yuulin thinks, “It doesn’t matter, even if there are times when I’m uneasy, as long as you’ll still embrace me like this.” At the harem, Jun tells the two, “Then, regarding the way on how we should counter the princess’ correspondence from now on. Generally, during the exchange, please act as a married couple as much as possible...

...Since she had already come, she seems to have some certain jurisdiction with diplomacy. She’ll hope to be able for get both royalties to have a favorable good relationship so she must be serious. But, if the relationship is too good, they will start talking about marriage [between allies] and that is also very troublesome...”

This surprises Yuulin that she says that she totally didn’t think of that. Jun sighs and says that currently, there is still no sign but it is just in case, after all, the princess is of age. Reishou says that it seems that Shuon’s self-awareness is too high if she thinks that they are a married couple when they just met.
Jun asks Reishou if up to now, he had any experience wherein just by eye contact, he’ll move closer to a woman. [<- I think they are talking about love at first sight] Yuulin is surprised that Reishou looks speechless and -_- Jun tells him to please thoroughly pay attention to his behavior [/manners].

While shaking sweatdropping Reishou, Yuulin asks him what’s up and he became quiet right now. “Tell me all about it in full detail.” Jun sighs again and says, “Ah, so until the diplomatic mission is over.. compared to the usual, please stick to each other more. Please stick together until it makes one feel that talking about marriage is at the level of stupidity.”

While two looks surprised, Yuulin says, huh? Glancing at surprised Yuulin, Reishou says that’s not bad at all! Freaking out from smiling Reishou who immediately went into wolf mode, Yuulin shouts for Jun that there must be propriety! “I beg of you, please tell His Majesty to have a bit of propriety! This person will take advantage of the situation and it’s very dangerous!”
Turning away, Jun sighs and says that he’s very busy so them married couple just properly talk about it themselves. “So busy, so busy.” Yuulin shouts that he’s awful. Somewhere else, flustered Shuon shouts, “Hey, who is the one who said the ‘Wolf King’ is an incomparably cruel and inhuman hairy barbarian! It is totally not the same as the rumor that I came in full power!”

Headband tells her don’t be too excited, but from the looks of it, it is only the ‘treasuring only one consort’ is the truth. “I’m afraid that you’ll be rejected, so better yet, go back to the country..” While the other two are quietly reading, Shuon shouts, “So I’m saying! We are going to have a pre-war meeting! Quickly help me, you guys!”

Cat ninja just quietly sweatdrops at the side. Narration: “Because of these guests’ visit, there are all sorts of ideas in Hakuyou that started to endlessly make noise.” While making Yuulin sit on his lap, Reishou says, “It’s really great that I can dote on you whether night or day. It’s not bad to have guests once in a while.”

Blushing Yuulin exclaims, no one said that it is okay to be like this!?” It’s totally wrong!?” Puppy Reishou says, okay, okay, this is also work. Yuulin nervously exclaims that this is very strange, okay. Narration: “In the end, it is still solely, the husband who is a wolf as well as a puppy.. is the one who distresses me the most.” Chibi wolf sparkles beside aghast rabbit.  
Comment: Well, Shuon turns out to be a bratty, vain and spoiled-type of girl. For a while there, I wondered if she is a female version of Keitaku. Hm..speaking of Keitaku, who knows, maybe if she meets him, they’ll team up or something. For now, it seems that her companions aren’t that inclined to do what Shuon is planning.

It is most likely that Shuon did suddenly ask her father to include her in the diplomatic group and plotted this by herself with some hesitant assistance from the others. I’m not sure about her blushing towards Reishou during the banquet. Did she fall in love with him or something?

Well, the hairy barbarian is already not true when Reishou met with her at the court, but I guess she thought that since he is cruel and inhuman, he would have treated Yuulin that way, too so she was caught off guard. Yuulin did well to fend of Shuon’s insult and not stoop down to her level. We can say that Ranyou’s training had helped her.

Of course, even if she managed to do that, it still hurts to be treated that way. I think Reishou came to her rescue at that time though he didn’t make it seem that way. Reishou still feels guilty for making Yuulin go through all these hardships for him. For him to apologize to her, I guess it is because he still fears that what he is doing to her is like what his father did to his mother.

I love Yuulin’s answer. Indeed, in all marriages, one must work hard to make it work for there will definitely be difficulties. And, for them to be with each other, it helps a lot in overcoming the problems. Apparently, Jun already has a backup plan on how to deal with the princess who might be after Reishou. Hehe, mother-in-law gave the go signal =P

Hehe, Yuulin has to prepare herself for a lot of public display of affection. I’m curious though why Reishou was quiet when Jun was talking about ‘love at first sight’, was Reishou a playboy/deeply smitten before? Maybe it is the opposite, someone is smitten by him so he has to pay attention to what he does in order not to make the other person misunderstand.

Anyway, from the looks of it, Shuon has no chance with Reishou. I wonder what she’ll plan to do next. She hasn’t even seen Reishou in wolf mode yet. We have to give her credit for knowing what most people in Hakuyou would want which are the jewels so they let it pass that she didn’t inform them about coming with the diplomatic group.

Iirc, Hakuyou isn’t that rich after the rule of Reishou’s father and older brother. it possible that Shuon might find out Yuulin’s original identity? Anyway, I have a feeling that cat ninja will somehow help Yuulin as payback for helping him recuperate while he is sick. Scans by 水月梅漢化

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