December 16, 2015

Blue Glass [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: Once again, this series has mature themes that might not be appropriate for very young readers. All of the names are guesswork from Chinese to Korean. And, in looking at the pictures, since this is Korean manhwa, it is left to right. ]

A woman is tied to a post. Crows are flying all over the place. A long haired girl with magatama earrings asks her wet nurse how come sister Nan [] is over there. Holding her shoulder, the wet nurse nervously tells the girl that she is being punished, princess. The princess asks why. “How come she is being punished?

The wet nurse couldn’t quite tell her. The princess says that her sister looks that she is in pain. The wet nurse explains that it is because it has been already two days since she had a mouthful of water. The princess exclaims what, that is no good! “Quickly bring a bit of water.” The wet nurse tries to protest but the princess urges her to be quick!!

While the crows are cawing, the princess brings a bowl of water to her sister. She calls out to her sister to quickly drink some water. Nan raises up her head and says that it turns out to be their cute youngest.. “Saga.. [索儿], can you be happy for me? *Saga notices that Nan is bleeding in between her legs* Sister had a child.. You will have a cute nephew.. Ah.. that’s right.. I have.. to introduce you.. this is.. he is the father’s child.. the person I love..” Saga looks at the side to see a man hanged on a crucifix with the crows eating his corpse.
 Then, the crows suddenly fly away. Saga continues to look at the man. In the town, the owner of a food stall tells his two customers that she is pregnant when she was married off. It is like selling one’s daughter for marriage and she left at exactly two months but in the end, her belly already has a four month old child.

Even if the Malgal [靺鞨] clan’s groom wanted to immediately execute the princess, but he cannot have any gossip. In the end, she was driven out of the house. “What do you say is the meaning of it? Isn’t it precisely, they want to investigate the one responsible and clearly give a warning? Obviously, it simply took a whole day for those in power since it is the blood-thirsty Malgal clan after all.” Spiky haired customer says that is really a big issue and the king’s plight ought to become ridiculous, right.

The store owner says that’s right, in the end, the angry king ordered for the one who violated the princess and his whole clan be hanged. Spiky haired customer points to the side and asks if it is them. There are a lot of hanged people at the sides with crows flying about while the people continue on with their business. The store owner says that’s right, whether it is old people or children, all had been put to death. “Even if everyone won’t dare make a sound about it, but this is very sigh [/regretful]. It is because they used to be quite famous medicine merchants in this neighborhood. And, there is also that strange rumor..”
Spiky haired customer asks, rumor? Looking around, the store owner says, that is.. The store owner whispers that it is said that the child’s father is some other person. “That person is..” The masked customer slams his hand on the table and exclaims to the store owner that he is finished eating. Looking at the stones left on the table, the store owner asks if this is emery.

Taking his bird-shaped cane, the masked person tells him that there’s no need for change. As spiky quickly finishes his soup, the store owner exclaims that he is so benevolent. [<- all assume the masked person is a man] The masked person says that even if he [store owner] isn’t around, his child can reach the road to adulthood at ease.

The store owner is puzzled by what he said. Spiky thanks his hospitality. The customers had barely left the store when a man points to the store owner and exclaims that it is here! “He is the one spreading the rumors.” While the store owner is surprised, the man calls for the soldier to take him away. The store owner shouts for them to spare his life. The masked person and Spiky continue to walk through the village.
Saga runs to the kitchen[?] and calls out for Ryeoeul []. She asks if Ryeoeul had already prepared the horse milk congee. Ryeoeul tells her to please wait a bit and it will be done soon. Saga urges her to hurry. Ryeoeul tells her that if she runs like that, she’ll be reprimanded by the wet nurse!! Giving Saga the tray with a bowl, Ryeoeul asks if she is going to personally carry it from here. Saga says yes, and it is alright, give it to her.

Ryeouel warns her that it is very hot so please be careful. Saga says okay. Then, Ryeouel calls out for the princess to please walk slowly. A young brownish haired girl, along with an old woman, looks at Saga who is happily walking away with the tray. Ryeouel notices the girl and asks granny, who is this girl. The granny says that this time, it’s a newcomer kid, and didn’t she say that she lacks some workers.

Ryeouel says that even if she said so, but this girl is too small. “Who brought her?” Granny whispers, ah, so I’m saying.. Then, Ryeouel looks nervous. She looks at the girl as granny asks Ryeouel to take the girl in. Ryeouel asks the girl her name. She replied that it is Cheongye [青儿]. Saga happily walks through the hallway and notices one eye-patched bald guy by the door. She looks nervous but the baldie smiles and let her inside the room.
Seeing a woman lying on the bed, Saga happily calls out to her sister Nan. Then, a man sits up beside Nan and glares at Saga. She is startled when the man says that it is her again. “Didn’t I tell you that right now, Nan is being punished, and you are not to go inside as you please.” Saga mutters, ah.. Going down the bed, the man says, in short, he really hates girls who don’t listen. “Even if you look really pretty, I also cannot forgive. Isn’t it so, youngest?”

Trembling in fear, Saga apologizes to her older brother but it is because sister is ill.. While open-eyed Nan still lies down without moving, the brother asks if she knows why Nan is being punished. “Our beautiful older sister had erred that caused the situation to be all messed up. *tightly grabbing teary-eyed Saga’s head* That is because she didn’t listen to what I say. If you aren’t nice and do the things according to what I say, it will become like this. Properly remember my words, okay?”

Saga drops the tray and the congee spills on the floor. At the door, the brother slaps baldie and says that didn’t he say not to allow anyone inside. Baldie just holds his slapped face and licks his lip. Then, he left with the brother. Saga starts to cry and recalls the time when she calls out to Nan.
Flashback: Nan told Saga not to cry for mother only returned to the place where she is originally from. Saga exclaimed, but she won’t see her again, right! “Sister and I are obviously still here so why did she quickly left!” Patting Saga’s head, Nan said that it is because her body is in too much pain that she has to go there to rest. “Mother is in so much pain, and you know that, right, Saga. Also, we will still meet again. There will be a day when I and also you will go to the place where mother is.”

Saga asked if Nan will also go, when? Nan told her that it is still not now because she is still at Saga’s side. “Sister will protect Saga. *hugged Saga* our beautiful little princess.” Saga saw their brother behind them and told her sister that their brother is coming over. “It’s so scary! Don’t want to!!” The brother had already grabbed Nan so Saga shouted for him to let Nan go and don’t come over.

Nan told Saga that it is alright, doesn’t she still have her [Nan] so there’s no need to worry, there’s no need to be afraid. “I will protect you.” The brother is already taking Nan’s clothes off. Saga shouted for their brother not to do that, do not treat their sister that way!!! End flashback. Nan can already sit up from the bed. She asks Saga why she is crying.
Saga looks at her sister. Nan tells her to smile for doesn’t she like how Saga smiles. While tears keep on falling, Saga calls out to her sister. Nan says, “Do not let anyone, do not allow anyone to enter your small heart. You cannot let anyone get you.” Saga looks surprised at her sister. Nan slightly smiles and says that she wants to eat something so can Saga help her get something to eat. Saga says okay, wait a moment and she’ll quickly bring something over!

Nan watches Saga who quickly goes out of the room. Then, Nan takes the bed curtain. Later on, Saga sees the servants screaming over Nan who had hanged herself using the bed curtain. As they quickly put Nan down, Saga just looks on and recalls her sister saying that she’ll be at her side, she’ll protect her, our beautiful little princess.

Later on, while some kids are playfully running, Saga is moping at the side. Then, someone asks, “Why are you in such a loss, our little princess? *Saga looks up to see a masked person with a bird cane and a spiky haired man* If you don’t mind, let this lowly person lighten up your heart’s heavy burden. What is it? Do you wish to tell me about it?”

After a pause, Saga says that she is very afraid of her father and older brother but there is no one at her side and she is unable to budge.. The man pokes his bird cane on her head and asks, “Have you been outside the city?” Saga says no. Holding up his mask, the man asks if she has seen this kind of face before. Saga gulps and shakes her head.
The man says that it is really amazing for it seems that she isn’t at all afraid. “Look, princess-sama, you are very strong. You are a beautiful and strong person. Okay, but it looks like the current you needs strength to stand up. If you believe this fiend, my words, I’ll give you a prophecy. *points out to the gate*...

...Go and look outside the city gate. Always until your footsteps don’t stop, always keep on walking. What is there to be afraid of? Seeing my face one more time? Your cruel and scary brother/s? Or is it about the things outside the city gate? Come, go and look, princess. *takes her hand with his bandaged hand* Outside, you will find a very precious thing.” Saga stands up and excitedly starts walking towards the gate.

Narration: “Please do not be worry, because you are beautiful and strong, just like what the girls in this piece of land will do.” The wet nurse is folding a cloth when she sees Saga running. She calls out that it turns out that she’s..where are you going, princess-sama?! Narration: “You will once again stand up vigorously as if you weren’t in pain and you’ll smile...

...*Saga pushes through the crowd and continues to run towards the gate* Please be like a bird’s feather lightly flying up until you find the nest where you belong to, and willing embrace it in your heart.” Saga sees a cage where some boys are locked in. She looks down on a light haired boy whose neck is tied with a rope onto the cage. Lying down, the battered boy looks at her. Saga says, “I’ve come to save you and I’ll protect you.”
Comment: From this chapter, I don’t expect something big like Saga will become queen and change how things are because I think it is already a big thing if she manages to escape the same fate of her sister, and probably, even her mother. The father is obviously cruel to kill all of the family of the one who violated his daughter and caused him shame.

Well, it is also to appease the Malgal clan. I’m not sure though if he knows that his own son is also violating her. If he does, I guess that lover was just a scapegoat. The brother is obviously really twisted. I do wonder what he planned since he said that this wouldn’t happen if Nan listened to him. I think Nan gambled for it is perhaps better to be married of rather than stay with this perverted brother.

Unfortunately, she was already pregnant. I don’t know what baldie is thinking to make Saga go inside. Is he also some sadist who wanted to see Saga being threatened or he just wants to anger the brother? He does look like a pervert who’ll probably think of doing something bad to Saga. ^^; I guess Saga didn’t cry when her sister committed suicide because after everything that she told her, in the end, she left her so Saga can only depend on herself.

Because of what Saga said in the end, it seems like she will become stronger if she has someone she has to protect. In a way, her sister was like that but in the end, after all the torture, she broke down and couldn’t take it anymore. Will Saga fulfill what she told the boy? As for Cheongye, somehow I feel that she might be important later on since her name is mentioned. Scans by 水神汉化组

Quote of the day:
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  1. Thanks for the summary kat.the story looks interesting.poor nan.i wonder where her child is.

    1. Thanks for reading, spears ^-^


      Ah, I think her child is dead <- bleeding between her legs.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh.i thought she was giving birth that time.:(:( tying her up like that.....

    1. Ah, that time, she was 4 months pregnant. I think they probably beat her up which caused her to abort. Even if she gave birth, the child would have died. So, it is really horrible..and they even tied her up to face her dead lover.

    2. Ohhhhhh :( the manga is monthly?

    3. I think it is a monthly and currently, they seem to be scanlating it from the volume. I think they are trying to catch up to the current chapter..if it is still ongoing.. because they will update this every Tuesday.

  3. interesting and also scary to read...i haven't found anything about this,but saw manhwa covers..beside saga there are i guess 2 male MC's...thanks Kat!!!

    1. Yup ^^

      Hehe, I actually haven't seen the manhwa covers ^^; I do think that there was two males..or three. Not sure.

  4. Wow, this plot is very interesting and yep I'd have to agree with you on the brother being a twisted jerk. He basically raped his own sister...ewww >_<
    I hope karma falls upon him later as the story progresses. Crying for Saga and her sister. What a sad fate they have. T_T

    1. Yup, Soysuva. There is indeed something wrong in his head.



  5. That masked man with all that bandages and that face looks kind of creepy and mysterious... i like him already♡ It seems that he can look in the future and will play a important role in this story.
    And more creepy people appear♡ Can't really tell what kind of personality that brother and his servant from the first chapter but i'm interested already. But it does make me wonder how our protagonist is going to survive in this surrounding when she is that naiv.
    One thing doesnt make sense though, Nan herself said that that hanging man is her lover, so how come that he violated her if she also loves him. That store owner mentions that the hanged family were medicine merchants. So maybe Nan fell in love with that man when she was buying medicin for her sick mother? So when the older brother found out he got crazy? Cause she was supposed to marry to the Malgal clan? Cause she loves another man more than him? Cause she tried to elope with her lover?
    I think i should just continue reading... i'm making too much assumptions...

    1. Yup, aster, it seems so or at least, some sort of guide.

      Lots of luck and perhaps, help from some people ^^

      About being'll know more about it later on. It is definitely not because of her lover. It might be for the mother or even the father/brother. I presume that they are treating someone in the royal palace and that is where Nan met him.

      The'll know later on that he didn't just 'got crazy' a way.

  6. can someone give me a link to it's manga ?? i can't find it anywhere

    1. anna, in Chinese:;