December 19, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 56]

Episode 56 – Hitch. Narration: “Yuki’s kiss is much longer than I imagined. Very soft lips. It tastes good like cotton candy that is going to melt. *Yuki finishes kissing Nene* Ah ah, no good. *looks at Yuki* Wait, wait, Yuki-kun. Wa—wait a minute, do not stop--..” Yuki blushes and thinks that they had unexpectedly kissed. Both wonder how can this be. Yuki starts to apologize to Nene. Blushing Nene interrupts by saying that just now, it’s practice, right? She says that before..that..Renji said it before, to let us practice..together.. She thinks that if it is ‘practice’, then definitely, there will be another opportunity. “..if..Yuki-kun can teach me, I..” Holding her shoulders, Yuki exclaims that she’s right, practice!! “Just now, it’s practice before she and Kunitachi-kun officially go steady.” Pushing her into the bathroom, Yuki apologizes for interrupting her from going in the bathroom so quickly get in. He closes the door. Nene looks flustered and surprised. To Yuki’s surprise, Nene asks after practice, if she becomes should happen then? Yuki says that until he gives her permission, she is not to try it on Kunitachi. Nene says okay. Yuki says that let him say first, the other things, too..he is referring to everything, he will practice it together with her, okay but then it is just practice, that’s all. With a tear on her eye, blushing Nene says that she understands, it is only PRACTICE.. Nene thinks that practice is okay, anything is okay, if only she can touch Yuki’s heart, she is already very happy.
While sitting on the floor at the door, Yuki tells himself to quickly buy her change of clothes. If he doesn’t quickly hurry back, if he doesn’t quickly come back..he should say, Renji is obscene and obviously he [Yuki] is more awful. At an apartment, Renji tells someone that he cannot [go] tomorrow and about Yuki, he has an appointment today so he cannot get in touch with him. Renji is lying down on Masako’s lap while talking on his cellphone. Renji tells someone on the phone that he and Yuki can probably say, that they won’t be going to that type of parties again. And no, he is for real, sorry and goodbye. After hanging up, he tells Masako okay, she waited a long time, continue picking his ear. Masako asks what his plans for tomorrow. Renji says that he’ll stay with her. Masako tells him that she’ll go to ELA tomorrow. Renji exclaims in surprise if that is for real, obviously, it is a Sunday yet she’ll go. She tells him that it seems that someone suddenly took a leave of absence so she was asked to substitute and afterwards, she still has to go back once to her house so it is possible that she’ll come back at night.. Renji asks but then, even if he went out, she’ll also permit him, right. While holding an ear pick, Masako says that she is a lenient woman who will not interfere with her boyfriend’s relationships but if he dares two-time her, she’ll kill him. Renji laughs and asks if that is an order but then, that is also good, he is just getting tired of hearing it already.
Renji happily tells her that compared to that, didn’t she say that she’s going home so bring him along For him, to tell her mother, please give me your daughter, that type of thing? Masako tells him to wait until he graduates high school. Sitting up, he tells her not to say that for it feels that he had already heard it countless times. He won’t suddenly mention the marriage, it is just greeting her mother that’s all, so is it okay? He says that it seems that her mother is working at Kumin Business Office in Toshima then she’ll be resting on a Saturday, he wants to see her. [<- this is not my typo, earlier it is Sunday, and now it is Saturday. ^^;] Masako asks him if she had told him in detail about her family. Renji apologizes and says that he heard it from the lawyer. Masako says so, he had already investigated and if it is that guy, forget it, it doesn’t matter. Masako asks if he knows this, because she [mother] had an amorous affair at the workplace, she got married after getting pregnant and she even became a housewife but in two years, she wasn’t able to keep father because the same mistake happened so they divorced. At some other place, she probably had siblings from the same mother but different father but she hasn’t seen them. Renji tells her that she has an older brother, a younger brother and a younger sister. It seems that they are living separately in Hokkaido and Kansai so if she wants to know, he can help her investigate. This surprises Masako. Renji smiles and says that looking at it from the side of law, it seems that there is no problem and it is really great that it doesn’t have any influence on their marriage.
Holding her other arm, Masako stands up and says that he unexpectedly already investigated that as he pleases and isn’t that infringing on her privacy. Renji asks if she is angry, sorry. Running to the bathroom, Masako exclaims that it is nothing, and she’ll just pick his ear again tomorrow, she’ll go take a bath. Renji just quietly looks glum. At the dressing room in ELA, Masako tells Momoe that afterwards, that thing she is angry about had become nothing and she actually was unexpectedly very calm about it. Even if she doesn’t mind what her boyfriend would see on her cellphone but in the end, meeting the parents is still too fast and besides, he obviously wanted to go because it is fun. Sweatdropping Momoe asks why she is telling that to her and should she tell that to Junko. Masako says that it is because after Momoe hears it, she won’t put it in her heart and it makes her more at ease. In short, it feels like it is a dispute when she talks with Junko and it is very troublesome. Actually, it has a negative opinion, right? By the way, how come Momoe is also helping someone to take over a class when she is obviously living together with Arthur. If it is her, she would wish to always stick closely with him. Trembling Momoe says that it isn’t living together, it is only co-renting. The other party doesn’t have make-up yet is very beautiful that it’s too cunning!! Blushing Momoe holds her face and thinks that until now, she hasn’t gone steady with a guy and as an unpopular woman, she unexpectedly live together with someone.
Even if it is one minute or one second, she cannot be seen as negligent that she cannot take off her makeup, her otaku activities are also restricted. EVERYDAY IS PERSISTING NERVOUSNESS!! Masako asks why she has such a scary expression. Momoe says no, it is because the other party is a foreigner so, love’s..all sorts of way of expressing it, is super direct..on her side, she is a Japanese who not only no, but even yes, she cannot directly say it. [<- being polite so one would not want to offend by directly saying yes or no for the other person to ‘save face’] Masako says that isn’t it very good so Momoe just uses the same way to treat him. She [Masako] actually hopes to become more frank and act spoiled with him, she wants for them to be overly sentimental. Puzzled Momoe asks isn’t that really good because Zexy is very cute so it really suits her. Masako says that nickname, because it is very troublesome to correct it so she ignored it and let it be but she still do not want to be called like that. Flashback: During high school, a guy asked why did he broke up with Masako when she is super cute and isn’t her chest very big so it’s really great. The other guy said that it is because she has a very serious expression in saying that they’ll be together throughout their lifetime so the commitment feels super heavy that it feels that the pressure is very big. Standing by the door, Masako overheard that. End flashback. Masako says that her wish to get married is very strong and a lot of guys hate it when she do it like that. So, she thought her behavior of acting spoiled..specially during serious times, she’ll restrain herself more..or else, it will 100% lead to conflict and she’ll suffer a big blow..
Momoe says that is really startling for someone who is popular youngster like Zexy, she would be concern about that kind of thing. Masako says that she is concerned, and generally speaking she is really concerned about it and right now, the person whom she is seriously going steady is quite young. Momoe says don’t treat her as an idiot, young..isn’t Zexy just 22 years old so that person is.. Masako says that it is their school’s student, Hachiya-kun, keep it a secret. This shocks Momoe that she exclaims, high..high school student, don’t even talk about wish to get married, for there is that problem before that. And in their words, that is DK. [Danshi Koukousei/high school boy] Looking at the side with a smile, Masako says the kind of reaction is also common. Recalling Renji saying that he just getting tired of hearing it already, Masako thinks, besides, for her to hear of that kind of words, regarding her issue, it feels very interesting now but after some time, he will become like the others. At room 708 apartment of Mouri, Masako goes in and says that she’s home. Her mother says that it is unexpected for her to say ‘I’m home’, and darn, at this time, what if the neighbor heard that, so don’t say it out. In short, she had already turned a blind eye when Masako comes home in the morning so at least, pay attention to that for a bit. Masako says, okay, mom and sorry. She tells her mother that it is okay for soon, someone is going to marry her. She’ll temporarily live at that person’s place so her mother can tell that to the neighbor.
Her mother laughs and says that didn’t she say that not long ago. She even impressively told her about this high ranking company’s elite. What happened to that and afterwards when she [mother] even treated it as for real that she specially made an outfit to be used when he drops by to visit. So, in order not to fail again, Masako is planning to first live together with the other person. Stop it okay, for this goes on, she’ll only just procrastinate while becoming older. This made Masako scowl and frown. She goes into her room and says that this time around, it is seriously real for they had already mutually signed the marriage application form. Her mother opens the door and exclaims for her to wait, what is this marriage application form. Opening her cabinet, Masako says geez..she cannot wait for she is going to choose a change of clothes. Her mother calls out to her and asks isn’t she being deceived for it is just a signed paper that’s all, do not, she cannot let a man get his way. She has to properly to do it according to sequence. Masako has to have a wedding ceremony, and if it isn’t someone with good character, she won’t approve of it. Masako says that they are going to have a ceremony but it won’t be done right now.. Masako scowls and thinks that it has started again and she is really already tired of hearing it. Her mother asks what is his reason, busy at work and if it is that.. Masako says no, because of school. Her mother exclaims, school, wait, isn’t he a college student, no way..
Masako thinks that she made a mistake. She mutters that he isn’t..even if he is a high school student, but he is already 18 years old and after graduation, she’ll bring him over. Her mother starts laughing and says that this kind of joke is too much. For Masako to say it with deadly earnest..and it is like playing house’s marriage application form. Her mother laughs again and says that lately, she is with an elite, and there are other office mates that she had a relationship with, right? And afterwards, she is playing around and having a relationship with a young child, doesn’t she feel a bit uneasy, do not easily live together with a person. While packing her clothes, irked Masako says that he is indeed just a high school student but she doesn’t feel uneasy at all. Until now, that child is all alone and she only wanted to go back to his side as soon as possible to support him so they will get married. Her mother mutters all alone..what..that she serious. Carrying her bags, Masako says that if she fails, just in case that child got tired of her, even if she would become like her mother who was abandoned like that, she [Masako].. Masako thinks that she won’t be like her who’ll complain non-stop and kept on regretting. Her mother calls out to Masako who is going out the door and asks what she just said. Masako says that it is also inevitable for this is the guy she chos , and that is something she can say with her chest up. When she opens the door, Masako is surprised to see all dressed-up Renji, together with a man and Onidzuka.
Renji tells her that he is just about to ring the door bell♪ Bowing to the mother, he introduces himself and says that he is going steady with Masako. He tells the mother where he is currently studying, 18 years old, and next year’s spring, he’ll go to college, besides, it isn’t enough if it is only him, to be persuasive in telling her about his family business and other invested companies so he brought along his secretary and guardian lawyer. Renji apologizes to blushing Masako for suddenly coming without being invited but would she let him give her mother a proper greeting. Masako holds Renji’s arm tightly and he smiles at her. Her mother scolds Masako over what she is doing and it will trouble the neighbors for them to just stand there so quickly come in. Renji happily thanks her Masako thinks what that whatever uneasiness had disappeared. Back at Renji’s place, Masako is cleaning Renji’s ear again at the living room. Renji says that it is great that those two’s flowery words had persuade Masako’s mother that she gave them her permission. Masako says that is true, and he is really of no use, also that flowery words. [<- probably not totally convinced] Renji says that if that won’t do, next time, he’ll use a luxurious high end sedan to conquer her. Masako sighs and says that for him to say that, it seems her mother is weak like a bubble. Renji asks if she also believe that, and he is unexpectedly very good in thoroughly understanding a woman’s heart. He tells her that she really hates a side of him and won’t properly act spoiled with him. Masako looks surprised. He asks if she hates it that he used to change women non-stop, that she feels that he would womanize throughout his life and because of that, she cannot trust him.
Masako nervously says that she doesn’t mind that kind of thing. She thinks that besides, she doesn’t have the right to say it to someone. Masako says that it is because she’ll restrict him..and she would want to do that. Generally, one would hate upon meeting that kind of guy, and there will be she cannot.. Renji tells her to please let him commit to her [/be restricted by her]. Masako is surprised. Renji sits up and says that he wanted to be committed to her, so make him hers. Putting his arms around her, he tells her to truss him up so that always at night, he won’t leisurely have a nightmare. Masako tells him not to use such a beautiful face in saying that kind of shameful hobby as if he is some pervert. Renji asks if it is, and it’s very ordinary. As Renji starts to strip her and foreplay, Masako groans and says to be always committed..isn’t that like proposing.. Renji says that he told her that he’ll do it no matter how many times and he wants to act spoiled towards her. While kissing, Masako tells him not to play extremely strange games.. Renji says that he won’t, and next time they do it, it won’t be the same as today’s, and it is something he always longed for At school, the fangirls are shocked for Renji said that he is disgusted with bento that he always refused but in the end, it is what his true love made, Shibuya prince had fallen.. Renji kisses a wrapped bento. Taking out the bento with a lot of heart-shaped food, Renji puts his hand together and happily says, ‘Itadakimasu’ [/let’s eat]. Yuki sheepishly says he really..even if it is very useless but he is still very handsome. Renji says yes, people constantly tell that to him. And, there is a small flag in the bento, ‘Be Mine Forever’.
Comment: Nene and Yuki’s story became the typical ‘let’s practice’ but of course, it will become real later on. It seems that Yuki is falling for Nene but because she said practice in her want for it to always continue, Yuki thinks that it is practice for Kunitachi. In a way, Kunitachi will be the broken hearted one later on with this kind of play. Meanwhile, it seems that Masako had some trauma with other guys about being eager to get married so she tries to be sly about wanting it. Not sure if it worked though because in the previous earlier chapters, she really do seem eager to get married. ^^; And, getting married is to probably escape from her nagging mother. From what Renji told her, it seems that her mother is some sort of player. I always thought that it was the father. ^^; It is strange though as to why she had children in other places but they didn’t live with her. The fathers probably got the custody. Or, that was a wrong translation about same father but different mothers. Anyway, because of Renji’s assurance and sincerity, I guess things will be go smoothly for Masako. In a way, Masako wanted to be lenient with Renji in order not to be some overly jealous girlfriend and the guy might feel pressured about making it ‘together forever’ but then, if she doesn’t, it would make one feel that she isn’t that serious. Good for her that Renji told her that it is okay for her to do that with him and make him her one and only. ^^ Scans by 七月终结汉

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