December 21, 2015

Blue Glass [Chapter 2]

A couple of sacks are thrown on the ground. A man says, “Here you go! This is one burlap of sorghum and two kg of salt. And I’m already considered as generous.” A tomahawk haired guy looks in the sack and exclaims what is this, they gave him 5 captives and he’ll only give them this much. “You’re so awful!”

The man with a hat crossed his arms and asks if he isn’t satisfied, then, take that person along with him. “Right now, at this time, who’ll do business with them from the Malgal clan!” Tomahawk exclaims what. The hat man says geez..he is just looking at sentiments of doing business with them before so he is giving them face. “Such thick faces. Right now, that nobility is going to buy the slaves you men brought. Did you know the palace’s mood is very intense right now.”

Tomahawk exclaims how can that be their fault and the one who is creating difficulties aren’t them! “Who is the one who brought an already pregnant woman to come over as a bride!” The hat man asks what, already pregnant woman? Tomahawk calls out to his companion as Jamalta [紫末陀] and tells him to say something a bit and haggle over the price for isn’t that his work.
Looking at the side, Jamalta says, a girl.. Tomahawk exclaims what? Jamalta says that it seems that there is a girl standing at that side. Tomahawk and hat man look at the cage to see a long haired girl looking into the cage. The hat man calls out to the girl and exclaims, “You over there, what are you doing?!”

Looking at Jamalta, Tomahawk says that’s strange for he is unexpectedly interested in a girl. Jamalta asks what girl, that is just a brat. While stretching out her hand, Saga calls out to the boy and asks him to look over here. “What is your name? Hello? Can you come over here for a bit.. *the boy looks at her* How come you are not moving? Does it hurt anywhere? I’ll pull you out okay? I’ll go..”

And hat man grabs Saga’s hair and pulls her away from the cage. While she screams in pain, the hat man asks what is this. The hat man says she looks like some young [rich] lady of some residence here so what is she doing here, is she lost. This surprises Saga that she couldn’t answer.

The hat man says that she’s very beautiful and he doesn’t know from which house she is from.. This made Saga tremble and become scared. Someone gives the hat person a flying kick and shouts does he know who he dares to touch with his dirty fingers, bastard.
The wet nurse immediately went in front of Saga and shouts if he wants to die and does he know the identity of this person! The hat man sweatdrops and says that it is a misunderstanding for he only wants to ask a bit whether something is up.. The wet nurse angrily grabs the trembling hat man’s collar and says that she clearly saw the good things [<- sarcasm] that he is doing from that side.

The hat man says no, no, he is only asking the young lady what she is doing.. Saga calls out to her wet nurse, and says that she wants to get this person out. She points to the boy and asks her to help her quickly get him out. The wet nurse is surprised. The hat man says, see, he is right. Whispering to Saga, the wet nurse says how come she’ll suddenly say that kind of words, and that is a boy. “And even if he is only a child but bringing a boy into the princess’ residence will cause a big uproar.”

Saga exclaims, no, she will take him away and she must take him away. The wet nurse continues to dissuade Saga by whispering that it cannot be for if the princes knew about it, her [wet nurse] head will be brought back home! The hat man calls out to the two and says that even if he doesn’t know from which young lady she is but she cannot bring this boy with her.
The wet nurse asks what he meant by that. Pointing to the boy, the hat man says didn’t she see the boy, he is a gray haired [/old person]. “White hair and white skin [people] are used to guide the ghost on a journey to the underworld. The high seniority master of the Ahop [] family wanted to use and chose this person within two days!”

Saga asks if he meant he’ll be an offering by burying him along with the dead. The hat man exclaims that’s right, and he is rare person. He tells Saga that he is just waiting for the boy to stop breathing then, he’ll deliver him. This surprises Saga. She exclaims, no, do not kill him and she’ll take him away. The wet nurse exclaims,, young lady, didn’t she told her that she cannot!

While the wet nurse is holding her back, Saga insists that she’ll save the boy and asks the wet nurse to help her release him. Someone says that the boy isn’t a gray haired. While Tomahawk calls out to him, Jamalta says that it is impossible for a gray haired to live that long for at most, he’ll live at around four to five years old and die young. “Even if it is like that, this boy isn’t qualified to be the young lady’s toy.” This surprises Saga. The hat man asks what..what does he know!
Tomahawk calls out to Jamalta and asks what’s up with him. Bending down to the cage to look at the boy, Jamalta says that this person is from the far north and he has seen that kind of face even if it wasn’t a child. “Even if he grew up and looks very different from us but it is said that this kind is commonly seen there. If you are to sell this kid as a grey haired, then, it will cause an uproar to the master of the house because I’ll spread it around.” This irks the hat man.

Saga looks at Jamalta. She notices that one of his eyes is blue.. Jamalta says that she has very beautiful earrings. This made Saga hide behind her wet nurse. Gesturing to the boy, Jamalta tells Saga to use those earrings to buy the boy. “How about it, want to trade?” The wet nurse angrily says, you stinky youngster, unexpectedly dare to use impolite language..

Jamalta says that it has nothing to do with her. Saga holds out her earrings to Jamalta and says, “Let him go.” Jamalta takes the earrings. Giving something to the hat man, Jamalta says you heard, right, let the boy go. The surprised wet nurse says no..wait!! Looking at his hand, the hat man asks how come it is only one earring.
Taking the sacks, Jamalta says that if he gives them two burlap of sorghum and five kg of salt, then he’ll give him the other earring. “You can sell off the pair in a more expensive price, right? Of course, even if it is just one earring, it can be considered more profitable than giving that boy to the Ahop family.” The hat man tells Saga okay, come with him.

While Saga happily goes with him, the wet nurse is freaking out and saying no, wait..that.. Walking slightly ahead, Jamalta tells Tomahawk that those guys are partners whom they can continue to have business with. Tomahawk says that it is as he said.. Then, he notices a shadow over them. He looks up and is surprised to see another tomahawk older man with a scar on his right eye.

The man suddenly uses his whip to hit Jamalta’s face. It caused him to fall on the ground. The man shouts, bastard, how many times he has to say it for him to listen. “I said that you are not allowed to walk in front of Suria [修里]”. Suria calls out, “Father please stop!! This person is no longer a slave!” While Jamalta continues to hold his face, the father tells Suria to shut up and next time, he’ll also be lectured.
As Suria calls out to his father, Jamalta tells him that he is okay, so go ahead. The father tells Suria to hurry for they are going in the palace already. Suria asks if he already found Manchanyuta [马赞伦]. The father says that it was reported that stinky brat unexpectedly went to the brothel first. Suria says that he already know what’s going on.

He calls out to Jamalta to quickly catch up. Something catches Jamalta’s eye. He looks at the side and sees hat man and Saga helping the boy on the back of the wet nurse. The wet nurse nervously tells hat man to tightly cover the boy up so that even a single hair won’t be exposed. The man puts a blanket on the boy and says that he knows already. Saga happily says not to worry for they’ll go together.

Jamalta snorts and wipes the blood from his face before leaving. In the town, the people are awed and scared as people from the Malgal clan on marked horses passes through. A spiky man with tooth earrings says that this is really disappointing for when he merely heard from their older brothers, he thought that this place is a lot more impressive. Suria’s father tells him not to bluff for tonight, this place might become his grave.
Manchanyuta says that if it is like that, then it would be better to suggest to hold tonight’s banquet at the brothel, so how about it. “The women’s flavor [/smell] at this side is very famous so if I can die on their bosom, I also won’t regret it, uncle!” [<- father’s younger brother]. Suria says that he’s really an idiot. Manchanyuta angrily tells him to shut up.

He then asks where did that youngster go, Jamalta, his precious trophy [/spoils of war]! “I obviously said that he is to always follow my..” Suria’s father shouts that is enough and don’t cause trouble anymore! He tells him not to mind that first for they have an important mission. “So right now, isn’t the time to look for that slave! That man is ominous! If it wasn’t for the clan head’s order, he would have been killed by my hands earlier on!”

Manchanyuta tells his uncle not to be like that, for he spent a lot of effort to snatch him [Jamalta] away. “Since he is someone whom my father cherishes, you should treat him a bit pleasantly.” Suria calls him childish [/naïve] that Machanyuta shouts that he’ll kill him. He tells Suria to bring Jamalta over. Suria says yes, yes, he’ll heed his command, general! Machanyuta says, okay, when do they start touring the grave? “Even if no one also knows whether or not this place will become my wing or it will be my grave!”
They arrive at the palace where Saga’s brother with two servants meets Manchanyuta and the others. Manchanyuta introduces himself as the ninth son of Malgal clan’s head, Ogeolmae [吴杰梅]. Saga’s brother introduces himself as the third prince of Nakrang [乐浪 country], Choegim [崔金]. He seriously tells them that he is very happy to welcome the people of Malgal clan.

To the others’ shock, Machanyuta says that it should be ‘not happy’, right. Choegim asks how come he doesn’t see Guchanmu [赞姆] who came before. Machanyuta says, the groom, well, he’s dead. “If it is guilt because he had driven out his beautiful bride that he committed suicide, it can become a moving tale but actually, during hunting, he fell from his horse and died. *shrugs* How about it? Ha, isn’t this good news?”

Choegim says that they’ll treat it as that. Then, he invites them inside. As Choegim turns around, Machanyuta says that on the way here, he heard news about his sister-in-law so can he ask if she is inside. “Before we go in, I want to burn some incense for her.” [/pray for her] Choegim looks at Machanyuta and turns away again. He tells him that it is a rule in their country to not set up any tombstone for any women who committed suicide. “Regretfully, it is that kind of thing.”
Machanyuta mutters is that so, a woman who committed suicide. Choegim tells a servant to receive them at Star Palace. The servant says yes and leads Machanyuta and the others to the side while Choegim and others walk straight. Soon, it is night. A couple of men with cloths over their noses are untying the man [Nan’s lover] down from the pole.

White haired man says the Malgal people had already arrived. Black haired man says that he saw them with his own eyes and there are so many horses. White says that it was said that the groom didn’t come and it is just some brats who came. Black says that they are being looked down on. “The king will absolutely not leave things as it is. It is a lot better to taking advantage of this time, and directly sever the relationship. It isn’t as if we cannot go into a battle.”

White says that if they can do that then, the king wouldn’t have sent the princess off to be married in the first place. “Ah ah, be careful! Don’t drop his head.” While laying the corpse on the ground, Black says that he’s already dead and the body is already rotting badly after a few days. Uh- it really stinks..”
As they cover the body with a mat, White says that for him to die with such a wrong[/sin?], he doesn’t know if he [lover] can properly reincarnate. Black tells him not to say that. White says it is because, what had happened to him [lover] and Princess Nan who committed suicide. “There should definitely be a reason for this.” The man says that even if there is a reason, isn’t it quite wrong to exterminate the whole family.”

Black notices something and calls out who is there. It is Cheongye who quietly stands at the side. Black asks whose child is that. He tells her not to look at such an omninous thing, quickly go somewhere else. White tells him to let her be. “Until now, there are still a lot of people whom he [lover] had helped before. For her to quietly come here, that child probably came to pray for him.” Black says is that so.

White tells Cheongye that before they are found out, she must quickly finish what she has to do and leave since they are going to put aside the corpse. As the two men leave with the stool, Cheongye quietly walks to the corpse and sits down at its side. Trembling and crying, Cheongye touches one of the corpse’s blackened toes [<- nails probably pulled out] and says, “I’m Cheongye. Please go in peace, older brother.”
Comment: Things are shaping up. We are introduced to a new character, Jamalta who got people wondering, are you the male lead? My comparison of Joou no Hana with this series is now void. ^^; Well, Jamalta has something ‘blue’ and he got something from the lead girl. So, I wonder who is the one the masked person referring to as her precious thing, the boy or Jamalta? Maybe both? 

Saga is very persistent with her whims and wants. I somewhat fear for the wet nurse’s life. I’m not sure how they are going to keep the boy a secret because it is impossible for them not to make a single mistake. Hopefully, they can somehow have a plan to hide him..say, dress him up like a girl? Based on Machanyuta and Suria, the Malgals don’t seem to be that ‘bad’ as Choegim. 

I find those two amusing. The uncle is strict and everything but in the end, he cannot really do anything with Machanyuta. ^^; I wonder why he hates Jamalta it because of having mismatched colored eyes or he is too intelligent? Maybe the latter part is the reason why the head and a few others wanted to keep Jamalta around. It was shown that Jamalta is good in bargaining, and he knows a lot of things including about the boy whom he said is from the far north. 

I wonder how things will be when Jamalta and Suria realize who Saga is. As for Cheongye, it is most likely she’s there for revenge. Hopefully, her target is right, and she won’t vent it on Saga. I’m somewhat hoping that they’ll team up or something. Since she is in the kitchen and her family is into medicine, I think Cheongye can work on a poison but then, I’m not sure how paranoid the royalty here about their food. Of course, getting caught = lose life. Scans by 水神汉化组

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  1. Thanks for the summary.yeah jamalta may be the male lead.but why is your comparison with joou no hana void??? I am thinking if the kid survives he is for sure gonna be saga's protector.looking forward to how the story shapes up.just hoping when the manga ends it has a happy ending.

    1. Thanks for reading, spears ^-^

      Well, in JnH, the slave should be her one and only but Jamalta is around so it won't exactly be like it. Hehe, but then, maybe I'm too hasty to say that. ^^;;

      Hopefully ^^

  2. Yes, he, that guy uummm.. Jamalta!, he sure is goodlooking... man boy i hate him already t_t
    About JnH, there is that one-eyed man though? In whom she was in love with? I think that jamalta guy is somewhat like him? Like he is there to teach her and guide her? Cause as she is now... a sheltered lil spoiled princess does she appear to me (maybe cus shes one). A girl who doesnt know about the hardship of life, thats why she can do whatever she want without thinking about the consequence. But i guess that will be her strong point, to do reckless things on a whim but still good things will come out of it.
    That blue-eyed man is a mysterious one, i wonder which origin he is from. It seems it has something to do with the people from north (or i read too much into it). He was bought by the Malgal as a slave. I think it has something to do with the color of his eyes that he became a slave. Would make sense then if he origined from the north...
    I guess its because he sometimes gets in the way of Surias fathers business or Machanyuta's father sometimes favored him over the father's Surias.

    And thanks for the chapter, Kat. (Forgot the last time)

    1. Hehe, is that so, aster.

      Perhaps, he is...though I think he'll be her love interest.'ll know later on. The one from the North is the white skinned boy. That's a good guess ^^

      It might be because of a certain rumor =P

    2. Thanks for reading ^-^