November 4, 2015

By Request: Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 21]

[Free Talk: Request by Nadia/AhnDaniA, Claudia and megaworthit. ]

After Haruto said, ‘Stupid, how can he cause a ruckus here’, cap boy asks ha? Yuu realizes that Haruto doesn’t plan on hitting back so she quickly goes back to the gym to look for something. Kanei asks what she is doing. She tells him to help her out. Kanei says that he couldn’t do it but she insists that he can.

Outside, Haruto manages to grab cap boy’s bat. Cap boy asks how come he isn’t like before who would run amok. Holding a net with Kanei, Yuu tells Hauto to quickly move away. And, they entangle cap boy with the net. While Kanei is amazed at Yuu for doing such a daring thing, the teachers arrive and ask if they are okay.

Takumi apologizes to Haruto for one person managed to run away. Haruto says that it is fine. The teacher says that Kanei is from a different school and he must be with the others so come over with him. Just when Yuu is about to explain, Haruto says that guy has nothing to do with it.

While Yuu, Takumi and Kanei is surprised by that, Haruto grabbed cap boy who curses about him unexpectedly lying. Haruto darkly glares at him which caused cap boy to shut up. Using his charms, Takumi says that it is as Haruto said and he guarantees it. The teachers took Takumi’s word for it and tell them to go back while they take away cap boy.
Haruto comments to Takumi that it isn’t the same as before and it is really unyielding. Takumi says who made the teachers trust him more. Yuu agrees so it made Takumi laugh. There is an announcement that the closing ceremonies is about to start. Haruto says that they’re going back. Putting his jacket on Yuu, Takumi says that they’re going.

Yuu thanks Kanei for his help a while ago. The overall winner is the red team. Yuu’s parents bid her goodbye and they have to ride the bullet train. They also tell her to properly enjoy high school life. She tells them to take care. Kaji tells Yuu to quickly go back for he heard that she wasn’t feeling well this afternoon.

Yuu assures him that she’s already fine and she’ll take these things aside. Takumi offers to help her out. While walking, he tells her that it is good that she is safe and sound. She apologizes for the trouble. Takumi says that it must be very scary to be locked in. She says but, nothing happened..

Then, she recalls Haruto pulling her to him. She blushes and wonders why she thought of that. She declares that she is going to study a bit of karate or something and that way, she can attack by herself. Takumi comments that he feels that she is becoming more and more energetic.
While putting the things in the storage, Yuu says, that she heard from Kaji that Takumi performed amazingly at the cheerleading dance. Blushing Takumi puts in the things inside and tells her not to mention it anymore for he isn’t good at that kind of thing. He complains that it is like a COS [play] activity and even if it is for Haruto, it is also a bit too..his white prince image..

Yuu says not at all for she also really wants to see him cheering. Takumi says that it is thanks to her that he did his best to do it. Leaning on Yuu, he says that he really wants a bit of reward. Blushing and startled Yuu asks what does reward refer to.. Then, some fangirls ‘attack’ Takumi for they want a picture and shoo away Yuu.

While Takumi obliges the fangirls, Yuu thinks that for him to be so close, his heart is beating fast when obviously he is just playing around. At the parking area, Haruto’s father is saying that this time, Haruto didn’t cause any ruckus.

Just then, Yuu sees them and says that it turns out that he is here.. Seeing his father, she apologizes. Her smile freezes when the father glares at her. She remembers him as the one in front of the station before..his father and Haruto have that same ferocious glare.
After the father and son glare at Yuu, the father says that he didn’t think that aside from Takumi, Haruto would talk with some other students. The father reminds him to remember not to cause any ruckus. And, he drives away in his car. Just when Yuu is about to call Haruto, he turns around and says that they’ll tidy up, right.

Later on, everyone is checking out the photos taken during the sports festival. Someone comments that everything is already printed and they want to buy all of black prince and white prince pictures. Yuu’s friend asks why she is looking gloomy and they can buy the pictures together.

Yuu laments that there is no single picture of her and there wasn’t even one when she was in a three-legged race with Takumi. Takumi says is that so, and it’s truly regrettable for he obviously really wants to have a picture of them together, right. Haruto says that it’s boring. This made Yuu say that it isn’t boring and he doesn’t know the feeling of not having a single picture.

Her friend tells her to let it be for it is inevitable that she wasn’t around in the afternoon. Then, Yuu suggests that they go out and have fun for it is rare for them to be united as a class so they sign up as to who’ll go. Kaji tells her to count him in.
Yuu suggests that they simply choose to go out tomorrow [no school day]. Kaji and Tarako apologize for they’ll go on a date tomorrow. Friend says that she has tutorial class. While some fangirls are telling Takumi that the two princes are really cool in the sports festival, Haruto glances at disappointed Yuu.

The next day, it is raining. Using the PA system, Haruto tells Yuu to quickly wake up and go downstairs within 10 minutes. Thinking that she overslept, Yuu quickly dresses up in her uniform and thinks that she’ll be late for school but why would Kuro.. In casual clothes, Haruto says that she’s slow to death, and she is two minutes late.

He asks her why she is wearing a uniform. She says ah, that’s right, there’s no school today.. He tells her to forget it, let’s go. Puzzled Yuu asks where they are going and it is raining. He tells her not to talk too much and anyway, she also doesn’t have any plans so quickly go with him. Yuu thinks that he’s so rude and unreasonable.

While wondering what’s up all of a sudden, she chases after Haruto who is walking ahead. Takumi sees them from the window. Arriving at the station, Yuu asks Haruto to tell her what the situation is. He tells her that she wants to go out and have fun right so, go out and have fun.
He’ll accompany her because he did cause her trouble during the sports festival. She wonders if he is making amends and perhaps, it is a good opportunity for her to confirm her feelings. At a movie theater, Yuu wants to watch a romance movie. Haruto asks where to buy the tickets. After she told him, Yuu wonders if he’ll help her buy..and the black demon unexpectedly..

Then, she tells him that the movie she wants to watch is at this side. Haruto tells her to go and watch it. He goes to see some vampire movie. Inside the theater, couples are laughing at Yuu for sitting alone at the lovers’ seat and she is really courageous. While eating the food that she bought impulsively, Yuu thinks that black demon..generally, is there someone who would leave the girl all alone!?

Watch it by herself, then she’ll watch it by herself, what’s the big deal and he isn’t going to make amends, right? Then, the couple in the movie says, ‘I cannot live on without you. I love you.’ The female audience is moved by it. Going out of the theater, Yuu thinks that is destined love and she’s so envious of that kind of couple.

While someone is saying how cool Yuu is for watching the romantic movie alone, Haruto calls out to her and says that she’s slow to death. Yuu is surprised that he is sitting at the lounge waiting for her. He says that he already accompanied her so he’s going back.
Yuu is in disbelief for they watched separate movies and afterwards, that’s it!? No way. Just then, she notices a girl telling her boyfriend that they go to the aquarium. The boyfriend whines that it is too far. Yuu tells Haruto that she wants to go to the aquarium. He tells her that he isn’t interested. She tells him that since he feels that he had troubled her then it isn’t much for him to accompany her again.

He turns towards the door so she thinks that in the end, it is no good. Yuu says okay, she’ll go by herself. To her surprise, he tells her not to dillydally and let’s go. At the train, a man tells sleeping Yuu if she isn’t getting off for the guy with her has already went down. Yuu chased Haruto to the aquarium and he says, wasn’t she sleeping.

While catching her breath, Yuu asks what’s with that, and generally, would one simply leave the other behind. The charmed cashier informs Haruto that there is a lovers’ special today and is he alone. Holding his arm, Yuu says no, two high school student tickets and they are lovers. The cashier says that it is half price-- Haruto asks when they became lovers.
Yuu whispers that anyway, what’s bad about it being cheaper. She thinks that the train ticket costs more than she thought.. Inside the aquarium, Yuu happily looks at the fishes in the tunnel and says that it’s so beautiful. Haruto watches her. Yuu thinks that it is the first time she came since elementary even if it is a different aquarium and basically, she has no way of going to this kind of place alone.

She notices Haruto looking at her. Just when she asks what’s.., he quickly turns around and walks away. She thinks that he ignored her and she put him in a bad mood because she dragged him here. But, they are also not lovers so it is inevitable for the mood to be bad. While watching a dolphin show, Yuu gloomily thinks that he can at least show a bit of happy expression.

Just when the announcer tells the audience to be careful about getting wet because of the splash, Yuu is already dripping wet. Haruto says that she should have avoided that, really slow-witted. She thinks that she knew that he’ll make cynical remarks. Yuu tries to keep it cool by saying that she basically wanted to watch the dolphin show and getting wet is part of the fun. He tells her that it is showing. Yuu looks down and realizes that her bra can be seen.
Blushing really red, she covers her chest with her arms and whispers for him to say that earlier. She thinks that this is really bad and she must first get her her make-up okay. Then, she notices a pervert in front staring at her. Yuu thinks that if she knew earlier, she would have brought a jacket.

Haruto looks at her and tosses his jacket on her. He tells her to quickly wear it. While she wears it and thanks him, the announcer calls out to the high school lovers on 5th row, the girl wearing a school uniform together with her handsome boyfriend. Yuu tries to decline for they aren’t lovers and she is thoroughly wet so it’s embarrassing.

Haruto grabs her. She says it’s no good..he wants to go but didn’t he say that he isn’t interested. Haruto smiles and says that it is because she looks like she doesn’t want to go. Irked Yuu thinks that in the end, he is a demon. At the exit, some girls say that guy is really handsome and more skilled than the tamer but then, he unexpectedly have a girlfriend.

They comment that it is so pitiful for the dolphins totally ignored the girlfriend. At the side, Yuu tearfully thinks that if she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have gone out. Noticing how big the coat’s sleeve is, she thinks that this is so big and she suddenly felt her heart is beating fast.
Then, Haruto pushes a female octopus doll on her face and says here, for her. She angrily asks what’s up with him. A girl with her boyfriend says that it’s really great for one can get that prize when they participate in the show. Yuu recalled that while the dolphins ignored her and went to play with Haruto, the tamer said that they’ll receive a participation prize so come with her.

Haruto says that octopus really suits her. Holding the doll, Yuu asks what he meant by that.. She calls the doll, Tarako-chan. Noticing that it is already 17:15, she thinks that if they don’t go back, the curfew will.. She notices that Haruto is looking at the jellyfishes. She wonders if he is interested [in the jellyfishes]. So, she watches them with him.

Later on, it is raining hard outside. The security guard shouts that because of the bad weather, the train has temporarily stopped operating. Then, someone says that she heard that there is a traffic jam so the bus couldn’t come. Another person says that they cannot go back.

Yuu thinks no way..she is also drenched wet so if she doesn’t quickly go back. Haruto notices that Yuu keeps on sneezing. He turns around so she asks where he is going and are they going to some store to wait there. He tells her, “Hotel.” Blushing Yuu is shock by that, ho..!? Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉
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    1. Hehe..megaworthit.

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