November 10, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 71]

On the television, it is reported that one week after the earthquake, the local rescue is still ongoing. Mitsuru exclaims that it is his father. Azusa comments that they are still doing rescue when it is snowing. And, they are unable to open the horizon[?] and the situation isn’t at all optimistic. Mitsuru recalls cursing about his father being too strong and later one, he’ll win against him [in kendo].

Mitsuru mutters ‘gambatte’ [/do your best] to his father. “When I was young, I wasn’t able to say it because I’m embarrassed. Actually, old man, you’re my hero.” At Sendai, Satsuki says that this district is the region that was greatly stricken by the disaster so they have to hurry their work in recovering the survivors and the deceased.

The team is already quite tired but no one have the heart to complain. This is a disaster that happens once in a millennium. Despite their names not being recorded in history but there are still countless heroes who step forward bravely in front of this disaster. There are scenes of firefighters hosing a building, a man returning a baby to its mother and doctors looking after the sick.
Then, a couple of kids give a letter to Satsuki and his team at their camp. The little girl says that they have written a thank you letter and thanks for rescuing their injured mother. While her brother is smiling, the girl says that every day, it’s quite cold but they are still doing their best, thank you. Satsuki and his men are moved to tears.

Satsuki exclaims jerks, they are still carrying out their duties and what’s up with crying. His colleague says that isn’t he also crying. Satsuki recalls his twin children wishing him to do his best. Patting the kids, Satsuki thanks them for thanks to them, they now have more enthusiasm. One month after, Satsuki goes to see his wife and mother. He hugs and comforts crying Ayaka.

Finally, Satsuki got permission to return home for a short while. Narration: “It was said that the moment that she saw papa has returned, mama’s tears fell for the first time. Afterwards, at Tohoku, May 2011--..” Mitsuru is shoveling some dirt. Some people are saying that child is really capable and it seems that he is a student volunteer.
Mitsuru looks at the side to see irked Azusa who cannot endure it. She complains what is this..tidy this and tidy that, in the end, there is no end in sight for this soil [in this house].. She thinks that Mitsuru said that he wanted to do volunteer work so because she is worried, she came with him. Her face and clothes are all so dirty, ah, she really wants to quickly take a bath.

To her irritation, Mitsuru says, see, didn’t he say it earlier, how can a queen-sama like her do this kind of volunteer work. “It’s better for you to just properly stay in Tokyo.” This made Azusa furious that she shouts, “Who do you think I am!? I am Tokugawa Azusa and you’re not taking me seriously!!”

Azusa quickly shovels away the soil and carries them out in sacks. She wants to make Mitsuru see that it is absolutely correct for him to bring her along. The others start to say that girl has real skill and how amazing for she got such strong strength. Mitsuru thinks that she’s so strong and in the end, she’s the type who is quite competitive [/want to beat others].
On the second day, the house is finally clean. Everyone cheers that Azusa is amazing for everything is now all tidied up. Mitsuru sheepishly tells Azusa ‘good job’ and he is really embarrassed for saying that she’s no good. Then, a grandma tightly holds Azusa’s hand.

She thanks Azusa and tells her that this house has many very important memories of her and her family so thanks for making it become beautiful. This moved Azusa to tears. She asks what is this, how come her tears basically won’t stop falling. She cries that it is the first time in her life that she is thanked by someone. Mitsuru hugs her and says, ya..

One of the volunteers tells Asuza that during the earthquake, that grandma’s important granddaughter had passed away and it is a girl who is almost at the same age as Azusa is. As grandma picks up one of her albums to clean them, Azusa offers to help her out. The grandma thanks her. Soon, Azusa continues helping out the others. Then, she smiles as she wipes her perspiration on her forehead.
Upon seeing this, Mitsuru calls out to her and says that the current her is the most cutest and most beautiful until now. “The you before who had a twisted personality no longer exists. Even if you are covered in dirt, you are also the most beautiful queen-sama. For real, that twisted personality can unexpectedly become like this~ Before, you are really just a beautiful face with a super rotten personality.”

Embarrassed Azusa exclaims how many times does he have to say ‘twisted’ even if what he said is actually true. She thinks that Mitsuru said that his father is his hero. After recalling all the times with Mitsuru before, Azusa thinks, “But for me, from the very start, you are my hero.” Then, Azusa asks how is Mego, and has she already gotten used to married life. 

Mitsuru says that Aoi’s apartment has been destroyed during the disaster so they can no longer live in it. “So right now, they are living together with my grandmother at grandmother’s house. Originally, senpai is embarrassed by it but grandmother is very happy that she’ll have one more grandson. Senpai’s younger brother from a different father also frequently goes to the house to play.”
Azuza asks when the wedding ceremony will be held because although they are already registered, but they still didn’t hold the ceremony. Mitsuru says about the wedding ceremony, it will be done after Aoi graduates from college and has a stable job.

He wanted to properly study architecture and afterwards, as his contribution, he’ll make a stable house that can defend against natural disaster. Then, in the future, he’ll live on in this land for Mego and the kids. And, Aoi is walking in the street and sees Mego with Akane. Aoi hugs the two as Mego says, “Welcome home, my beloved.”

Narration: “Time passes and heads towards the future. Four years after, year 2015--” In a church, Tomo and Shizu are teary-eyed as they tell Mego that she’s so beautiful. While Mego holds someone’s arm, she smiles and thinks, “Today is my and Aoi-kun’s wedding ceremony.”
Comment: Well, things are slowing down for the finale..two more chapters left. This chapter is more on about helping others during a disaster. It isn’t the time to be disgusted with being dirty and everything because in the end, it is worth it especially if it gives smile to others’ faces and of course, a ‘thank you’ can really warm one’s heart. 

Satsuki manages to come back safe and sound after his duty. Even if she is ‘queen’, Azusa still stands by her man. Aoi and Mego did get married but they left the ceremony for later which is good since they don’t have money yet for a grand one.

In a way, they are married and living together with the help of grandmother until they can afford a ceremony. I wonder if it will be a double wedding for the twins or the last chapter is reserved for Mitsuru’s wedding. PS. I know the raws of the remaining chapters are out but please do not spoil to me what happened there in the comments below, thank you. Scans by 工作室

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